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Dan Stevens Appreciation Week

Day 7: Free Choice

I chose this vid because it is just pure genius! The way that there is two of them and that his rational mind is brit, while david is american. How he imitates Patrick Stewart. A brit, doing an american accent while imitating a brit. Brilliant!!! plus, it helps me understand his origin a little bit better. 

The pix is because his eyes!! His eyes pop out and I love it!!! You can swim in his eyes! They are beyond beautiful!  Bonus- Whenever he talks about the love he has for his wife and kids. 😍 Sidenote: I am going to miss posting these and seeing everyone else’s answers.

75 Brilliant Brits: Kit Harington photographed by Alan Clarke for Esquire UK (July 2010)

What can you tell us about your Game Of Thrones character, Jon Snow? “He’s dark and brooding, and a good swoordsman. He’s the illegitimate son of Sean Bean’s character, so he’s got a chip on his shoulder. And he’s got a pet wolf. A young actor’s dream really.”