Cuibul, they are so great! Brilliant song…


Holy again!!!  Mind = Blown x2!  Even beyond Nick’s shirt being reminiscent of his youth, he kept his Junior Ranger Scout scarf.  (!!)  Even after what happened to him there, he kept it, a memento of what he wants and who he wants to be.  A marker of the authentic Nick.  A tie to his desired future.

He kept Judy’s pen too.  He keeps items from things dear to him, items that call to him…

So lovely.  Show’s what heart truly lived/lives underneath the rancorous and sarcastic shell.  Well done, Zootopia team.  Love it and love Nick tonnes. 

Remember all those times we thought Taylor was being so extra and had gone full-on crazy fangirl promoting her boyfriend’s new single? Well nah turns out homegirl was just promoting her own song 😂