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Music Series: All I Ask by Adele**

Can’t even explain how much I love this song…love Adele…love her writing…love her voice…I think she is brilliant. I’ve always said that Harry is someone I would be fascinated sitting down with and picking his brain, because I think there is so much inside of him yet to be discovered. That’s what genius is made of. I feel the same way about Adele, some writers and poets I really like, and a stray person here and there. Just to hang out with either of them for a couple of hours would be so amazing. Adele’s songs are so personal and emotional and if you can’t feel something in them…then you aren’t listening.

Thank you for this request, Anon. It is “All I Ask” by Adele…beautiful song…and you can find it HERE on my Spotify playlist called, ‘Singing In The Shower’.

Warning: Does contain smut…couldn’t be helped…now I need to go to bed…realllly need to go to bed… ;)




I will leave my heart at the door

I won’t say a word, they’ve all been said before, you know

So why don’t we just play pretend

Like we’re not scared of what is coming next

Or scared of having nothing left

Look, don’t get me wrong, I know there is no tomorrow

All I ask is…

You and Harry sat on the sofa quietly, both nervous and wiping tears. You loved each other…deeply loved. But after an argument that had left you both upset and not talking for a couple of days, Harry knocked on your door, asking to talk.

“No, I don’t want to break up,” he sniffed, shaking his head. “I love you. We have to figure this out, love. It can’t end. I don’t want it to end.”

You wipe a tear from your eye and take your eyes from him, hating to see him cry.

“I don’t know what the answer is, Harry,” you say softly. “I think…maybe we just…need some time away from each other. Learn to appreciate what we have…maybe.”

“Don’t want to breakup, love, please,” Harry begs, taking your hand as another tear falls.


“Baby, please…at least…give me tonight…” Harry asks desperately, moving close to you. “Please…” You feel Harry’s arm around you, his lips kissing the side of your head. As he leans his forehead against your temple, holding you, too afraid to let you go, he pleads. “I need you. Please…give me tonight.”

If this is my last night with you

Hold me like I’m more than just a friend

Give me a memory I can use

Take me by the hand while we do what lovers do

It matters how this ends

‘Cause what if I never love again?

You feel his lips tremble as they kiss your jaw.

“Harry…” you try to protest, but you have always been weak to his touch, and he knows it. His lips find yours as you feel his tongue part them. You pull back as his lips find your neck. “Don’t…”

“Please…” Harry begs as he continues to kiss you. “Can’t lose you…need you…”

You feel his hand caressing your face, his thumb stroking your skin lightly.

“Please, baby…”

You feel the heat of his breath against your ear as he pulls your lobe gently between his teeth, his hand moving slowly down to your waist.

“God…please, baby…”

You feel his lips ghost over yours as he whispers, “I love you…please…”

I don’t need your honesty

It’s already in your eyes

And I’m sure my eyes, they speak for me

No one knows me like you do

And since you’re the only one that matters

Tell me who do I run to?

Look, don’t get me wrong

I know there is no tomorrow

All I ask is…

Harry sighs into your mouth when he feels your lips press against his, your tongue seeking his, as he feels the dampness of the tears from your cheeks moistening his own. Relieved you are allowing him to love on you, he leans you back against the cushions of the sofa, his mouth frantically placing kisses around your face. Soft, deliberate kisses to your cheeks, your brows, the line of your hair, your chin, nibbling your jaw, before once again finding your lips and tasting you with so much desperation that you have to gasp for your next breath.

You feel his hands slowly lift your top as his mouth drops kisses on your stomach, your ribs, lathering the pillowy tops of your breasts, before pulling the lace down on your bra to expose your nipples to his needy lips. Your eyes close from the feel of it, his tongue flicking your nipples into hard nubs.

Within another moment, clothes are furiously removed and thrown around the room, and Harry is between your thighs, tasting you as if you are the sweetest taste he has ever experienced. You feel his fingers gently stroke up and down your lips, his breath escaping as he watches himself pleasuring you, sliding his fingers deeply inside of you then hooking back, his mouth licking from your lips up to the pink of your clit and suctioning to it. You gasp as you feel his tongue slide slowly up and down your slit, teasing your clit with each upward pass. Moaning loudly, you slightly buck your hips up to meet his mouth.

Let this be our lesson in love

Let this be the way we remember us

I don’t wanna be cruel or vicious

And I ain’t asking for forgiveness

All I ask is

“Don’t…don’t stop!” you rasp as you hear the sounds his mouth makes against you, his fingers stroking you just right along your little spongy spot, the sound of your liquids crying to explode. Your hand instinctively pulls Harry into you as he moans loudly, his deep voice vibrating a sensation against your nerves that cause your juices to gush against his face. You hear him moan, drinking in every drop his mouth can find, lovingly cleaning you with his tongue, before kissing his way back up to your face, his throbbing dick pressing hard against your mound.

Harry pulls back from the flurry of kisses he leaves on your face, both of you breathing rapidly. You feel him, knowing how badly he is hurting, needing to feel his cock sink into you, but hoping for the reassurance from you that this won’t be your last night together.

“Please, love…” he begs. “I can’t lose you. I love you.” He kisses you desperately, the taste of you on his tongue, then pulls away again as a tear drops from his eye to your cheek. “Please, baby, say you’ll give us another chance. I need you.”

You see the look of fear on his face as you hesitate in your reply. You hear his voice catch as he tries to stifle his cry. Feeling defeat begin to take over him, Harry begins pulling himself up to dress and leave, but feels you suddenly pull him back toward you.

“Don’t leave,” you whimper as a tear drops from your eye toward your ear. “I can’t…please, stay…”

Your words stop as Harry’s mouth once again finds yours and you feel him press his dick against your still-soaked lips, slowly pressing between them.

“Thank you,” Harry whispers. “Thank you.”

If this is my last night with you

Hold me like I’m more than just a friend

Give me a memory I can use

Take me by the hand while we do what lovers do

It matters how this ends

'Cause what if I never love again?

“You are pretty,” he says, because it’s true and he’s never been afraid of the truth. His chest heaves with it. Levi might be a string of unknowns tied together but his beauty is absolute. Is fact. Downright undeniable.

Levi turns on him, dripping mug held in his hand like a weapon. Erwin briefly wonders if he will die by bludgeoning, ceramic to the head, his body twitching and bleeding at Levi’s small, perfect feet. Death delivered at an altar.

“I could cut you in a second,” Levi says, like that is also supposed to mean something. Like that is a response that explains itself.

Erwin’s lips part softly in surprise, eyes brightening, gears turning; Levi’s words are less of a genuine threat and more of a statement. He is sure now that this is not Levi navigating insecurity in some bizarre Levi-esque way. Erwin has managed to upset him.

I love this fic Beautiful Man by @birbwin so much. Im not good in words and positives critics but i hope my lame art that inspired by your recent brilliant writing could show how good it is <333

Why I feel that YoI betrayed its own narrative - part 1

DISCLAIMER: I love Yuri on Ice. No, listen, you don’t understand, I! LOVE! YURI! ON! ICE! Deeply! It’s very special, extremely important to me. It has touched my heart in ways that few stories have, it’s one of my favourite things across any media. There’s not a single character I dislike. I’ve recommended it to everyone I know. I have cosplay plans. My phone’s ringtone is History Maker. Every night before bed I read fanfiction. I ordered the official soundtrack. Currently on my desk sits my mini christmas tree sporting an acrylic charm of the main trio and Makkachin. I’m wearing Yuuri on my shirt as I write this. Ok? We’ve established this. I love, adore Yuri on Ice, and I wish I could be feeling for the finale the same levels of pure joy the episodes have been giving me every week since it aired. But I’m not. 

Yuri on Ice is one of the best shows I’ve seen in my life. It’s brilliant and beautiful in many ways but the writing in particular has always stood out for its cleverness, realism and heart and how it was masterfully building up a carefully crafted narrative full of underlying themes for 11 episodes. 

Episode 12 on the other hand felt rushed, anticlimactic, out of character for our main leads and not at all up to par to the quality of the writing in previous episodes. There was a clear direction the story and character arcs were moving towards that suddenly shifted so abruptly I have to believe this was not the originally intended ending and was instead a rushed job of a sequel bait. If it was the intended ending…that means they lied to us for 10 episodes.

Getting it out of the way, I still stand by everything I said here. The story was building up to Yuuri winning gold. The screenshots I collected in that post aren’t even all the instances of the story reminding us that it’s building towards gold for Yuuri. It’s been a constant and steady progression. 

This is my breakdown of why I felt ultimately disappointed with the YOI finale. I’m going to go through the entire series to explain exactly why I think the ending we got was not the one we were supposed to get (much less the one the narrative deserved). This is a gigantic analysis so I’ve decided to divide it in parts. It’s going to go like this:

  1. Yuuri Katsuki’s character arc
  2. Yuri Plisetsky’s character arc
  3. Victor Nikiforov’s character arc
  4. The resolution of Victuuri
  5. Missing pieces and inconsistencies

HUGE THANKS to @soobaki for doing the beta on this monster and for the constant emotional support as I wrote it!

Before we start, I just want to leave this screenshot here and I want you to keep this in mind as we go. Because this is what we were promised. 

Warning: this is a long post.

Yuuri Katsuki - on learning that he is good enough and proving it to the world 

YOI starts with Yuuri at this lowest, physically and mentally like he says. At a pivotal moment in his life and career as a professional athlete, his beloved pet dies, he binges on food to try to heal the hurt, his insecurities get the better of him and he ends up suffering a humiliating defeat at the Grand Prix Final, locks himself in a public bathroom to cry, apologizes to his mother over the phone for failing, gets yelled at and told to quit by the junior gold medalist Yuri and, when he finally crosses paths with Victor, his idol and inspiration, he doesn’t even recognize him as a fellow competitor. It’s a rough start for Yuuri, but that’s because his journey is one of growth, more than any other character’s.

While we have our three main characters whose stories are tightly woven together, Yuuri is the true protagonist of YOI’s central narrative. It’s his journey we follow most closely, it’s his POV that we see most of the episodes through, the very title of the series is his free skate’s music. That said, it’s important to point out that Yuuri, unreliable narrator that he is, does not identify himself as the protagonist of the story. He is the top male figure skater in Japan, yet refers to himself as a nobody, just one of the “dime-a-dozen” skaters competing in the Grand Prix. He doesn’t acknowledge his achievement of making it to the six Grand Prix finalists as such, he only sees his failure in placing last. He is severely lacking in self-love and self-awareness. Anxiety will do that to you.

Still, he is willing to take action to change. Contrary to what Yuuri himself will constantly tell us, Yuuri is not weak. He is stubborn and brave and he persists, even in the face of defeat.

Victor shows up at a point where Yuuri is willing and ready to take action to get his life and skating career back on track (after all, as we are told and will later witness, Yuuri is a competitive person and hates to lose) but is not sure on what exactly he should do. People keep asking him and all he says is he needs time to think about it. Victor decides for him - they will win Yuuri the gold medal at the next Grand Prix. Note that while this was a goal decided by Victor it is a goal that Yuuri will eventually embrace. This is the story goal - getting Yuuri a gold medal at the Grand Prix final. It’s a story goal that the series reminds us of every single episode. Yuuri’s character goal, which ties into the story’s, is to achieve self-love and self-actualization, and in achieving both his character and story goals he would prove his own self worth, not only to the world but to himself.

So what is the conflict then, in Yuuri’s story? What must Yuuri overcome? Primarily, it’s his own anxiety. 

Spelled out for us, the only thing Yuuri is lacking to finally WIN, is confidence. Yuuri has the skills, he has the experience. So the series spends the rest of the its time building up said confidence to get Yuuri’s emotional wellbeing in peak condition to match his physical skills. I must emphasize, everything so far is about getting to the story goal of Yuuri winning the Grand Prix Final.

Going back one episode though, to episode 2. The ending of episode 2 is the first time we see him openly and firmly express a desire out loud, with none of the unsureness that was present when he told Yuko he wanted to get his love for skating back, and that is to win the Hot Springs on Ice match and to keep Victor around. 

This is Yuuri answering the call of the narrative. This is when his journey towards the story goal truly begins, when he admits that he wants to keep on winning.

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Elijah Mikaelson x Gender-Neutral Reader

Warnings: reader is sick

Word count: 454

A/N: I’m actually a little sick as I’m writing this, which sucks because I don’t like it, but on the bright side I’ve managed to get some writing done.

Feedback is always appreciated! <3

Originally posted by bynightafangirl

How brilliant was this.  Here you were, holed up on the couch in your living room, all because of a little cold.  Okay, maybe not so little.

You couldn’t remember the last time it was this bad.  Your head was fuzzy, there was an unholy amount of pressure in your sinuses, and your throat ached and stung not only every time you swallowed but also every time you coughed and sneezed.  Oh, and your nose was stuffed to hell and back and yet somehow managed to leak.  How the hell does that even work?!

You were laying on the couch, wrapped in a cocoon of blankets.  There was a bottle of medicine on the table, as well as three tissue boxes (two empty and one new), a bag of cough drops and a bottle of water.  You had (somehow) managed to empty the waste basket twice already, and it was only day one.  You had a feeling you’d have to go to the store by the next day.

Knock, knock.

You were ripped out of the episode of “People’s Court” you were watching and stared at the door.  You debated on whether or not it was worth it to get up when a voice called.

“Y/N?  Are you home?”

You shuffled to the door, blanket wrapped around you in a style similar to a cape.  You opened it, watching Elijah assess your state of being.

“Hi,” you croaked.  Your voice was reduced to a deeper, almost guttural huskiness from coughing.

You shuffled away and plopped back down on the couch as Elijah came in and shut the door behind him.

“I suppose it would be redundant to ask how you’re feeling,” he remarked.

You chuckled.  And coughed.  He sat down next to you, observing the table, then you.  Watching him from your peripheral vision, you concluded that you looked like some form of death, which was about how you felt.

“When was the last time you took medicine?” he asked.

“About two hours ago,” you replied after thinking for a moment.  Being sick muddled your brain like hell.

“Are you nauseous?”




“How are your sinuses?”

“Jammed like hell.”

“Do you have anything for that?”

“Took something an hour ago.”

You jumped when he put his hand on your forehead.

“You don’t appear to have a fever,” he remarked.  “Are you cold?”

“A li–”  You had to stop and clear your throat a couple times.  “A little.”

Elijah gently pulled you to him, and you adjusted the blanket so it wrapped around both of you.  He wrapped his arms around you, and you couldn’t help but smile a little.  He was so sweet.

“Thank you,” you whispered.

“You’re welcome, my dear.”

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Reader’s Rec: nerdlife4eva

Username: nerdlife4eva

Tumblr: @n3rdlif343va  (link)

Fics written: Be my Chef, Yuuri. And writes the series, the domestic life and love of Yuuri and Victor.

About author: nerdlife4eva is an amazing writer, wonderful friend and all around amazing person. Her writing is brilliant and always leaves me wanting more. She also writes for the miraculous ladybug fandom with her fic Better Together. 

Recommended by: fullmetalkarneval13
The Great Escape Chapter One: The First Day, a hetalia - axis powers fanfic | FanFiction
In 1943, during the height of World War II, the Germans decided to put all of their bad eggs in one basket. Meaning, all of the best escape artists from every prisoner of war camp in a new, state-of-the-art facility. Wait—maybe that's not such a good idea... (US/UK and FrUK love triangle, SuFin, Pol/Liet, eventual BTT friendship, and some Spamano.)

So anyways, @spinyfruit has another great fic out. It’s different from her usual writing but, as always, it’s BRILLIANT. So read it!

anonymous asked:

hello ily your writing is brilliant as always i am forever inspired; tell me about sirius. why do u love him? what does he love about u? (also if you need even more distracting tell me abt jily. ilu xx)


ok so. there is literally nothing i do not love about him. everything. all of it. hes so unbelievably loyal and i just. cant believe he exists in such extremes like he loves just as deeply as he hates and he can be. needlessly cruel but i like to think that more often that not he chooses to be good?? and he is just. so fucking good at reading ppl but he doesnt?? give a shit about them?? and the whole time he has this facade up and i cant believe that hes so carelessly intelligent and talented like he doesnt even have to try hes just. so good. and hes reckless and impulsive and fucking stupid but?? i love all of it?? and hes hot af so theres that too

as for me. well. i think hed be fascinated after a while?? bc i have all these little intricacies in the way i talk and im always able to push back but i think. hed actually see how needlessly kind i try to be to a fault and hes just like. what the fuck?? but i can be witty and thoughtful and hes so?? dumbfounded by how fast my mind moves?? everything happens so quickly for me and i think so much abt everything and i think hed be. floored by that. also i always picture him with someone tall and willowy and gorgeous but im?? short and curvaceous and more akin to a smth out of the renaissance which i. actually think hed love. also i think that. after a while hed actually find me gorgeous and. interesting as fuck

krey-9-jorce  asked:

How could you do this to me! HOW. I am now swallowed whole in the magical blackhole of Spacedogs. I get it, Spacedogs? What kind of weird ship is that? But it works, weirdly well. You noted in your work that you're incapable of writing fluff, but this is fluff in its best quality, confirmed by my squirms and huge grin while indulging myself in your absolutely brilliant writing 👏👏👏 Thanks (shouldn't have written so much, sorry, always got myself carried away when commenting works)

Thank you! 😊😊😊

I expect I worded it weirdly, but I likely meant to say I can’t write anything except fluff!! 

I’m not sure what you are reading (California series?) but thank you so much for the lovely ask. It brightened my day! 💖💖💖

       ✂  (  out of fabric   ) .  can I just say how much i love @malcontent and how great bree is??? like they are just so sweet, creative and supportive. truly a gem that i am so blessed to know. they are an incredibly gifted writer and portray their muses so incredibly and its so nice to seem them putting so much love and detail into takumi, especially knowing that he is such an important and comforting character to them. i’m so glad to call them a friend and talk to them. i just love bree. what a good. i weep because im so blessed!!!

blue-eyed-fantom  asked:

Home After Rain was SOO pleasing to read!! When I first finished Blue Orchids I was silently wishing for more short stories off of it! It was one of those moments where you finish reading and you just sit there smiling to yourself because the story just filled you up with so much warmth and love and THAT'S the kind of writing I search for. Brilliant work, as always, Mari

Ahhh thank you so so much, really!!! it’s nice to see people feeling satisfied with this short sequel even if the first story already had some closure. I’m very glad it lived up to your expectations! ❤️

One on One
ONE REPUBLIC frontman and hit producer RYAN TEDDER has confirmed he will feature on ONE DIRECTION star HARRY STYLES’ debut solo album.

It means Harry will join Ryan’s impressive list of collaborators which includes BEYONCE, ADELE and CALVIN HARRIS.

Speaking exclusively, Ryan said: “We’re going to be writing something for his solo album.

“We did work together in London a while ago but we definitely will again.

“He’s always writing songs.

“He’s a brilliant writer.” …

Source : The Sun


SHOOT | It’s Better To Have Loved & Lost Than Never To Have Loved At All

True love never dies.

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send ‘&’ for 3 blogs i recommend

@donatello-technobabbles - Oh, Serenity is just the most amazing person in the TMNT fandom and now I find out she’s being bullied by some asshole anons?!! I WILL NOT HAVE IT. She is the nicest, sweetest, most badass person I know, and I would die for her. Her portrayals of Usagi and Donnie and perfect, and she deserves so much love. Follow her, please, and show as much love to her as I do.

@wabbitseezon - Willow is the very essence of Daffy, and her writing is just brilliant. She’s always been super kind and great to me and I just adore her interactions with the boys, so funny/cute at the same time! Follow her, and you won’t be disappointed by any stretch. <333

@pickanosis - His name is what? His name is who? His name is unh, Osmosis Jones! RUBEN MY BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLAYS THIS ADORABLE CELL BOY SO FABULOUSLY, I CAN HEAR CHRIS ROCK WITH EVERY. SINGLE. THING. HE. WRITES. Ozzy is just a precious thing and deserves so much appreciation for everything he does and has been through. And Ruben himself? He’s amazing. Has been ever since day one. His characterization is flawless, he’s such a great friend to talk to whenever I feel down, and I’m so glad I could help him through the troubles he’s been having. I’m so glad I met him, and I would do anything to make him feel happy and loved!!

I still love, love, love seeing the roles reversed with the kisses.

I half expected Jemma out of frustrate and confusion and pent up feelings for Fitz, to create the first kiss from her.

And we know how Fitz feels and he could’ve delivered the second kiss… The one full of love and promise.

It’s so refreshing to see Fitz FIGHT for what he wants. Yes, he feels cursed, but he still kissed her. I don’t even think he thought she’d kiss him back. It was just something he NEEDED to do. Didn’t even think about it, for once, just did what his heart wanted. Even though his mind was telling him not right now. It’s was fantastic!

Then to see Simmons do the soft kiss of love was everything because even though it killed us all, and Fitz, that she admits she fell in love with Will, this second kiss shows us she’s very much in love with Fitz. Very much. She reciprocated it and quickly at that. If she ONLY loved Will, she wouldn’t have kissed Fitz and not in that way. It would’ve been more like the first one. Finally, besides the videos and her episode, we’re seeing (and Fitz) how she really feels. His eyes were closed, but us fans saw how she looked at Fitz as their foreheads touched. It was as if she were saying…"This could be our future. I can see a future with you. The future I wanted.“

The kiss was perfect. Flawless. And seemed effortless. Comforting. As if Saying, “why haven’t we done this always?” It makes sense. It wasn’t awkward. It was ying/yang. If anything. Each other’s other half.

They complete each other.

Brilliant delivery. Perfect writing. Amazing chemistry as always.

This just opened the door of Fitzsimmons truly becoming canon.


Gintama ep 308/manga chaps 525 - 526

Dear Gintama gods and Sorachi-sama,

Even as I watched this episode I had to pinch myself a few times as I simply could not believe I am finally seeing this arc brought to life. I have been hoping for and anticipating the Farewell Shinsengumi arc for what seems like an eternity, and considering the low-key manner in which we entered this phase of the story, we pretty much just jumped right into the it without much ado, I am still amazed that we have actually reached this point. In the grand scheme of things, while the shogun assassination arc provided us with the jaw-dropping revelation of Shouyou’s fate, the awesome showdown between two ex-friends, and then the ultimate demise of a beloved comic foil, the Farewell Shinsengumi arc is of equal if not more weight on the cosmic Gintama scale since it not only centers around characters who could arguably be considered part of the main team of protagonists (or, antagonists, depending on the circumstances) but the resulting events in this arc also drastically redirects their course and purpose in the Ginta-universe.

So yeah, a little more fanfare would have been nice.

Lest you think I’m complaining, however, please don’t misunderstand. I cannot be more pleased, especially since we even got a brand new opening sequence! Now THAT is a sequence befitting DOES’ song! I love that it’s almost a call-back to Donten’s OP sequence, which signaled the first time we got a serious Shinsengumi arc. The images are just so perfect, my favorite naturally being the completely appropriate GinHiji morph at the start and the final image of team Yorozuya, Shinsengumi, and present-day Joui standing side-by-side. If I weren’t already reserving my tears for later in the episode, I would have shed one or two for just that last image alone. So beautiful.

What also struck me as significant in the opening sequence was the scenes of the boys fighting the Tendoshuu, who are the current enemy. When I contrast that with the images in the Donten sequence, where it’s the Joui boys fighting against the Amanto, the enemies of the past, it’s hard not to see the obvious parallel between the past and present. During the Joui days, Gintoki had to decide between his friends/comrades’ lives or their mentor’s, whereas in the present, Hijikata is faced with the same decision, choosing between his Shinsengumi brothers’ lives or their equally beloved leader’s. While Gintoki’s situation was much more dire–if he had not executed Shouyou, all his Joui comrades would have died instead–it’s interesting that Hijikata essentially picks the same choice. By stepping away and giving up his role as their vice commander, he chose to protect his Shinsengumi brethren over Kondou. That is of course what Kondou would have wanted, just as Shouyou did a decade ago for his followers, and really, only Gintoki could ever understand why Hijikata made that choice. Not even Okita can. Again, beautiful. Of course things don’t quite turn out the same for the Shinsengumi as it did for the Joui, but that’s more to the Wolves of Mibu’s credit than anyone else.

I remember as I was reading the chapter, I was completely shocked at the sight of Kondou’s head. I think I actually gasped out loud. Hearing Hijikata’s scream of despair in the episode broke me. Actually what am I saying, this episode was just a running river of despair from start to finish. What added an extra degree of solemnity to the proceedings is how much real life sense it made: the Shinsengumi DID fail in protecting their master, therefore, both Matsudaira and Kondou, as their leaders, SHOULD be punished. In fact, not only did they fail in protecting their master, the fact that they were also supporting him in his decision to go against the emperor’s decree to step down basically made them traitors. In a way, the Shinsengumi were lucky they weren’t all ordered to commit seppuku. The Oniwabanshuu and the Iga clan should have been punished as well. Hijikata probably knew they got off lightly; mounting a rescue mission to save Kondou would certainly mean death for everyone, one way or another. The thought of how much worse it could have been is almost too heavy to bear. I was actually extremely grateful for that brief moment of levity courtesy of Hard-Boiled-san since my heart needed a break from the vise that was gripping it throughout the episode.

Speaking of Hard-Boiled-san, I must confess I feel a bit guilty. When he popped up in the chapter, I was actually taken aback since he was not a character I would ever expect to resurface in such a serious arc. To be honest, I never paid much attention to him even in his own arc…I think I might have just sped through it. I know I should always pay attention to your brilliant writing, but I had assumed he was only an insignificant, low-ranking one-shot comical character, so I kind of just…dropped him from my mind. Even now, I still struggle to recall who Haji is in relation to him. I was going to revisit his chapters in preparation for this episode, but sadly, never got around to it.  I am truly horrible, I know. Much apologies, Sorachi-sama. I’ll go stand in the corner in shame now.

Yours truly,

A silly fangirl with yaoi dreams


Favorite GinHiji moment:

Fanfic Writers Appreciation Day

Fanfic writers work their butts off everyday (some must have more than one butt because oh my god how can you write that many well-written stories without losing at least one butt on the battlefield), they write for hours on end to create magnificent worlds and make us laugh and cry (yup, a lot of crying is involved) and just make us feel. Thanks to them, we are able to lose ourselves in worlds nobody other than them would have even dared to imagine, and they need to be thanked for it.

I joined the Fairy Tail fandom not such a long time ago so this might not be as big of a post as other people’s, but here’s a list of my favourite writers so far:

absent-angel - Her writing is impeccable, there’s not even one fic I’ve felt “meh” about, I love all of her stories. Lots of Nalu. My favourite stories are Ignite and To The Flame (they brought to the FT and Nalu fandom), which are coincidentally her longest Fairy Tail fics (To The Flame is the best Vampire AU I’ve ever read and it’s still going!). Check out her one-shots too, they’re always good, they will make you feel all tingly inside (*whispers* especially her lemons). P.S. She has the ability to rip your heart out of your chest, I’ve even heard that she has a whole collection of them and that she juggles with them in her free time.

lonestorm - You all probably know her already, she creates such impressive worlds and her writing is just brilliant, I always look forward to her stories. Obviously, check out The Keys Of Fire if you haven’t already. I’m currently loving The Way We Smile, the first Native AU I’ve ever seen on FFnet and it’s so refreshing! The writing is always perfect and you learn so much about her culture, thrilling and educational, can’t get better than that.

rivendell101 - The AU Queen! (to know that I’m not the only one calling her that way makes me feel good about myself, just goes to show I’m not exaggerating). The writing is truly amazing and I don’t even know how she does it to create such creative worlds all the time, she is remarkable! she’s You probably know her most famous fics so I’m gonna go out of my way and choose a one-shot, my favourite so far has to be The Other Side of the Bullet, that one is a tearjerker. She has also been called the Angst Queen, go wonder why.

snogfairy - Her fics make my shipper heart so happy, my favourite so far is tails&talons because who doesn’t love a NaLu Florist/Tattoo Artist AU huh. I can’t even the count how many times I’ve laughed out loud reading her fics, the writing is good, everything flows smoothly and the humor is on point, love it.

amaranth121 - Discovered them not such a long time ago with Daddy Issues, seven chapters in a day, that’s impressive! I am currently reading Gold and Iron and let me tell you, this is fantastic, it’s a Gajevy Steampunk AU, the world that they built is a thing of beauty, I definitely recommend it.

olie-golden-wolf - Writer that I’ve discovered thanks to snogfairy who reblogged her Nalu smut Cops N Robbers (must-read right there, you know it’s good when snogfairy reblogs a fic). My favourite right now is her newest Nalu fic Heartbeat, shameless and amazingly well-written fluff, just a feel-good fic with a great reread value.

talesoftwofairies - They rock! Their latest fic Music To My Ears is my go-to Gajevy fic for when I want to feel all fluffy inside, they say it’s cheesy, I say it’s brilliant. The writing is amazing, pleasant to read, they know how to make good use of the prompts they get, and most of their fics are excellent one-shots, definitely check some out.

This day is special, yes, people tell their favourite writers how much they love what they do for them, but you all have to remember that you have to tell them how you feel about their new chapters and new stories, you can’t just tell them everything now and then not do it ever again. Writers need feedback, they need your support, they need to know if what they’re doing is liked/loved, it motivates them to write and improve even more. And it makes them so happy. Please, don’t forget that. 

But for now, to all of you fanfic writers that I’ve mentioned, to all of you fanfic writers that I’m going to discover, and to all of you fanfic writers who contribute to your fandom(s), thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, you make our lives so much better. 

The Long Lost Heir ( Part 1)

Summary:  The reader get’s thrown into the world of Death Eater’s in the most unexpected way, enjoy :)

Pairing: Draco x Reader

Word count: 3071

Warnings: I truly don’t know, perhaps teeny-tiny bit of angst

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“No Draco, that can’t be true, he wouldn’t put you in such danger! I’m sure he didn’t know what’s going to happen.” You say to Draco as he looks at you with sadness in his eyes.
“ My father has no control over this situation, he hasn’t had for a while now.” He replies as he looks away. You were sitting in the astronomy tower on a sunny spring afternoon. It had always been the spot that the both of you claimed to be “our place”. No one ever came here, at least no one had ever done it when you had been there.
“ I’d say he’s a coward, you know,” you say after an awkward silence.
“Who? My dad?” Draco asks, he didn’t seem mad, he seemed a bit carried away in his thoughts.
“No, I ment you-know-who. Using you to get to Dumbledore is not very honourable thing to do, or what do you think?” You said as you placed your hand on Draco’s.
“ Sometimes I wish I was born in another family, for exaple think about Pansy’s family. How easy would my life be? But no, I’m a bloody Malfoy and I have to be responsible for all the mistakes my dad has made. That sounded a bit over dramatic but you got the point. ” He exhaled loudly and you suddenly felt so sorry for him. You knew that the Malfoys who had been an honourable family had now become family that the darker parts of the wizarding world joked about. It got even worse a few weeks ago when the rumours of the “werewolf puppy” started.
“I know, I know. Sometimes I wish I was born as famous rock star’s daughter but let me tell you a thing - life is always unfair and no matter how much you want it you can’t change your origins. Can we switch the topic please, it’s getting very very deep already and it’s never good to have extremely deep conversation just before writing an history essay.”
You grinned at Draco. He looked at you and started smiling.
“ Why is that not good?” He asked while smiling one of those extremely misbehavious smiles.
“Because I’ll get too poetical and the essay will be full of metaphors and you know what happened last time I wrote an essay like that.”
“ Yes, Professor Sprout was extremely confused why you had wrote that one of the plants looked like a baby on fire who is dancing waltz and you had no idea how to make her see the baby in that old tree.” Draco said as he stood up.
“ What is it? What’s wrong?” You asked.
“ I’ve got a bad feeling about tonight.”
“ What do you mean? Do you have any plans for the evening?” You knew that Draco was acting different after he had unwillingly joined the Death Eaters but that was something new.
“ No I don’t, it’s just a stupid feeling. Like I’d know that something bad is going to happen but I can’t prevent it. Do you know the feeling Y/N?” He asked as he grabbed you by your waist.
“Yeah I know that feeling,” you placed a kiss on his cheek. “We should be going back inside, it’s cold here.”
You spent the evening on your bed while writing the history essay. Pansy was one of your roommates here in Hogwarts, she was not the brightest nor the nicest girl in the school but you two got on well. “ ….the topic was even published in the muggles’ news papers although they said that it was an extremely strong storm. The end ! What do you think? ” You asked Pasny after you finished reading your essay out loud.
“ It’s brilliant, as always. You know you’re good with writing essays and other stuff like that.” Pansy said. “ So you think it’s OK? Good. Now let me hear yours .” You replied.
“ In 1876 the Minister of Magic stated that he had been involved in the …” You got carried away in your thoughts. You were somehow afraid. It wasn’t only because Draco had said that he had a bad feeling about the evening, it was the fact that you both felt the same way. You hadn’t told him but you also felt like something’s going to happen in any minute now.
“ How was it?” You hear Pansy ask.
“ OK, I guess.” You said after a moment of silence.
“ Great, let’s go to the common room, come on.” Pansy said as she pulled you by hand. You looked around when you arrived in the common room, you couldn’t see Draco.
“ Do you know where Draco is?” You asked from Goyle.
“ He went to sleep, I think.”
“ Oh, OK.” If you thought about it then it seemed absolutely normal it was quite late already.
After a while you also went to sleep. When you woke up on the next morning you had forgot the weird sensation you had had last night. You woke Pansy up and the both of you changed your clothes and went to have brakefast.
“ Y/N ! Can I talk to you for a minute? ” Professor McGonagall said as she rushed to you as you entered the hall. Everyone suddenly shut up and looked at you. Some of them were whispering something.
“ But of course.” You replied to McGonagall. She led you to her office and asked you to sit down. You had always had really good teacher- student relationship with professor McGonagall.
“When did you last see mister Malfoy?” She asked. You felt like you had just banged your head into a wall or something, this can’t be happening.
“ Last night, at about 5 o'clock. ” you said finally. “ What’s this about?” You asked with a shaking voice.
“ Well Y/n, it seems like Mr Malfoy has disappeared from the school territory. ” You were covered with cold sweat almost immediately.
“ This can’t be happening!” You said, this time out loud.

***Time skip***

“I heard, I’m so sorry Y/N,” Pansy said when you went back to your room, she had already had breakfast. You had never thought that Pansy would be so much help but she comforted you and helped you to get things straight inside your head.
“Can I borrow your owl? Mine is away at the moment,” you asked from Pansy.

“ Yeah, of course. We have to go to class now, you are still coming, right?” She replied.

“Yeah, you don’t have to wait for me. I’ll have to find my things before.”

“Are you sure? Just don’t do anything stupid, ok?” Pansy added before she walked out from the door. In the exact moment when the door closed you ran to your table, took a piece of paper and started writing a letter to your mom. Your family was not an usual family- your dad worked for the ministy and your mom worked for the Daily Prophet and they were both Death Eaters. The funny thing is that for Death Eaters the blood status is really important, so why did they have to adopt you? You once asked your dad about it but he ended up telling you about the neighbours cat and not answering your question. Your parents always told everyone that you were their child and only a close circle of friends knew that you were adopted by the age of 1. Somehow there were no rumours about your “parents” being Death Eaters, it was probably because they were both Ravenclaws and they tried to keep a low profile. Lately the things got a bit more difficult for your family. The Dark Lord had start to use your dad more and more to get information from the ministry- soon both of your parents had become part of The Dark Lord’s inner circle. You had managed to keep yourself away from it but you knew that the day when you’ll be threwn into the Dark Lord’s world, was getting closer and closer.
You looked at the blank paper and started thinking what to write. “ Is he away for the thing? I just need to know. I’m OK if you were wondering. Love, Y/N!” You couldn’t ask anything that would give out any clues of what are you writing about, the ministry had started to check some of the owls. You put the letter into an envelope and closed it. You grabbed your books and ran into the corridor, it didn’t matter that your parents were Death Eaters, you still didn’t risk to be late for Snape’s class.
The class was boring because you were supposed to sit alone, you usually sat beside Draco. On the next brake you sent out the letter to your mother. The rest of the day was also boring. You didn’t want to talk a lot because you were worried about Draco and also others didn’t want to talk to you because they knew you’d probably just say something sarcastic and walk away.
You were a bit disappointed when you didn’t receive a letter on the next day but you also knew that your owl wouldn’t have made it there and back again in such a short time. On the third day while you were eating lunch, an owl came. He wasn’t Pansy’s or yours, he was someone new. You read the letter.
“ Yes, I’m sorry but we need you too. Come to the room of requirement at 1AM and make sure no one follows you. Take the stuff you need with you. Oh and the owl you sent was not ready to fly back yet, this one is called Wilbur.” Not OK, not OK, so not okay. The potions class and defence against dark arts were a blizz. You kept thinking over and over how this is going to be the worst night of your life. You didn’t want to join the Death Eaters, you just wanted to live your life normally or as normally you could live it while being raised by two Death Eaters and dating another Death Eater.
***Time skip***
It was half past 12 at night and you started to pack your things. You quietly packed your bag and started to leave this place, suddenly you stepped on something that made an awful lot of sound. Pansy woke up
“ Where are you going?” She asked.
“To the toilet, just go back to sleep.” You never thought that this would work but Pansy did go to sleep.
You got out of your room and walked through the corridors of Hogwarts. You arrived on the corridor where the room of recuirement was supposed to be at 00.55 AM. The door appeared after you walked past it for three times, you were thinking about someone who could come to take you away. When you went in you saw a lot of objects laying around everywhere in the room, bottles, books, brooms, wands, papers, jewllery and lots of other stuff.
“ Finally, I’ve been here for a few minutes already. We better start going.” A strange woman’s voice said. As you walked closer you recognised her - it was Bellatrix Lastrange.
“I did come on time.” Was all you replied.
“ So nosey, you’re not like your parents then? They’re never stand out for themselves or something. ” Bellatrix said.
“Shut up!” You replied as you watched her straight into the eye.
“ Usually I could kill you right here and they wouldn’t even notice that there’s someone missing, so keep your inputs to yourself. But since The Dark Lord personally wished to see you I can’t do it,pitty.” Bellatrix had grabbed your hand. You pulled your hand out from Bellatrix’s grip, the Dark Lord wishes to see you personally? Why would he even know who you are? You were pretty sure thet the Dark Lord isn’t spending his free time with learning the family trees of all the Death Eaters.
Bella opened a cupboard looking wooden box that could fit at least 4 persons, “ It’s our ride to the manor,” she said as she stepped into it, “ Come on,” she added when she saw that you were not following her steps. You felt a weird dazzling sensation for a moment, then Bellatrix opened the door. You were not in Hogwarts anymore, you were in a room that must have looked marvellous about a 100 years ago, now it just looked old.
“ Y/N! Are you ok?” You heard your mom ask.
“ Oh yeah, Bellatrix took a good care of me as you can see,” you replied when you hugged your mom.
“Y/N, it’s not a time for your stupid jokes, this is all very serious. The Dark Lord wants to meet you, he didn’t tell us why exactly but we presume that he’s got an important job for you.”
“ Ughhh, that doesn’t sound too good does it?” You asked your mom when Bellatrix had left the room and there were only you two in the room.
“No, no it doesn’t.”
“When am I supposed to meet him?” You asked with a shaking voice.
“ He’s actually waiting for your arrival, he’s in the great hall.”
“ WHAT? Now? Right now???” You half screamed.
“ Yes, you better start going now and be polite! ”
“ Do I have to go alone?” You thought that you might get an heart attack.
“ I’m sorry but yes. Come on,” your mom said, she started to walk away and you follows her. You went upstairs and through a corridor. At the end of the corridor there was a huge door with a doorknob the size of a melon, you walked to it, your mom said something to you but you were too nervous to understand what she wanted to fell you. Your mom left and there you were, a frightened teenage girl who was about to meet Lord Voldemort. You knocked on the door and it slowly started to open up. “ I was expecting you Y/N!” You heard a man say as you stepped inside.

The first thing that you saw, when you stepped inside was a huge, and if you say huge you mean freaking gigantic snake, that must have been Nagini. You’ve heard stories about Nagini but you never thought that she would be so big and terrifying.

“I hope that you had no inconveniences with arriving in such an late hour?” a deep man voice said from your behind,you turned around and saw Lord Voldemort standing on the other side of the room.

“I’ve never traveled with a cupboard before but I’d say that I had no inconveniences with it, sir.” you replied but just as you had finished your sentence you felt like you should be a bit more careful with what you say.

“Sir? It’s been ages since I was last called sir, they usually finish their sentences with “my lord”, why did you use sir? Your foster parents use “my lord”.“ Voldemort said while he started moving closer to you.

” With all due respect, sir, I think that Death Eaters use “my lord” because you literally are their lord, I’m not a Death Eater so I thought that using sir would be more appropriate.“ You somehow managed not to mumble. Although you started wondering if using the word literally would be such a good thing to do when you are talking with the darkest wizard of all time.

” You’re kind of a brave girl, aren’t you?“ he replied. That’s it now he’s going to kill you, bye bye world- you thought.

"I wouldn’t say that, sir.” you replied quickly.

“ You know there is not many people who would turn their back to Nagini, but you did.” Damn, now he’s scaring you with his scary pet Anaconda. How many people would turn their back to Lord Voldemort you thought, but managed not to say it out loud.

“I’m not sure what to answer, sir.” You couldn’t reply something like “ Well I fear you more than I fear your snake.” now could you? Suddenly you felt something cold but smooth moving on your back, you turned your head a little bit and saw Nagini’s head on your shoulder, yes Nagini’s head on YOUR SHOULDER!!!!

“Nagini seems to like you Y/N, that’s not common.” Voldemort said.

“Y/N, ” Nagini said from your shoulder, you freaked out- this has never happened again, you did not speak parseltongue or at least you hadn’t spoken it or understood it before. Your face must have turned white or blue or whatever it turns when you freak out.

“ Nagini stop it, no need to scare her like tha…”

“Why do I understand parseltongue?” You asked with a terrified voice.

“This has nothing to do with Nagini, a person understands parseltoungue or doesn’t understand it, simple as that.” Voldemort replied.

“ I guess that they haven’t been very talk active then,” you said as you sat down on the floor next to Nagini “ sorry if that offended you somehow, I didn’t mean to.” You added when Nagini moved closer to you.
“That was the last missing piece, I’m sure now.”
“Sure of what, sir?”
“It’s a longer story but I’ll tell you the most important things. As you might have already understood family didn’t mean much to me, my parents… It’s not important, a few years ago I heard a rumour about having a younger brother, I didn’t know much about my family so I decided to find more out. Time went by and I found out that the rumour was true, I had had a brother, dead by now, and he had a daughter. He died not long after her birth and the girl was given to a friend of his to take care of. She raised her up with her husband. I thought that it will be it but a few months ago I got an idea, some of my duties that I let some death eaters take care of were done and followed with a lack of respect. I would like if she would be presented to the world as my heir and she will start helping me with smaller things.” Voldemort said.
“ And why am I here? Do I know her? Is she someone from Slytherin house?” You asked.
“ You know her very well Y/N, you are her." 

End of Part 1

ok so like in rgak au the first book she writes is when she’s 18 she wrote a short story as a creative writing assignment in college (she never meant to take the class, but her schedule goofed up and there she is) and she ends up writing a bit of a series of them throughout the semester and then on the last class her professor asks for her to stay after telling her you have talent and i’ve rarely seen something this original do you have any other ideas and it kind of spirals from there, especially when taking into account kara Is also very good at drawing.

She keeps her identity a secret, because she’s young and in college and these are still kryptonian myths, they might be recognized by someone that they really shouldnt be, (and maybe some that they should). And then as she gets more famous and more well known, there’s the whole celebrity and keeping a low profile and she just wants to learn, she doesn’t want to be a spectacle. She likes her anonymity and being able to walk into a coffee shop and only be known as Kara.

(and man, the first time one of her books is brought up in class her ears burn and she tries so hard not to laugh)

and so we’ve established carter is 12 at the time of the show, and kara is 24, so the first book was published 5 years ago. Kara would have been around  19, and Carter about 7 and he goes home one day with a beautiful new book from his school book fair and mom mom, can i read it? (because she’s Cat Grant, of course she’s going to read all of the books her son reads first, she knows that you are who you spend your time with and what you read, and she’s teaching her little boy to be a feminist. toxic masculinity and misogynistic lines of thinking are not getting their hooks in her little boy, not on her watch, not this young).

so she reads the book and it could do with some polishing, the writing a bit of tweaking but it’s not bad (and a not bad about stories from the Queen of All Media is very different from your average Joe) and God the story it’s good and brilliant and there’s just so much potential. And she’s just as hooked as Carter is, but she hides it better.

and she’s annoyed because what do you mean this is the only book they’ve written and now she has to wait, there’s maybe one or two books published a year for about 3 years, most of  them children’s novels (and when i say children’s books, i’m thinking more like Percy jackson or harry potter, the early years length) one a beautifully illustrated story for young children learning how to read,. And then all of a sudden production just sky rockets (spoiler alert: kara graduates college, and alex starts to push her away after she takes a job at the DEO, unbeknownst to kara. she goes to her favorite coffee shop to stress eats and writes a lot). Like a book every 2 months, maybe once a month, once every 3 months is considered slow. And there was that time two books were published like two weeks after the other. K.Z. Danvers is receiving award after award, critical acclaim, being compared to the likes of Terry Pratchett (and they’re getting better with every publication, the content was always brilliant but now the writing is improving too).

(that maaaay have been the time alex made Kara coffee that was distilled to a point where not even kara’s metabolism could handle it. And Kara has super typing skills, her fingers move at like 10,000 words a minute when she’s caffeinated, along with the fact she ran across the world twice. never. again. alex cmon. no kara).

and cat grant isn’t the only one hooked on kara’s books. shortly after the first one was published, a certain kryptonian’s eye was caught by kara’s cover, an animal native only to krypton captured on the cover, far too accurate to be anything but intentional. After reading the book, and seeing the name K.Z. Danvers, there isn’t any doubt. Kara Zor-El still lives.