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Hi! As always thanks for maintaining such an amazing blog! Just curious: Do you have any recommendations of good outlets for reviews and in-depth criticism of works by women directors? Almost all of the review sites I'm familiar with are overwhelmingly about men directors (I'm trying to train myself to use the flipped terms...), and I'd love to find better reviews. The sites don't need to be exclusively about women, just a bit more balanced. Thank you!

Absolutely! I’ve noticed a lot of smaller publications are more gendered balanced but ones that tip more in favour of women:

Doesn’t cover that many films by women directors but more than the average and that I really love:

Unfortunately a lot of these fall into the trap of only reviewing and criticizing films by white women so I also recommend Shadow & Act. It concentrates on news & reviews of films by black filmmakers around the world but I have noticed that they are very supportive of women directors and really almost any black filmmaker I feature on here I first heard of from their site.

Also please follow all of these great people on twitter! One of my favourite twitters to emerge recently was female film critics. There is a huge imbalance in the media on who criticizes art and female film critics helps to redress the balance. I’ve also noticed that women film critics tend to cover both men and women so again you’re usually going to get a more balanced view if you start following women:

And as a bonus some of my favourite critics:

Oh and also don’t forget to follow me! I’m on twitter too and I link to reviews I like:


this is probably forgetting a lot of ppl.

if ppl respond to this post w/recs, i’ll turn this into a masterpost w/updates ‘n such. thanks!