brimfield antique fair


hi tumblr, so this Saturday I went to the Brimfield Antique Fair (in Brimfield, Massachusetts) and I went to one of the booths near the front which said “Vintage Eyeware by Esther M. Harris” i tried on a fantastic pair of eyeglasses and loved them- but was skeptical about her prices, i had her write down the supposed “maker” and “model” of the glasses… upon searching through the web they were not found.. I am quite disappointed and upon reading some very well hidden reviews it appears as though she is a hack and often promises to make glasses that she never completes. IF ANYONE KNOWS ABOUT THIS WOMAN or Can tell me where you may see supposed “French made glasses” made by a company called “Montecelli” that go by “B 18,000 C-3” in turtleshell and green I would love you forever and ever.. and this is also a PSA saying that this woman- no matter how convincing is a HACK! DO NOT BUY FROM VINTAGE EYEWEAR BY ESTHER M. HARRIS!!