brilliant puns

*Me banging two pots together at 2am*

Friendly reminder that Hunk built a Geiger counter for an unknown alien element ON THE SPOT.

Friendly reminder that Hunk figured out Galra tech/machinery ON THE SPOT to get to the yellow lion.

Friendly reminder that Hunk KNEW Rolo was not to be trusted BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE because of his STELLAR ENGINEERING SKILLS.

Friendly reminder that Hunk figured out how to TRANSLATE/BYPASS GALRA TECH/CODES using his knowledge of algorithms.

Friendly reminder that Hunk consistently provides EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES in battle.

Friendly reminder that Hunk can essentially figure out and fix ANY ALIEN MACHINERY.


Next on Halloween at Eden’s: Neil and Matt compete in a couples costume contest, get into a horse costume together, and Neil’s legs are too short to keep up with Matt’s stride, so they keep falling. Andrew is quoted wanting to shoot the “Lame horse.”


she was GETTING THERE she was going to do a bit involving “bi the way…” (or possibly “gettin’ bi with a little help from a friend” either way it would have been a BRILLIANT PUN THAT DEFINITELY NO ONE HAS EVER THOUGHT OF BEFORE)

Fate/Grand Order is getting its western release soon.
—-Even though the game is already really popular.
—-Even though the fact that the game has many western fans already is what allowed for a western release in the first place.
I’m still a bit nervous! 

It is impossible to tell how an audience of a different culture will react to your work after all. 
Things will get lost or changed in translation. This is inevitable.

For example, a way of addressing oneself that cannot be replicated simply isn’t conveyed.
For example, a line that doesn’t seem out of place in Japanese becomes a joke in English.
For example, a brilliant pun leaves the translators in despair.

“Why do you do this to us, Kinoko!”
“What have we ever done for you to make us suffer like this!”
”Why did you make Gilgamesh and Ozymandias talk like that!” 

The translators gather in front of my house with torches and pitchforks.
Their anger cuts through the cool night air like a sword.


She’s beauty and she’s grace, she’s all over the place, she’s into puns and mature books, she’ll end you with her right hook

anonymous asked:

Is dream daddy worth buying?






yes, this game is totally worth it. I would buy it again and again. I can’t express enough how captivating and witty the freaking dialogue is. I kept having to stop because I was laughing so hard. If nothing else, spend the $15 bucks just FOR THE BRILLIANT DAD PUNS, I BEG YOU.

It’s amazing, 10/10 would recommend.

anonymous asked:

I kept seeing your "queuellish wammy" tag and kept thinking you spelt the name wrong and it just clicked.... brilliant pun!!! Love it!!!

Haha thanks! I’m actually quite proud of that pun, as dumb as it is…

(I pretty much only use it when I’m away which is why everything for the past week has had it)

prettysureimgayforlance  asked:

Your work is really amazing, thanks for sharing your talent and ideas. (Your name is the perfect pun, you brilliant person.)

Ahhhhhh, your kindness strikes me right in the heart! T-thank you!? And hey, you may be pretty sure that you’re gay for Lance, but I’m pretty sure I’m gay for you. *finger guns*

me after watching kingsman

[casually enters canonical hell]
[aggressively ships hartwin]
[sobs upon seeing pugs]
[suddenly gets brilliant at making puns]
[preserves eggs]
[feels victimized by firtherton]
[always wants to punch taron egerton in the face]
[gets irrationally mad because roxy hasn’t gotten her suit]
[prays matthew vaughn will bless us with a sequel]
[dedicates life to kingsman]
[becomes a royal trash]
[questions sanity]
[questions existence]