“The goal was to produce a pencil lead as a type of ceramic object. The vessels are made by mixing clay with graphite and baking it at high temperature. In fact, the vessels are made with the same recipe as a pencil lead.” by “bril" (via Mocoloco).

Stare case by Luc Soethout
Via Flickr:
Inspired by the Spanish photographer Chema Madoz. His work consists of black and white pictures of common objects, combined in an extraordinary way. Surrealistic, full of humour, technically perfect. See his website for many examples of his work: <a href=“” rel=“nofollow”></a>. This picture is not an exact copy of one of his photos, but ‘in the style of’. And like his work, this picture is not post-processed (except for B&amp;W conversion). 52 weeks of 2015 - Week 24 - Photocopy ODC - Theme (10-06-2015): Diagonal