The Sound of Music 30 Day Challenge, Day 3- Favorite Von Trapp Child

Brigitta Von Trapp

This one’s hard, though I’d have to say it was almost a tie between Liesl and Brigitta. But alas– when I think of how I enjoyed the Sound of Music when I was 12, I think of how I’ve always wanted to play Brigitta in a play. It doesn’t help that Angela Cartwright is adorable, too.


Young Sam: It’s my dad and brother in the Impala. You’re a monster.

Young Amy: You’re a hunter. So… You’re supposed to kill me? And I’m supposed to kill you?

Young Sam: I guess.

Young Amy: Sam, I’ve never killed anyone. And I don’t want to hurt you. Do you want to hurt me?

Young Sam: No.

Young Amy: Then run.


Creatures [Lenore (vampire), Amy Pond (kitsune), Brigitta (djinn), Dr. Eleanor Visyak, Joyce Bicklebee (leviathan), Lydia (amazon), Madison (werewolf), Portia (familiar)]

Ghosts [Victoria Dodd, Constance Welch, Maggie Thompson, Margaret Fox, Melanie Merchant, Molly Mcnamara, Timmy’s mother, Claire Becker]

[Part 1: Angels, Humans, & Demons]

[Part 3: Deities]

 The halls echoed at the sound of heels clicking, the faint glow that passed through the large ornate windows illuminated the shining tiled floor of the main campus hall. Brigitta had been hired as the new librarian, and so far everything was fine. Beautiful campus, lovely staff, even fine dining–well as fine as one can get for cafeteria food. Carrying a stack of literature books that had been requested, her dark eyes scanned among the door ways. Until the description which had been given to her, by Mary a fellow worker who happened to be the art professor, came into view and she gave a smile of relief. Moving at a faster pace, she carefully made her way to the door before shuffling the books into one hand and prying open the door. Classical music distant as she entered, her hues looking around before they fell on a man leaning on his desk. She cleared her throat before speaking, “I assume you’re the one who called for a book delivery yes?"