Ô toi, dont l’ombre rend si lumineuses les ombres, quelle apparition splendide formerait ta forme réelle à la clarté du jour agrandie de ta propre clarté, puisque ton ombre brille ainsi aux yeux qui ne voient pas !.

William Shakespeare - Sonnets - XLIII  


my first contacts, there as realistic as you’re going to get the image was as HD as you’re going to get aswell

there n problems of what I know of I used @pixelore eye as Reference and the mask is her’s to mine was fugky okay, soooo I’m VERY SORRRYYYYYY so HIGHLY ALL CREDIT GOES TO HER

Cas Thumnails, one non recolourable and one Full recolourable 

Eye texture this yes it’s my own eye but quality was brill 



Piscis cómo primera impresión

Aries: Este chico es diferente, no se si esta sonriendo o llorando

Tauro: Lo invitaré a comer más tarde, Netflix será nuestro amigo

Géminis: Veo que no necesita ser el centro de atención, bien, más para mi

Cáncer: Sólo quiere que lo abracen, pero porque es tan desconfiado? Me recuerda a mi, yo le daré amor

Leo: Que ternura que es, haré que brille

Virgo: ¿Son sentimientos lo que percibo en mi ser? Mejor me voy, bai

Libra: Ay no te preocupes cariño, yo haré que seas feliz todos los días

Escorpio: Ni si quiera yo soy tan pesimista

Sagitario: Yo haré que vea el lado bueno de la vida

Capricornio: Pareciera cómo si me pudiera leer, eso no es bueno

Acuario: Es cómo si viera la versión pesimista y amorosa de mi mismo, tú si que me caes bien

Piscis: ¿Pesimista? ¿Intuitivo? Exacto, también yo desconfiaré de tí

Leveling my mage has basically just been 30 levels of hiding behind the crypt doors in Brill’s graveyard and saying “u found me” to anybody who opens them while I wait on dungeon queues.

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nimmst du harte drogen?

Ja, wenn du das nimmst, hast du so Schmetterlinge im Bauch, alles fühlt sich richtig schön an, du siehst alles durch eine rosaroten Brille, du fühlst dich unsterblich, du bist einfach nur glücklich.
Wenn du Glück hast, wird das zu deinem Dauerzustand oder dich trifft der Absturz, du fühlst erstmal nichts, alles ist weg, du bist verwirrt, dann vermisst du es, daraufhin fängst du an zu hassen, dir nahstehende Menschen zu verletzen, fühlst dich durchgehend einsam und verlassen, gestatten die Droge: Liebe.

Hey - it looks like it’s the 10th anniversary for First Second Books, publisher of fine graphic novels. I think the book I did with them - CAT BURGLAR BLACK -  might have been one of their earliest, back in 2009. That book got me a whole new audience - young adults and kids. There’s nothing like getting fan mail from kids to bring a tear to the eye of a grizzled old ink-stained wretch. So I’m extremely grateful to Mark Siegel and Calista Brill who took a chance on me. The process wasn’t always easy for me and I wasn’t 100% happy with the way the book turned out (but then I rarely am with any of my books - otherwise, why keep making new ones?) – and no the book didn’t set the world on fire (they passed on the planned sequel) but there is no one to blame but myself for that (especially since another comics team took my basic idea - the adventures of a teenage cat burglar - and ran with it to much acclaim). I’ll always appreciate that First Second took a chance on a weirdo cartoonist and let me be myself – how could I not be grateful for that? Anyway – they also just sent me a tote bag! Congratulations, to Mark and Calista for TEN YEARS! – and thanks again.