brilliant rubbish

Strong Style Strong

Not a request, but just something that had been floating around in my head for a few days.


You’re best friends with British Strong Style (Trent Seven, Tyler Bates, and Pete Dunne). You met on the UK independent scene years ago, you all had similar in-ring styles, you were even known as the Bitch of Strong Style (which you secretly loved) and now the four of you are now signed to NXT. The only downside? You now have to work for your father, William Regal. Things get a little difficult between you and your father and you’re surprised by which of your friends sticks up for you… and why.

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Regular Coffee

A/N: It’s a coffee shop AU. Yes, original, I know. Anyways, I’ve worked very hard on this and I hope you enjoy it! I apologize for any inaccuracies. I also didn’t know when to end it so if people like this I might make a sequel? I dunno. Anyways, it’s the longest oneshot I’ve ever written, enjoy!!!

AU: James Potter/Lily Evans Coffee shop AU based in London, 2014. Features appearances from the Marauders and Marlene McKinnon.

“[Lily] wasn’t one to believe in reincarnation, but she felt as if James and herself knew each other in a past life. One that perhaps involved more or less the same amount of coffee and hormones.”

The rain doused London as the fog hugged the streets and buildings. This wasn’t unusual, of course, but today was one of those days that it enchanted a certain redhead. Lily had her forearms pressed against the counter as she doodled in her journal at one of the many coffee shops in the city. The quaint shop was empty, leaving her alone behind the counter, only the rain and the quiet acoustics from the stereo to keep her company. This, also, wasn’t unusual, actually very routine for a midday on a Wednesday. The atmosphere was calm, relaxed and she felt at ease.

Until the bell at the front door started to chime.

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A collection of every shady thing Wren Kingston has ever said or done

I have re-watched every scene featuring Wren and noted down anything that is either obviously suspicious, or could be interpreted in a way which makes him seem shady. I’ve gone into this with a completely “Wren is A” mindset, so obviously some things you might not agree with if you are yet to be convinced. These are all my own interpretations, so don’t take it all seriously. Hopefully you’ll find them interesting and see the possibilities though. I’m not trying to prove anything, it’s just a bit of harmless sleuthing. Here we go…

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“–you’re brilliant, you’re rubbish. There’s very little inbetween.”

This could have easily been a reference to Charles. Obviously he was blamed for hurting Ali as a child, and by doing so, was deemed the “bad kid.” Alison was brilliant so they protected her, he was rubbish so they sent him away. His parents abandoned him for it; they had decided he was unstable and it was royal decree. 

Completely meaningless, or a hint that Charles wasn’t always going to be Cece? 

This comes from 1x3, so it’s possible the writers genuinely hadn’t decided, so I definitely believe this implies Wren was always in the running. However, Keegan said we could look back to season 1 and it would be obvious… Cece wasn’t in season 1 yet this scene was. Just something to think about.