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The sky was dark as she wandered through the winding alleyways in search of the box that was destined to take her away from this odd life she’d just been granted. It was so different, seeing with eyes and not with electric impulses, though she could hardly complain. Once she located it she tried the door and found it to be locked. In an effort not to start off on a bad foot with the Doctor, she simply leaned against the TARDIS and waited for him to return.

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Clock alarm. It’s an impulse when she smacks the little gadget to shush it, and after a few minutes of denying the reality that she has to get out of bed she finally manages to stretch her muscles and takes almost a whole minute to sit in the comfy mattress. She’s still sleepy, but with a fast jump she dances out of bed and to make it short; she just makes herself ready- presentable to go and meet the Time Lord at the console room.

Her eyelashes are still blurring her vision, she just wants to get back to bed but the excitement of a new adventure is what helps her stay awake. And with such a warm and excited smile dancing on her pink lips she runs towards the controls, right where he’s standing and hugs him hard from the back, arms wrapped enthusiastically around his waist. “Mornin’ Doctor” Rose croons, giggling and swinging from one side to another. “Where are we going todaaaay?!…”