Az Öcsivel tíz éve van egy tök szuper és nagyon összetett játékunk: mindig ilyen fiktív hülye neveket mondva kell egymásnak felvenni a telefont, és utána meg röhögünk.

- Halló, tessék, Szutykondi Ottília. (röhögés)
- Tessék, Bazgovány Kálmán! (röhögés)
- Igentessék, Toszicska Brigitta. (röhögés)
- Hallótessék, Tömötykei Géza. (röhögés)
- Igen, Futyelák Csilla. (röhögés)
- Halló, Csocsánszki Tivadar. (röhögés)

Hát aztán történt, hogy munkahelyet váltottam, és a céges telefonomat megkapta az új lány, a Szotyella Edit, az öcsém meg persze nem mentette el az új számomat, a régin viszont hívott:

- Halló, Szotyella Edit.
- Áhááháááháá, MICCCSODA BAZMEG SZOTYELLA??? Jááááj a taknyom is kijött a röhögéstől, az istenbasszonmeg, te kis Büdös Piroska!  ❤️️ ❤️️ ❤️️

Souvent la beauté n'est pas perçue parce qu'elle est dans un désert, ou parce que l’œil qui pourrait l'apprécier ne s'est pas présenté - souvent elle est vénérée et portée aux nues alors qu'elle n'existe pas ; mais jamais elle ne doit manquer là où un cœur frémit d'ardeur et de ravissement, ou bien là où deux âmes se consument l'une pour l'autre ; car sans elle le cœur se tait, et l'amour entre les âmes se meurt.
—  “Brigitta”, Adalbert STIFTER, Cambourakis, 2015, pp. 51-52

The Sound of Music 30 Day Challenge, Day 3- Favorite Von Trapp Child

Brigitta Von Trapp

This one’s hard, though I’d have to say it was almost a tie between Liesl and Brigitta. But alas– when I think of how I enjoyed the Sound of Music when I was 12, I think of how I’ve always wanted to play Brigitta in a play. It doesn’t help that Angela Cartwright is adorable, too.

How do anthro birds wear earrings?

Weird thought that popped into my head first thing this morning. Some comic book ducks like Brigitta MacBridge and Glittering Goldie wear earrings, ducks and other birds do not have ear lobes! We can argue sime of them are hybrids like Clerky, who have duck beaks and tiny (creepy) droopy Beagle boy ears, but usually those hybrids have human legs and feet (also creepy). So how do they wear earrings?

The original Ducktales helped prevent that question from arising with Goldie by giving her a tiara, but the comic book Goldie wears a small hair comb and separate earrings. So what are those attached to? Did she have that tiny flap of skin in her earholes pierced? (Ouch!) Or are bird earrings essentially modified earplugs that go into their earholes (and still allow them to hear). Maybe the decorations aren’t attached to the ears at all, but are merely hair or feather clips. (Anatomically the ear holes are higher on a duck’s skull than they are on a human, I think, so the earrings would look like they are in the wrong spot if they were attached to an earhole lobe.) if I remember correctly, Owls have asymmetrical earholes, so an owl wearing earrings would have them at different positions on either side of its head. So maybe earrings are just fancy clips that fasten to feathers. That leads my sleep deprived brain to other questions: if they have jewelry that clips to feathers, does that mean we might see a tail ring in the future DuckTales? Or navel ring? Blegh. The things I think of. Hehe.

Zimbits Princess Dairies AU

Specifically the 2nd movie

  • Bitty as Mia 
  • Moo-maw as Queen Clarisse
  • Bitty’s unnamed grandfather as Joe (so I’ll call him Joe)
  • Ransom and Holster as Brigitte and Brigitta 
  • Shitty as Lilly
  • Senor Bun as Fat Louie 
  • This got real long, so more under the cut

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Top 5 characters I want to see in the new Ducktales cartoon

Truth is told I never really grew up with Ducktales, I saw the show a few times but my introduction to Donald Duck and his family/friends came from his pocket comics. I’ve a big collection and like to expand it whenever I can.

So now that Ducktales is coming back this summer I’d love to see more of the characters from the European and American comic world. So here are my top 5 characters I want to see in the new Ducktales.

No.5: Gladstone Gander

 I know he made one appearance in the old show but I’d like to see him appearing more in the coming show mostly as Donald’s rival. Seeing as Donald’s is his opposite in the comics (Donald’s the most unlucky duck while Gladstone’s the luckiest) I’d love to see Gladstone use his lucky-powers during the duck-family’s adventures.

No.4: Matilda McDuck

I’d love to see more of Scrooge’s McDucks past so why not introduce his youngest sister? She’s still living in their old family castle so why not have her teal the tale of their childhood and family history.

No. 3: John D. Rockerduck

I’m 100% that Flintheart Glomgold will return to his role as a villain but I’d like if Scrooge’s rival from the comics could appear too. What differ him from Flintheart it’s he’s a younger business with a more modern taste and it’s willing to spend money for his gain his goals compare to Scrooge. He could be considered a more modern version of Scrooge McDuck.

No. 4: Brigitta MacBridge

Now we know that Scrooge’s heart belongs to his old flame Glittering" Goldie O'Gilt but what about getting him a possible new lover? Brigitta MacBridge is determent to win Scrooge’s heart in the comics (with him maybe feeling the same). I would be nice to see someone showing a genuine interest in him. 

And no.1 is-

Darkwing Duck

I’m might be cheating with this but so do many other top list things and I’d I really like Darkwing Duck, he was my “duck”-show. His appearance in the show could act as a possible pilot episode that could play as his origin story. Scrooge himself could play a big role as DD benefiter (where else would Darkwing get his money and gadgets from?). Maybe there could be a Avengers-spoof ep with Darkwing Duck, Donald as Duck-Avenger, Scrooge as Masked Mallard and Gizmo-Duck called the Duck-Avengers?

Yeah maybe not..

So here you have it my own list for possible characters for the new Ducktales coming this summer. So far it looks great and I’d love to be re-introduced into the series.