brigitte petit

Summer Outfits for the Pear Shape 🍐

It’s, finally, officially summer!
Although London is not exactly your usual summer location, in the last few weeks the British capital has been hit by a heat wave, making us Londoners look like a sticky, sweaty mess.


Personally, being a pear shaped petite girl, I wasn’t looking towards wearing shorts and baring my legs and feet and so far I’m sticking to jeans and trainers, but I thought a post on summer outfits would be useful for other fellow-pears!

Stripes (with no stars)

One of the commonest summer prints, especially in the last years with the shirts trend, is stripes. Usually in blue and white, that gives a French vibe, they can become your best friends.

Stripes work like an optic illusion: if you wear horizontal stripes you’ll find that your body is enlarged, while vertical stripes elongate.

Ideally, being pearshaped, you will wear horizontal stripes on the top only, as it will help to enlarge the bust and breast.

But being the bottom our critical part, I’d say it’s better to keep it simple on the top and take advantage of the power of vertical stripes to ‘elongate’, at least temporary, our legs.

Zara,  £19,99 - Topshop, £39 - Phase Eight, £59.

Both Zara and Topshop’s trousers have a capri cut - which means they are shorter than the average and cuts over the ankle - which means that for a Petite it will fit like a regular pair of trousers. The Topshop ones are available in petite size, but I would suggest buying the regular, to avoid “cutting” the legs and minimise the elongated effect of the stripes.

Like Brigitte

To keep up with the French vibes, do you know what would look amazing with your stripey trousers? A Bardot top!

It’s not just iconic like Brigitte and on trend, but it also works to open and enlarge the bust, driving attention away from the waist.

This is why it would work wonders if paired with a high waisted striped pair of trousers.

Brigitte Bardot wearing a off the shoulder top, that will become also known as the ‘bardot top’, 1953 - River Island Petite, £30 - Quiz, £22,99.

Skating around

Skater dresses are the best dresses! For the ones of us who have to deal with wide hips and for this summer weather as well.

Skater dresses are similar to A dresses, with a tight top but more flare on the bottom, like a full circle skirt.

The bottom is wide enough and they won’t wrap or highlight the hips, resulting in a more proportionate figure.

The best length is the commonest one as well, the mid-thigh length, but anything above the knees will work on petites!

Isabel London, £22 - Miss Selfridges, £42 - Ted Baker, £149.

All these dresses have key elements that help to balance and create a well-proportioned figure. 

The first dress has horizontal stripes on the top which will enlarge the chest and a dark bottom that will give a slimming effect. The second dress has a Bardot neckline that, as we said before, enlarges the bust. Instead, the third dress has a v-neckline but paired with flares, brings the focus to the top and gives the idea of a larger bust.

As here in the UK it’s already summer sale time, check out and you may find some of the clothes featured for less. Happy shopping 👗