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Conversations with David Tennant
Career Conversations with David Tennant. Moderated by's Richard Ridge of "Backstage with Richard Ridge!" Over his twenty-seven year long ac...

DT appreciation week, day 6:

This is by far my favourite interview with David - and I’ve seen them all! If you’re just remotely interested in David and his work, this is the interview you should watch! First of all, it’s long and thoroughly - and second of all it’s clever, informative, brilliant and EXTREMELY FUNNY! David is 100% honest about his career and life and the chemistry between him and the interviewer, Richard Ridge, is magnificent. And, of course, David looks illegally handsome and there’s a lot of hand talking, left eyebrow action, various facial expressions and great, GREAT hair. And, of course, loads of cute dorkiness <3 Go watch this!
Doctor Who’s Pearl Mackie: ‘There weren’t people like me on TV’
Meet Doctor Who’s new companion, Pearl Mackie. She tells Sarah Hughes why it’s so important to have diverse actors on TV, and how her friends are making sure her feet stay on the ground
By Sarah Hughes

Here’s brilliant Pearl Mackie interview. I already love Pearl she is kind, she is beautiful, she isn’t afraid to express her opinion ♥


The reason why they are so great together on screen is because they are such good friends in real life. I want to see them acting together again in something. Pretty please! :D


RepostBy @activistvegan:
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I’ll often use the health and environmental arguments for veganism to lure people to this page but once you’re here, expect some ethical truth bombs. I’m vegan for the animals and damn proud of it.
Video from “Gary Yourofsky Brilliant Interview” on YouTube.
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Magical Office Episode 2: The Board Meeting

Let me know what you think. You should check out The Office playlist on Spotify. It literally has every song ever sung or mentioned on the show. Absoluetly Bloody Brilliant!


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-Interview with Y/N-

Y/N: So… umm yeah it’s my third week working here. It’s been quite an adjustment. (beat) Oh no Newt’s been great. He isn’t as big of a handful as the Minister makes him out to be.

There is a cut away scene to Y/N opening Newt’s office door to see the room covered in mooncalves. Newt stands in the middle of the room. A mooncalf sits in his arms. The camera pans back to Y/N who gives Newt a stern look. Newt shrugs.

Newt: Ugh this isn’t what it looks like.

The cut away ends and goes back to Y/N being interviewed.

Y/N: The others? Umm yeah I see them now and then, Bridget is very chatty so I interact with her a lot. I’m not sure I’ve actually seen Claire move yet. Y/N shifts uncomfortably in the chair and leans in as if to tell the camera a secret. I’m-I’m not actually sure if she’s still alive.

Another cut away shows Claire at her desk, with the same sun glasses on. In her hair are spit balls. A figure walks by and puts more paperwork on her desk. Random clutter and paperwork cover her desk. Suddenly a spit ball flys across the room. The camera shoots up and follows the shot that came from Rodger. He quickly tries to hide the evidence that he was the one who had shot the spit ball at Claire.

Rodger: What? I’m so bored!

The cut away scene ends and goes back to Y/N sitting in the chair. She looks down at her watch and adjusts her watch.

Y/N: The minister is doing rounds to the different corridors and giving us our annual ministry updates and news. Apparently he does this every once in a while to get feed back from everyone and tell people about what’s new in the ministry…

Y/N is cut off by the sound of the interview room door opening. The camera turns to see Newt in the doorway. He looks over at her and quickly notices the camera.

Newt: (startled) Oh so sorry. Forgot the camera would be in here. (To Y/N) Don’t know if you saw the time but he’s about to start.

Y/N: I did actually. Is Rodger ready? Last time it was easier with three of us.

She gets up from her chair and follows Newt our of the room. The camera follows beind the both of them.

Newt: Yeah I believe he’s right behind him.

Suddenly M.C Hammers song “Can’t Touch This” can be heard along with loud banging and things shattering or breaking. The camera focuses on the furthest corner. Suddenly a Hammer flies from it into a wall. Biggleswade comes from around the corner carrying a boom box. His other hand is conjuring hammers as they fly around the room. Bridget runs around screaming at Biggleswade to get a grip. Claire is still asleep in her chair. Rodger follows closely behind and tries to save the hammers from destroying more of the corridor. Sometimes he is successful, other times he misses as the hammers go through the drywall. Newt and Y/N instantly start helping.

Biggleswade: (with the music) Stop! Hammer Time!

There is a cut away to Newt, Rodger and Y/N in the interview room. All of them look exhausted and all of them are covered with drywall dust. Y/N flicks dust from her trousers and does the same to Newt jacket sleeve. She turns to Rodger and dusts the top of his hair. Rodger then sneezes and Newt tries to tousle his cost a little to get the dust off. Rodger looks at the camera after his sneeze.

Rodger:Biggleswade discovered a new Muggle recording the other day. He decided he loved it so much he ended up taking it too literally and made 9:30am his “hammer time.” Which apparently, according to Muggles, means you throw around Muggle working tools.

Y/N: We still aren’t sure Muggles would have a Hammer Time, but we understand why this M.C person is warning people about the time.

Newt: We’re hoping he moves out of the Muggle 90’s soon before one of us dies.


The next scene shows the corridor gathering into the conference room, the same room as where the interviews are held. Biggleswade and Rodger help wheel Claire into the room. Bridget follows behind with Y/N and Newt in toe. Biggleswade and Rodger help fix Claire to be presentable.

Bridget: Don’t you think we should take her to the St. Mungos? I mean it’s been like three weeks. She probably stinks.

Biggleswade carefully gets close to Claire’s head and sniffs her hair.

Biggleswade: I’d say she’s got another week.

Bridget makes a disgusted face. Newt and Y/N look at each with a worrying face. Rodger sits next to Y/N.

Rodger: (To Y/N) Don’t worry she’s been out longer than this once before. She’ll be fine.

The camera zooms in on Newt’s face who looks at the camera with a blank and expression. He slowly begins to shake his head in disbelief.

Suddenly the camera goes to the conference room door where Milton opens the door and enters on his own. He stands next to Newt with his wand and a piece of paper. He uses the Lumos charm and shines it over the front of the room. The camera goes back to Newt’s expression and he slowly puts his head in his hands.

Milton: Witches and Wizards! He runs the ministry, he is the greatest, most charming and sexiest Wizard in the office! He’s your best friend and mine, give it up for MINISTER PARKINSON!!!!!

The Conference room door opens and in jogs Minister Parkinson. He throws his arms into the air and bobs up and down. Milton joins him and both of them jump around with their arms in the air.


Y/N: This is supposed to be an all day meeting…(The scene cuts to Y/N and Newt looking at each other and smirking as they try to hide their laughter.) …I don’t know how I’m going to get through this.



Bridget: Oh My God they have been glued at the hip since she got here! They are always whispering (Cut Scene to Bridget sitting in the break room table. Newt and Y/N are sitting next to each other but are turned to face each other. They are laughing and listening to each other intently. The camera goes back to Bridget who looks bored and annoyed.) The two of them are SO going to hook up. It’s like…


The camera cuts back to the board meeting. Minister Parkinson stands at the head of the table and addresses the room.

Minister:Thank you, thank you everybody! No need to stand and applause… (he pauses and when no one does anything he gives them all a stern look. Y/N and Newt look around the room as everyone looks around with confused looks. Newt and Y/N slowly stand and start clapping. Everyone follows except for Claire.) Oh stop, oh stop guys. Go one sit down. (Still confused, everyone sits again) Alright… so to start off Wizard Resources wants me to…


Minister: (His interview takes place in his office.) The board always asks me why I go around to the different offices and do these meeting myself. I mean I could get anyone to do them. I look at them and I tell them because I have a heart and knee caps just like them. I’m nothing special. I just ran for Minister and got appointed. I put my robes on one arm at a time just like anyone. But they don’t get that. When I walk into the room they immediately act like I’m this royal king or something. Doing these meetings, I feel, makes me seem like a normal average working wizard. I look forward to when I can just be average Parkinson instead of Magical Minister of Magic Parkinson.

Director: Does anyone actually call you that?

Minister: Umm no… it’s just something I’ve been trying to make a thing. It sounds more formal I think.


The scene cuts back to the board meeting. The minister is continuing to speak.

Minister: Just to reconfirm what I said. If you have any office romances, like you know officially dating. If you know you guys are just hooking up casually, I don’t think WR is gonna want to hear about it. But you know if you guys are talking about moving in together or meeting the family then best to get that locked down with WR.

The camera focuses in on Bridget’s face who sticks a hand in front of her mouth, hiding it from Y/N and Newt. She Mouths ‘A MATTER OF TIME’ and points with her other hand behind her hand at them.

Minister: It’s not that we forbid office romances, (He tries to subtly wink at Bridget. The camera zooms in on Bridget, who freezes and looks back and forth between the minister and the camera.)


Rodger: Everyone knows Bridget has a huge crush on the Minister. Even the Minister knows.



This interview takes place in Bridget’s office. There are several ‘Bridget loves Parkinson’ and Minister Parkinson memorabilia around the room.

Bridget: Me? Have a crush on the Minister? No. Absolutely not. I have no idea what you’re talking about.


Cuts back to the meeting. The minister looks at his papers.

Minister: I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Y/N for keeping Newt in line and as accident free as possible.

Newt looks annoyed at the Minister.Putting his arms out to the side as if to say what the hell.

Newt: I am right here. I can hear you.

Y/N takes Newt’s hand and moves it down to his lap. Newt looks at Y/N shocked at the physical contact but tries not show emotion. He hides his smirk by bowing his head. The camera blurs its focus on Rodger who stares at the interaction and seems defeated. Y/N lets go of Newt’s hand.

Y/N: Thank you Minister, it’s fine. He hasn’t been any trouble at all.


Y/N: (She looks off as if in a dream.) It’s actually been quite fun.


The camera cuts back to the Minister.

Minister: Well. I guess that’s it if no one else has anything.

Milton quickly raises his hand in urgency. The Minister rolls his eyes.

Minister: Does anyone else have anything? No? (The minister collects his stuff as Milton hovers over him. Everyone starts to get up and talks among themselves. Before the minister leaves the room he turns back to everyone.) And will someone PLEASE pour some water over that woman and wake her up?

The scene cuts over to Claire sitting in the chair still asleep. A voice belonging to Milton uses the Aguamenti charm and water dumps all over her head. She screams and wakes up. She rips off the sunglasses.

Claire: Oh hey thar. How have you all been?

Camera cuts back to everyone packing up to go home for the evening. Rodger stops by Newt’s door to see Y/N walking out.

Rodger: Fun meeting huh?

Y/N: Crazy fun. Waay too much fun for me to handle.

Rodger: Acts bashful So I wanted to see what you were doing tonight?

Y/N: Oh I’m just heading home. Nothing special.

Rodger: Well…maybe you’d like to… go… (Suddenly Newt comes through the door, interrupting them both. )

Newt: Y/N, I-I would you be able to… ugh… stay behind tonight? I have some extra things I will need help with.

Y/N: Oh yeah sure! She turns back to Rodger Sorry Rodger, maybe another night.

Newt and Y/N disappear back into Newt’s office. Rodger shakes his head and begins to walk towards the office door as he turns his head he looks into the camera. He shrugs his bag onto his shoulder more and continues to walk faster out of the office.


Y/N: Office Romances? Oh it’s not for me. It’s not like I am at a point in my life where I’d be ready to have a serious enough relationship.

The camera catches Newt and Y/N talking close together in a semi lit office. He props his case on a chair and opens it. He takes Y/N’s hand and helps guide her down into the case.

Y/N: As for people in the office? If I would date anyone? I mean I don’t know. I don’t think so. I’m not really interested in anyone at the moment… but I guess that could change.


listen if louis doesn’t go on the breakfast show with nick i am done, i swear to the lord of almighty cucumbers and everything i am done, done, done DONE, my blood, sweat, first borns, life savings and everything for this soulsucking band and if they cannot even give me a few minutes of nick/louis brilliant banter interview where they drag everything and everyone and laugh together, make fun of the other boys accents and talk about weird stuff, nick trying to pretend to be into sports as louis just arches his eyebrows in amusement, nick & louis cramped up in that instagrim booth making funny faces, louis bringing a gift for nick’s dogs like I AM DONE DO YOU HEAR ME i will never forgive them or anything this will be my limit

Game of Chess(P.1)

Title: Game of Chess(P.1)
Pairing: Reader x many pairings(Dylan O’Brien mainly)
Warnings: Smut, Age difference, Boss-employee relationship, cussing. 
Summary: O’Brien’s is a large banking company that is overtaking the credit card industries. Their rival Pan Banking has been hitting the company hard with different tactics, taking their employees, lowering their costs to consume more customers. Y/N gets a job as Mr. O’Brien’s new assistant and he’s quite impressed with her, but there is a lot more to her past and Pan banking then Dylan had expected. But even in the twists and turns of this dangerous game, he might not care about the past she has.

Originally posted by fuckyeahsangster

“You seem very enthusiastic.” The man said, adding a chuckle as he saw my embarrassed smile. “But still very professional, I think you’d work really well for Mr. O’Brien.”

I beamed, I had worked my way up for this job since I had gotten to this town. College was expensive and though I had a partial scholarship, I still needed money for housing as well as books, food…clothes for that matter. This was a big job and it paid well, plus the experience would look great on my resume. One of my professors had mentioned it to me and had even put in a good word to a friend he had that worked here. 

Once my application was in, I had a call and an interview in less then two days. It took a week to get through the different managers and assistants before I finally made it to the co-founder of the company. His name was Thomas B. Sangster or as he liked you to call him, Mr. Sangster. 

He was the final chess piece to becoming Mr. O’Brien’s assistant. We had had a good interview, laughs and all, though he had some very hard to answer questions, I think I did okay for myself. 

Finally, he stood up and offered his hand, giving me a rather handsome smile as I shook it and stood up myself. “Well Ms. Y/LN, we’ll see you on Monday, on your way down my assistant will brief you on Mr. O’Brien’s dress code. I’m sure we’ll see each other again very soon.”

I nodded, letting his hand go with a small smirk of my own. “Quite soon.” I said softly before turning around to walk from the room. I turned my head to glance over my shoulder. “Thank you for your time, Mr. Sangster.” I left the room, walking a short distance down the hallway before I stepped into an elevator. 

Before the doors closed Thomas slid between them, quickly pressing me up against the further corner of the small space. His hand reached behind him, slamming the ‘stop’ button in, causing the elevator to lurch to a stop in between floors. His eyes fell on my heaving chest, only panting slightly from the sudden surprise. 

He said nothing before he gripped my hips, tugging me into him as his lips fell to mine, biting the plump flesh before kissing me roughly as if trying to pull the breath from my body.

I let his hands trail down my hips until he caught the plump flesh of my ass, gripping and pulling me up as my legs wrapped around his waist. He growled as I pressed my hips into his, my hands tangling into his messy dirty blond hair.

The business man groaned, setting me onto the floor so he could tug my panties off, riding my dress up my hips as he lifted me back up. I let out a moan when he slid a hand between my legs, wasting no time in slipping a finger into my wet entrance, enticing a whimper from my lips. 

Thomas smirked, moving the digit in and out before adding a second finger. His pace picked up, my hips bucked upwards as I tried to keep myself quiet. I bit down on my lip, moaning quietly with each pump of his hand. 

“Do you need me to stop?” He asked, his tone husky while he slowed his movements, curling his fingers against my walls. I could barely speak, but I shook my head, my hands on his shoulders, fingers digging into his shirt. 

“Don’t.” I breathed. 

“Don’t what, Ms. Y/L/N?” Thomas growled, taking one of my hands to guide it down between us. He groaned when my fingers trailed across the bulge in his pants, his member twitching at the feeling. 

I sighed, moving my hand up so I could undo the button of his jeans. “Don’t stop.” I whispered, bucking up my hips to try and make him move those talented fingers once again. 

His eyes, half lidded, turned down to watch my hand as it unzipped his jeans, sliding into the opening before bringing out his hard manhood. He panted softly, groaning before he pulled his fingers from my body, snatching my wrist as he did so. He pinned my arms above me, lining himself up with my entrance. 

My head fell backwards with a throaty moan when he thrust inside, his hands palming my ass before one slid up to grab at my breast. He grunted, his hips coming back before slamming back up. 

His pace increased, as did the sounds I tried not to make. the blond’s head fell onto my shoulder as he continued to thrust into me as roughly and quickly as he could muster. The two of us smashed our lips together when we hit our ends, trying not to scream any cuss words or any other forsaken noises as we hit our peak. 

After a moment, he slid out, letting me down onto my feet. His neck coated in sweat. I reached down and slid my panties back on, letting him readjust his jeans before he took a step back, hitting the button to the elevator “We don’t talk about this, okay?” He said in a serious tone, turning to face me as the elevator roared back to life. 

I nodded, chuckling a bit. “Of course not.” My hand trailed down his chest as I made my way towards the opening doors. “Thanks for the interview Mr. Sangster. I’ll see you on Monday.”

Just as I stepped out, Mr. O’Brien boarded the elevator, his eyes trailing across me before he looked towards Thomas. I grinned as i made my way towards the building entrance. 

“Is that Y/N?” Dylan asked, hitting the button to the top floor. 

Thomas adjusted his tie, nodding. “That is her.”

Dylan nodded. “Well how did the interview go?”

“Brilliant. I think you’ll quite like her.”

“I’m sure I will.”

I don’t even want to address the negative things that happened today because my heart can’t handle it, so instead I’ll concentrate on the positives!

- Sana looked beautiful tonight
- Even getting up to sing karaoke (because of course he’d want to)
- ESKILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Isak and Even continuously being there for each other in their relationship is my aesthetic. No joke.
- THE BOY SQUAD FRIENDSHIP! It was soooooooo good to see Jonas and Mahdi again. Oh my god, I’ve missed them so much and how all four (now five) of them are constantly looking out for each other (Take Notes Girls!)

On an unrelated to the clip note:
- Tarjei and Henrik were absolutely brilliant tonight in their interviews and in the audience at Gullruten. I’m so glad that all of the Boy Squad got to represent the show this year and I’m so proud of O Helga Natt winning TV Moment of the Year and Tarjei and Henrik for winning the Audience or “People’s Choice” Award.

Jim Carter on the Graham Norton radio show

Google the last Saturdays Graham Norton BBC radio 2 show. Jim Carter was on it and the interview is brilliant , get him on the Graham Norton tv chat show when swimming with men comes out. He was talking about last Tuesdays screening of brassed off at the royal Albert hall , swimming with men and did a listener q and a . he comes across really well

I’d love Sean to speak more. You know, nothing would make my life more… easy as well, but… it’s just such a hard thing to get him to do it. And, you know, he’s so bleak at times and dry, he’d make brilliant interviews. I remember when Tolerate number won and he did this interview with the NME. It was ‘well, what does it mean to you?’ and he just went 'well, we all turn to dust anyway, don’t we?’
—  Nicky in this interview