brindled beauty

Sometimes the most fleeting of sunrises are the most beautiful. Crystal Brindle captured this stunner near Bowen Pass at North Cascades National Park in Washington. It was her last sunrise as a ranger in the park’s backcountry. It was definitely a memory that’ll last a lifetime. Photo courtesy of Crystal Brindle.

Bucky’s girl (part 6)

You approached your apartment as quietly as possible with a big smile. You had a surprise for Bucky, and you knew that he would love it. You cracked the door open.

“Bucky,” you called out.


“I want you to sit in the living room and close your eyes.” Bucky peeked out of the kitchen and raised his eyebrow.


“Because I have a surprise for you.”

“So you have to give it to me in the living room?” You rolled your eyes and huffed.

“Do you want your surprise or not?” Bucky raise his hands in surrender with a smile before moving to follow your directions. You waited for a few seconds before moving inside.

Bucky could hear you open and close the front door. He wondered what this surprise actually was. You had given Bucky little “surprises” before. Usually, you had required him to close his eyes and hold out his hands.

He heard you shush something which made him even curiouser. Maybe Steve was back early from his mission? Bucky didn’t have long to ponder what the surprise may be when he felt a tongue lick his whole face.

You laughed at the shocked expression on Bucky’s face as his eyes flew open to see a beautiful brindle Staffordshire Bull terrier.

“Hey, boy,” Bucky greeted with a laugh as the Staffy continued to lick his face. You quickly pulled out your phone to record the scene. “Alright, get down,” Bucky said after a few moments. The Staffy obeyed but refused to leave Bucky’s side.

“Surprise,” you said, throwing out your arms.

“Thanks, Doll, but why did you get me a dog?” You knelt down next to the dog to scratch behind his ears. That’s when Bucky finally noticed the missing leg.

“This poor thing was abused as a puppy,” you told him. “That’s how he lost a leg. But the most important thing is he survived. And now he’s a service dog for people with PTSD.” Bucky frowned at that. “I know you don’t like to admit that you have PTSD, but you do have it, and that’s okay. And I thought that maybe this would help. You don’t have to take him everywhere, but you can if you feel like it. I got the paperwork and everything. Even a cute vest for this little guy.” Bucky was quiet once you finished speaking. You simply sat there, waiting.

“Thank you, y/n,” he whispered.

“You’re welcome,” you told him with a smile. “Now, he still needs a name.”

“Miller,” Bucky said. “After Glenn Miller.” Your throat tightened at Bucky’s answer to where all you do was nod.
It was a few days later when Bucky started to head home after a few drinks with Steve. Miller had only been around for a short time, but he already was a part of the family. Bucky found out that he liked taking Miller places. It was like a safety blanket, and that allowed Bucky to relax more. You two had also realized that Miller was already very protective of Bucky. While he was still well-behaved, if Miller thought that a stranger was getting too close to Bucky for comfort, he would growl out a warning.

Bucky quietly opened the apartment door to see it was dimly lit by the tv. He approached the couch to hear growling. Miller stood over you as you slept, growling at this unknown intruder. As Bucky got closer, Miller finally saw that it was him and relaxed.

“Good boy, Miller,” Bucky whispered. “Y/n is very special. So, you take extra care to protect her when I’m not around.” Miller wagged his tail in agreement. Bucky scooped you up in his arms and headed to bed with Miller at his heels.
After about a week, you and Bucky decided to finally introduce Miller to the rest of the gang. Everyone loved him, and once Miller warmed up to everyone, he was quite happy to have more people to play with. You watched as Thor and Miller played tug of war while Tony stood to the side with a Starkpad in hand. You were pretty sure that he was trying to figure out how to make Miller a leg. You were so absorbed that you jumped when Steve came and wrapped an arm around your waist.

“Miller was a good idea,” he told you. You nodded. “How did you react to the name?” You sighed.

“I couldn’t really speak. I didn’t know he even remembered Glenn Miller. And when he said it, it kinda felt like a sucker punch in the gut, you know?”

Steve knew exactly what you meant. When you and Bucky officially became a couple, you two always argued what was “your song”. You always said it was “Where or When” because it was the first song you danced to as a couple. However, Bucky disagreed. He always said that it was “Dream a Little Dream of Me”. You argued that you two were just little kids when you danced to that, but Bucky always said that he had loved you even then. Steve thought you were both wrong.


“Bucky, I’m cooking dinner!”

“And? It’s just one dance. We won’t starve,” Bucky said as he dragged you away from the stove. “Stevie, make sure nothing burns,” he instructed from the record player. You shook your head but stayed there. A few second later, “You Stepped Out of a Dream” started to drift through the tiny apartment.

Steve checked the food real quick before watching the two of you sway back and forth with your foreheads touching. No matter the time or place, any time Bucky heard “You Stepped Out of a Dream”, he would sweep you into his arms and dance with you until it ended. Now that Bucky had bought the record, he was sure that he would be seeing this scene more often. With a smile, Steve turned back to the stove.


Steve gave you a one-armed hug and a kiss on your forehead. He hated seeing you like this. He understood why you didn’t want to tell Bucky about your past relationship. You didn’t want Bucky to feel like he was being forced into anything, but Steve knew better. He knew that you were really afraid that maybe you both had changed too much and Bucky didn’t want you anymore which was ridiculous. The whole team could see the way you two pined over each other. Tony had even started a bet of when you two would finally get together.

Like lighting, Steve was hit with an idea. All he need was Tony’s help.


@kittie-707 bought me this beautiful brindle-y boy with a white paw ♡ he arrived today and i love him!! but unfortunately i not only found beetle casings in him- i found a greenish mold in his paws! (pictures here) anyone have any tips to get rid of the mold? (he is tanned) i’ve never dealt with something like this before! currently he is in the freezer in case there are any live bugs in him.

‘I know where I’m going’ painted in 2012. Inspired by a rescue greyhound that we had at the time. She was a beautiful brindle sitting in the grass on the isle of Harris, and almost disappearing. I was thinking a lot about blending in to the background as a form of survival, and she helped me work that out a bit.


Espririt is here to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! :)

This beautiful girl was the easiest to photograph at my last shelter photo shoot. She sat still, looked around and kept her head up high. She also loved the attention I gave her after she was such a good girl. Didn’t have to keep my camera out too long with her which is nice since I also enjoy spending some time with the dogs to get to know them a little!

This pretty girl is still up for adoption!

Meet Paprika! A four year old, beautiful brindle pit bull. She’s been in the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in Long Island, NY for 2 ½ years now. She’s running out of time though. She’s a loving, very smart girl. She knows many tricks, and will even have a trainer paid for after her adoption so you’ll have extra peace of mind at no cost to you! She needs teenagers/adults only. She’s good with cats, and some dogs as well! She’s so so deserving of a second chance. If you save her, I’m sure she’ll save you too. TOHAS, 3320 Beltagh Avenue, Wantagh, NY (516) 785-5220s


The mornings sure are cold! On Saturday we woke up to SNOW! Ok, don’t get excited there are not photos of me frolicking in the fluffy white stuff. There wasn’t much of it to see, Dad keeps saying that it’s meant to snow a lot soon… so far he has been wrong. Oh well, more time for me to lounge on the sofa, and now that baby Oak is on the move rolling and almost crawling I get the entire sofa to my self.

Get yer gorgeous Jersey Girl here!

“Here” is FernDog Rescue Foundation​ in Caldwell, New Jersey, and WHO is Olive Oyl, the most spendiferous brindle beauty to ever hail from the Garden State!

And WAIT THERE’S MORE! Not only is she a rock ‘em-sock 'em stunner, but she’s a great athlete AND a genius! No, really! She can go for a looooong run, then come in and work on her plan for a drone that can play fetch – she’s THISCLOSE!

Futher proof of her brilliance is that before my rescue friends found her, she had never lived in a house before, and yet she’s learned to LOVE sofas, going for car rides, and visits to farmers markets and dog-friendly stores – even if her manners COULD still use some refinement. (She promises to learn which fork to use with the salad if you adopt her!)

Despite her obvious awesomeness, she does have a few quirks her friends can talk to you about… all you have to do is email and tell 'em you want to hear all about Olive Oyl!