brilliant shine

Because I Love You

It’s not because I love you,

That the world still turns,

I’d never be so vain, as to say,

Such a thing.

It’s not because I love you,

That the sun still rose this morning,

I’d never be so dumb, as to claim,

Such glory.

It’s not because I love you,

That your blood keeps pumping,

I’d never say such a thing,

But it really has me thinking;

Because I love you,

My world still churns,

I’d never met a soul like yours,

To which I do adore.

Because I love you,

The sun I see today, it blinds me,

I’d never seen a smile so brilliant,

You’re shining.

Because I love you,

My body keeps on trucking,

I’d never had such a reason,

To keep on living,

As I do now.


- That’s the first thing Ahsoka sees when Anakin emerges from the underbrush.

 His brilliant blue eyes, shining in the darkness. And she breathes a sigh of relief. He’s okay. He can still be reached. 

She was so worried; it’s taken her way too long to get to this place. But it turns out she’s not too late after all. 

He can still be saved. -

From ch. 4 of this little jewel “We shall all be healed” by  @flaminganakin

Her story, which i just can’t seem to get enough, can be found here

I really don’t deserve any of you. You’re all so shining and brilliant and lovely. When I’m down or I feel jaded, you bring me back. You all do! I swear. I don’t believe in sappy things, but you all believe hard enough that it makes me believe toooo~

I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day and every other day tbh. Everyday is Valentine’s Day on these kinds of blogs, right? Hahaha <3

I love you all!

Be my Valentine’s <3 xoxox

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Long story short…

This Labradorite is absolutely magical. Can’t believe the awesome mix of colors in its depths! Just listed it in my shop!

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oh no, I just wanted to piss him off.

My friend, my pal. Your bravery will not be forgotten; but I cannot let you go just yet on a mission like this. You must train more and become a brilliant knight, shining brighter than the rest, before I can let you go and take on such a daring foe.