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Dan Stevens Appreciation Week

Day 7: Free Choice

I chose this vid because it is just pure genius! The way that there is two of them and that his rational mind is brit, while david is american. How he imitates Patrick Stewart. A brit, doing an american accent while imitating a brit. Brilliant!!! plus, it helps me understand his origin a little bit better. 

The pix is because his eyes!! His eyes pop out and I love it!!! You can swim in his eyes! They are beyond beautiful!  Bonus- Whenever he talks about the love he has for his wife and kids. 😍 Sidenote: I am going to miss posting these and seeing everyone else’s answers.

Listen {Newt x Reader}

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Author: Joi A. Wade 

Requested: Yes. @haialyy #1, thanks so much for requesting, my lovely, hope you enjoy! 

Summary: Things can get ugly if you don’t open up your ears for someone else. If that makes sense😅

“WHOA! Was that an earthquake?!” You heard from behind you. You were currently working in the kitchen with Frypan, helping him out with dinner for the night. But, being a little extra clumsy today, you misdid your footing, and tripped on air; landing down on your bum, of course a few gladers saw, and just HAD to comment.

“I think it was, take cover, dude!” They all ‘playfully’ hid under the table, laughing their shucking asses off like it was the most funniest joke in the world. It’s not even like you are a heavy person, but apparently they wanted to make you feel like you were.

Getting up, you dusted yourself off, ignoring their words of stupidity. Boys will be boys, you guessed. 

“Aw, lighten up, (Y/n), we’re only teasing.”

“Yeah, don’t be such a stick in the mud.” 

“Wait, Charlie, I think you mean LOG. A stick, she is far from!” Another wise crack, and this time everyone heard. And just like EVERY time, every glader erupted in laughter. The only two not laughing had to be Chuck and Newt, as they watched the scene from their own seats.

‘Don’t cry, (Y/n). Whatever you do, don’t cry..’ your mind practically begged you, but your tear-ducts had a mind of their own, as a couple of tears slid down your cheeks. 

You quickly wiped the tears away, hoping they didn’t see. But of course they would. They always do.

“Now she’s crying! Why are you such a girl, take a shucking joke-!”

“SCREW YOU! Screw ALL of you slint-heads, I hope you all burn in hell! Or better yet get shucked in the ass by a griever!” You screamed, surprising everyone in the room. And once you got that off your chest, you hightailed it out of there, heading in the direction of the Deadheads. 

Not even realizing a certain glader limped his way to you, trying to keep up. When he got close enough he gently, but firmly grabbed your hand.


“Not now, Newt! I just want to be alone!” You tried pulling away, but Newt only gripped your hand tighter. 

“(Y/n), just listen to me-!”

“WHY?! So you can make fun of my weight too? Or how I cry?! They’re shucking emotions, I’m not a damn robot, but like usual NO ONE CARES!”

Newt took both of your shoulders, gently shaking you, looking deeply into your eyes.

“Stop it! You know that I care about you!” Newt yelled over you, catching you completely off guard. Seeing that you were speechless, he continued. “(Y/n), love, I care about you so bloody much, you have no idea how much it hurts me to see you in pain like this.”

Finding your voice again, you respond. “If you cared so much, then why has it taken you so shucking long to let this continue? Two months, Newt, they’ve been verbally harassing me, and what have you done? Nothing.”

“I-I know…I know I just sat there, but you gotta understand that I was afraid. I was afraid to help because I felt like it wasn’t my place, you always say how you don’t want to be treated with special care, so I just assumed that…you would take care of it yourself. And you finally did, love. You were amazing back there! How you finally had enough of their klunk and just exploded like that? I have never seen a glader so speechless in my years of living in this hell-hole. You were incredible.” Newt squeezed your shoulders, mirroring the smile that has crept upon your lips.

“I was amazing, wasn’t I?” You playfully brag, getting a wholesome chuckle from the Brit. 

“Absolutely brilliant. And hey, if you’re up for it, I’ll let you go back and shout at them some more, until they klunk their pants.” Newt offered.

Rising a little on you tippy-toes, you kissed his cheek. It didn’t take long for his face to turn pink, and for his eyes to bug out of his head. With a light chuckle, you interlocked your hand with his, staring into his beautiful, brown eyes.

“Sounds like a great idea to me.”

   {A/N} ~Hola! I hoped this was okay, I kinda wrote this from a life experience, and I really hope you enjoyed! More requests on the way, stay beautiful my lovelies!

75 Brilliant Brits: Kit Harington photographed by Alan Clarke for Esquire UK (July 2010)

What can you tell us about your Game Of Thrones character, Jon Snow? “He’s dark and brooding, and a good swoordsman. He’s the illegitimate son of Sean Bean’s character, so he’s got a chip on his shoulder. And he’s got a pet wolf. A young actor’s dream really.”