brilliant brits

Mom Anon:  Still one if my faves! And British. Yes, best known as part of a duo but back in the day, Stan Laurel was the famous one and Oliver Hardy was hired as a side kick. They worked so well together, they became Laurel and Hardy.

Anna:  I’ve left too many brilliant Brits out of that list…  I can’t believe I forgot about Stan laurel (apparently the driving force behind Laurel and Hardy)

75 Brilliant Brits: Kit Harington photographed by Alan Clarke for Esquire UK (July 2010)

What can you tell us about your Game Of Thrones character, Jon Snow? “He’s dark and brooding, and a good swoordsman. He’s the illegitimate son of Sean Bean’s character, so he’s got a chip on his shoulder. And he’s got a pet wolf. A young actor’s dream really.”