bring 1d to me 3

This Day in 1D History - October 3



  • Zayn and Harry record messages** for fans (**these videos will change your life)
  • the boys explore Milan while there for Bring 1D to Me <3


  • *studiously takes notes* (Chart Show interview posted) 
  • Louis and Eleanor are all cozied up for fall while out supporting TXF contestant Adam Burridge in London :))


  • Take Me Home Tour concerts– Melbourne, Australia #2 


  • LIAM, NO
  • Where We Are Tour concert – Tampa, USA, feat. the most iconic hairstyle Lou Teasdale has ever given us


  • Louis hits the blue carpet looking sharp af at the Man City/Newcastle match in Manchester
  • On the Road Again Tour concert—Manchester, UK, feat. Niall: “Scuse my lack of mobility; I’ve got a broken foot, I’ve got the flu…”

anonymous asked:

You ever think maybe his tweets were about Geneva?

Well, Geneva thing fizzled pretty fast after X Factor. Like it lasted a couple of months tops. I think it could be described as ‘summer camp thing’. You know, kids spending some weeks together, and there is usually always some who will do the classic coupling routine and then when they get off camp, they pretty soon forget each other. That’s how I see Zayn and Geneva personally.

But we might as well go through those ‘unrequited love’ tweets from 2011 as an example and see what was happening at time when Zayn tweeted them. Sorry for super long post, but well I might as well do it properly. :)

I guess I should publish my Ziam timelines one of these days, so that people would see how everything is connected. :)

But to the tweets:

Jul 30 & Aug 1, 2011

This is like a week after Zabecca “break-up” was written about.  On June 6th there were articles how Rebecca ‘had never felt like this before’, and a little more than a month later it was over and done. Funnily enough Rebecca also helpfully said in last December (while promoting her new album) that the relationship was ‘a blip’, so… lmao.

The first retweet doesn’t really apply to them, since what would Zayn be afraid of doing with her, that he supposedly hadn’t done before? Also since the relationship was a blip (and most likely PR charade), I doubt it was killing anyone.

He did send Rebecca a tweet ‘x’ 30th of July, but then again he signed almost all his tweets back then with x. So not very interesting.

Geneva meanwhile gave this interview in July about Zayn, and it doesn’t look like she was looking for a round two in the Malik rollercoaster. Note how she said that Wootton had twisted her words in the article. Interesting.

So neither of them fit into these retweets. On Ziam front this particular twitter convo happened 28th of July.

So something definitely was happening there at the time of retweets. :) About a week later Zayn mentioned that his fave song of the moment was All Back by Chris Brown. :) He also mentioned 13th of August that he wasn’t dating anyone and was single. He keeps mentioning this pretty much all autumn after it, but still writes love tweets to someone.


Aug 25

This happened around the same time than the tweet:

Also again mentioning that he ‘doesn’t have a gf’ the same day.


Sep 14

The Lakeside book signing was on 15th of September. Among other things, these things happened that day. :)


Oct 16

This one I think is mostly about Louis & Harry, because of Haroline and Elounor that had been just introduced back then. But also it seems like Zayn realised that his love life wasn’t going to be safe from similar intervention either.

He also tweeted in 10th of Oct that ‘Theres been a slight confusion on twitter for the last couple of weeks im here to clear it up i am single and have bn for the last 3 months’


Oct 18

After Bring 1D to Me minitour in Europe, that showed us how jealous Zayn was when Liam talked about Danielle, the boys had a couple of days off. Zayn tweeted about chilling with the boys for a few days, and since Louis & Harry were in Manchester, I think Zayn meant that he was hanging with his old friends, likely Ant and Danny.


Nov 17

Well this one is obviously not about Rebecca or Geneva, since it says ‘when you were never really mine’. But he’s still very much pining over his bandmate who has a girlfriend and can’t be his. So Ziam is only thing that fits here.


Nov 22 x/x

The next day (23rd) the Alan Carr show was recorded, and Zayn, well… Zayn was Zayn.

Is he trying to guide Liam to sit on a sofa? Idek.

Rubbing Liam’s shoulder after Alan Carr accused him of copying Harry’s curls.

Zayn when Alan Carr talks about Danielle with Liam.


Nov 26

Late November gave us so many lovely Ziam moments. Like this one right before Zayn sent that tweet. :)


Dec 5

Still pining. No notable girlfriend action. And for anyone who dares to insinuate that these are Z*rrie tweets, just no. Perrie herself said after X Factor in December 2011, that she barely knows him and the whole thing is massively embarrassing. She also denied that they had kissed.

I could write about every single one of those unrequited love tweets, but I spare you. They all are related to Ziam. That’s the way love works, babes. :)

Carry Me

“What if the longer I’m like this, the harder it is to like get away from it? What if I start to have more bad days or forget myself?”

“I’ll try to fight it with you, Harry.”

“I’m so scared, love,” he says and he’s never sounded so vulnerable, so alone like he does when he says those words.

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