Golden Rose Epiphany

the salt that comes out of me
the green
the blue
the briny hue
arms forever reaching
waves endlessly breaking
the shells
the sand
hands forever shaping
the word yours
the word mine
this concept called time
the light that reflects from me
this golden rose epiphany
i am sunset
i am moonrise
i am the sea
i am the sea

Azuki Lynn


((Mun: So, I decided to do some fusions! These all came out better than I thought they would and I had a lot of fun doing these!

All of these fusions would be fairly stable and work together well, the ones who would work together best are Celina + Brine, Steve + Stephanie, and Celina + Cenlar. :D

Hope you like these!))

This is a Brinicle, a brine icicle, which can form in the waters of both the Arctic and the Antarctic.

The icy phenomenon, also known as the “Icicle of Death”, is caused by cold sinking brine.

In winter, the air temperature above the sea ice can be below -20C, whereas the sea water is only about -1.9C. Heat flows from the warmer sea up to the very cold air, forming new ice. The salt in this newly formed ice is concentrated and pushed into brine channels. As it is very cold and salty, it is denser than the water beneath. As the cold dense brine solution comes in contact with the warmer water below the surface, a brinicle forms.

Brinicles grow fairly rapidly with some studies recording growth of 2 metres in less than 10 hours. In this photo, which was taken in Antarctica’s McMurdo Sound, the ice has reached the sea floor, forming a pillar.

Here is a cool timelapse video of the formation of a brinicle, it’s a must watch!


Photo courtesy of: Bill Curtsinger

(that’s my picture to accompany this to lmao lmao)

Silvia bounded up the stairs, holding a cube like… Machine? Under one arm. Apon arriving to the top of the stairs she knocked loudly before letting herself in. “YO guys! Check this out!”

Celina and Brine were talking happily in the Throne Room when Brine heard the footsteps on the stairs. He had turned to go to the door when Silvia knocked and let herself in, excitement clearly heard in her voice by the queen and the elf. 

Celina tilted her head to one side and looked at the… was it a machine? “Silvia… what is it?”

“I still love the night.
I love how if you squint your eyes just right stars look like porcupine’s dipping their quills into the night trying to write apologies for all the unanswered wishes from when we once wished apon them.”

“Sometimes I still wish. I wish I didn’t have to. I wish I didn’t have to wish.”

GOD that poem reminds me of herobrine

((Mun: Wow this fits perfectly with Brine! Thank you very much, my friend!))


Her Highness: So… I made an Instagram. I decided that I’ll post pictures of the Creaturae characters in their everyday lives on there, as well as the occasional picture of myself. If you wanna follow, here’s the link:

Anyway, I figured the best way to start an IG would be with some selfies of everyone! Molly even got her own phone, and even got the kiddos together to take a group photo. 

And yes, Jewel is taking a photo underwater. She had a waterproof phone, made just for her. 


Chef Pink had worked in some of America’s finest restaurants, but she was troubled: the farmers who supplied the produce she spun into culinary gold couldn’t afford to enjoy her food. Meanwhile, her partner, Courtney Rae, just wanted to make pickles and kombucha. Together, they found a way to combine their passions and open a sandwich shop where all are welcome: Bacon & Brine.

“We make diamonds out of culinary coal,” Chef Pink says of the operation. Using ingredients sourced from no further than ten miles away from their home base in Solvang, California, Bacon & Brine’s menu reflects what’s on offer from local farmers — no more, no less. House-cured bacon. Whole pig roasts. Vietnamese spiced pickles. Salted caramel bacon donuts (yes, you read that right).

Now, the duo is preparing to open a full-service restaurant, with plenty of room for culinary and nutrition classes, private events, charity fundraisers, “and whatever else our community might need us to do.” Help them build out their delicious dream here.

Seraphinite disc

While I covered this lovely green mineral before (see, this wonderful 15 cm across natural aggregate of fibrous crystals is a stunner. Formed by the alteration of limestones by hot brines spat out of a cooling iron rich granite that was stewing in its own juices after reaching its buoyancy point in the crust of the Earth in one specific Siberian locality, it was named after the supposedly delicately textured wing feathers of the highest order of angels. The fibres could be cut into catseye stones, but it would ruin a wonderful mineral specimen, something I’m generally against (though for the record, I have nothing against cutting river rolled pebbles and angular cleavage fragments, just lushly formed crystals)


Image credit: Carion Mineraux

In a separating funnel, you can see that the organic and aqueous phase has not separated well.

Therefore one of the options is to add brine (salt water). This add ions into the aqueous phase making the aqueous phase more polar. This has increased the difference in polarity between the organic and aqueous phase and therefore you’ll get better separation as your product be pushed more to move into one phase.