🔥——     “I do not even have to see you to know who you are. You might have changed in the course of life… But your soul & spirit have remained. I recognize you.”

     By the Divines — what a time for an old acquaintance to end up on her mountain. Briidunviing had just come back from Falkreath, the village she occasionally visited just for curiosity & entertainment — also the draconic form she embraced needed some freshness & change from time to time. Hands clasped together behind Briidunviing’s back & head tilted to the side as she waited for the other to step forward.

Similarly, Seraphim are likewise a group of angels, whose name translates from Hebrew into Latin as passionate [ardentes] or burning [incedentes].  On that account, they are called passionate because between them and God no other angels exist; and therefore the closer they exist to Him, the more they are inflamed with the brightness of divine light.

– Isidore of Seville, Etymologiae (7th Century)

Dancing with the Devil : Interlude

So apparently people are still into this fic. Since I’ve forgotten my account password, I decided to post here instead. I haven’t seen all of season 5 yet but it looks amazing.

Um, yeah.

This is a quick blurb after the last chapter left off. I edited it for my own sanity as the writing is ten years old. (Holy crap) It’s a little spicy but nothing explicitly nsfw.

Okay yeah so ,without further ado, have some sad Jack/Aku

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