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Ann Charlott hat einen tollen Kleidergeschmack! Sie zieht sich in ihrer Freizeit immer sehr modebewusst an. Was man erkennen kann,ist das sie sich gerne elegant anzieht,aber trotzdem ist immer ein sportlicher Touch dabei. Jeder von uns kann sich bisschen was abgucken bei ihr,denn sie kombiniert das wirklich toll.


Hauptsache teuer! Das sieht man wirklich in jedem Bild,welche ich ausgewählt habe. Aber wenn man es kann,dann kann man es. Dennoch sieht sie nicht immer gut aus und da kann die Chanel Tasche auch nichts mehr retten (Bild 4 von links). 


Ann Charlotte besitzt so einige,aber wer von uns besitzt nicht viele Sonnenbrille? Der Unterschied ist,dass ihre teuer sind und sie dennoch viele besitzt. Sie hat eine Gesichtsform wo wirklich jede Brille passt. Egal ob runde,eckige Gläser… Die Sonnenbrille auf dem ersten Bild gefällt mir gar nicht und Ann Charlott sieht komisch aus mit der Brille.


Jaja Schals! Das perfekte Winter-Accessoriers und so sieht es auch Ann. Wieso kauft man sich nicht gleich drei Louis Vuitton  Schals? (Bild 1,2,3). Sie mag es Marken-Sachen anzuziehen (siehe nächsten Punkt) und das zeigt sie uns auch bei den Schals. ABER sie kann “billigere” anziehen,wie zum Beispiel der vom Zara (Bild 4). Ich bin schon gespannt,wie es nächsten Winter aussehen wird.


Ich hätte noch weite Collagen erstellen können,wo sie teure Marken trägt! Hermes,Chanel,Valentino,Prada,YSL…… alles dabei. Es ist ziemlich erschreckend zu sehen,dass sie wirklich so viele besitzt (aber da ist sie nicht die einzigste). Seitdem Lewis sie betrogen hat,besitzt sie plötzlich so viele Markensachen,ob da wohl nichts dahinter steckt….. 
Naja ist dann Lewis und Ann Charlott’s Sache! Mir als Wag/Style Blog stört es natürlich nicht,wenn sie mit den Sachen prahlt,aber anderen könnte es auf die Nerven gehen…

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list of my issues that i’ve shoved into my characters, that i’m aware of:

  • Siobhan Tabris — growing up/being poor, being aimless and angry
  • Brille Mahariel — my habit of avoiding/running from my problems, in the most literal and overt way I could possibly have made it lmao
  • Adelphe Andras — being used by people who claimed to want to help me (in me it was school officials who pushed me to do well because it reflected well on the school, in her it’s her whole background as a bard)
  • Lysandra Hawke — growing up poor, feeling entitled to something better than what I’ve known, my frustrations at failing at things I’m “supposed” to be good at (in her it’s healing magic, in me it’s a lot of things tbh)
  • Haven Hawke — growing up poor, growing up too fast, being selfish
  • Jeta Shepard — being isolated from my culture due to things out of my control, my unhealthy ideas about loyalty and debts (don’t ask because i won’t answer lmao), my terrible taste in aesthetic

all of my characters most likely have something of my issues and complexes and personality in it them tbh, it’s always been a coping mechanism for me to transplant this shit and work it out through writing. this is just stuff that was done intentionally (Lysandra, Jeta) and that I didn’t mean to happen but did anyway that I’m aware of (Siob, Brille, Adelphe, Haven).

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lmao oh these steroliners are so fucking pretentious i cannot even, oh i´m just rescue you all from those mean horrible klaroliners who tag correctly in the anti tag!!!! jesus fuck and my favorite thing is that only klaroliners have negative things to say about their NOTP just us yeah right take a fucking look in the mirror. And omg yesterday on twitter when they kept on asking KC questions it was brill those fools are so salty its hillarious its our time now boooohooo to bad KC is forever

Oh dear, has something happened? I feel like something happened. I hear that another anti-Klaroliner blog was started, for the sole purpose of negatively ‘calling out’ the shippers, is that what this is about?

Look, I won’t pretend that every fan of Klaroline is a saint, and I won’t pretend every fan of Steroline is someone who spends their free time throwing mud at random people on the internet. Every fandom has their bad apples, but creating blogs like these anti ones and paying attention to what they do ensures that you’re a) only ever engaging with the really negative people in fandom and b) takes time away from enjoying the things you actually like.

It’s time wasting and counter productive. Block and move on, Tumblr Saviour is everyone’s friend. You’re right, I doubt it’s just us who’s saying negative things and coming into anti-tags spoiling for a fight is so ridiculous and juvenile, but at this point, nothing you or I say is going to change the minds of the people who are determined to hate us.  It’s an unfortunate situation, and the people behind these are just the worst kind, but we can only control what we do. 

Anyway, here’s a cute animal:


samweshouldrun Te amo. Amo que orbites a mi alrededor. Amo que brilles. Amo todo de ti. Amo que me entiendas, que me notes aunque intente esconderme. Amo que no te alejes, que te quedes. Amo que aunque te frustro, no te rindes. Amo que me soportes, con todo y mi nube tormentosa. Amo que seas tan tú. Amo que me ames siendo tan yo. Amo a Sam. Amo a mi Sam. Amo que seas tú, Sam.

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what does cheeky nandos mean

Basics, when you’re having your free at college and all your other lad mates are having theirs, you all decide that it’s time for some phat beefy bants and you all swoop down to subway to have a tasty breakfast sub but then you look at the time and shit it’s too late for breakfast so your main man Ollie says “morrisons meal deal lol?” and you’re all like yeah craze so you march down to the shop with high hopes of recieving bare pootang deals but then this geezer Toby who you’re also with is like, “guys, i got paid bare dolla, who’s up for some cheeky time?” and your bros be like “what sorta cheek?” and Toby, the banterlicious booty bro, replies with “cheeky Nandos?” and you all look at one another like brill news then you ride off into the sunset no homo


 i have been waiting for ages!!

How the term 'climate denier' is purposefully and strategically being used to silence debate

The left does it all the time. All. The. Time. When they can’t win an argument, they silence debate. Sometimes this is done through coercion but, because of that pesky Constitution that always seems to get in the way of the left’s agenda, this method often proves difficult and inconvenient. So they settle for Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” numbers 5 and 12: Shut down debate with ridicule. Marginalize your opponent. Remove all credibility and sympathy from them. Sound familiar?

From E&E News:

The word “denial” – meaning refusal or withholding – entered the English language from Old French hundreds of years ago, but it gained linguistic muscle with A.A. Brill’s translation of the Austrian father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, in the early 20th century.

Denial, or Verneinung in Freud’s German, came to mean refusing to acknowledge a painful or uncomfortable truth, despite overwhelming evidence.

In politics, there was “Holocaust denial,” “moon-landing denial” and “evolution denial” – all flowing from Freud, with its implications not only of untruth but of mental illness.

And now the word’s in the center ring of the global warming fight: “climate denial.”

“Climate change has always been a kind of a framing war,” said George Marshall, founder of the Climate Outreach Information Network in Great Britain and the author of the book “Don’t Even Think About It: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Ignore Climate Change.” “If you can get out there and you can get your language inserted into the discourse, it’s your ideas that dominate.”

Marshall and co-author Mark Lynas published the first reference to “climate denier” in the English-language press in a 2003 op-ed they wrote for the left-leaning magazine The New Statesman.

They wanted those words to sting.

Read the Rest

Click through. There’s a lot more.

As frustrating as it is that public opinion is often formed by those who can yell the loudest, it’s the truth. And they readily admit that that’s the plan. They have no intention on proving anything or persuading anyone with facts. They have no real interest in changing anyone’s mind. They simply want to shut them up.

But as stated, this is modern discourse in America. I know it’s a bitter pill to swallow, but we don’t have respectful debate anymore. Ask yourself, is there a topic you don’t dare broach in a public forum because of the hateful vitriol you will undoubtedly receive if you did? Don’t feel like being called a stupid, racist, bigoted, sexist, homophobic, islamaphobic, white-privilege loving, misogynistic, poor-hating, heartless, science-denying microagressor? That’s the problem. Ideas should be accepted or rejected based on merit, not because one side silenced the other through name-calling.

So I encourage you, don’t let them get away with it anymore. Politely call people out when they begin to name-call and marginalize. You be the adult.

Exit thought:  What’s particularly ridiculous about the phrase “climate denier” is that it’s a misnomer. I’ve still yet to meet a person who denies that climate exists…

Hey guys! My bud Zack - assbuttyourargumentisinvalid - (the one who I gave Monstrous Regiment to a couple of months back and who is also one of my fave humans ever) has been beavering away at this cute lil series of ficlets of pretty much canon-Montrous Regiment, but with transboy!Mal (and it has Polly/Mal *squeeeee!*)

(oh, and it’s gonna be weekly uploads on Saturday, plus an extra chapter on the 25th!)

It’s super brill and has short, really-nice-to-read chapters (but overall it’s gonna end up a really lovely length) so I would super super recommend it. Plus it’s literally Monstrous Regiment with added LGBT+, so hey, what’s not to love? <3


I changed it up because I had a brill idea, enjoy! Also if this sucks I’m sorry I’m in the worst amount of pain possible and it was distracting me ):


You know what’s something that can drive a person mad if they aren’t even awake? When you have a sex dream that seems all too real. When you’re in that state and the sex makes you feel so good, your instant reaction is to live it again, only you can’t because it’s a dream. What sucks even more is when they aren’t lucid dreams, not having any control over what the hell is going on. He drove you mad with pleasure and he was only asleep!

Calum was probably the best in bed, soft, yet rough. Dominant, yet at times submissive. He was the only one to drive you completely to your edge, wanting so much more than just a quick fuck. It had to be slow, meaningful, but his passionate side takes over in an instant, making that slow and meaningful into needy and want. Did you mind though?

Rolling over, you didn’t feel the body head beside you, only the cool cotton of the sheets. Pouting, you could hear the tap water running, obviously he’s brushing his teeth or something, but you needed him, bad. The events from last night play over even more in your head as you look down at your nude body. As you rise from the bed, heading towards the bathroom, you open the door gently only to see Calum smiling at you.

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

He’s in nothing but a towel, so you decide to sit on the bathroom counter, legs straddling his hips and gazing at his beautiful face. He let’s you wrap your legs around him a little tighter, pulling him in closer, smelling his cologne. Feeling his breath across your face, you can’t help but grind against him a bit, letting your tongue trace the water droplets running down his neck. 

He makes you remove your lips from his neck as he starts kissing you. Feeling him already hard under the towel, your hands slip down and pull his towel free, slipping down to grasp him firmly, ripping a moan from him. He slips open your sheet that you wrapped around yourself and starts kneading your breasts, moaning softly in your ear, and then nibbling it.

You bite his neck, suppressing a low moan. Continuing to stroke him, feeling him throb in your hand. As he groans he takes two long fingers and starts toying with you, easing into your wet heat, mimicking your movements as you stroke him. He grinds into you a bit, thrusting faster with his fingers. Suddenly he pulls his fingers out and sucks them clean before positioning himself and sliding easily inside. You both groan at the feeling, filling you completely, stretching your walls. Such a delicious sensation rushes through your veins, your whole body on fire with need and want. 

You lock your legs around his ass, moaning loudly as he thrusts roughly into you. He begins telling you softly how good you feel around him, how wet you are, how hard it makes him. He moans out a drawn out as he feels you begin to cum around him. But he keeps the steady pace, not finished with you yet.
You moan his name as you lose control, your eyes rolling back in your head.

He reaches up, cradling your head to keep you from bumping it against the mirror. Your nails scratch his back lightly as you ride out your orgasm, his pace never wavering. He kisses and nips your neck, then grins and whispers. 

“Get ready love”. His thrusts quicken and intensify, filling you more than you thought possible.

He keeps hitting the deepest point, and all you can do is moan out his name as he brings you to the brink. You feel as though you might pass out from the sheer intensity of the sensations this man creates in your body. 

Your nerve endings are singing as you desperately hold onto him, letting wave after wave of pleasure wash over you. You feel him throbbing, and as he gets closer to the edge he calls out your name, triggering yours as well. You shatter completely as you feel him cum, leaving you both trembling. Your breath catches in your throat as he leans his forehead against yours, a smile playing on his lips.

He kisses you softly, then hoists up your legs around his waist, carrying you to the bed and laying you down softly, his lips never leaving yours. You pull him down so that the entire length of his body is pressed against yours, your mouth devouring his. Your body still overly stimulated. He kisses you hungrily, his body reacting to your need. His hands rove over your warm skin, setting every nerve on alert. 

You whimper against his lips, unable to find your voice. His mouth leaves your lips, drawing your earlobe in, biting down on it. A small cry escapes your lips, the sharp pain sending jolts through your senses. He begins suckling softy the same spot, leaving you writhing in agonized pleasure beneath him. He continues downward, leaving a burning trail of kisses and bites, working his way towards your breasts. 

His tongue lavishing one nipple as his long, talented fingers pluck at the other. You groan, burying your fingers in his hair. He smiles against your skin at hearing your groan. He keeps teasing till your nipples are hard peaks. Then, after leaving a soft kiss on each one, he continues his descent. Enjoying your moans of anticipation as you realize his destination. 

He places kisses and gentle nips on the soft skin of your belly. He looks up, his blue grey eyes twinkling with mischief, as he continues lower. He reaches the apex between your thighs, his breath tickling tantalizingly. It’s all you can do to keep from wrapping your legs around his head. You can’t believe how desperately you need this man. You hear his soft chuckle as he sees your desire burning in your eyes. You want to tell him to get on with it, but you feel him gently nuzzle you, that little bit of facial hair that was left behind grazing against your skin roughly. 

Your head falls back to the mattress, all words gone. You hear him inhale deeply, as if to fully experience your arousal. You gasp as you feel his tongue slide over your folds. He teases you, purposely avoiding that quivering bundle of nerves that is begging for his attention. One hand comes up to rest on your stomach to keep you from moving as he continues to slowly lick. You squirm, forcing yourself to not clamp your thighs around him. 

The torture is frustrating and amazing all together. You feel him smile at your wiggles, and he decides to reward you. You at last feel his tongue hit right where you’ve been aching for his touch. Your eyes squeeze shut and you squeal out his name, gasping for air. He expertly curls his tongue around your clit, two fingers slipping inside your wet heat. Your thighs fall to the side, opening yourself fully to him. 

Your hands slide up to grip your own breasts, massaging them roughly, groaning his name. When he glances up and sees the way you’re touching yourself, you feel the moan slip from his throat. The vibration hits you hard, and you begin slightly moving your hips. Your thighs start trembling and you moan out that you’re cumming. 

He flattens his tongue against your clit, feeling it throb, as his fingers pump in and out of you bringing you over the edge. You moan loudly, gripping his hair, holding him exactly where you need him. You’re left gasping and whimpering as your orgasm is ripped from you. As you slowly come down from the high, Calum looks up at you, licking his lips with a little wink.

You sit up and pull him toward you, kissing that smirk right off his lips. You moan together, and your hand travels down to where you know he’s already rock hard and ready for you. His fingers continue pumping in you, keeping you primed for him. You stroke him steadily, loving the way he feels in your hand. But you want more. You push him back, groaning at the loss of contact with his fingers. You hold the base of his erection firmly, running the tip of your tongue over his head. His head falls back a little, his cock twitching. You can’t help licking your lips as you stare at his perfect body. 

You lean down and slowly wrap your lips around him, smiling when he hisses and thrusts up involuntarily. You stretch your lips around him taking as much of his impressive length as you can. He’s steel covered in velvet, and you love the sensation of him in your mouth, the way his hips buck against you. You reach down to cup his heavy sack, squeezing gently. He groans out.

“Oh Fuuuck, darling.” Calum grits his teeth, trying to hold back.

His hands grab the sheets as you move, not allowing him to hold himself back from pleasure’s peak. You hum, and watch the shiver dart through his toned body. You feel him swell in your mouth, one hand tangling in your hair, pulling slightly. He cums in your mouth in hot jets. You moan, swallowing all he has to offer.

You softly lick him clean, starting with his still heavy sack and lapping all the way to the tip. He moans with every lick, shifting around on the bed under you. You move to look him in the eyes, smiling at the pleasure and lust you see reflected there. You nip his thigh, hearing him gasp. Gently you kiss the offended flesh, working your way up. Your tongue traces the ridges of his abdomen, the muscles twitching. He groans even while chuckling, whispering.

“Oh baby girl, you are wicked”. He slides his hands under your arms, raising you up and turning you on your stomach. 

He begins licking and nipping down your spine, watching as you twitch and jump with every touch. His hands graze your ass, cupping it gently before giving it a light smack. You can’t help but arch your back, offering your ass to him. He chuckles softly, letting his hand smack your ass again. He knows you secretly crave this punishment. 

“You’re a naughty girl, princess.“ His whisper sends a thrill shooting straight to your core. You moan.

“Yes, I’m your naughty girl.” and you hear him chuckle. He leans over you and whispers in your ear hotly.

“And you know what I do to my naughty girl.” He bites your shoulder and makes his way down, nibbling till he leaves red bite marks all down your back. You’re wiggling, anticipating every touch. He then pulls you up so that your back is pressed against his chest, whispering harshly. 

“What do you think I should do to this naughty girl?” You don’t even recognize the sound of you own voice as you whimper, pushing yourself against him. He’s already hot and hard against your back. 

“I deserve to be punished for being so naughty.” You moan. His hands slide up to cup your breasts, greedily gripping them. He chuckles darkly and whispers.

“Well if you insist…” and he hoists you up and spreads your legs wide, plunging in deep. You gasp and cry out, reveling in the feel of him hitting every inch, every spot that craves attention. He thrusts hard, squeezing your breasts and harshly muttering in your ear.

“Say you’re mine, all mine princess.” You cry out at the sudden intrusion, his voice harsh against your ear. 

“I’m yours. Only yours.” You groan out breathlessly. 

He growls at your statement, marking your flesh with his teeth. You reach up and tug on his curls, urging him on. The sensation seems to set him afire, and the thrusts intensify. He grasps your hips roughly, pounding into you. His teeth leave marks as they scrape down your skin, and he shouts.

“Cum NOW, NOW. Fuck I love you.” The urgency of his thrusts and his voice send you careening into the abyss.

Your walls clench tightly around him and you cum, choice obscenities slipping from your lips, your very breath being torn from your lungs. He continues thrusting through your climax, not ready to finish yet. He reaches down to tease you where you’re joined with him, and the climax you thought was finished rears up again, pounding through your veins. He turns you and presses your back into the bed, never withdrawing . 

“Look at me princess, don’t close your eyes.” 

You manage to open your eyes and see his shining with lust and love, his climax imminent. The look in his eyes leaves you panting. Never have you seen such intense emotion. You know he is oh so close, and your own climax is rippling through you so powerfully. Never had you been with someone who knew how to play your body so well, plucking each exquisite note of pleasure from you. Your walls tremble around him, drawing him as deeply as possible. 

“Cum for me, Calum. Please baby?” You whisper, your fingers digging into his flesh. 

You can see the moment hit him. He keeps your gaze as he thrusts once, twice, and roars as he cums hard, causing you to spasm and cum around him. You can’t drop each other’s gaze, so you simply watch each other fall.
As the waves crash over you he begins whispering over and over “I love you”, stroking your hair and starting to rain soft kisses over your face. You’ve never seen something so beautiful as this man achieving his release. As he kisses you and strokes your hair, you can’t help but to run your fingers through his curls.

“I love you too”. You’re still finding it incredibly difficult to catch your breath after the marathon session. You can’t seem to stop smiling, a warmth spreading from your toes all the way up your body. 

“You are the most amazing human being on the face of the planet, babe.” Calum smiles and nuzzles your nose. 

“I’m afraid you’re wrong, that’s all you princess.” He continues stroking your hair and caressing your skin, almost as if he needs to memorize every inch of you. 

He rolls so that he is lying on his back, wrapping you into his arms and pulling you close. You snuggle up against him closely, your head resting so you can hear the beating of his heart. His fingers trail lovingly through your hair.  

“I forgot to say this, good morning Princess! Enjoy yourself?” He laughs.

“More than ever.”

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SEPTA NHSL 10-17-89 4 Bullet Car 205 cab. Motorman Winston Banks, one of the line’s many friendly operators, at the helm. It’s a little hard to see it in this photo, but the operators tended to run the Bullet cars using their left arm to operate both the controller and airbrake valve- you operated the controller with your elbow (automatic acceleration simplified things), and when you “shut off” you kept your elbow there (necessary to keep the deadman engaged) and still had enough reach to operate the brake handle. Many of the guys were real artists at it, and watching them at work added to the fun of riding the “Bullets”. SEPTA Norristown High Speed Line (former Philadelphia & Western) 10/17/89

(via SEPTA NHSL 10-17-89 4 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)

Oh heyy taylorswift thought I’d share with you what I get up to when the traffic strikes bad on my way to work… I basically jam out to you and record myself, then get weird looks from random people in their cars like “ummm this girl cray”! It’s brill! I hope it enlightens your day, just how silly I look/am. #IDontCare Lots of love, Caitlin xxx