brilliant lyricist

Can we talk about what a brilliant lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda is? He makes 100% relevant references to “The Pirates of Penzance” AND “The Last Five Years” in “Hamilton” that are subtle & COMPLETELY GENIUS. Musical theatre nerds everywhere are just like, “YES. HE KNOWS. HE’S ONE OF US.”

“I was drawn to Axl like everyone else because he is such an amazing singer and performer and has such powerful all-around charisma.
I also admired the fact that he always had a point of view that he felt strongly about and was always so sincere about it.
He’s a brilliant lyricist and such a really tortured artist that he won me over because my mentality has always been to root for the underdog - and that was such a major part of his brilliance.”

- Slash

 Aside from the fact that he’s obviously one of the greatest singer/frontman guys to come along ever and a brilliant lyricist, he’s also a super, super intelligent — a very astute individual.

-Slash about Axl Rose, October 2014

Why you shouldn't hate on Kim Namjoon

okay, i’m so done with rapmonster/namjoon getting so much hate. Let me break something to you, Namjoon is one of the most genuine, loveable, and hardworking people I have ever seen. I don’t understand how he is not appreciated.

Let me list a few reasons why hating on him is fucking stupid.

1) He is the fucking leader of bts, the group you say you love so much! He takes care of all of the other members. As the leader he probably means the best for both the group, and the members. He has a position with so much responsibility, and he does it so well. Do you really think he would say something that would put the group in a bad light?

2) You know those lyrics that you love so much? Yeah, there is a huge chance that Namjoon wrote them. He creates such beautiful pieces of art (lyrics) that I (and a lot of you) love very much. He is a brilliant lyricist, and his lyrics are so complex and beautiful.

3) He is INSANELY smart. Have you ever read those long, late night tweets he has posted in the past. If you haven’t, I suggest you go read them. They are his beautiful lyrics ×100. He gives us a mild look into his mind, and it is so beautiful and personal. These tweets truly show you his level of self reflection, and the complexity of his mind.

4) Speaking of self reflection, he reflects so much over himself and his actions. Just read his verse in young forever!

5) He is beautiful and adorable. He may not be the stereotypical beauty you look for, but damn he looks good (this is even coming from a gay girl). He has a beautiful and adorable face, and it needs to be appreciated more.

6) He cares so much about what he does, and he works so hard to do as well as he possibly can.

7) His IQ is skyhigh, do you really think that someone who openly supports the LGBTQ+ community is misogynistic??? He is a 22 year old, seemingly straight man. He appreciates women as more than just something for him to enjoy. He is respectful towards females, and treats he doesn’t treat them as someone that means less than himself.

8) Have you seen how kind he is to fans?? He smiles so sweetly at them, and he is so genuine and caring to all the fans he meets.

To sum this up, Namjoon is a gift to the human kind, and it hurts to see him get so much hate from the people he loves. Please take these things (and there are so many more things to love about him too) into consideration the next time you decide to bash him. Hating on Namjoon, is basically the same as hating on BTS because you can easily tell that they love him a lot. Do you really think the rest of the members would like or appreciate you if they saw what you said about their leader and friend?

(sorry for any grammatical or punctuation mistakes, punctuation is not my strongest side. English is also not my first language)

Nadia out

Letter #31

Dear Fiona Apple,

I was introduced to your music in 2008, right before I turned 17 years old. Of course, like many, I was hooked in by “Criminal” but I searched further and found your first three albums(of course “Idler Wheel” joined my library when it came out in ‘12).

I could not have found a better musical artist to experience my first heartbreaks to, to feel my mental illness and pain rage through me to, to heal and experience the poignant power of your music and lyrics to. I felt like I could relate to your art. I think I read that you described yourself as a “stupidly sensitive person,” and that resonated with me.

I feel things that might be small to other people in a big way, and it has both enriched and cursed my life(cursed is a DRAMATIC word, but right now it feels like that). Your music has only been enriching, though. You are a brilliant lyricist and writer of music. I’ve learned quite a few A+ vocab words from your lyrics(Rubicon comes to mind).

I’m going through a devastating episode of depression right now, and just today I’ve been listening to your catalog on shuffle. I’m trying to keep this letter brief, but all I can say that your music, as always, brings me catharis. Your music is special to me in a way where I don’t listen to it all day every day. It is meant for purging, processing, and empowering myself when I feel too much.

I believe you said that you tend to write music only when you are compelled by something in your life to write, and if you’re not feeling in such a way as to produce another song, if you feel at relative peace and never write again again, you don’t have to. I wish you happiness. Best wishes to you and everyone in your life.

Thank you deeply for your music,



What no one ever talks about when they talk about “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid: that the phrase in the song is “part of that world.” She never says “your world.”

This is not a love song. It’s a song about a young woman finding her place.

Way back in 1989, this song was where my feminism first began to take shape. Okay, laugh a little bit, but stick with me here.

Howard Ashman was a brilliant lyricist. Hidden in a movie where a girl seemingly trades her fins and family for a man she’s never even spoken to are lines like (at 2:01):

“Bet’cha on land, they understand / bet they don’t reprimand their daughters. / Bright young women / sick of swimmin’ / ready to stand.”

Notice how perfectly the music swells on “stand.” We can take this line literally. (I’m tired of flipping my fins. I’d like to have legs so I can, you know, stand up.) Or we can understand that Ariel is every “bright young woman” who’s longed to do more, to be more. Ashman and Alan Menken knew what they were doing. 

My favorite part comes at 2:25: “What’s a fire, and why does it, what’s the word? Burn.” Again, swelling music. You can feel the longing. A moment of truly brilliant songwriting.

Here, she’s hungry for knowledge. For purpose. Not love. The rest of the movie may not support what’s happening in these three minutes in the grotto, but I’m so happy that Disney brought us this incredible, iconic song, whose lines shaped me and continue to bring me joy and hope to this day.

I was drawn to Axl like everyone else because he is such an amazing singer and performer and has such powerful all-around charisma. I also admired the fact that he always had a point of view that he felt strongly about and was always so sincere about it. He’s a brilliant lyricist and such a really tortured artist that he won me over because my mentality has always been to root for the underdog - and that was such a major part of his brilliance (Slash)

[Image: B/w photo of Rowland S. Howard in a newsagent’s shop, holding an issue of Swamp Thing.]

Rowland S. Howard was not only a celebrated guitarist, brilliant lyricist, and all-around stylish guy; he also was an avid reader of comics.  Swamp Thing began in the 1970s, and was revitalized in the 1980s by Alan Moore; the series won several awards.  It may also have the distinction of being the only Alan Moore project of any significance to escape censorship attempts.

Howard ran into censorship himself, after a fashion, when record company executives forced him to alter a reference to heroin use in his song “Silver Chain.”

Hidekane music!industry drabble

A music industry!AU where Hide and Kaneki are part of the same cycle of new trainees. 

Hide is pretty well known for having a great personality and a warm singing voice, although his dancing is a bit odd at times. He makes people comfortable, laughs and jokes with interviewers and is universally adored for the way he smiles and takes care of others. He draws people’s eyes with his charm and keeps them there with his empathy and kindness.

Kaneki on the other hand confuses people, because he seems so quiet and shy but he’s tops when it comes to vocal dexterity and can sing rock like nobody’s business. His dancing is sharp, militaristic, and no one wants to tell him that they only need to pretend to kick at an invisible enemy when he’s in the zone.

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One year ago today Taylor Swift paired a white crop top with black overalls and heels, accessorized with a burgundy purse, to go out to lunch in New York City with brilliant lyricist, Ed Sheeran, and hold hands with the most amazing person, Calvin Harris, and everything that has happened since that has been a disappointment because it cannot possibly compare to the sheer beauty and perfection of that day.

Turner is frequently hailed as the most brilliant lyricist of his generation – the heir to Dylan, Lennon or Cohen – and it is certainly true that he is careful with words. More than any other person I’ve ever interviewed, Turner is so profoundly aware of the need to express himself with precision that it occasionally seems to leave him vocally hamstrung. He stops himself, retraces his steps, leaves long gaps while searching for exactly the right metaphor.

“It’s why I don’t have Twitter,” he says. “Too much pressure.”

—  x

Every time I listen to Ready to Run, I am left more and more in awe of it. This is Louis’ song to Harry, period. This song is about as subtle as a punch to the face. They’re ready to run towards their future together, and I’m-

Into the Woods (2014)

There are some movies that hit every sweet spot in such a way that I cannot properly review them. Into the Woods is one of those movies. You can’t combine Stephen Sondheim, fantasy, the deconstructive nature of fairy tales, and Meryl Streep, James Cordon, Anna Kendrick and Emily Blunt, and not have me totally enraptured. 

It’s almost funny that this is a Disney movie because it is everything the traditional disney movie is not. It’s witty, dark, sarcastic, surprising, and very much itself. A baker and his wife are cursed by a witch and go into the woods so they can have a child; little red riding hood goes to her grandmother’s house through the woods; Cinderella visits her mother’s grave and goes to the Prince’s Festival; Jack goes to sell his cow for some magic beans. I bet you think you know how it ends, and it does end that way for a minute, but then act three happens. 

I can’t praise the acting (or the singing) enough. WHO KNEW EMILY BLUNT  HAD THAT VOICE!? Also, Anna Kendrick played a nuanced role very gracefully and intelligently. I have always loved and respected James Corden (Gavin and Stacey shout-out), and that respect has only grown with his portrayal of the baker. 

Johnny Depp’s interlude as the wolf deserves recognition on its own because it was dark and creepy in a way that it has no right being (and Depp is an acting chameleon), and was the most choreographed dance number in the movie— albeit a slightly trippy interlude, it brought this movie to adulthood.

The cinematography, locations, and costumes are beautiful. Even the princes are self-aware enough that they don’t weigh down the rest of the cast. I consider Sondheim a brilliant lyricist and the music holds up, so I like that most of the movie is comprised of people singing. 

Into the Woods is too much of everything I love about movies, narratives, and musicals for me to say anything, but you should watch it. 

Prince was (IS – I’m not processing this) a musical genius and also a brilliant lyricist. And there was always a lyric that just popped perfectly in a song that burned into my brain, soulful, sexy and, as he said, “screw the masses.” Like this: “I say do whatever we want, wear lingerie to a restaurant, Police ain’t got no gun, you don’t have to run.”