Chapter Dieciocho


“You know ya mama gonna be made you fighting on the second day of school” I mumbled to Kenna. She shook her head, licking on her lollipop. “She would be mad if I didn’t. I’m not a punk daddy. She hit me first” I chuckled shakin my head focusing on the road. Nola was knocked. I’m glad my youngins like school. I was never serious about it, even as a kid. So to see them get in the car, and talk about how much fun they had in school makes me smile. I broke the cycle for my kids and they kids to come. “Well iont care, iont want you fighting. Hea’ me?”. She nodded, looking out the window. Yadira always tell this her to fight back but she a girl and iont like her fighting. Now Nola on the otha’ hand betta’ thrash a nigga in a heartbeat. We pulled up to the rare and I could see Yadira and some other car in front of her. The gate wasn’t opening day enough because I was trying to figure out who the hell this was. Next thing I knew I saw Yadira swung. I put the car in park hoping out the car, running in between her and the unknown chick. “Yo what the fuck you doin’ fightin”. She punched the chick in the face once more then pushed me off her. She puttin’ my baby in danger, I ain’t with that shit. “Get ya ass in the house Yadira. You done lost yo’ fuckin’ mind”. She smacked her teeth, walking in the house and slamming the door. I aunt know who the chick was, but she was smiling at me like she knew me. “Ummmm iont know what happened. I ain’t gonna call the police but you guys go”. She laughed, getting in her car and reaching her arms out. I stood there confused, as she held a little girl in her arms. “Meet ya’ daughter. April Alsina”. I laughed shaking my head. “You fuckin crazy. How the fuck you get my address. BITCH I DON’T KNOW YOU” I watched as Kenna stood with Nola beside her. “Look, if you can take care of ya’ other kids you goin take care of my baby. You her daddy like it or not”. I was about to walk away until she sat the little girl down on her feet. “Yo, take a kid and get the fuck up outchea’ on my baby life I’ll fuck you up G”. She laughed shaking her head. “Fine, but this shit ain’t ova” I shook my head and have Nola. “Daddy you called her a bad word” Kenna whispered. I nodded, waking her to the door. “I know. I’m sorry. Don’t ever let a man call you and treat you like I did her. It’s not ok. And Im sorry”. She nodded running in the house. “Yo you come back this way and on life I’ll take ya’ life”. I tried slamming the door. It’s was either time to move or that bitch had to die. Coming up to my crib with that bullshit. She out ha’ mind. “Y’all stay down here”. Nola shook his hes grabbing my legs. “No daddy”. I smacked my teeth moving him. “Molds chill, I’m taking to mommy”. That not know his daddy temper quick, so everyone I tell him to stay downstairs he get scared. Iont know why, I ain’t Neva put my hands on Yadira. I ran up the stairs, waking to our rim then slamming the door. “Don’t slam shit August”. I walked over to get, grabbing her arm and turning her around. “Don’t tell me what the fuck to do. Why the fuck you trynna fight pregnant with my seed” she smacked her teeth trying to snatch away but I tightened my grip. “If something happen to my baby because you wanna fight I swear on my kids ima fuck you up…. No bitch should bring you out of character and put make ya’ put ya’ child in danger Yadira” she smacked her teeth as I let go of her arm. She fine fucked my whole mood up. I grabbed a blunt of the dresser, sparking it up and heading downstairs. “Nola get up stairs do you can hop in the tub. Baby girl start on ya’ homework” they both nodded, following what I said. At least I know my kids got some sense when it comes to listening


“So we having a baby”. I laughed nodding my head at Kenna, fixing her ponytail. We was suppose to tell the kids together but august in one of his moods, so I decided to tell then while I got then ready for school. “Is it a boy or girl”. She questioned. I shrugged my shoulders. “We don’t know yet, but we’ll find out next month”. She smiled, grabbing her bag. They both took it well and are both excited. “Mommy I don’t feel week” I looked at Nola with my lip curled. “You’re going to sc-”. Before I child finish her threw up all on the floor. “Nolaaaaa really”. He stated crying, making me feel bad. “Kenna stay down here while I clean him up”. Great way to start my morning.


“Alright baby, now we gonna go home. Eat soup and watch spiderman”. I spoke, carrying Nola yo the car. After this mornings fiasco we dropped Kenna of then headed to the doctor. Turns out he had a stomach flu. Got him since anti-biotics, he’ll be going back to school the day after tomorrow. I sat him on the back of the car as my phone began going off.

August: Wassup baby

I smacked my teeth as his accent tile off his tongue

Yadira: you got never august. Left early this morning, no bye to me out the kids, now you good and wanna call.

August: iont’ wanna argue wit’cha babeh. Come by the studio, we can go have lunch sum’wea

As mad as I was, my fat ass was not about to pass up no food. I rolled my eyes, nodding.

Yadirah: I’ll be there in a few.

I hung up looking at Nola and smiling. He reminds me so much of his daddy. I hope I get a little girl that’s in my image. 


Sick duckling but that doesn’t stop his shine. 

“Get in the car august”. He climbed backwards, siding into the seat. I hopped in the passenger seat looking in the cup holder at the mail from yesterday. I didn’t even get to check it because of that bitch. I rolled my eyes, pulling off and heading to August studio.


“Whatcha’ doin here Nola” everybody in the studio smiled as we walked through the door. Nola ignored then all rubbing to august, landing in his lap. “My boy sick?”. Nola nodded, laying his head on August shoulder. He looked at me, gesturing toward the door and getting up so holding Nola. “I’ll be back in a hour”. I waved as we headed out. We decided to have lunch at Commander’s Palace. It was quiet. Nola started sleep in August arms and we ate. I just keep getting like what if this is his baby that this chick is trying to put on him. This would totally damage the walls we built together. I exhaled making him look up and touch my ring finger that rested on the table. He tapped the ring, making me look up. “See dis’?” I nodded, starring at my beautiful ring. “I gave ya that because I love you. And on my mama, I ain’t lettin’ shit come between that. I know what you thinkin’ but know I would never fuck up what I got at home…. Iight” I nodded, giving him a smile. It worries me, but something just keeps telling me trust. I pushed all my negative thoughts to the back and began eating. “What’s this?” August reached in my purse grabbing a envelope that came in the mail. I shrugged my shoulders. “I haven’t opened it yet”. He smacked his teeth, holding Nola a little tighter and opening the envelope. He began reading it, something was wrong because his whole mood changed. “ what’s wrong baby”. He handed it to me and I began reading.

Custody battle for : Kenna Marie Walsh