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Hidden Portraits: Marie Curie

Marie Curie was a Polish and naturalized-French scientist and two-time Nobel Laureate for her pioneering study of radioactivity.

She’s featured in the Art with Watson series, Hidden Portraits. 15 artists teamed up with Watson to discover and illuminate the unknown essence of seven of history’s greatest thinkers using data. 

What Watson thinks:
After analyzing articles about Curie from the past and present, along with her autobiography and private writings, Watson discovered that she experienced more joy when she talked about her family compared to science, despite being perceived as a cold, albeit brilliant, scientist.

About the artwork:
Truth Shines was inspired by the dichotomy between the public persona and the personal, lesser-known dimension of Curie, as revealed by Watson: the cold scientist vs. the loving woman. The blue test represents the words the public used to describe her, and the glowing red text is taken from actual words used in private writings between Curie and her family.

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scorpios are flooding with compassion. but it can be difficult for them to summon this internal empathy when they see people make no effort to help themselves first. scorpios know what it’s like to self destruct, and they know that in the end nobody can save you but yourself - this is why they are so brilliant at shining a light on people’s potent internal personal powers

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Hey 😃Maybe a Bellarke Fic were something dramatic has just happened and they go back to their room and suddenly everything is silent and calm and they clean each other's wounds? Maybe in cannonverse ? Your blog is amazing and you are a blessing thank you

Omg thank you :’) I’m sorry it took me forever to get to this but I hope you like it. Not TOTALLY sure if the title is 100% applicable but it’s super bellarkey anyway so. ALSO! This is 4x06 spec

Hello Love, My Invincible Friend


Fandom: The 100
Pairing: Bellarke
Rating: G, I guess
Words: 1,441

On her forehead there’s a slash from which blood trickles in a steady flow into Clarke’s eye. She feels a bruise blossoming across her cheekbone. Her head pounds in her temples and between her brows, a sharp ache that rears its ugly head with each second that passes.

But Clarke has jumped hundreds of feet into violent waters. She’s opened her own stitches and slit her skin to cut deals. She wrestled a damn jaguar and survived.

She’s dealt with worse.

Bellamy has too, but that doesn’t quell the fear bubbling in Clarke’s gut like a waking volcano when she looks at him now.

His jacket is thrown onto the bed, leaving him with only his t-shirt to veil the gash sliced along his bicep. Blood drips in a curtain down his arm, staining the fabric of his shirt and falling in thick drops to the floor. With his opposite hand, Bellamy tries rolling up his sleeve to get a better look at the damage. When he fumbles, frustrated, Clarke crosses the room to help him.

It’s the first time since Trikru attacked them on their way to Becca’s lab that Clarke has seen the injury, and when she does, she can’t help the shallow breath she sucks in. Bellamy tenses. Clarke knows the blood makes it look worse than it actually is, but even so, she can tell slapping a band aid on this one won’t fix it.

Over the lump in her throat, she says “I need to clean this,” and hurries to the attached bathroom to wet a cloth. “And stitch it.” She grabs her first aid kit from their traveling bag. “And probably amputate it.”


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Icarus: so there’s a boy, I know - you probably know the story, told a million times but this one’s different, this one is real. so there’s a boy, with the most beautiful eyes - really bright, really really blue, like the sky on the hottest day of the summer, a day so hot you can’t even wear your shirt because it feels like molten wax on your back - so you get the idea yeah? so there’s a boy, brilliant and shining, with brown skin - no wait, bronze skin, yeah bronze, like the soft color of autumn leaves that glisten in the last stray sunlight and his hair, oh god, he wears it short and it’s the softest hair I ever touched - there’s no color to describe it, blond would be too flat, brown too hard - I’d dare to say it’s golden, yeah, golden like the sun when it sets on the horizon just before dawn finally breaks the night. and so, this boy - you’re still with me? this boy, god, he’s like everything, like, I look at him and suddenly I can’t speak, I can’t breath and he’s like an interplanetary magnetic field and I feel myself drawn towards him, like I have no control over my own body as soon as he’s around. I look at him and suddenly my throat dries out and I - I feel lost inside my skin, totally and utterly useless because my bones shift inside of me and my lungs keep collapsing but every time I try to talk to him or try to get close to him my legs are failing, my voice betrays me. my body paralyzed as if I’m falling and my wings are already on bright fire, flapping shreds around me and he smiles and smiles and smiles -

(Icarus: I wish I could just go and ask him if he loves me, but I’m already falling and I fear the impact that will crash my bones)

- Icarus’ Fall | r.m

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hey babe! i absolutely love your writing & was wondering if you could write a fic based around 1x10, jugs party? where betty and jughead decide to have their first time at his party? or maybe they leave the party early and head over to betty's house for a more quiet setting. could be sweet sex or not ;)

Thank you, honey! I hope you enjoy :)
Warning: aaaall the smut, if you hadn’t already guessed from the prompt that is…


So it wasn’t exactly going to plan. The bass was thumping throughout Betty’s entire body, drowning out her pounding heart as she twisted her hips to the beat. What she’d planned for was a quiet little gathering for Jughead’s birthday, his closest friends - the people who cared about him - and maybe some music and presents. She’d gone to so much care with the planning, finding the perfect sweater she knew would earn her an amused smirk, making the burger cake, hanging every blue and gold balloon and streamer so that they fell perfectly. Half of which were now torn and trampled as thrashing bodies fell through them wildly.

She’d been slightly perturbed, yes, but she couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the infectious joy of her peers as they lost themselves in the thrill of sweaty bodies grinding against one another, underage drinking, and much needed relief from the daily grind of high school. It had pulled her in like a magnet, encircling her in carefree abandon until she was surrounded, succumbing to delinquency.

It was a long shot to try and drag Jughead into the throngs with her, pulling gently on his hands as his feet stayed firmly planted beneath the living room doorway. She wanted him to feel as free as she was beginning to, adrenaline buzzing beneath her skin.

“Come on, Juggie, dance with me?” she pleaded as a song she recognised began to play, throwing him her most seductive smile and looking up at him beneath thick fluttering lashes. Butterflies erupted in the pit of his stomach at how beautiful she looked beneath the dim flashing lights, strobes highlighting her golden hair like a halo. She looked dangerously angelic - the devil was a fallen angel, he thought sardonically to himself as he offered her a small smile.

“It’s not really my scene, Betts,” he shrugged, gut twisting at the way her plump bottom lip pushed out slightly, begging to be bitten. As much as the thought of holding her impossibly close to his body sent unfamiliar shockwaves along his every nerve, the idea of being surrounded by the hoard of people that were no strangers to his torment felt suffocating. “But you go, have fun. I’ll be waiting for you,” he promised, rubbing small circles against the back of her hand with his thumb. She held his gaze a while longer, torn, searching the sincerity in his bright blue eyes before nodding slowly. She leant in for a sweet peck against his lips, the public display causing him to blush and duck his head slightly, before slipping into the masses.

Betty had to admit, a while later, that she might have gotten slightly carried away by it all. It just felt so wonderful to not have to think about murder, or Polly, or her parents for just one blissful moment. She paused in her dancing as sweat began to drip down her temples, breathing heavily as her eyes scanned the edges of the makeshift dance floor.

He wasn’t difficult to spot, sitting perched on the edge of the table set up for drinks by the front window. He was watching her, a soft, enamoured expression planted firmly on his features. She looked so beautifully happy, so wildly free. He could have watched her all night and this party would have been worth it. Jughead was still there, like he promised he’d be, always waiting for her, always understanding when she needed room to breathe or wanted him close at hand.

Betty started towards him, pushing gracefully through the crowd until she was standing before him, hands slipping up his thighs. She parted them slightly as he gulped, placing herself between them and leaning forward. Her slightly dry lips pressed a kiss against his jawline, continuing down his neck, covering his quickening pulse point with her mouth, swiping her tongue over it. Jughead swallowed thickly, shifting slightly in his seat. He eyed the red cup she’d placed next to him on the table. Taking a steadying breath he placed his palms on her shoulders to hold her back for a moment, collecting his thoughts.

“Betty… maybe, do you think there’s another force in control right now?” he asked, nodding slightly to the cup. She followed his gaze, mouth parting in confusion. Realisation dawned on her, quickly being replaced by a menacing grin as her fingers dug more firmly into the dark denim of his jeans, grazing the crease at his groin. All the air left his lungs as a rush of blood travelled south. She balanced on tiptoes to rest her lips against the shell of his ear, sending a shiver down his spine.

“It’s just soda, Jug,” she whispered, imparting her secret for his ears only. “I am completely,” she bit his earlobe gently, high on adrenaline, “one hundred percent in control.” He’d never seen this side of her before, unable to chalk it up to intoxication any longer it completely baffled him. He definitely wasn’t complaining though. She pulled back to meet his eyes, brilliant green shining with excitement, hints of nervousness peeking through as she scanned his face. His hands wrapped themselves around her waist, holding her warm body close, breathing in her scent of sweat mixed with vanilla perfume.

The moment was broken when Betty was suddenly jostled from behind, unconcerned party-goer falling into her in a drunken haze and throwing her further into Jughead’s hold. He caught her as she stumbled, throwing a sharp glance over her shoulder at the offender before turning back to check she was alright.

“You ok?” he asked, smoothing her hair with a short caress. She nodded, waving a dismissive hand and cuddling up closer to him.

“A lot more crowded than I wanted in here…” she said, rolling her eyes. “Maybe we could take some time out at my place? It’s a lot quieter over there,” she mumbled bashfully, bright pink flush coating the tops of her cheeks, travelling down beneath the collar of her shirt. Jughead wished he could follow the pretty colour on it’s decent. He nodded, mouth suddenly numb at what he was sure she was implying. He followed her on wobbling legs as she led him quickly out of the room, gratefully sucking in a lungful of fresh, cold air from the night outside.

They were comfortably quiet as they crossed the street to Betty’s house, hands fit tightly together, a nervous energy sparking between them.

“Nobody home?” Jughead asked as she opened the door to a still, silent darkness. He wasn’t sure if his tone was wary or hopeful; he couldn’t even begin to sort out the mess of emotions that were turning about his head right now. She shook her head, kicking off her shoes by the door. He followed suit, feeling her eyes on him the whole time.

“Nope,” she sighed, with a vague gesturing around her. “Mom took Polly into the city for the weekend - she wanted them to spend some ‘quality time’ together now she knows Polly is spying on the Blossoms,” Betty explained, quote marks heavy in her voice as she shook her head slightly. He chuckled at her sarcasm, both of them staring at one another as the conversation drew to a close. He smiled at her, small and unsure, shifting his feet awkwardly, like he did under her gaze that day in her bedroom, the morning of Jason’s funeral. Betty squared her shoulders. This was ridiculous, it was Jughead standing before her. He was still just her Jughead, despite the faint notes of promise that hung in their air above them, the slight shift in the atmosphere that teased that something more was about to happen. She tilted her head towards the stairs. “Shall we?” she asked innocently.

The question hung heavily around them, loaded with meaning. Shall they? He could see the tender understanding in her eyes. He’d told her, in a barely audible whisper beneath the sanctity of a hastily constructed fort of blankets and pillows, one night after he climbed through her window seeking the comfort of her arms, that he loved her. That he’d been in love with her for as long as he could remember, never dreaming that he would get to hold her the way he was now, not even close. Her eyes had shone with unshed tears and she pressed a shaky kiss to his lips, confessing her own love against the curve of his mouth. He’d gone on to describe the ache he felt at the thought of having her so close, but never getting to touch. He’d never felt that for anyone but her, didn’t think it even possible, he had no interest in anyone else ever. But now they were finally together she’d awakened something within him that he didn’t even know lay dormant. He wanted to explore every inch, try everything new, if it was with Betty.

He nodded, smile warm and determined, as he picked up her outstretched hand once more and followed her up the staircase.

The thumping bass of the party could be heard faintly through Betty’s closed window still. Jughead wandered over, looking out with a tired amusement at the flashing lights and stumbling bodies he could see pouring out from within his new residence. Betty walked up behind him silently, slipping her hands around his waist and resting her palms on his chest, chin finding its place on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry your party turned into… that,” she whispered in the quiet of her room, grimacing as another person stumbled onto the Andrews’ front lawn. Jughead shook his head, turning in her grip to rest his hands on her cheeks, turning away from the party for one final time. “I just wanted to celebrate-” He cut off her worrying with a deep kiss, pulling every last breath from her lungs. He released her slowly, only moving back an inch to gaze into her eyes with the strongest sincerity.

“It’s ok, Betty, I know what it meant. It’s not your fault that Cheryl descended, flying monkeys in tow,” he smirked. She allowed herself a giggle before she bit her lip at the renewed intensity in his eyes. “I’m just happy I get to spend my birthday here, now, with you.” Betty felt herself melt into him, leaning back in to place her lips over his once more. It didn’t matter how many times she experienced this feeling, it would never be enough to sate the desire that flared up in the pit of her stomach, rising up until it flowed throughout her entire body and she felt like she was floating.

She walked them back, never breaking the kiss, until her knees hit the mattress behind her, falling into a mess of uncoordinated limbs. He hovered over her, content to stare down at the heavenly beauty that lay beneath him. He didn’t believe in god but if he did then only he could have made something as perfect as Betty Cooper. She squirmed under his gaze, and he was more than happy to continue at the sweet pink blush it caused to form over her cheeks. Once more he followed it down her neck to where it dipped teasingly below her shirt. She followed his eyes, leaning up before her nerves got the better of her and pulled the shirt and jumper over her head in one fluid motion.

Jughead swallowed, feeling almost naughty as he let his eyes trail down her torso, the smooth skin of her stomach, the pretty blue lace cupping her breasts where they heaved with her every anticipatory breath before him. He’d barely blinked before she was reaching behind her to release the clasps of her bra, shimmying the straps down her arms and throwing it away to join her other discarded clothes on the floor. He’d never been this close to a woman’s bare chest in real life before but he was pretty certain the Betty’s was perfect. He lifted a trembling hand, dancing his fingers up her side with a feather light touch that made her shift and giggle musically, until he was closing his palm was squeezing the soft mound gently. Her shaky inhale was encouraging, spurring him to knead her breast gently, thumb rubbing across the hardening pink peak. A low whine left her throat and he repeated the action, sure he’d never tire of eliciting that sound. His confidence grew with every moment, leaning forward to trail wet, opening mouthed kisses down her neck, across her chest, until his lips sealed around her nipple. Betty gasped, hands coming up to pull at his hair, back arching into his face. Her hips jerked as he swiped his tongue across the flesh, alternating between gentle sucks and teasing bites. Her thigh jolted, rubbing against the ever growing bulge in Jughead’s pants. The involuntary groan he let out vibrated through her chest, causing her to flush with heat, beads of sweat gathering in the valley of her breast which he quickly licked away as he moved to give the same attention to the other side.

He would have been happy to spend forever worshipping every part of her chest, her body, but the pleasurable bruising sensation was becoming too much for Betty to handle, pulling him back by his ebony waves so she could paw at the hem of his shirt, catching his eye in a silent request for permission. He lifted his arms, both laughing breathlessly as the offending material got caught over his head, Jughead emerging looking more dishevelled than before. Bare chests pressed against each other for the first time as their lips connected once more, tingling sensation heightened by their already swollen lips.

Jughead’s hips circled almost subconsciously against Betty’s as he sucked a blossoming purple bruise against the side of her neck, a swell of unusual pride flourishing in his chest at the thought of her walking round school with his marks on her skin, sneakily trying to hide the bites he left on her, running her fingers over it as she daydreamed about the feel of his touch on her skin. His wandering thoughts only served to turn him on further, hard-on feeling suffocated by the tight zipper on his jeans.

Fumbling fingers battled with the button of her jeans. He shot her a withering look as she giggled, every inch of her looking sinful beneath him, hair falling from her ponytail, pupils blown wide with lust, lips bee-stung and enticing. He peeled the material off her legs, following the reveal of tanned skin with kisses to her abdomen, hipbone, thigh, his cool breath fanning over her core as she rubbed her legs together in anticipation. His jeans were the next to go, black boxers doing little to hide his arousal above her.

He’d be lying if he said he hadn’t done a little ‘research’ over the past couple of weeks. Thoughts of being this intimate with Betty had become a constant invasion in his mind as of late, interrupting him every time he smelt the strawberry of her shampoo or saw her crack her neck during a study session. He wanted to be able to make her feel as good as possible, she deserved to have the best first time he could possibly give her. His fingers dipped over the top of her sinfully small panties as he tore his eyes away to meet her gaze, eyebrow raised in question. Her breath caught as she nodded her consent, lifting her hips slightly to help him pull the lace down her legs.

She held her breath as he stared down at her, fully naked before him for the first time. He thought his heart might burst at the privilege. Her pulse quickened as his fingers trailed up her skin, legs falling apart slightly as they reached the apex of her thighs, hovering above her. The first swipe of his fingers through her wet heat had her head falling back against the pillows, eyes sliding shut with a moan. His teeth dug into his lower lip as the sound, the sensation, shot straight to his groin, hips jolting as he tried to steady himself, refusing to let his eyes close and miss a moment of this. His middle finger found her entrance, pushing an inch inside before halting.

“Jug…” His pause was too much for Betty, hips thrusting forward until the digit slid inside her fully. The feeling of her dripping, silken walls clenching around him was almost too much - he couldn’t help but imagine how she’d feel around other parts of his anatomy. Carefully he pulled his hand back, almost all the way, before pushing back in, starting to build a steady rhythm. She was writhing beneath him, high pitched whimpers causing a pleasant buzz to simmer beneath his skin, before he remembered her neglected bundle of nerves. He brought his thumb up to rub in small quick circles, delighting in her reaction. Her hips flew up at the new touch, his other hand coming to steady her as he continued his motions. All telltale signs of her impending orgasm began, thighs quivering, muscles tightening, before stars exploded behind her eyelids. Her mouth dropped open in a delicate o as she rode out the high, his fingers unrelenting until she began to soften, limbs falling heavily against the mattress. He withdrew his hand with a pleased grin, her eyes fluttering open. She smirked.

“What are you looking so smug about?” she quipped, humour glowing in her sparklingly eyes as she trailed a finger down his stomach, hooking it over the waistband of his boxers. He shivered, neglected erection giving a painful twitch as Jughead pulled in a sharp breath through his nose. She leant up on still weak elbows, fishing in her bedside table for the condom she’d stolen from Archie’s stash a little while ago - just in case.

“Betty… it’s ok, we don’t have to-” he began, perfectly content to just pleasure her tonight, despite his betraying body. She cut him off, pulling him down till his face was inches from hers.

“I want to feel you, Jughead. All of you,” she whispered fiercely. His groan was swallowed by her mouth as she attacked his lips once more, fingers creeping lower to pull the last article of clothing that separated them down. He kicked the boxers off his ankles, pulling back as he watched her eyes wander, taking in his manhood for the first time. She tore the foil packet, reaching forward to roll the condom down his member. He blew out a breath at the intoxicating feeling of her warm hands encircling him.

She lay back, opening her legs wider to accommodate him, breath leaving her in unsteady gasps. He lined himself up against her opening, leaning down to kiss her as he began to push forwards. It was slow and so pleasurable it was almost to the point of pain but eventually he stilled, fully sheathed within her.

“Are you ok?” he breathed, muscles shaking as he forced himself to remain still while she grew accustomed to this new intrusion. She shifted slightly, face twisted in thought.

“Yeah… yeah, you can move now,” she nodded, stroking the backs of her fingers across his forehead, down his cheek, hooking her ankles around the backs of his thighs to pull him deeper. Jughead began his movements, pumping in and out of her as she clenched deliciously around him, the sensation dizzying. Her moans propelled him forward, picking up the pace, the sound of skin slapping against skin echoing throughout the room in no time, as they hurtled towards their ends, each bringing one another to the edge.

“I don’t think I’ll last much longer,” he confessed a while later, dipping his head into the crook of her neck as his thrusts became uneven. She hushed him, digging her fingers into the short hairs at the base of his neck.

“It’s ok, Juggie, come on,” she encouraged, figuring out how to clench in time with his thrusts. His mouth dropped open in a silent shout, tendons in his neck standing out as his hips stuttered, releasing inside of her. She guided him through it, hands stroking down the damp muscles of his back as his arms gave out, collapsing on top of her.

The sounds of their harsh breathing was all the filled the room, both of them wrapping their heads around what just took place between them. When Jughead thought he could finally regain control of his limbs he rolled off her, not having to wait long before she curled into his side. The sweet silence stretched on between them for some time before he hummed in contentment.

It was awkward, and messy, and there was very little finesse, but neither of them could imagine their first time going any other way. Jughead didn’t know if he would ever get the grin off his face, slow warmth pooling in his stomach as he still felt every touch of her skin against his with an electric spark. Betty was glowing, a light shining brightly from within her as she relaxed, truly, for the first time in months.

“Was that… was I good?” she asked eventually, voice small. The fingers that were stroking up and down her arm halted in shock, disbelieving chuckle bursting from his lips.

“I can definitely say, with complete certainty, that was the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten,” he murmured, looking down at her in awe. She met his mischievous eyes, giggling at his words before tucking herself more firmly against him, her every curve fitting perfectly against his side. Yeah, it was the best one she’d ever given too.


- That’s the first thing Ahsoka sees when Anakin emerges from the underbrush.

 His brilliant blue eyes, shining in the darkness. And she breathes a sigh of relief. He’s okay. He can still be reached. 

She was so worried; it’s taken her way too long to get to this place. But it turns out she’s not too late after all. 

He can still be saved. -

From ch. 4 of this little jewel “We shall all be healed” by  @flaminganakin

Her story, which i just can’t seem to get enough, can be found here

Korean Dramas || Megapost

[So my friends Kristen and Tatiana recently got into Korean dramas. I’ve seen well over 20 so far, so I decided to make a list for them and others; all with summaries and links.]

  1. Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Yoon Hee takes her brother’s identity and tries to find odd jobs to support her family during the Chosun Dynasty. She starts taking exams for scholars trying to get into the prestigious Sungkyunkwan University but is discovered by a morally upright Sun Joon, who threatens to turn her in. Thinking she is a boy, Sun Joon convinces her to take the exam and she is accepted into the school, where she befriends some mischievous students. But how long can she keep her true identity a secret?
  2. Arang and the Magistrate: The beautiful Arang, the daughter of a magistrate during the Chosun Dynasty, is brutally murdered. The woman returns from the dead as a ghost, still full of light-hearted mischief and spirited fun. When she meets a young magistrate, Eun Oh, she discovers that he has the unique ability to communicate with the dead. She convinces him to help her uncover her killer and bring the person to justice. Can a ghost and a magistrate team up to solve a murder mystery and punish the wrongdoer?
  3. My Princess: An ordinary college student, Lee Seol, finds out she’s a princess. The grandson of Daehan Group, Park Hae Young, is put in charge of educating Seol on proper etiquette. However, Hae Young is put in a precarious situation when he finds himself drawn to Seol, the girl who will take away his inheritance if the monarchy is restored.
  4. What Star/Planet Are You From?: Seung Hee, after losing his girlfriend in a tragic accident, left for 3 years. When he came back, he sought to make a film in a rural area. Someone caught his eye – Bok Shil, who looks exactly like his deceased girlfriend, Hye Soo. Seung Hee followed Bok Shil in order to get some answers, and ended up falling for her. Still the questions remain, is he attracted to Bok Shil because of the memories of his ex-girlfriend, or does he like Bok Shil for who she is? What happens when competitors come into the picture and families opposing their love?
  5. City Hunter: The story takes place in Seoul, 2011. Lee Yoon Sung is a talented MIT-graduate who works on the international communications team in the Blue House. He plans revenge on five politicians who caused his father’s death with his surrogate father Lee Jin Pyo and eventually becomes a “City Hunter.”
  6. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho: On one day after Cha Dae Woong ran away from his grandfather, he accidently freed a nine-tailed fox who was closed in a painting for about 500 years. He didn’t realize what he has done, until the Gumiho (nine-tailed fox),who took the form of a beautiful woman, appeared in front of him. Dae Woong was really frightened that he ran away from her and fell on the riverbank.Since he was severely injured, Gumiho came to save him and gave him her most precious bead to share with him the mystic fox’ strength, as she owes him her freedom. Gumiho then asked him if he can help her become human and how to act like one. In return, she allowed him to use her bead for him to shoot for his dream action movie despite his body’s severe condition. As time goes by, their mutual relationship grew deeper as they start to fall for each other.
  7. Full House: Han Ji Eun is a naive writer who got swindled out of everything she owned including her house by her best friends. Stranded in China, She managed to borrow money from an actor Lee Young Jae to return to Korea. On her return, she found out that her house was bought by Lee Young Jae. In an attempt to get her possessions back, she entered in a contract marriage with Young Jae for one year. In spite of losing all, Ji Eun manages to be cheerful and takes things in strike and the business relationship between the two becomes personal as they start to rely and care for each other. Based on a popular manhwa of the same title.
  8. Brilliant Legacy/Shining InheritanceWhen Eun Sung loses everything, she is given a second chance because of her pure heart. She and her autistic brother are thrown out of the house by their stepmother when their father is believed to have died in an accident. Then her brother wanders off and gets lost. One day, when she helps an old woman who is injured, the old lady rewards her by making Eun Sung heir to her food company, displacing her grandson, Woo Hwan. Can Eun Sung find her brother and the life she is meant to lead?
  9. Creating Destiny: Han Sang Eun emigrated to Australia with her family at a young age. Years later, she has completed her law studies in the United States and plans to marry her American boyfriend. Her dad, however, is strongly opposed to their union and has set his heart on her marrying Kim Yeo Joon, the son of his best friend. Sang Eun finds herself exiled to Korea, where she reluctantly teams up with the equally uninterested Yeo Joon to devise a plan that will allow them to avoid their impending marriage.
  10. The Greatest Love: Ae Jung was once the most popular member of girl band The National Treasure Girls. However 10 years ago the band broke up and she received most of the blame. Despite her warm personality her career has suffered ever since and she now spends her time fighting for air time on variety shows. Dokko Jin is a top movie star at the height of his career. The two meet and become involved in each other’s careers. Yoon Pil Joo is a doctor of oriental medicine who has no interest in the entertainment industry but agrees to make a dating show. Dokko Jin helps get Ae Jung a role on a new reality show called Couple Making. Pil Joo is the bachelor being set up on Couple Making. Both men fall for Ae Jung both off and on the screen.
  11. You’re Beautiful: The management company of the idol group A.N.JELL insisted on adding a new singer to the group as the lead vocal, Tae Kyung’s voice was hurting. However,the new member, Mi Nam, had to go to the States to repair a botched eye job just before signing the contract. His agent came up with the idea of having his twin sister, Mi Nyu,to stand in for him and pretend that she was her brother. The two of them grew up in an orphanage and Mi Nyu, who was all set to become a nun, agreed to this charade as she didn’t want to spoil her brother’s chance of fame which would make it easier to look for their mother.
  12. Boys Over Flowers: Jan Di is an average girl whose family owns a dry cleaning store located near the luxurious and well known Shin Hwa High School. After saving a boy from jumping off the roof of Shin Hwa High School, Jan Di is admitted into the school on a swimming scholarship. At school, Jan Di tries to avoid confrontation with the four richest and most spoiled boys known as the F4, because she knows what happens to those that stand against them. However, when Jan Di’s friend, Oh Min Ji, accidentally gets ice cream on the leader of the F4’s shoes, she’s forced to declare war on the leader of the F4, Goo Joon Pyo. What will happen though, when she falls in love with someone from the F4 and Goo Joon Pyo starts feeling something for her too? Will the love triangle disrupt F4 and change their lives forever? Get ready for addictive drama, romance and comedy at it best.
  13. Protect the Boss: The plucky Eun Seol has a tough time landing a good job with mediocre credentials and wrestles with unemployment. When she finally gets hired as a secretary at a major conglomerate, she wants to do well at all costs and keep her job. But she doesn’t realize that the chairman’s nephew has hired her to work for the chairman’s son, Ji Heon, to try to undermine him and take over the company. As she falls in love with her eccentric new boss, she is determined to protect him from his ruthless family.
  14. Playful Kiss: “Mischievous Kiss” is a romantic-comedy covering the romance between Baek Seung-Jo, an arrogant young man with a genius IQ, and Oh Ha-Ni, a ditzy young woman who gets poor grades, but whose heart is as powerful as Seung-Jo’s mind. The series is based off from a Taiwanese drama and a Japanese manga book. It is call “It Started With a Kiss.” It is about a girl in F class that falls in love with an A class boy. She liked him since the first year of high school. Once, she decided to tell him she likes him but was rejected. So the story continues about the girl who keeps chasing after the boy she loves.
  15. Heirs: The world at your feet and the weight of the world on your shoulders. Children of the super-elite class bear the burden of success as they are being groomed as heirs to their family business empires despite only being in high school. Kim Tan is the arrogant and self-centered heir to the Empire Group, a family conglomerate business. But he lives under the constant shadow of his older half-brother, Kim Won, who is already an accomplished young executive in the family business. Despite being betrothed to the equally wealthy and equally haughty Rachel Yoo, a hotel heiress, Tan falls in love with Cha Eun Sang, the daughter of his family’s housekeeper. Eun Sang and her best friend, Yoon Chan Young, the son of Empire Group’s secretary, did not grow up like their families’ employer did, but they get embroiled in their lives nonetheless. Eun Sang gets caught in a love triangle with Tan and Choi Young Do, the condescending heir to a luxury resort conglomerate while Chan Young falls in love with Tan’s ex-girlfriend, Lee Bo Na, the socialite daughter of a major entertainment executive. Can a romance survive between the haves and the have-nots?
  16. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: Eun Bi’s greatest desire is to become a high school teacher and is preparing to take the teacher certification exam during her last year of college. But whether she’s in the bathroom crying over a boyfriend, in the street almost being run over by a car, at a university festival, or a teaching event at a high school, Eun Bi keeps running into the mysterious Chi Soo. Then the two end up working at the same ramen shop. Can the chance encounters be more than just pure coincidence?
  17. To the Beautiful You/Hana Kimi: A high school girl will do anything to meet and get close to a boy she idolizes. Jae Hee is in love with Tae Joon, a pole-jumping gold medalist. She discovers that he attends high school at an all-boys’ school, so she cuts her hair and pretends to be a boy to be admitted to the school. But she soon learns that trying to blend in with the boys and keep her true identity a secret are no easy tasks. How long can she keep up the ruse, and will it all be worth the effort in the end?
  18. Goong/Princess Hours: Goong is a story about young love in face of tradition, politics, and intrigue. In the imaginary world, modern-day Korea is a constitutional monarchy and the Royal Family lives in a grand Palace, the Goong. Story opens with the sudden death of the reigning the King. Faced with the decreasing popularity among the public for the Royalty, a grand wedding for the Crown Prince, Lee Shin, is decided to be the best publicity move to improve the image of the Royalty and at the same time prepare Shin for immediate succession. The intended bride? The headstrong, awkward, and sweet spirited Shin Chae Kyung that just happens to go to the same exclusive art school. Chae Kyung was betrothed to become the next Crown Princess by her grandfather and Shin’s grandfather. After 14 years of living in England with his mom, Lee Yul appears all of a sudden. He is Shin’s cousin as well as the former Crown Prince. Everything seemed to be going normally until Chae Kyung’s optimistic spirit wins the heart of internally lonely, Yul. As the Crown Prince Shin and simple-minded Chae Kyung’s relationship appear to developing deeper feelings, a series of scandals are exposed to the public right after the pair were officially announced married. Will love prevail all in a world of political pressures and martial hardships? Or will being in the spotlight of the public be too much for the young newlyweds to endure?
  19. 49 Days: Shin Ji Hyun was enjoying absolute bliss as she was about to marry her fiancé, Kang Min Ho, but her perfect life is shattered when she gets into a car accident that leaves her in a coma. She is given a second chance at life by a reaper, but it comes with a condition: she has to find three people outside of her family who would cry genuine tears for her. In order to do this, she borrows the body of Yi Kyung, a part-time employee at a convenience store for 49 days.
  20. Cinderella’s Sister: Since a young age, Eun-jo has learned to trust no one and live strong on her own. Used to being dragged from one broken home to another by her manipulative, money-grubbing mother, Eun-jo doesn’t know what to make of her mother’s latest catch Dae-sung, the solemn head of a traditional rice wine brewery. Both Dae-sung and his daughter, bubbly spoiled princess Hyo-sun, warmly welcome wary young Eun-jo into their sprawling home, and treat her with a kindness that she simply can’t stomach. Instead, she forms a bond with brewery staff Ki-hoon, the first person to see past her tough act, and it is his betrayal that will hurt the most. However, Dae-sung’s genuine kindness to her eventually melts Eun-jo’s defenses, and she learns to trust and love her stepfather. Naive Hyo-sun, meanwhile, stubbornly seeks affection at every turn, only to slowly realize she’s losing Ki-hoon and everything else in her life to her cold stepsister. Eight years later, Jung-woo reappears in Eun-jo’s life, a boy she used to treat as her little brother who is now a young man determined to win her heart. Reluctant sisters Eun-jo and Hyo-sun both experience angst and rivalry, as their polar-opposite personalities and love-hate relationship bring them through many ups and downs from adolescence to adulthood.
  21. Fireworks: Shin Na Ra, a woman who is almost thirty welcomes her boyfriend of seven years back from his business trip. On their anniversary he tells her that he not only had an affair, but fell in love with another woman. Thus their relationship is no more. To make herself feel better, Na Ra drinks a large amount of alcohol and unknowingly dropped the ring her ex-boyfriend gave her into a shot glass of soju. A stranger, In-Jae, drinks the shot without seeing the ring and both of them end up in the hospital. To support herself, Na Ra pretends to be her 20 years old sister in order to work as a cosmetic clerk at Mi-Rae (the woman her ex-boyfriend fell in love with)’s shop but fate has brought In-Jae to the shop to. Thus began their surprising journey of love, where In-Jae is in love with Mi-Rae too.
  22. Secret Garden: This drama chronicles the love story of Gil Ra-im and Kim Joo-won. Gil Ra-im is a poor but proud stuntwoman who has supported herself since her father’s death. Her dream is to be a stuntwoman for an international film. Joo-won is an arrogant and eccentric CEO who maintains the image of seeming perfection. Their accidental meeting, when Joo-won mistakes Ra-im for actress Park Chae-rin, marks the beginning of a tense, bickering relationship, through which Joo-won tries to hide his growing attraction to Ra-im that both confuses and disturbs him. To complicate matters further, a strange sequence of events results in them swapping bodies. However, even after they swap their bodies back, feelings continue to grow for both of them.
  23. My Lovely Sam Soon: Kim Sam Soon is a baker who has a talent in making pastries and cakes. On Christmas Eve, she caught her boyfriend, Min Hyun Woo, cheating on her and breaks up on the same night. On that same night, she accidentally went into the men’s restroom and met Hyun Jin Hun, a somewhat callous fellow but sometimes considerate guy. By sheer coincidence, Jin Hun needs a baker for his restaurant Bon Appetit and Sam Soon is unemployed. Sam Soon is hired as the restaurant’s chief baker and the two fights like cat and dog. Nevertheless, they started to have feeling for each other and Sam Soon agreed to post as Jin Hun’s girlfriend so his mother would leave him alone. Things got complicated when Jin Hun’s ex-girlfriend Yoo Hee Jin came back from the States intending to win him back.

You can find all of these on dramafever, hulu, netflix and/or crunchyroll. :) Enjoy!

anonymous asked:

Can we get a fic with reader and kylo, but kylo is a mermaid and reader is human? I can't really think of a plot to request, I just want mermaid kylo haha

Anon next time can you please request more of a plot! It just makes it a whole lot easier and less time consuming. We also don’t really do full fledged fics, because that would be too much for this type of blog. That being said, I think you’ll like this

When you first meet him it’s on the water, you’re taking a walk and you stumble upon a series of caves; that seemed to appear out of nowhere. You decide to venture inside, walking on a ledge around a clear, blue pool. The water here seemed to be different too, it glimmered even though there was no light and it was still despite the waves outside of the cave.

You sat down on the ledge and dipped your legs in the water, enjoying the cool liquid lapping at your skin. You stay like that for a moment, taking the time to reflect on the serene beauty around you. It was hard to believe that you were the only one here; this place was truly a hidden gem.

You feel something very faintly brush against your leg, but pay it no mind, it as probably just a fish and that wasn’t something to fear. What does scare you is when you feel a strong hand suddenly wrap around your leg, startling enough for you to quickly pull your legs out of the water.

A man surfaces from under the water, tilting his head and giving you a questioning look. “What the hell?” You ask. Where did he even come from? You didn’t see anyone around it was definitely too far to hold his breath and swim here. The man reaches out and grabs your foot, inspecting it like he’s never seen one before. Then he runs his hand over the skin of your leg and you shiver, “So soft,” He murmurs. 

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Hell Hound Part 7

Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Smut, with 1 semi appropriate gif

Requested ? nope

notes: A big surprise is coming at the end of this part and go check out my collab with @rejectcentral it’s also a Peter Parker story but starts out as a Bucky x oc.

And also @rejectcentral went ham on the fighting scene, and she did amazing!!! So please go check her blog out it’s amazballs!!

German Airport 3 days later…

My palms were sweaty, and I couldn’t focus.

The day has come where I fight my boyfri- I mean Spider-Man.

I really need keep that in check, I just need to focus on ‘fighting’ Spider Man to keep him occupied so we can both impress our leaders. I see Peter across the strip from me and the rest of the team, waiting to attack. You know, he really does look good in that suit I mean it just shows off his cute little butt so much like- Oh what am I saying! Focus, focus!

“Are we really going to do this?” I whispered to Wanda, sweat now collecting on my hairline. She nodded her head and gave me a sad smile, knowing I wasn’t ready for what we were about to face. It was the destruction of the Union, and no one was going to be able to stop this collapse.

“Let’s go!” Steve shouted, and we all started running towards the carriers, as that was our main goal point. As Peter became closer and closer my heart pace increased as well. Suddenly, Iron Man and his team start running towards us. I see Peter and Tony exchange a few words before the first collision of metal rings through the air. Black Widow pinned against her best friend, Vision against Wanda, Iron Patriot against Sam, it was all so wrong. This was not what the Avengers were for, this is not what peace looks like. Suddenly I feel a hard collision into my shoulder and I see Iron Patriot flying by. As I struggle to get back up, I can see Peter going after Bucky and Sam. Thinking that Bucky and Sam could hold their own while not hurting Pete too bad I emerged myself in the real fight in front of me. I focused all of my energy towards keeping the beast inside of me under my control, and as I slowly lit up into flames, the hot embers engulfing my body.

“Holy shit,” I hear Vision say. “Is that girl on fire?” I look up to see that Bucky was not doing so hot against T’Challa, so he was my first focus. Running straight towards the two powerhouses I pummel into the side of T’Challa, but soon feel a razor sharp scratch against my calf as he digs into my skin. Letting out a groan of pain I release the royalty and Bucky throws him against the side of a plane. Slowly making my way off the ground I can feel the cool breeze against my flesh wound, but the cold feels good and I relish in the feeling for a few moments. Until my thoughts are cut short by a boyish scream and the sound of glass breaking coming from the airport building. I see a flash of red and blue being dragged across the sky before colliding with a bunch of boxes set on top of one another. I immediately run over to Peter to make sure that he’s okay. He’s fast to get up, the adrenaline in his body has to be on an all time high. I can see his eyes widen at my flaming form but I smile and slap him upside the head.

“You had me worried for a second Spider-boy.” I say jokingly. I know that I can’t see his face under his mask but I can just see him rolling his eyes. Peter grabs me by the arms and brings me close before pushing me back on the stacks of boxes, my landing padded by the cardboard.

“We really have to do this, don’t we?” He asked timidly. I nodded my head as I got up from the boxes and put myself into a fighting stance. He let out a sigh and mirrored my position. I was the first to throw a punch, well I wouldn’t really call it a punch because I never intended for my fist to ever land on Peter, nor to cause him any serious harm. As this went on for a while we both became a little more goofy with our moves, making them less about actual fighting and more about who looks the dumbest. At one point I had actually began to laugh at Peter’s nonsense during this serious situation.

All of the laughing with Peter just reminds me of all of the fun memories that I had with my mom, like our Friday game nights where we would cheat so much but neither cared because winning wasn’t everything, or when she stayed up all night with me binge-watching Criminal Minds because I was too scared to watch it after dark by myself. I got so caught up in the memories of my mom and I that I didn’t realize that Peter was screaming my name until it was too late. I felt strong arms grabbing me around my waist and then I was flying through the air. My body came to a bone chilling halt when I collided into the cement side of the airport building, my head cracking in the back. As I landed on the ground, I tried to catch my breath but nothing was working. My vision became extremely blurry, I felt no center of balance, my head was absolutely throbbing and my left arm felt like someone was stabbing a knife repeatedly into the tanned flesh. I could hear Tony in the background yelling at the top of his lungs at T’Challa.

“That was my daughter you just hurt you fucking ass-hat. I told everyone that she was off limits!”

“I don’t take orders from you, metal man.” T”Challa responded before running off to find Bucky.

I closed my eyes momentarily to try and find some type of relief for my body, but to no avail. I opened my eyes slowly but I saw a figure in front of me that just couldn’t be real. My eyes widened before slowly rubbing them. She smiled and her brilliant teeth were shining miraculously in the sunlight.

“Hello my sweet little Samara” I hear a familiar voice call out. I raise my head off of the concrete and see my angelic looking mother standing there before me. This can’t be real, this can’t be happening.

“Mom,” I questioned cautiously. “Is that really you?” She nodded her head and opened her arms before me. I ran straight into them and laid my head onto her smooth, silk shirt, missing the way that she embraced my body whenever we would hug.

“I miss you so much my little matchstick.” She said smiling while grabbing my face between her two calloused hands. Mom was always a hard worker, she never got the time to treat herself right.

“I missed you too momma.” I said, my voice cracking in the middle of the sentence as I could feel tears now forming in my eyes. I let the salty drops roll freely down my scratched face as I took in my mom’s appearance.

“Mom, you’ll never believe what’s happening. Right now I’m fighting the Avengers with the Avengers, how weird is that? And Peter is on the opposite team but he promised not to hit me too hard.” She smiled at my running mouth, I always blab alot when I’m nervous oddly enough. But as I looked back at the airport, I saw a burgundy and gold suit flying around and I could feel anger bubbling inside of me.

“Mom,” I said with a sharpness in my tone. “Why did you never tell me that Tony Stark was my father? Don’t you think I have the right to know where the other half of my DNA comes from? Do you think it’s fair that I’ve had to grow up without a dad that actually wanted me? No you had to keep him  away. Why mom, why did you do that!?” I became more angry, and a fire begins to burn deep within my soul as I keep ranting with my mother. I understood that she was trying to protect me, but does she think that I’m that much of a baby that I can’t handle that?

“Honey calm down, you’re getting warm on one side and frozen on the other, you need to settle down okay? I know that I kept a lot from you, including your name but I did all of this to protect you. Someday you will learn why I did these things but today is not one of those days okay?” I could feel her starting to slip away from me, her faze becoming a haze.

“No mom wait, you can’t leave me, not again.” I whimpered as I clutched onto any piece of my mom that I could grab. All of my attempts were futile though as my hands were met with air instead of the beautiful figure that was my mom.

“In due time my darling, in due time…” her voice faded away in the whistling wind.

“No, no, NO MOM COME BACK. I CAN’T LOSE YOU AGAIN MOM PLEASE!” I begged, now full on sobbing as I tried to run with the voice but tight arms wrapped around my waist as I felt the familiar feeling of spandex drawing me back into the world.

“No let go of me, that’s my mom!” I yelled struggling against Peter. “Peter I can save her this time, I can.. I can save her Peter just LET ME GO!” I wiggled and prodded and begged but Peter’s iron tight grasp on my body would not budge. Finally I fell against his chest, sobs racking through my body.

‘“Why couldn’t I save her Pete?” I asked him. The pain in my head was back and bolder than ever, it was burning so bad that I could feel my body start to shut down, growing weak in my limbs.

“Samara,” Peter said, shaking me slightly. “Samara, Sammmm, Sammsies. C’mon babe don’t pass out on me, stay awake, keep your eyes on me okay.” Peter ripped off his mask and I could see a black eye forming on his right eye, even then he still looked like the most gorgeous creature that I had ever seen. I couldn’t help but let myself slip into the darkest part of my mind that held the promise of no pain.

“No, no, no. Please baby, I- MR STARK HELP” Peter was now shaking my body violently as my eyes fluttered shut. The last thing I heard was a heavy metal suit landing hastily again concrete and a small, teenage voice whispering,

“Please, let her be okay. She’s the one thing that holds me together.”


I wake up in a panic.

I shoot up from a hospital cot, my body heat went up at an excessive rate making me sweat. Whenever my body does that it means that its rapidly healing to self.

No longer do I feel pain, now I just feel the biting sting of betrayal. My mom kept pretty much my identity from me, I see no logic in her reasoning.

And since she can’t say why herself I’ll go Tony, he has to have something…anything.   

“Hello Samara. I’m FRIDAY your father made-”

After the initial shock of hearing the voice of the AI system I cut her off. “No, Tony Stark is not my father.” I said stubbornly.

“Yes Miss Stark, I-Miss Stark I advise you not to get -okay.” FRIDAY said as I completely ignore her and get up. I started to pull at wires off my body, the machine beside started to do a long beep sound and the heart monitor turned flat.

As I was pulling out my IV Tony Stark and Peter come barreling into the room.

When they saw that I was okay, they calmed down.

“Why did you do-”

“Where am I?” I asked looking around and I see a lab with different stations.  

“You’re in the Avenger Tower, the medical wing.” Tony said with his arms crossed as he watched Peter comes over to me.

“Sam, you-you’re healed. I’m so sorry I should’ve been faster, I-” I stop him by giving him a hug tucking my head into his neck. “I’m okay, I heal fast, I must’ve missed so much Homework.” I said still into his neck. “I did it. Don’t worry about that, and I talked to Corrine and she has been Captain till you get back to school.” He wrapped his arms around me tight, I move my head back and roll my eyes, “So you wrote my 10 page paper in english? You read Pride and Prejudice?” I asked with a raised brow.

Peter blushed, “Well I think Sparknotes is just as good as reading it.” I smiled, I completely forgot what was happening. That was until I heard someone clear their throat behind us.

Reality had an annoying way to pull me back towards earth.

“You know, I’ve been here the whole time. And really? What is it about you two and Homework?” Tony said once he caught our attention.

I rolled my eyes as Peter let me go as fast as possible, like he just noticed Tony’s existence.

“Sorry, Mr.Stark sir…sir.” Peter said awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck. Now it was time for Tony to roll his eyes. “Wow, okay cutting to the chase I have intel where the Cap and Tin Man are and I’m going to help them, so you,” He pointed at me, “FRIDAY will show you around since you’ll be staying here now, and you,” his finger turned to Peter, “You Spider-ling, I have a car for you, ready to take you home, cause I don’t trust you two alone, mostly I don’t trust you. You stare too much.” Tony said in a egotistical tone. Peter blushed a dark red and replied with his usual, ‘Yes sir’.

We all stand in silence for a moment.

“I meant now, move it people.” Tony shooing us out of the lab. I started to go one direction and Tony went the other, Peter followed me.

Once Tony noticed Peter was following me instead of him he groaned in annoyance and grabbed the boy by the collar.

“Nice try.” Tony said, I waved and laughed as Peter had a sheepish look on his face.

Once they both left FRIDAY started to talk and show me other places throughout the tower. By the end of the tour it was dark and I laying my room Tony designed for me, with a walk in closet that as the latest trends on the hanger.

I laid on the bed feel tempurpedic mattress mold to my body. As I was contemplating the meaning of life, like all adolescents do, when my phone rang. Already knowing who it was I answered it without fail.

“Hey Pete,” I said with a chirp, “Hey Sam, what’s up?” He said his voice sorta muffled and I can hear the distant sound of New York, he’s on Spider-Man patrol.

“I know you’re in Spider-Man gear, swing by and we can hangout.” I said hopefully, looking at the ceiling.

“What about Mr. Stark, I’m not allowed over.” He said with a unsureness edge to his voice.

“Okay first off, I might be related to him by blood but he is not my father so he doesn’t control me or my boyfriend, and secondly who are you more scared of me or him?” I asked now sitting up.

There was a brief moment of silence.

“Both..but you more.” He said and I can hear the smile on his face.

“Good, now come over, I’ll leave the window open.” I said once he agreed we hung up.

I got off the comfortable bed and opened my large window that sits above my huge day bed.

I was dressed in small shirt that had the stupidest cat pun that said ‘Get Meowster Here!’ with small black shorts.

I sit back on the bed and swing my legs back and forth in boredom.

“Miss Stark you know Mr. Stark won’t approve.” I jump at FRIDAY’s voice and let out a breath, “don’t tell Tony please.” I asked fluttering my eyes, after a few seconds she answered, “Okay, but just this once.”

I did a small victory dance, then I thought of something,”Hey FRIDAY, can you play Girl/Girl/Boy by Panic! At the Disco please?” I asked

“Sure thing.” FRIDAY said and the song came on loud and clear.

I started to dance like a spaz and embraced it. I was laughing and singing along at the top of my lungs. After the song was done I collapsed on the bed in fit of giggles that was until I hear Peter slowly clapping from the windowsill. I shoot up from my spot from the bed in surprise. He of course had his full Spider-Man uniform on.

“You have a gift!” He said over dramatically

I roll my eyes for umteenth time that day and smiled while walking over to him, when got to him I gave him a peck over his mask.

“Aren’t you going to buy me dinner first?” Peter said as a joke, he always had this new found charisma and swagger when he put of the suit. But we all know he looks better with it off.

With that in mind I put my hands at the base of his mask and pull it off. “Just kiss me you idiot.” I said before bringing him into a searing kiss. I weave my fingers through thick chestnut locks and bring him closer.

I start walking backwards until the back of my knees hit the mattress and I sit down which caused us to separate. We both were taking deep breaths.  

“Are we? Like now? Here?” Peter asked in flood, I bite my lip and looked at the spider emblem on his suit, “I guess.”

“Okay um alright, wow.” Peter said in a stutter rubbing the back of his neck. “If you don’t wan-” I started but Peter cut me off. “No no no, I want this, I want you. You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting this…wanting you.” Peter said in a shy voice and suddenly he finds the floor fascinating. I smile and lifted his chin with my finger, “I have-” again this time Peter cut me off with a kiss.

And the kiss was hot and heavy, felt the back of the of his suit for the button that causes it to come undone. Once I found it I clicked it, and the suit effortlessly fell to the floor. I detached my lips from his and slid back from him to give him room on the bed. Once he completely stepped out of the suit and crawled up to me until he was hovering over me.

“Hi” he said before kissing me briefly, I smile and replied, “Hi” I then placed my hands on his muscular pecs and slowly moved them to the back of his neck and top of his back as he gave me open mouth kisses on my neck, trying to find that spot that makes my toes curl. After a few attempts he found, and how he found out was when I arched my back and digged my nails into his skin out of pleasure.

Originally posted by sensuous

I felt one his hand travel down to my thigh and gave it a small squeeze, than he began playing with the strings of my pajama bottoms.

“Y-you can can ugh, take-oh god- them off,” I said in a moaning mess.

When Peter leaves my neck I whimper at lost of contact. He hooked his pointer fingers at the band of my shorts and looked at me again, still unsure, I jerkily nod my head and watch as he takes a breath and pulls them down.

He gasps as he sees I have no underwear, I bite my lip as Peter grows pink. I feel something go from hard to solid rock in his boxers.

I feel my breath catch in my throat as he gently places his hands on my knees. “M-may I?” Peter asked and suddenly all of this becomes real and I don’t have any regrets. I love Peter Parker, and I’m giving him a piece of me that no one can take away nor steal. It will forever be his.

“Yes.” I said laid back down watching him as I hold my breath. He slowly opens my legs, and I can feel how wet I was down there, I become embarrassed when Peter is just staring at it with an expression I can’t name.  

“You’re stunning Samara, perfect even” Peter said in a whisper. I smile and my fears quiet down.

After a moment nothing happens, “Peter, aren’t you..?” I asked looking at him expectedly.

“Ye-yeah, sorry, where exactly?” he asked embarrassed. I gave him a reassuring look and grabbed his hand, I slowly guided it to where he needed to be. And once I told him what to do we were back in business.

He started to move in tight circles and I let out a cry, “Peter!” I grip the sheets beneath me tight and arched my back again, with my toes curling. I start to pant as Peter gradually picked up speed.

“Peter, Peter, Peter” I moaned like a prayer as I felt something inside me was about to snap. I didn’t notice Peter lowering his face.

All of a sudden it stopped, I was about to say something when I felt Peter has put his mouth over my clit and gently started to suck.

My hips started to buck as pleasure took over my body, “PETER! I’M CLOSE!” I yell as I grip his hair firmly in my hand. As if like a switch Peter goes even faster, and after one more buck I completely come undone and twitch a little, I feel myself violently as Peter lets me go.

I look at Peter with lust hooded eyes, “How was that?” Peter said licking his lips, sliding a finger up and down thigh. Instead of answering him I move forward and grab onto him, we started to kiss again.

After kissing some more and all clothing has come off we both stare at eachother. “I love you  Samara.” Peter said holding my hand tight, I squeeze it back and said for the first time while he was wake, “I love you too.”

He smiles wide and gives me a sweet kiss once he pulled away I looked down, I don’t know how he’ll fit, I’m just hoping it doesn’t hurt. As if hearing my thought he said, “I’ll go slow.”

I nodded my head and watched at Peter slowly positioned himself at my entrance, with one final look Peter slowly pushed himself inside of me.

I was expecting pain, but nothing, all I felt was pleasure, I’m glad I broke my hymen during sports. Once Peter was all the way in he sighed in content.  After a moment of adjusting to his size, I signaled him to start moving.   

And when he did the sensation felt amazing almost unbearable. Mine and Peter’s groans mix together as he pumps his hips slowly.

“F-Faster, fa-oh-oh god!”  I was beginning to ask but Peter started to go hard. The bed was rocking in time to Peter’s thrusts and you can hear our skin slipping together when they meet. “Fuck Samara” Peter groaned as he held my hips tighter moving hard against me, I know I’ll marks on my hips after wards.

By this time I’m a moaning mess and I feel the familiar edge that’s about to be met.

“Babe, d-darling, I’m g-” Peter started, “Me too” I moaned out with an arched back. I didn’t think it was possible but Peter started to rock even harder and after a moment for the second time I open myself like a flower, “PETER!” I screamed in ecstasy I feel myself grip him tight, at the sound of me screaming his name Peter comes undone and feel him unravel inside me. I pant as he pulls out, he fall beside me and brings my naked body to his chest.

“I love you Sam,” Peter whispered before kissing the shell of my ear. I smile and whisper ‘I love you’ back before I fall asleep myself.

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My fav bits of the sketch

(That first yoga gif is just so Kate, and I love the slightly petulant way she says ‘It’s my day offff…’)

This shot slayed me so hard:

Everything Kate does is good, but this? This sketch is one of those examples of a display of her sheer, pure brilliance. It really reminds you, of how great and inspired an actress and comedian Kate is. She imbues so much in her details.

She’s all magic.

On this night, I present myself to You, Father
I light the candles, a peaceful illumination among the darkness of eve
I kiss Your sigils, I whisper prayers and praise
I ring the bell, Crowned Princes, I am here
I point the athame and invoke Thy all-powerful energy
I recite my will and place it to burn before You
I drink from the chalice, I drink of You
I sit before Thy altar, my being open before Your astral kingdom
I feel Thy mighty presence rising in and
around me
Satan, Satanas, may You be with me
Speak to me Your wisdom of a thousand ages
Teach me of Your magnificent ways
Shine Your brilliant light upon me, touch my soul with gentle fingertips, enlighten me
Satan, Satanas, You are with me

itsaconquestofimagination  asked:

Mod Renne, could you possibly bless us with a part 2 to that mermaid!Kylo story you did. Cause it was fantastic 😊

Thanks Sara! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Kylo returned to the cave everyday after that, hoping that’d he see you again. Day after day he’d wait for hours until he grew frustrated and gave up, swimming away to carry on with business. He just couldn’t get you out of his head; he was almost beginning to regret not stealing you away.

What a beautiful human He thought wistfully, smiling to himself. Maybe if he kept on coming to the cave, you’d return one day. But, as his patience was wearing thin, Kylo decided to use a much more powerful mechanism to attract you to him.

It was thundering out when you finally fell asleep, mind so occupied that nothing but pure exhaustion could turn it off. Even though it had been a few weeks you just couldn’t stop thinking about the merman. Afterwards, you had even doubted whether or not it was real, or if it was just a memory of a dream. Though you swore you could still feel your lips faintly tingling, from the last kiss that he left you with.

Those thoughts melted away into a sea of impulses, and your body finally felt the relief of sleep. Eventually you dreamed, so vividly that it felt real.

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Fun fact: demigenders are the most powerful genderists. Demiboys, demigirls, demifluxes, demifluids, demienbies, all demigenders are powerful genderists. Their gender, while may be foggy, may feel weak, radiates from them in glory and blinds TERFs. Demigenders simply shine with brilliant genderist splendor.

We Walk Through The Fire

Obi-Wan Kenobi had found that on the whole, dying was a lot easier than being dead.

He remembered his death quite well: standing in that hallway, cut off from the painfully familiar hangar bay by Darth Vader’s furious hatred and a rushing squadron of stormtroopers that were pale imitations of the men who had served under him once. His joints had screamed for mercy and his muscles had quivered from exertion.

The fight with Vader had taken far more out of him that he wanted to admit and he was losing. He knew it in his bones. Vader was powerful and even with his prosthetic limbs and respirator, he was still a great deal younger than Obi-Wan and the Force had always been stronger with Anakin than it had been with Obi-Wan.

Anakin. When was the last time he had said his beloved friend’s name aloud? When was the last time he had allowed himself to think back on those golden memories of a time before Darth Vader and the Empire?

Had it been so long?

“Your powers are weak, old man,” Vader said, his voice artificially low, no doubt a creation of Sidious’s meddling, perfecting the weapon he had carved out of Anakin Skywalker.  

Obi-Wan had said something ridiculous and Jedi-esque in return, something about how if Vader struck him down he would become more powerful than Vader could possibly imagine. Something Yoda and Qui-Gon might have approved of.

They were the last words he ever said. To Vader.

To Anakin.

His last words and they had been spent, wasted, on trying to prove that he knew more, that he was smarter than a boy he had crippled and trapped in a nightmare existence.

Not words of love, of loss, of forgiveness sought and freely given.

No, Obi-Wan just had to go and be the bigger Jedi, prove once and for all that Anakin had always been one step behind, one heartbeat too slow, that Obi-Wan was still the master and Anakin hadn’t learned anything.

But then there was Luke, brilliant, shining, caring Luke, who had so much of Padme in him, so much of what had been good in Anakin within him. Obi-Wan had no doubt that Luke would succeed where he had failed because for all of Obi-Wan’s Jedi posturing, for all of the mystical, esoteric nonsense he had occupied his time with on Tatooine, Luke was Anakin’s child.

He was Padme’s child.

Obi-Wan remembered smiling at Vader, remembered feeling the Sith Lord’s confusion through the Force, through the remnants of their bond as Master and Padawan.

But it was too late. Time to end the game.

He raised his blade to his face and closed his eyes.

He thought he almost caught a faint hesitant impression from Vader, a quiet, confused, Master? What are you doing?


Obi-Wan exhaled and reached out with the Force, took hold of his last attachment and faced eternity.

I am Obi-Wan Kenobi. I am a Jedi.

I tried and failed. I loved and lost.

I still love Anakin, in spite of all he has done.

I know there is good in him and that Luke will find it.

My time has ended. I cannot… I cannot save him.

That was never my destiny.

Goodbye, Luke.

Goodbye, Anakin.

He never felt the blade that cut him in two.

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Not the strongest armor in the world can protect my heart from the melting beauty of new BANNERS. The UK based singer songwriter, who first regaled us so early on under the name RAINES, can penetrate any steel fortress with the melodic beauty of new song Half Light, a piano driven ballad on which BANNERS’ stunning voice shines ever brilliant and divine. The aching majestic song follows on the heels of BANNERS’ spectacular self titled EP, which he released in January on Island Records. BANNERS will be playing several festivals this summer, including Reading & Leeds and Lollapalooza. As one who’s been transfixed by his gorgeous music live twice (so far), I highly recommend you make your way out to see him.

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Sixteen: Chapter 1 (S9 Highschool AU) - Gabe

A/N: Hi. My name is Gabe. This is the first fic I’ve ever written. I’m sorry if it’s not that good, I’m used to writing screenplays and stuff with lots of dialogue and little detail. The story will gradually include all S9 queens in a high school setting. The italics symbolize inner thoughts. Bold with a name next to it symbolizes a text message. This chapter will be told from both Shea and Sasha’s POV (at different times.) Also, English is my first language but not my strong suit. I apologize for any technical errors. My blog is @shea-velour, don’t be afraid to send me a message or request. 1300 words, 3 pages.

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