A Crowded Cupboard

My @jilyfest​ submission! (ao3: x )
Tropes: Enclosed spaces & interfering friends
Summary: Sirius pushes James and Lily into a cupboard, hoping to force them to talk about their mutual feelings. His plan doesn’t go as smoothly as he hoped. 

This really wasn’t how Lily expected the day to go. Classes earlier had dragged a bit, but at lunch there had been pie and she’d spent time out by the lake with Mary. It was one of the last days to enjoy sitting out before the weather would be too cold. She’d run a little later than she’d anticipated and hurried to get ready for patrols.

“You used to hate patrols. You used to go 10 minutes late with your feet dragging,” Mary had pointed out with a giggle. “Now you’re primping for 15 minutes minimum.”

Lily had glared as she placed her hairbrush daintily on the bathroom counter. “Well I changed my mind.”

“About more than just patrols, it would seem,” Mary had said with a wink, watching as Lily’s face went scarlet.

The first twenty minutes of patrols had been wonderful— nothing was happening in the castle on this sleepy October night, and so she and James had just had time to talk.

Until Sirius had showed up. Until he had shoved them into this godforsaken spiderweb covered broom closet and set up shop outside the door, using charms as well as his body weight to keep it firmly shut.

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