brimley skateboards


Tempe Halloween is one of the coolest things my friends and I have started. Seeing it grow from what it was 5 years ago to now is so fucking radical. We had over 200 kids in costume show up to skate this year and gave away almost 200 prizes. I fucking love skateboarding in Arizona and I can’t wait to see what we all do next year, but 2014 Halloween was by far the best year yet. Check out the video here… BRIMLEY SKATEBOARDS TEMPE HALLOWEEN.


Watching Robbie Brockel skate in person is a real treat. So much power. Harl was doing great kickflips. Cannon did fakie back tails every fucking try. Gregoire and Braun are masses of pure talent. Peaches talked to a guy who claimed he was in San Quentin, and Antonio still has the most amazing Jesus shades. Good day today boys.


I went out yesterday with a crew of boys, hungry for some footage. Most of the dudes are trying to film for the Pyramid Country video, which is gonna be epic. I got a couple photos that I felt like really illustrate the shitty feeling of battling a trick in the heat when it’s not coming easy. In the end  everyone achieved and I even filmed a line where I went all Mike V. on some poor tree. It was a good Sunday in the desert. *My photo was shot by Andrew Cannon, not me.