bring attention to his hands


Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Prompt: Reader is the child of Tony Stark. While talking to Peter one day you discover that Flash is bullying him, and decide to take matters into your own hands by showing up to Liz Allen’s party to put an end to it. 

Requested by: n/a

Warnings: slight spoilers for Homecoming, mild swearing, bullying

Word count: 2,805

Notes: I know this isn’t the exact dialogue as in the movie but I’m just working off my memory so bare with me folks. Also this took me several day to write but I love it, even though the ending is kinda shaky but this is very long and I would enjoy you guys sent in requests! My masterlist is in my bio (it’s almost empty but that’ll change) along with a prompt list you can request off of if you want!

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Anonymous asked: #43 “I feel like I can’t breathe.” WITH LAAAANGST maybe he gets a pierced lung or something, or it’s a lung condition or just a panic attack idk it’s your call lmao

[A/N: you ask and you shall receive. I’ve always wanted to write our my hc with Lancey Lance, have fun learning of it!

TW: panic attack/dysphoria]

Lance had picked up a trait from Keith - training at ungodly hours of the night, usually when everyone else was asleep. It helped clear his mind, and helped him relax after a stressful day of fighting the Galra. Lately his anxiety had been getting worse, so he had been training even more than usual. This was both a good and bad thing. It was good because he was getting better at sharpshooting; bad thing because he was getting less sleep, so his progress didn’t matter because he couldn’t put it into practice.

Lance hated when he got in this mindset. He would get wrapped up in memories of Earth, memories of who he used to be, of who he was becoming. He shook off the thoughts - he didn’t want to think about that, he needed to concentrate on trying to sleep.

Of course, ten minutes later Lance was walking towards the training deck, bayard in hand. “Why can’t I just sleep like normal people?” He whispered to himself, feeling sluggish as he dragged his body across the ship. He walked into the training deck, “Begin Level One.”

As Lance began to train, he let his mind wander across the various things that were keeping him up once again. First he thought of home - of the family that was no doubt mourning his disappearance. He hoped that his family found the other families that were also missing children - like Pidge’s mom, and Hunk’s family. His mind eventually moved on from that topic as he was defeating the fourth level. From the topic of family brought up the topic of himself - how shocking. Unlike his boisterous remarks when the others were around, his thoughts began spiralling about who he was. Not relative to the team - he was their sharpshooter and occasionally their eye in the sky. Relative to his gender.

Lance was born female, his name was Lucy. When he was thirteen he realized that he wasn’t meant to be a girl - that inside he was male. His father didn’t approve, but his mother did and worked to help him get testosterone and a binder and some packing. He had experienced dysphoria before; his father refused to use his prefered name and pronouns, instead calling him his dead name and female pronouns. It just hurt at first, but then it got worse and worse until he would have full-blown panic attacks when his father used the wrong pronouns and names. It wasn’t until one such panic attack had lead to their entire family going to the hospital that his father began to use his prefered pronouns - occasionally he would slip up, but he really tried to make Lance happier.

It was fine for awhile - then Lance went to Galaxy Garrison and he had to fill out the applications. He understood that they would call him by his name and by his proper pronouns, but every time he had to mark ‘female’ in the sex category his heart would thump a bit harder - his breathing would come a bit faster. Dysphoria would settle deep into his bones, and he couldn’t dig himself out of the pit until he was surrounded by his very supportive friends.

It was like thinking about it called it to him, because as soon as Lance began thinking about the dysphoria he remembered that he never got to have the bottom surgery - his top surgery was done, he had gotten that a month before leaving for Galaxy Garrison. His bottom surgery had been arranged for his 18th birthday - which, judging by Pidge’s makeshift calendar, had already passed. Yesterday, actually. They had celebrated his birthday by eating cake and having a team bonding day where they all sat around the TV Pidge and Hunk had built and watch some movies that Pidge had downloaded on her laptop. But his birthday brought forward memories and promises that he never got to keep, such as getting his bottom surgery done, and going home to meet his sister’s newborn - born two days before his birthday.

Like so many times before, Lance’s thoughts drifted towards the fact that he didn’t really have a dick - that he wasn’t a real boy. “Stop Level Twelve,” he gasped out, falling to his knees. Sweat ran down the back of his neck - and everywhere else it seemed. He needed to get to his room - now. If he didn’t he wouldn’t be able to hold back the dangerous thoughts that were no doubt about to surface. He barely made it out of the door before he collapsed back onto his knees with tears falling down his face. His heart hurt, and he could feel every thought that he fought to have hidden deep inside of him push through his mental blocks, making themselves present. As the thoughts continued to come, his breathing quickened. What if he never got to go home? What if he never got to say that he was a real boy now that he had a dick? Would his space family accept him? What if they didn’t?

Faintly, Lance heard footsteps approaching him. They stopped, “Lance?!” Keith asked, face full of shock. Lance didn’t hear, too wrapped up in his mind. He was only faintly aware that someone had said his name and that their footsteps had sped up. Keith dropped to the ground next to Lance, “Lance? Lance! What’s wrong?” Keith shook Lance’s shoulder, jolting the Cuban out of his thoughts.

“I feel like I can’t breathe,” Lance cried out, only then noticing that he he had tears steadily streaming down his face. “I’m not a real boy, I don’t even have a dick, I’m just a wannabe,” Lance continued to babble incoherently. Keith tried to listen, but by the time he had gotten close enough to hear him, he was mumbling nonsense to himself.

“Lance? Lance, I can’t hear you.” Keith said, moving so he was sitting down next to the Cuban. “Lance, I can’t hear you! What’s wrong?” He asked again when Lance only continued to mumble incoherently to himself.

Lance turned his gaze to Keith, his eyes wide with panic. Tears fell down his face, leaving shiny trails behind as they fell continuously. “I can’t call myself a boy when I don’t even have a dick, Keith! Who am I trying to kid? I’m a girl,” he spat the last word with venom, hatred filling his entire body at the thought. He wasn’t a girl, but what else was he supposed to be if he didn’t have the parts to call himself a man? Dysphoria found its’ way to his stomach and suddenly he felt like he was going to throw up. He gagged, but managed to keep himself from doing it.

Keith stared at his friend in confusion, “What are you talking about?” He asked, catching Lance’s attention by bringing his hands up to move his head towards Keith and keep it there. “You’re a man, Lance. I don’t care what you were born with, you are a man. There is no doubt in my mind that you are a boy. It doesn’t matter what genitalia you have, as long as it’s how you feel,” he told the blue paladin, smiling at him.

Lance’s heart thudded hard in his chest. Was he right? Of course he was, Lance told himself. He sniffled, “But I don’t have a dick,” he whispered, his throat raw from crying.

“That’s fine. Maybe we can see if the Alteans had a way of changing one’s gender to their prefered gender,” Keith offered, smiling at him.

Lance stared at him for a long time, unable to process the fact that Keith - the boy he had a self-proclaimed rivalry with - helped him. With just a sentence. “You’d do that with me?” He asked, feeling tears well up in his eyes.

“Of course,” Keith said, frowning at him. “Just because you and I bicker doesn’t mean you aren’t my friend.”

Lance lunged forward and hugged Keith, “Thank you,” he mumbled into his shoulder. “Now let’s get to sleep, you don’t need to be training at this time of night.”

“What?! You were!”

“Doesn’t count.”

GOT7 Dark Past

*Gif is not mine



  • you found the ‘A’ teasers by pure accident
  • it popped up on your suggested videos by accident and you’re like ???? then you clicked on it
  • you couldn’t believe t h i s was your sweet, cute boyf
  • you had to replay it a couple of times, cringing just as much w/ each replay
  • no clue how to reveal you finally knew what his fans meant by noodle hair
  • everyone else’s teasers had distinctive lines whilst his was just 'come with me’
  • THEN an idea hits you
  • you’re p close with his stylist, you talked w/ her when you were on set and mark had to go for his shoot
  • so you hit her up and asked her for a favor
  • and she DELIVERED
  • next time mark took you to a photo shoot set, you told him you’d meet him there
  • he doesn’t see you when you first walk in with his exact outfit from the teaser on
  • everyone knows what you’re up to n they can’t hold in their laughter
  • jackson almost blows the surprise by squealing real loud but jinyoung shuts him up
  • when it’s mark’s turn to be photographed you’re the one who gets him
  • he doesn’t up from his phone when you walk in
  • then you grab his wrist and tug,
  • “A…Come with me…”
  • he looks up, sees what you’re wearin
  • falls out of his chair n onto the floor, wigglin his feet as he laughs in disbelief
  • can’t look at you the entire shoot or else he bursts out into laughter and goes red

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anonymous asked:

How would Kuroo, Tsukki, Bokuto, Ushijima and Oikawa react when spotting their s/o in the stands for the first time? She's been silently watching their games and hoping that they won't notice since she think they'll be less focused on the game if they see her.

Freaking adorable! Guarantee all of these boys would immediately start begging for them to be at EVERY SINGLE game from then on!

Hope you enjoy, Anon!

P.s. Sorry this took so long! My mom and I were planning a dream wedding. xD

It was just a glance off to the side - that’s all it was, really. A chance among millions. Kuroo quickly found himself double taking, his heart stuttering in that small moment. And it took a second longer than usual to bring his attention back to the volley taking place, his hands jutting forward to feel the familiar slap against his forearms.

“My bad, my bad,” he called as Yaku was forced to run after the stray ball in order to get it up and over the net. Surprisingly, it touched down on the opposite side, which instantly gave him a chance to look back up into the stands above where she was pressing herself deeper into her seat.

“You okay, Kuroo?” the question came from Kenma, gaze following his friends when he noticed the smile growing there.

“Never better.”

“Hey, Tsukki,” Hinata nudged at his fellow blocker’s side, a teasing grin pulling at his lips, “it’s way cute that your girlfriend’s here.”

Despite the urge to push the short red-head away, Tsukishima’s eyes darted up into the stands around them, searching and scanning for the aforementioned girl. He had told her the day before that she didn’t have to waste her time coming if she didn’t want to and since he hadn’t heard from her other than a simple ‘good luck’ text before the game he assumed she hadn’t. But if Hinata was right - and while he didn’t, nor would ever, admit it - the kid could be pretty perceptive.

A smile touched at his own lips when he finally came across her seated far into the stands. His hand rose then, giving her a small wave, which - after a short pause - she returned.

“It is cute,” Tsukishima mumbled, making a mental note to ask her to come next time as well.

Spotting her in a crowd was always an amazing feeling that swelled Bokuto’s heart nearly three sizes. But spotting her among the stands just as he delivered a match winning spike was definitely a high he didn’t know he could go on. His feet touched the ground and he felt as though his knees were going to buckle from underneath him.

With parted lips, his gaze instantly went to her, glad to receive a broad smile from her now standing form as she applauded along with the rest of the crowd. It wasn’t until the impact of a congratulatory smack on his back from Konoha snapped him out of his gaze did his trademark grin return, eyes taking on a new shine.

They began shuffling to the other side of the court, gaze moving back to his teammates as he reached for his water. This game, no matter the outcome, was the best game of his life.

Ushijima hadn’t anticipated seeing her there. In fact, he was certain that she had told him explicitly that she wouldn’t be there to witness the game. But there she was, seated in the back of the stands, nearly invisible behind the large mass of people there to cheer Shiratorizawa on. His gaze caught hers quickly, especially considering he hadn’t looked away since he noticed her there, and she was quick to duck out of sight.

“Something wrong, Ushijima?” Semi questioned, gaze remaining hard on their opponents despite his captain’s distraction.

“She’s here,” was his simple answer as he returned his gaze back to the court. The sound of Tendou making an over exaggerated comment caught his ears, but he ignored it. He was more focused on what knowing about her presence alone did to his heart.

His gaze drifted over the surface of the ball, gaze easily finding his target just before spotting something - someone - he hadn’t expecting to see there that day. Oikawa’s lips curled upward as he returned his attention back to the game. With a single steadying breath, he was tossing the ball into the air, body moving forward, gaining momentum before launching into the air. His hand swung and connected harshly with the round surface, he allowed all the air to escape from his lungs, watching as the ball went sailing across the court right into the back corner, completely untouched by the other team.

He grinned widely, his usual patronizing gaze forgotten to be delivered in factor of looking right up into the stands. Hands lifted to encircle his cheek splitting grin as his voice called, “Did you see that, [First Name]-chan?”

“Pay attention, Shittykawa!”

Get Out - Taeyong (M)

Requested: Hello! Can you pls do a smut where you wanna change TY into a monster in bed so you teamed up with Jaehyun and asked him to help you make TY jealous? Pleeaase! It’s been in my head for years, I just can’t put it into words. Thank you!! 😄

A/N: Damn, “years”… I hope I did well~ I could think of a lot of different ways to do it, but I liked this rendition best for the request^^


Word Count: 1,488

“Jaehyun” you hastily whispered, getting the brunette’s attention.

“It’ll be fine, he’ll definitely give in” Jaehyun assured, referring to the plan he had helped you come up with.

His eyes darted to Taeyong, quickly assessing. A large and warm hand came down on your thigh. Jaehyun leaned to your ear, whispering words of assurance. Your cheeks heated up at his proximity and you nodded slowly. You watched Taeyong, laughing with Mark on the couch. He turned around, feeling someone’s gaze on him and caught your eyes. He lost the smile on his face, his features morphing into a solemn, unreadable expression. His intense eyes glanced at Jaehyun’s hand, a dark expression coming over his features when he saw your flustered expression. Jaehyun whispered in your ear again, leaning closer, a small smirk playing on his lips. Your gaze hastily raked over the objects on the glass table before you, anything but Taeyong’s harsh eyes.

“Jae” you called softly.

Jaehyun cocked his head to the side, ignoring Taeyong’s obvious glare. His hand moved from your thigh to your face, brushing the hair out of the way before placing the back of his hand against your forehead.

“You’re burning up-” he teased, a wide grin stretching across his lips.

“Get up” a voice commanded.

The room became still and silent, the only sound the TV quietly humming. Mark awkwardly looked around, confused. Jaehyun smiled to himself before removing his hand from you.

“What?” he asked, an innocent tone to his voice.

“I said get up.”

Slowly Jaehyun stood up from his chair, his eyes meeting Mark’s. Mark got up slowly, unsure what to do with himself.

“Now wh-” Mark began.

He was quickly silenced by Taeyong’s icy tone.

“Now get out.”

Your eyes widened as you watched Mark and Jaehyun head toward the door, slowly finding their shoes. You gulped when you looked back to Taeyong. He had a fierce aura, it made you scared, but you also found yourself strangely enjoying it. It was exciting, enthralling. Jaehyun gave you a wink as he opened the door and headed out with Mark. You bit your lip as you watched the heavy door close, the sound of it clicking echoing through the arid room.

“Tae-” you began, unsure where to start first.

“Shut up.”

He made his way toward you, his intimidating stature leaning over your chair menacingly.

“Get up” he ordered.

You got up slowly, your eyes darting around. Was this really a good idea? He surprised you by backing you against the table. He pushed you onto the table roughly, his hands eagerly pushing your skirt up and gently rubbing your covered core. You felt anxious yet turned on at the same time, waiting for his next move. He easily brushed the fabric to the side, getting closer to you so he could whisper to you.

“You wish it was Jaehyun doing this?” he asked venomously.

You frantically shook your head, your arms wrapping around his neck automatically as his smooth fingers slid over your folds. He slipped a digit in, your arms tensing and your head falling onto his shoulder. He pulled himself from your grip, pushing you to lie down on the table. He hovered over you, one hand on the table, one touching you. He added another finger, giving generous pumps. His expression remained unfazed as he watched you squirm below him. Your lips let out a chorus of sinful cries and whines. He didn’t wait long before easily inserted a third, your mouth falling open when he continually thrust in, knuckle-deep.

“Say his name.”


“Say his name!” he yelled, his fingers mercilessly driving into you.

Your breath got caught in your throat.

“J-Jaehyu- AH~”

You were cut off, a look of irritation taking over his beautiful features as he withdrew his fingers, hastily sliding them over your slick folds. He leant to your neck, sloppily placing open-mouthed kisses as his hand between your thighs sped up, his rough finger pads electrifying you as he harshly rubbed your clit. You fisted his t-shirt, feeling yourself coming close.

“More” you whined quietly, your breathing heavy.

He gave you more, and you came, calling out his name with hot eyes. Your hand automatically grabbed his wrist, trying to still him. But he continued, making you convulse with every movement. Words you never thought you would hear from him poured from his mouth, slut shaming you. His hand finally left you and he stood straight. You closed your eyes, bringing your legs up to the table, closing your thighs as you tried to regain your breathing.

“Don’t move” and with that he vanished.

You took off your thin jacket, your phone sliding out of the pocket and onto the hardwood table. You tossed the jacket to the ground, the room feeling too hot. You couldn’t take it and lazily managed to take off your t-shirt. You smiled to yourself, basking in the aftermath. You heard him coming back and hid your smile.

It seemed he had taken off his shirt while he was gone. He speedily undid his jeans, letting them pool at his feet as he pushed them down.

“That was-” you began, your smile coming back.

“I don’t want to fucking hear it” he snapped, his underwear quickly joining his jeans. He ripped open the small, metallic packet. That’s what he went to get-

Your propped up legs were pulled from the table, making you let out a surprised cry. His hands guided them to wrap around his waist as he lined up with your opening. He began his journey in, your slick heat letting him slide in easily. You expected him to start how he always did, slow and careful, building up his pace. However, once he was buried in you he slowly pulled back, barely still in before slamming back in. The table creaked and he seized your hips, repeating his process. You winced, a whine leaving you at the feeling too uncomfortable for your liking. He half smirked to himself before ending his torment. Taeyong wasted no time thrusting into you rapidly, pulling your hips to meet his thrusts. You gasped and moaned, your hands searching for something to grip onto as he fucked you. You praised him relentlessly, overwhelmed by him and his new wild side. He leaned over the table, his arms caging you in as he pestered the delicate skin of your neck again. He nosed at your warm skin, his hard pants hitting your skin. Suddenly your phone rang, the screen lighting up. He pulled back, slowing his thrusts some. He nearly growled when he saw the name on the screen before a smirk found its way onto his face. You tried to reach out for it, planning to shut it up, but he grabbed the phone before you could, answering it. He set it back on the table carelessly, his hand gripping your chin to bring your attention back to him.

“Are you guys-”

Taeyong’s hold went back to your hips, resuming his previous rough pace. You let out a choked out moan, wanting him to come back down to you. Your hand went over your mouth as you couldn’t keep yourself quiet. You were sure they had heard you, heard the breathy moans and groans that filled the room and sound of skin slapping.

“I-I!” Jaehyun couldn’t even finish his sentence, hanging up quickly.

“I’m almost- there-”

You felt yourself clenching around him, your release creeping up. Your messy lips let out an incoherent string of curses and moans.

It snapped, your release taking your breath away before you called out to him, your hand reaching out to him. He finished not long after, stilling in you as he grunted, his breath hitching at the end. He gave one last shallow rock before leaning over the table, his fiery skin finally coming in contact with yours. He nuzzled into the crook of your neck, planting gentle and soft kisses on the skin. He became greedier, rougher as he planted his arms on the sides of your head. His teeth nipped at the skin and he quietly sucked on it, making sure to decorate your neck in a beautiful array of designs and colors. Your fingers wove into his thick hair as you closed your eyes, basking. A few discreet moans left you as he worked on your neck.

When he pulled away your eyes fluttered open and you reached for him again. He obeyed, coming back down to you. You cupped his jaw, bringing his lips to meet yours. His usual, gentle lips met yours, giving you a passionate kiss. He pecked your lips numerous times after, making you giggle.

“I’m sorry…” he began, a look of embarrassment and sympathy coming over him, “I was too rough” he finished, his thumbs drawing circles into your arm as he slid his hands down from your shoulders.

You shook your head before lightly chuckling.

“I have something to tell you~”

A/N: tbh idk if he would feel a little hurt after you told him or not… omg poor Jae bby, I’m sorry TT TT

[BTS REACTIONS] : You're being submissive in front of the other members.

📌 BTS reacting to you acting submissive/overly affectionate in front of the other members.

Kim Namjoon
*Namjoon wouldn’t know how to react in all honesty. Half of him is embarrassed and wants you to stop because the members are around but the other half sees how cute and needy you are when you’re being submissive and the dominant side of him can’t help but to show.*

“Daddy, I’m sleepy..” You chin was resting on his knee as you were kneeled in front of him on the couch.

Despite the stares at what you had just called Namjoon, he melted at the sight of your eyes as they looked at him: so sleepy and needy. He reached over and started to massage your scalp soon finding you fast asleep at the end of the movie.

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Kim Seokjin
He’d be annoyed more than anything else because he likes to keep those kinds of things in private. He’d pull you to the side and scold you like the mom he is.

Why would you do that in front of all the members?! You should be embarrassed-!

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Min Yoongi
He would be slightly surprised that of all times you could be submissive, you chose in front of the other members. Ultimately, he wouldn’t care but you definitely got in trouble later though.

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Jung Hoseok
He wouldn’t be embarrassed but definitely surprised at your behavior. The other members would harmlessly tease you both but Hoseok wouldn’t care, he thinks you’re adorable.

My baby is so cute!

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Park Jimin
Embrassed but he can’t help but to think you’re adorable like this*
Babe, the boys are going to tease us now.

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Kim Taehyung
Taehyung turned his attention towards you when he felt you bring his large and warm hand up to your cheek and nuzzle your face into it. You soon began to leave soft and tiny kisses on each of his fingertips. He wouldn’t mind though, he would see it as more as a display of affection rather than you being submissive because you could have done something more extreme.*

You’re so cute, baby..“ Taehyung cooed at you while doing his famous box smile. The others thought it was oddly endearing but it was definitely some ammo to tease you guys about later.

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Jeon Jungkook
*Watching you with widened eyes and a heavy shade of red on his cheeks as you kneeled in front of where he was sitting, then taking his hand and placing it on your head indicating that you wanted to be pet. The others watched in shock because they didn’t think their maknae had such a kinky side to him behind closed doors.*

Are you sleepy, babe? *nervous laughter* Let’s- Let’s get you to bed.“

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[ M A S T E R L I S T ]
[ Requests are open ]



He could hear the screaming. Every night, he could hear you screaming as that bastard beat you, slamming you against walls, throwing things at you, kicking, punching, screaming, yelling awful things at you. Every morning when that son of a bitch left, you came into Frank’s apartment, begging him not to do anything about it. You promised him that you’d take care of it, that was the last time, you always said that. And then you’d kiss him softly on his lips and everything he felt would just melt away except the overwhelming love he felt for you. 

But he couldn’t take it anymore. He loved you too much to let anyone lay their hands on you. He loved you too much… 

He shot up in his bed, almost wincing as he heard you whimpering again just next door. His dog jumped up out of the floor as he walked by but Frank couldn’t be bothered with comforting him. Frank pulled his door open and turned to yours, taking one step back before he placed his foot on the door and kicked in the cheap, hollow wood. Your screaming stopped and your boyfriend turned. 

“Who the fuck are you?” he asked. 

“Frank…” you panted, your voice soft as ever. Frank grabbed your boyfriend by the throat as he didn’t have a shirt on and Frank shoved him against the kitchen wall. 

“How do you like it, huh?” 

“Hey, this is none of your business, okay?” He didn’t get much else out because Frank was beating him senseless. There was something in your throat that kept you from screaming. So you sat there on the floor, tears rolling over your swollen cheeks as you watched the man you love beat the man who’d been torturing you for years. You didn’t know if you should stop it or not. You had loved your boyfriend at one time, that saying there was a time when you thought you deserved what he did to you and what you felt wasn’t love, it was fear. You were terrified of him and he had hurt you more than anyone ever had… but you knew you didn’t want to see him die. 

“Frank.” you gathered up every little bit of strength you had to speak. He stopped punching and turned to you, splatters of your boyfriend’s… your ex-boyfriend’s blood on his face. 

He wanted to keep punching. Frank wanted to watch the life leave that man’s eyes. But your voice pulled him from his darkness and looked back at you and saw his light. His only light. 

So he let go and the man fell to the ground with a pathetic thud. Frank held his hand out for you and you took it without hesitation. Frank led you to his apartment where you broke down and cried in front of him for the thousandth time. He wrapped you up in his arms, holding you close to him, whispering into your hair and pressing soft, sweet kisses to your temple. 

One of your neighbors called the cops and an ambulance came to take your ex to the hospital and you Frank held you to his chest so the cops and medics outside wouldn’t hear you sobbing and come asking questions. He didn’t ask you to be quiet or tell you you were being too loud, he just held you tighter and you hugged his waist. 

“I love you, honey…” his voice came as a muffled whisper. “I’m so sorry that you’re hurting but it’s over, baby.” he kissed your head. “It’s over, he ain’t ever gonna hurt you again.” 

You nodded, your sobs subsiding gradually until you could breathe normally again and you sat up, wiping your eyes. “Frank…” you croaked. “I have to go see him.” 

It too Frank a moment to process what you’d said but when he really understood, he looked down at you, pulling away from you a little so he could really look into your eyes . “You’re kidding…” He was hellbent on not taking you before you opened your mouth but all it took was one look and a ‘Frank, please.’ and he was putty in your hand. He would’ve done anything for you. “I don’t know why you want to go see this asshole anyway, Y/N, he’s been hurting you for years.” 

“Frank, you beat him within an inch of his life-”

“I mean to beat him an inch past it.” he admitted. You grabbed his hand, holding it in yours as he drove down the not so busy street. 

“He can’t hurt me… I know he won’t. Not while you’re there.” 

“Damn right he won’t.” Frank growled. “If he tries anything-” 

“Frank…” you got his attention by speaking softly and bringing the back of his hand to your bruised lips. “You broke both of his arms.” 

“Don’t act like you aren’t afraid of him. You don’t have to act with me, Y/N.” 

“I’m terrified. You know that. I just- with you holding my hand, I know that nothing will ever happen that we can’t handle together.” 

You had so much faith in him, so much faith in the light inside him. It had been a long time since someone had willingly put their life in his hands so calmly, knowing he’d be there to keep them safe. It had also been a long time since someone had made him feel the way he did about you. Sure, he’d loved his wife so very, very much and he missed her. But the love he had for you? That was something entirely different. Something more pure and more real. Something more than he could ever have hoped for,especially when he was… who he was. But you told him constantly about the good inside him, about an incandescence that only you seemed to see in him. The only time he saw it was when he looked into your eyes. 

You walked into your ex-boyfriend’s hospital room. You almost fell to the ground in your place. You didn’t feel sorry for him, not one bit. It was hard for you to see someone who had caused you so much pain in a state like that. He used to be ten feet tall and bullet proof but now he was just… just pathetic. 

“I don’t know… I don’t know if you can even hear me.” but you knew he could because his heart rate escalated as soon as Frank cleared his throat. You got out of your chair beside his bed and pressed yourself against Frank’s chest and he wrapped his arms around you. It was so easy not to be afraid when you weren’t around the man who’d caused you so much pain, when it was just you and Frank. But sitting there in that room, you knew you couldn’t do it. Frank understood that. 

“Alright, I’m pretty sure you remember me. I want you to know, if it weren’t for Y/N, you’d be wishing I’d kill you. I want to kill you. Hell, I’m itchin’ too. But I won’t. I will say this, though. In case you didn’t get the message last time. You’re done. If you ever go near Y/N again, I will kill you. You will die a slow and painful death. See, I’m a Marine. But I’m not just any Marine, I’m a little different. I was involved in some special operations that I’m not really allowed to talk about, see. But you will die, man. I’m telling you. I want you to move out of our building, but you best get somebody else to come get your worthless shit for you because if I ever see you again, I will kill you. Are we clear?” 

There were no words, there didn’t have to be. You knew. He knew. Frank knew. So you put your hands on his shoulders and he turned around to face you, taking your hand as he lead you out of the hospital and into the streets. You took a deep breath, feeling like the first breath you’d taken in 4 years. You were free and you could finally truly be with Frank without being afraid of that man inside the hospital. You felt so free and happy and alive so you grabbed Frank and pushed your lips onto his, pulling him down by the back of his neck to kiss him full on the lips. Raindrops fell onto your forehead and cheeks and you couldn’t even tell you were crying anymore because everything was melting away with the rain, showering all the fear, pain, desperation, and dirt of your past. Everything was new, beautiful. You were in love, real love. True love. 

Baby Girl

Author: Admin Milk 🥛

Pairing: Got7 Im Jaebum x Reader

Rating: 🥀💍💋

Warning: 18+, contains adult content. Do not read if it’s not for you.

Word Count: 1,904

Summary: You might just get a special present if you’re well behaved. 

It was a long day of work for Jaebum and the only thing he could think about was getting home to you. He walks through the doorway, his shirt slightly undone. Seeing you wearing his favorite shirt that looks like a mini dress on you makes him want to take action, but he was just a little too tired to make any moves… Or was he?

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Operation Pirate Law

So, I answered the call to write a fic for the CSSV for someone who didn’t receive one. Imagine my delight when I discovered that it was for none other than @lenfaz! So, here you are Lena, I hope you enjoy. It may not take place during Valentine, but it does include two meddlesome boys trying to act like cupid! 

Thanks to @emmandhook for letting me be involved and a BIG thank you to @captndevil for being my amazing last minute beta!


All of Liam’s efforts to get his older brother together with the town Deputy are not having the desired effect. Maybe he needs to change tactics and find himself an accomplice? Fortunately, the Deputy’s son has the same idea, and together they put into action – Operation Pirate Law.

Word count: ~7000

Rating: general audiences

Also on Ao3 and

Killian Jones let out a deep sigh as he approached the Storybrooke Sheriff Station. He and his younger brother, Liam, had only been in town a few weeks, and although they’d had a rough few months leading up to this point, Killian thought Liam was past this sort of behavior. He supposes nothing should surprise him anymore.

It wasn’t until five months ago that Killian was even aware that he had a younger brother. His father, Brennan Jones, had passed back in England and the executor had been sent to America to both notify Killian of his father’s passing and to inquire whether or not he would accept guardianship over his half brother, per his father’s wishes. Killian hadn’t seen or heard from his father in nearly twenty-five years, and he wasn’t sure which had been the biggest shock, the news of Brennan’s death, the news that he had a half brother, or the fact that his younger brother shared the same name as his deceased older brother.

At first, Killian’s anger towards the man who had abandoned him, his older brother, and his mother had caused him to refuse taking responsibility of the younger Liam. For a brief few days Killian justified his refusal to uphold his father’s last wish as a way to somehow get back at the man who’d walked out on them and then, apparently, replaced them with another family, but then that voice of reason (which always sounded like his brother, Liam - his older brother, Liam) had prevailed. Within a week, the younger Liam had arrived and Killian found himself in the role of part brother, part parent to a thirteen-year-old boy whose entire world had been turned upside down.

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Rise Up

Chapter Two

Previous Chapter

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader  |  Word Count: 3592
Warnings: Swearing

Song: Higher by Creed

Sitting at a table away from the others you twisted your fingers together in your lap. “I feel like a zoo exhibit. How ‘bout you?”

Chuckling softly, Matt muttered, “They do seem to be doing an awful lot of staring.”

After introductions all around, and a few moments of shuffling, you figured it would probably be best if you and Matt took a moment to talk, get to know one another a little bit before… whatever came next.

Returning to the common room where Clint was belting out Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus, Steve had led you to the farthest corner of the room with the least amount of chaos so you and Matt could talk. But you were feeling distinctly like the fish in the fishbowl, the eyes on you hard to miss.

“This is… weird,” you muttered, giving a sigh.

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Cried Wolf: Young!Remus Lupin x Reader

(This gif has nothing to do with the imagine, It’s just so hard to find Remus gifs)

A/N: This took way too long to get out, and I’m sorry. I’ve been wanting to just sit and write but so much has been going on. I’ve been sick for the past two weeks, just had my ACT’s, I’ll be going to Florida soon, I have a music solo this weekend in front of a judge…OH MY GOD, SO MUCH IS GOING ON! Please send help.


I was planning to write a smut for James, so I started writing it and somehow it just turned into a fluffy Remus imagine, so…ops? (Thanks to the anon that lett me know of my stupid embarrassing mistake…ha.) 

This is longer than I had anticipated, so I hope that’s alright. I personally think I wrote this really well, I’m quite proud of it for some reason, soz…

Enjoy! ♥

Word Count: 1961

Warnings: Fluff, FEELS

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Riptide (pt. 1)

“Keep running bitch you’ll only die tired”

Panting you frantically pushed through the tangled brush, falling to your knees in the muddy sand. The sound of boots in heavy pursuit dragging you to your bare feet as you stumbled to the water.

Your skin was cut and bruised, your black bikini covered in mud as you were knocked to your chest.

Coughing up a mouthful of salt water you cried out for help as the man on top of you dragged you from the water.

He laughed ripping your top off with a sickening snap as he pinned you down, the tide brushing against you gently.

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Puppy Love & Muggers

(A/N): lol what is this shit?

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Request: I have an idea you could use to write a Bucky imagine if you’d like maybe where you and Bucky have been dating for a while and decide to get a puppy together so you go out soend the day looking for puppies and when you’re walking home you get mugged and Bucky defends you and your new pup type thing or you get the pup and introduce it to the avengers team :)

Warnings: None

Tags: @sxph-t @iamwarrenspeace @bigfootsiddhartamama @kindnesswins

Originally posted by fandomnationwhore

Bucky had been dating (Y/N) for a while now and he could proudly claim that he was the happiest man on the entire earth. (Y/N) was just a happy soul that wandered into his life and seemed to light up the darkest parts of his conscious. They always kept him on his toes and when he was with them, he seemed to forget about all the bad in the world. 

From the beginning of their relationship, Bucky new (Y/N) loved dogs. They had a soft spot for the animal and on multiple occasions he always had to stop them from bringing home random strays. So, it was no surprise when (Y/N) brought up the idea of getting a dog. 

“Bucky…” (Y/N)’s voice pipes up as they peak up from their spot on the couch to look at Bucky, who is in the kitchen cooking. 

He looks up, taking in their innocent child-like expression before a smile subconsciously grows on his face. “Yes, doll?”

Bucky can see (Y/N) hesitate a moment before they climb off the couch, walking next to him and nervously fidgeting with their hands as they avoid his expectant gaze. “Can we get a puppy?” They ask quietly in a manner like they’re afraid he might say no and Bucky can feel his heart melt at their question. 

He takes his food off the stove making sure his whole attention is on (Y/N) and he brings his hand up to their chin, pushing it up until their eyes are focused on his blue ones. “Will it make you happy?” (Y/N) gives a small nod and a soft smile curves on his lips before he leans down, pressing a kiss to their cheek causing a giggle to escape them. “Alright, we can get a puppy.”

(Y/N) gasps as their face lights up and they rush over, crashing their body with Bucky’s in a bone crushing hug. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

He chuckles, wrapping strong arms around them as happiness radiates off them. “Anything for your happiness.”

The next day, Bucky and (Y/N) walk hand in hand into a pet shop not far from their apartment and they are instantly met with the sound of animals. (Y/N)’s face instantly lights up at the sight of all the animals and it doesn’t take long for them to find the room where all the puppies are held. Bucky happily follows right behind and when he enters through the door, he is met with multiple little puppies running up to him.

He observes as the puppies try to claw up his leg and he only stares as they whine and bark, begging for attention. He looks up, finding (Y/N) sitting on the floor surrounded by yipping puppies and he swears he’s never seen them happier. They have a puppy pressed against their chest as four more are crawling in and out of their lap and their smile stretches from ear to ear.
They look up at him before laughing. “There are so many!” (Y/N) giggles out as one of them hops up begins attacking them with kisses. 

Bucky smiles before sitting across from them causing puppies to jump into his lap. “See one you like?” He asks as he begins to play with one of the puppies and (Y/N) purses their lips before observing all the puppies running around. 

(Y/N) watches each one and they love every single one but one catches their eye specifically. It was a golden retriever puppy and it happily sits in their lap, content as could be. “How about him?” (Y/N) questions as they pick up the puppy from their lap and hand him to Bucky.

Bucky gently takes the puppy form (Y/N)’s hands and notice it’s fast wagging tail. He places the puppy in his lap and the puppy begins to lick his metal fingers before playfully chewing and gnawing on the shiny metal causing Bucky to smile. “I think we have a winner.”

(Y/N) squeals with excitement and Bucky smiles before standing with the puppy in hand. He hands the puppy to (Y/N) as he goes to pays for him, along with the needed items for their new addition. He receives all the paperwork and (Y/N) happily clicks the collar and leash on their new puppy as they leave the shop. 

The sun is setting in the distance making the sky covered with vibrant colors and they walk silently next to each other besides the sound of (Y/N) occasionally talking with their puppy. Bucky smiles as they hold their new little addition but the moment is cut short when two men in black hoodies jumps out from the alleyway. 

(Y/N) gives a scream of surprise as one of the men grab their arm as they pull out a gun while the other points a gun at Bucky. “You’ve made a bad mistake, pal.” Bucky growls out as his chest heaves with each breath, anger taking over and the man gives a chuckle as an evil smirk places itself on his face. 

“I don’t think I have. Give me your money or I’ll have to take them with us instead.” The man smirks out as he points to (Y/N) and the puppy and they look absolutely terrified. 

Bucky gives a sneer at the thought of them hurting (Y/N) and his puppy and he slowly reaches to his back pocket where his wallet is but quickly brings it back up, knocking the man’s gun out of his hands. Using all his strength, he punches the man, sending him into the brick building behind him with a hard crack. Bucky quickly turns to the other man who shoots at him but he blocks it with his metal arm before grabbing him and angrily throwing him several feet away.

Groaning is heard from both men and (Y/N) runs over to Bucky’s side who embraces them without hesitation. “Are you okay? Are you hurt?” Bucky questions with worry in his voice and (Y/N) shakes their head but their whole body shakes as they bury deeper into his side. 

Bucky sends a growl at both men before cautiously guiding (Y/N) to their apartment which is only a block away and he keeps a protective hand around them the entire walk, even when they enter into their apartment. 

(Y/N) silently pulls from Bucky’s strong arms as they proceed to sit on the couch, puppy clutched close to their chest. “You sure you’re okay, doll?”

(Y/N) watches as Bucky plops down next to them and they emit a shaky deep breath. “Yeah… just a bit shaken up.” Bucky nods, pulling (Y/N) back into his side and they immediately melt into his embrace. (Y/N) gently place the puppy on their lap and it curls up between them and Bucky causing both to smile. “We still need to name him.”

Bucky nods as he runs his hand gently through their hair as he stares at the sleeping puppy on their laps. “How about Tucker?” Bucky suggest as he begins to pet the retriever’s soft fur and he wakes up slightly, giving Bucky’s metal arm a small lick before falling back asleep. A warm smile spreads across (Y/N)’s face as they lean their head on Bucky’s shoulder.


Sleepy Kisses

Fandom: The Hobbit 

Pairing: Bard the Bowman x Female!Reader


Word Count: 4470 I honestly have no idea what happen im sorry

Warnings: Smut, fluff and tickles :)

Notes: To the anon that requested this, I really do hope you enjoy it. <3 I know it’s not exactly what you asked for, but hopefully it’s just as cute as you imagined it would be? I’m also sorry about the length, I think this is the longest one shot I’ve written in a looong time only because it’s my first smut bard fic. I have to admit, that I did get a bit carried away, haha. But I hope that you and everyone else who happen to reads this enjoy it even just a little. <3

Also, if y'all have the time to, I would love to hear what you thought about this! You definitely don’t have to, I’m thankful if you just read it. But it’ll let me know how I’m doing, and it makes me feel all fluffy inside. ^-^

Please and thank you! Now enjoy~ <3

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First Day

Crowley x Demon!Reader

Word Count: 1.5k

Warnings: Smut, very little plot.

Originally posted by supernatural-stuff-of-course

Your heels clicked against the cracked concrete floor of Crowley’s throne room. The king’s eyes were on another demon, who stood a few feet from him, babbling loudly. Pathetic moron. Most of Crowley’s followers obeyed him out of pure fear. Fear that he instilled on them with punishment of torture or death, or worse. It was a beautiful iron fist with which he ruled Hell. And it was fucking hot.

As you approached the babbling idiot, Crowley snapped his fingers, turning the poor pathetic demon into ashes. You chuckled lightly as you waved the cloud of ash from the air and approached the king.

“I have numbers, my king.” You stared up at him and frowned, noticing that he was staring down at his cell phone. Light beeping and booping noises came from the device. He was playing a fucking game? Ass. “Do you want to hear these or am I just talking to myself?” Your body stiffened at your words. Damn, you needed a fucking filter.

“Excuse me?” Crowley lifted his eyes to yours. His body stiffened slightly as his lips curled into a smirk. “Is my brand new assistant giving me attitude on the first day?” The king licked his lips as his eyes slowly scanned you.

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“Hey, that’s my kid in there, too!” + “I don’t love you anymore.” - Damian Wayne

The world was crumbling around you as you listened to him confess, he wasn’t faithful. You were drowning in your own sadness as you rested, your 7-month belly large as you rubbed comforting circles to help calm yourself but it wasn’t helping. Damian was wringing his hands as he carefully observes you, the blank face you wore was nothing near to how you were feeling.

Instantly he regretted what he did, Damian wished it wasn’t true and it was all a big misunderstanding but it was true, he broke your heart. The sob you unintentionally let out brings his attention to you and not his sweaty hands. “Beloved, I-I can’t even begin to express how sorry I am, I know that it’s difficult to even look at me now, but I hope there is a chance of us repairing the damage I’ve caused.” His apology causes a lump to form in your throat, unable to reply. Tears well up in your eyes causing the brims of your eyes to sting once again and growing frustrated that you couldn’t control your emotions.

“Where would we begin? There’s too much that has been lost, how can I trust you now?” You weep, you were pathetic. The tension between you both so thick that it was difficult to breathe. “How could you do this to me, I’m pregnant Damian!” Damian can’t help the guilt that is overwhelming him as he sits only metres away, he wanted to reach out and touch you but he knew better.  

A moment of silence goes by and you sigh, “I’m leaving,” You pause before taking a good look at the man you were in love with, the father of your child.

“Hey, that’s my kid in there, too!” His voice cracks as he quickly stands up and taking a hold of your wrist, you rip it out of his grasp, “You lost that right the moment you were unfaithful.” You mumble but he heard it loud and clear. Dread fills him and soon enough he’s finding it difficult to breathe as he watches you waddle your way to your front door of your shared apartment.

It was his last chance, he wanted, no he needed to be in his child’s life, in your life. He yells out desperation in his voice, “I love you!” You sigh, the silence nearly deafening. “I don’t love you anymore.” You lie but it was enough, you slam the door shut on your way out. Damian is all alone again. He collapses on the floor, his thoughts of you and your child. His child. He wouldn’t be there for his child or for the love of his life, he would turn out to be exactly like Bruce but unlike his own father, he had a choice and he made the wrong one.

I Am An Alpha Ch 19: Secret

“Insoo, what the hell is going on? Get over here right now,” He holds his hand out me. I scramble to my feet before rushing to him only to be handed off to Minseok.

“Master Kim please don’t hurt us!” Mino begs. Master Kim?

“Would you care to explain to me why our mate is on the ground, smelling of another alpha?”

“We showed up just before you did and saw some alpha running out of here,” The other answers.

“Um…He um…” The red head tries to respond but with so many alphas in one place I imagine it’s hard.

I grab Kris’s hand and bring his attention back to me, “Hyung please don’t be mad I brought this on myself. I picked a fight with the alpha because he was tormenting these omegas.”

His face softens when his eyes find my face, “Little wolf that is not your job to protect them, what would we have done if you had been attacked by that bastard?”

“I know, I’m sorry I just felt so guilty at the thought of leaving them behind to deal with him. I wasn’t able to save a lot of omegas when I was in the army so I figured this could be part of my redemption.”

Minseok’s hold on my tightens, his lips press against my forehead, “We didn’t even think about that, sorry little wolf. You are our little brave alpha.”

“Why weren’t you watching over your mates?” Jongin snaps, “Our mate shouldn’t be doing your job.”

“It was our fault,” Blondie blurts out. “We wanted to try doing something by ourselves and we couldn’t even do that, we are so sorry.” The two omegas bow with their foreheads pressed against the tile floor. “This oppa was so nice to us and we only caused him trouble, we are so sorry.”

Even though I feel guilty that these four are in a bad situation with my mates I would be lying if I didn’t enjoy the confusion on my mates faces. Yixing questions it first, “Oppa?”

Blondie peaks up and nods, “He seems to carry himself with more confidence so I assumed he was an older omega.”

“You are right little omega I am older. Don’t mind them,” I smile at her. “Can we go?” I ask looking up at the eldest.

“We didn’t get very far with our shopping,” He chuckles.

I sigh, “Sorry, I can’t even stay out of trouble that long.”

“How about we try again? You go back with Suho and we will finish our shopping.”

I nod, “Okay, but can I say goodbye first?” He hesitates, looking at his leader for an answer. “They are the first normal people I have ever talked to.”

Kris nods, waving me forward regardless of how much he wants to stop me.

I take a few steps towards them, the omegas are hidden behind their mates but I can see them peeking out. “I just want to say goodbye, no need to stand on guard,” I muse, the omegas smile and slowly rise to their feet, but pause when a small growl comes from their mates. I stop, not wanting to over step.

Jongdae clicks his tongue, “Do you really think it’s a good idea to growl at our little mate?” Though he sounds playful I can hear the poison behind it. The growling stops, Jongdae smiles, “Good ahead little one, we won’t let them bother you.”

“I don’t want to make them uncomfortable though, you guys do not have to say goodbye if you do not want to,” I tell the nervous looking girls. Though they share a look for a moment before launching themselves at me once again taking me to the ground.

“Thank you again Oppa!” They say together, their arms tangled together around my neck.

Their mates are on their feet, “Lisa be careful! Don’t get hurt and don’t hurt him!”

Yixing chuckles, “Its fine, let them be.”

“Not for too long though,” Sehun pops in, his eyes narrowed on us.

One of the older ones pat his head, “This maybe one of the first times our little wolf has been able to do this with other omegas, don’t ruin it.”

“But Suho hyung, I haven’t even been able to do that!” The youngest continues to whine.

Lisa and Rose finally release me, sitting back on their heels Rose asks, “You haven’t been together for long? The black dragons are a very old pack and Oppa you seem pretty old yourself, how did you just find each other?”

I hum for a minute, sitting up myself, “We only met three days ago. Well actually I had met one of them, head alpha, Kris hyung, about thirty years ago during-“

“Wait what?” Minseok seethes. “You met before?”

I cover my mouth, “Did I say something bad?” Kris stands at the head of the pack, suddenly not looking as confident as before. Almost everyone behind him looks about ready to rip his throat out, making me gulp.

Luhan snaps out of his murderous look first, his eyes shift to me, shaking in these oversized boots. He comes forward, the two other alphas pull their mates back behind them, Luhan disregards them completely and offers me a hand off the floor, a large smile plastered on his face, “No of course not Love, but we should stop you there anyway. We are going home now.”

I frown, “What about shopping?”

“We will worry about that later,” His voice begins to loose it’s sweetness as his eyes drift over to Kris. “Apparently we have some other things to talk about that seemed to have escaped our head alpha’s thoughts.”

“You guys,” Kris clears his throat awkwardly, “I can explain this.”

Kyungsoo lets out a surprisingly hearty laugh, that sends both chills down my spine and warmth to my heart at the sight of his large smile, “Don’t worry Hyung, we will have plenty of time to talk at home. I can’t wait to hear the story behind this. Ready to go little wolf?” His arm is around my shoulders, both him and Luhan drag me out of the hallway.

I look over my shoulder for Kris, “But what about Kris hyung?”

“Don’t worry my little wolf!” Minseok muses as he manages to get the taller man in a chokehold, pulling him down to his level with a horrifying smile. “Hyung has him! We will meet you back at home, you go on ahead with those nice boys!”

They all seem to sense my hesitance, Kyungsoo strokes my head, “Don’t worry my little wolf, it’s not like we are going to murder him.”

Luhan clicks his tongue, “Speak for yourself.” My eyes go wide staring up at the elder who, once again looses the anger in his eyes, “I’m just kidding little wolf, no harm will come to him.”

“We might just try to punish him a bit though,” Jongdae admits with a devious smirk.

“Maybe some separation will do him some good,” Chanyeol chimes in, eyeing up his hyung with anger.

That gets the head alpha going, “You think you can keep my mate from me?”

Chanyeol hums, “Maybe not me, but as a pack we might be able to.”

“Why are we separating?” I question, using my strength to keep us from going forward.

Suho sneaks up behind me and scoops me up in his arms, “Your favorite hyung is going to be punished a bit for keeping a secret, we will see if we can forgive him after he explains. But for now he is in the dog house. We are going to be walking through a crowd again so you can rest your head again.”

I just nod, obeying as he continues to walk through all his brothers. My arms go around his neck breathing his scent in to keep anxiety at bay. The idea that I said something wrong eats at me, did I get Kris into trouble? I’ve never been the type to keep my thoughts to myself so when Suho sets me down in the car’s front seat I can’t help but ask, “Did I say something I shouldn’t have?”

Suho straps me into the seat, humming as he tries to think of an answer, “No Love. You told us something very important, but why didn’t you mention this earlier?” Everyone except for the oldest three surround the open car door.

I shrug, “I had mentioned it right when I showed up and no one questioned it so I didn’t think it was important.”

“I completely forgot,” Baekhyun stares at me dumbstruck for a moment.

“Holy shit,” Tao mumbles, “Kris attacked you, didn’t he?”

I nod.

“You guys knew about this?” Chanyeol snarls, glaring down at them. “How the hell could you forget something like that?” I’m surprised when the happy giant pushes Tao.

The younger hold his hands up in surrender, “There was a lot going on, I couldn’t take all of it in.”

“It was all overwhelming,” Baekhyun explains, his eyes focused on me, “She was just there and it felt like the world stopped. I wasn’t paying attention to what the others were arguing about, I could only look at her.”

“I know how hard it is for you to focus but this is something that is important!” Jongdae sighs. “Kris attacked her!”

“I mean he isn’t the only person who mess up,” I try to defend him, “I shot him!”

The world seems to stop, all of their eyes shift to me, “What?”

“I shot him! That scar on his chest? I am the person who did that, well me and Jin hyung.”

“How the hell did this happen?”

“I thought we were going to talk about it at home? I don’t like the smells here,” I cover my nose, feeling sick from all of the chemicals in the air.

“Of course,” Suho smiles, “Who wants to ride with us?”

“Isn’t Luhan hyung driving?”

He shakes his head, “He is going to ride back with Kris and Minseok hyung.”

“I want to go with you!” Baekhyun jumps up eagerly.

“Us too!” Jongin and Sehun yell together.

“That may not be a good idea,” Yixing awkwardly rubs the back of his neck.

They pout, “Why not?”

“She isn’t comfortable with all of us,” Suho snickers, eyeing up the youngest two.

“No it’s fine!” I say with a big smile, hoping they can’t see through my lie. The three quickly rush to the other side and climb into the backseat.

Suho sighs, “Are you sure this is fine? I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.”

“You are my mate, I will be okay,” I try to reassure myself and him. He gives me a small smile as he closes my door before going over to his own and climbing into the driver’s seat. The rest walk towards the larger car Kris had driven, giving me small waves and encouraging smiles.

I take a deep breath, I can do this.

“So tell me little wolf,” Baekhyun muses from the middle spot of the backseat, in between his two youngest brothers, “How in the world did you manage to survive a fight with our strongest hyung?”

“Baekhyun,” Suho warns.

“Hyung we are all thinking it,” Sehun points out from where he sits behind the older. I shift in my seat so I’m facing the eldest in the car and so my back will no longer be to the man I trust the least.

“What do you want to know exactly?” I ask.

“When did this happen?”

“It was when you guys wiped out most of the army, that night we were raiding the village you guys showed up while I was grabbing Jungkook. I didn’t see any of you, until after we were told to scatter, Jaebum’s people were throwing bombs to distract you so we could escape. I was running with Jungkook when Kris tackled me. I was dumbstruck at first, then I got mad, he was snapping at me, looking about ready to rip my throat out. I just kept thinking how could he not recognize me? How could he not see past Jin’s scent and see that it was me?”

“I don’t know how that hyung of yours does it but it’s impressive,” Baekhyun points out. “You were less than twenty feet away from me and I didn’t even know you were there.”

“It happened to me though too,” Sehun admits bashfully. “When I caught your pup instead of you, I could only find your scent on him, it’s like you had disappeared.”

I sigh, “I know I shouldn’t be upset with him about that but-“

“Oh no Love,” Baekhyun interrupts, “You should be absolutely pissed but I’m just letting you know that there is a reason behind it. I want to fucking murder him because of his blindness we lost thirty years with you.”

A small snarl rumbles deep in Suho’s chest, “Don’t remind me. I’m trying to stay level headed but you aren’t helping.” His hands grip the steering wheel tighter, his anger obvious in his glowing red eyes. “Thirty years,” He hums.

“We could have had pups by now,” Sehun mumbles.

“We could have had a normal relationship where we don’t scare our mate,” Baekhyun grumbles after.

“It’s pointless to think about that,” I voice my opinion honestly. “We are here now, that’s what matters.”

Suho smiles at me, “You are right.”

“Jongin, you are being really quiet, are you that mad?” Baekhyun places a hand on the younger’s shoulder. For the first time since we’ve been in the car I look over at him, only slightly afraid of how mad he could be. His eyes are fixated on me, glowing bright red.

“Hyung?” I question peeking over my seat.

“Yea, I’m mad. But not just at Kris hyung, we were all there but none of us knew. We were rampaging threw this village killing any soldier we could get our hands on, that could have been any of us.”

I’m sorry if this sucks…have a good night!

okay so i picture ryan outside of the crew as a naturally fidgety guy. it’s never a ridiculous amount of movement, but it’s a jogging of a leg when he’s leaning against something, tapping his feet/playing with his shoes when he’s seated, hands always in pockets and at the back of his neck and running through his hair and rubbing at his mouth and scratching at his ear.

when he’s the vagabond, he has to hide who he is. everything is changed, from voice to posture. namely, every significant mannerism, everything that identifies him as ryan, disappears. he moves little outside of necessity, stands tall and intimidating and still.

but he just can’t seem to rein in his hands.

he tries, certainly, exercises a significantly increased level of control over his habits. vagabond is a different headspace, after all, the reservation and lack of identity drilled into himself. the vagabond doesn’t need to run a hand through his hair when he’s nervous, as it’s pulled back in a ponytail or tied up in a bun. the vagabond wears a mask, couldn’t rub at his mouth if he tried. the vagabond recognizes that he blushes from the neck up, and that touching the area in his habitual manner just brings attention to whatever moment of weakness his hand is trying to conceal.

but his fingers are itchy, his fingers don’t rest. they drum against his hip, against the holster of his pistol, against the hilt of his knife. they snatch up pens and throwing knives and twirl, roll them across scarred and skinned knuckles almost too fast to be seen. they are the only thing about the vagabond that are not controlled, not a well-oiled part of the machine.

maybe that’s why they are so very good at the artistry of torture.