La primera impresión que tuve de ti no fue del todo positiva, sin embargo,  desde ese momento, quedaste impregnada en mi mente y al fin y al cabo fue  una grata sorpresa haberte podido conocer, porque tu presencia en mi mundo hace que éste brille con mas colores y con mas esperanza.  Me has enseñado tanto en tan poco, que de verdad agradezco al universo poder haber coincidido contigo en la forma en que lo hicimos.
—  Ale.

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im sad (mood swings r fun ikr) pls tell me about charles and erik and how much they love each other (no pressure tho im sure u have ur own stuff and all thats so chill i swear) anyways thanks and thank you for the brill blog xxx

omg you poor child (i recently stopped taking my meds and so i totally feel that mood swing life but i am in a good mood right now so i am very happy to help!)

charles and erik are very desperately in love and these are some random x-men things to think about

  • charles being awkward around peter and just randomly knocking on the kid’s door with a “hey kid, chum, buddyy… do you want to . play catch? maybe?” and peter’s just like “charles, just because you’re dating my dad, doesn’t mean you have to be my dad too” and charles sighing like “oh thank god i have no bloody clue how to play catch”
  • erik getting irritable because the plumbing in the old-ass mansion is all lead and very difficult to manipulate with his powers and goddamn it he just wants some decent water pressure
  • erik and kitty bonding during jewish holidays
  • charles converting all the most traumatic rooms of his house into counselling rooms for the institute’s pastoral care system
  • charles getting ill and accidentally projecting a massive craving for chicken soup and erik suddenly finding himself in the kitchen making chicken soup even though he just ate like ten minutes ago without any idea why he was doing this
  • charles specifically arranging field trips to get the kids out of the house so he and erik can have some alone time ;)

It must be remembered that Freud never coined the terms ‘ego’, ‘superego’, and ‘id’. He always wrote ‘das Ich’, ‘uber-ich’, and ‘das Es’, which would translate simply and straightforwardly as ‘the I’, ‘super-I’ or ‘over-I’, and ‘the It’;

[…] [Abraham] Brill’s substitution of the Latin ‘ego’ for ‘das Ich’ immediately deprived it of the emotional and completely personal force of a simple ‘I’; Brill and subsequent translators did not see that the subjectivity inherent in ‘Ich’ was important, or that its everyday plainness was a defence against the facile affixing to it of corrupting meanings.

Commonplace and emotionally loaded words such as ‘I’ cannot be redefined or given new meanings; one can only seek to describe and explain them better, with all the caution and intense reflection that this requires. The choice of ‘ego’ – void of commonplace meaning – meant that it could be quickly filled with new meanings that innovators in the English-speaking psychoanalytical world might wish to affix to it; moreover, the little meaning it did have (for those with schoolboy Latin) was the derisory one of self-centredness and being puffed up.

This was a bad beginning for the nascent concept; ‘ego’ was simply too weak to defend itself against appropriation…by those who wanted ‘technical terms’ for the new ‘science’. The outcome was that, within thirty years of coming into existence, ego had broken far away from das Ich, and Ego Psychology had affixed definitions and qualities to the ‘technical term’ drawn heavily from Behaviourism, which would probably have dismayed Freud, and distanced it from the simple fact of a person upon a couch saying ‘I’.

—  Excerpt From: “Lacan: A Beginner’s Guide” by Lionel Bailly.

GUYS. So it was A Level Results day for every 18 year old in this country has been dreading for the past 3 months, AND I’M SO HAPPY WITH WHAT I GOT:

Photography - A* (I really wasn’t exepecting that tbh)
Media - B
Film - B
EPQ (which is a really long essay I had to write last Summer and if you guys follow me on my main blog you’ll remember I asked you guys to fill in a survey for me) - B

Also, my grades at the end of last year were Media/Film - C and Photog - A, and I really wanted to pull my Media/Film up to a B and I’m so glad I achieved it! And I got my place at Uni (which I’m deferring, so I’ll be going hopefully next September!)

I hope everyone got the grades they wanted!

Aujourd’hui j’avais mis mon tshirt BB8 et mes cheveux étaient cool et j’avais du vernis qui brille et je me sentais vachement bien dommage que je sois pas sortie parce que le monde aurait mérité de me voir dans cet état


(Imagen: Troy Hamon)

No vivas tus días con miedo, hijo mío.

La vida es demasiado corta.

Cosas ‘malas’ te pueden pasar a ti y a la gente que quieres. Sí. (No quiero que te ciegues a la oscuridad de este mundo. Tu confianza debe estar basada en la realidad, no en los sueños. El mundo es un desafío, pero el mundo puede ser superado.)

Quiero que tu luz brille, intensamente, a pesar de la oscuridad.

¿Es necesario que vivas con una constante ansiedad, miedo, tensión?
No es necesario, hijo mío, independientemente de lo que la gente diga.

No pierdas tu tiempo temiendo las cosas 'malas’ de este mundo, mejor cultiva tu disposición para enfrentarlas abiertamente. Observa tus miedos en sus propios ojos asustados. Utiliza cada crisis como una oportunidad para despertar, cada accidente como una oportunidad para rendirte, cada dificultad como una invitación a la presencia.

Recuerda que cualquier cosa 'mala’ puede ser superada, transformada, sanada, con amor, paciencia y una buena disposición para soltar.

Todo es para ti.

Un día verás en retrospectiva esas cosas 'malas’ y te darás cuenta que no fueron ni 'malas’ ni 'buenas’, sino invitaciones para una sanación mucho más profunda. Giros inesperados. Extraños regalos que llegaron desde esta vasta inteligencia.

Y te trajeron hasta aquí. Y ahora eres más fuerte, un poco más sabio; y tus prioridades más claras.

Y tus pies están firmemente plantados en esta buena tierra.

Y yo estoy aquí contigo.

Te enseñaré el coraje, y la confianza.

- Jeff Foster

Cher Yvan,

Depuis samedi, je sirote des cocktails à Juan-les-Pins. Vous ne me connaissez pas, je m'appelle Guy, et si je vous écris aujourd'hui, c'est que je n'ai pas d'amis. C'est pourquoi, chaque année, je pioche au hasard les noms de quatre ou cinq personnes dans le bottin dans le but de leur envoyer une carte postale de mon lieu de villégiature. 

Ici, le soleil brille mais je me sens bien seul parfois. Si seulement il était possible de choisir quatre ou cinq personnes au hasard dans la rue et d'en faire immédiatement des amis, ce serait beaucoup plus amusant.

Toutes mes amitiés, cher Yvan.

Votre dévoué Guy

L'amour me manques. J'ai l'impression d'avoir attendu l'amour toute ma vie. Je suis impatiente. je brûle le temps, je suis pressée d'arriver au rendez-vous de l'amour… Je n'en ai jamais assez… Je veux qu'on m'aime, qu'on me me le dise, le crie, le répète. Que l'amour brille dans les yeux, danse un sourire, jusqu'à m'user. D'où vient ce goût de l'amour, cette boulimie tendre et insatiable ? Je ne sais pas, sûrement de ma nature.
—  Charlotte valandrey
Viens, chuchote moi des mots doux au creux de l'oreille. Viens, prends ma main et dis-moi que tu m'aimes. Ne t'en vas pas s'il te plaît, promis je m'effacerai. J'ai besoin de toi à mes côtés, tu me briserai si tu disparaissais. Viens, rapproche-toi et serre-moi dans tes bras. Écoute mon coeur battre la chamade, tu entends comme il t'aime ? Tu entends comme tu le fais chavirer, tu entends comme il t'appartient ? Viens, embrasse-moi comme si j'étais ton dernier souffle, regarde-moi comme si c'était la dernière fois que tu me voyais. Viens, plonge tes yeux dans les miens et noie-toi dans la profondeur de mon regard. Tu vois l'étincelle qui y brille ? Tu vois l'amour qui y réside ? N'abandonne pas tout ça s'il te plaît, reste avec moi tu veux bien ? Je serai ton bouclier contre la vie, et tu seras la lumière de la mienne. Viens, approche toi, je vais te dire un secret très précieux. Ne le répète pas, d'accord ? Je t'aime, ce ne sont pas des mots en l'air, ce sont des mots gravés dans mon coeur alors ne l'oublie pas.
—  © psychosefbw

…from RIVERDYKE’s new Submissions guidelines:
“Post any and all pictures of you and your gay self taken outside the bedroom/bathroom. I, for example, am a canvasser who pats many dogs, so on this blog you’ll see me on bougie streetcorners, patting dogs. If you are real sweet I’ll post a picture of you taken in one of those rooms, but we’re going for adventure dyke here! But real talk, this is about winning the war of ideas against twerps and showing the younger generation of transes how fucking brill their futures can be - even if we don’t feel unequivocally great about everything in our lives, we can still build power with each other through celebrating our successes. You must be amab trans, because trans lesbians are everything :D”
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