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Some person passed by the demoness with a sword in hand. The sword looked strange, and had a crazy strong destructive aura to it. Alongside that, the feel of nuclear power was on the sword also.

It seemed to be just an ordinary but cold day for the demoness and her white dragon wolf Alsuna, who was taking a flight far above, until the stranger passed Kaiakumi. All of her senses were tingling at the strong aura of the sword and her left shoulder began to burn. She hissed slightly and looked back at the person. “Damn what is this kind of power? This sword…it seems otherworldly.” The demoness thought and slowed to a stop, waiting for the person to walk a few feet away before she herself took a turn and followed him led by curiosity.

“Was tust du da, Kumi? Willst du ihn etwa verfolgen?” Alsuna called out to Kaiakumi’s spirit through their unique connection. She didn’t make any sounds but still Kaiakumi could hear her within her mind in a way only she could understand the dragon wolf.

She nodded and Alsuna took a turn as well, now flying in the same direction Kaiakumi was walking.

Payara and Haadiya

Haadiya had heard of the warrior, Payara, and was intrigued to find out if he was really as good as he was portrayed to be. It would be good to get another good warrior in her army. Her master would be so pleased.

She went to the location of the warrior and waited for him.

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A demoness comes up behind Nachtalbin, wrapping her arms around her, and groping her breasts lightly, also. "Hey there, Nachty~"

“G-good evening…miss.” Nachtalbin looked back at the demoness, standing in the left section of the bar she was currently working in to earn money for alchemy tools. It was, of course, not an ordinary bar but rather a strip club slash brothel. Luckily for the nachtalb, the bar was well known for treating their employees well and if she would feel bothered she could always call for help. “What can I do for you?” She asked, calmly as she didn’t mind her breasts being groped. In fact, maybe someone would throw her some extra money for seeing this. 

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Broden smiles happily as he looks at Brittany, "Hey there. How are you doing?"

Looking up from playing with Freyja, Brittany looked up and gave Broden a a huge smile. “I’m good-right, Freyja?” she said, as the little girl looked up from grabbing a block and letting out an excited noise, dropping it and crawling over to him. Freyja stopped in front of him and patted his foot and babbling.

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Mikaela would get approached by an unfamiliar being, who stood over 9 feet tall, and had lightning arcing over his form. Looking at her, with his weapon in hand, he told her, "Hello to you, miss. What might your name be? Mine is Biest."

Mikaela blinked as she was stopping her archery practice as she was approached by a large man and raised a delicate brow for a moment. Hand on her hip while carrying her bow, she then tilted her head, “Ah’m Mikaela Delholm. ‘Nd wh’t do ye need fr’m meh Biest?”


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A crazy person runs past all the muses, shouting out, "The end is nigh. The Undead Legion comes for everyone. Nobody is safe." He is then crushed and splattered under the claw of a massive undead abomination of a dragon that landed there.

It seemed to be a nice day for the 4 girls before the crazy person showed up. Akaneko stumbled back down when the man was just splattered in front of them. “A…a….was zur Hölle ist da passiert?” She stuttered utterly confused and scared.

Kaiakumi didn’t take long and moved her arm to the side, immediately giving orders to the other two girls, Nachtalbin and Akumi. “Code Red gals. Akumi team up with Silias and Nachtalbin you’re helping me. Imma send Akaneko to a safe place.” She turned her back at the undead dragon to send Akaneko home to where she belonged to. 

“….how unfortunate….we just came here to have a nice day with everyone…and now this thing comes here…” Nachtalbin sighed and opened her book, ready to fight the beast which had scared her divine princess.

The youngest of them jumped on the back of her partner Silias, a giant black wolf similar to the mythological Fenrir. “Silias Kampfstellung!” The wolf growled at the dragon and parts of his fur began to freeze.

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A portal to the Abyss opened, with tentacles coming out, and searching for Akumi and Nachtalbin, aiming to have some rough sexy fun with them both when they were found.

While Nachtalbin was at her home, holding a bowl with glowing, bubbling liquid which was supposed to be soup, she noticed the magic signature of a portal. She turned around, expecting it to be Kaiakumi but she quickly found herself looking at a bunch of tentacles. “Ah….” Unflappable as she was she took the time to put the bowl to the side before looking at the tentacles again. “What is the meaning of this?” The nachtalb asked herself while Akumi was nowhere to be found.

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Kaiakumi would be approached by a demoness who had a dragon following her. With that, also, she saw her, and went to walk over to her, to give her a very hearty hello.

Kaiakumi was quite surprised to see the other demoness, walking around with a dragon. “Hello to you too.” She replied friendly nonetheless, not seeing a threat in the other woman.

Alsuna however growled at her and the dragon, being intimidated. She stepped behind Kaiakumi, wings folded on her back as she didn’t know how to react.

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Rhinon was strolling around nearby a cave he exited when he heard rhe sounds of a little girl screaming, and adult men and women laughing. He went to see what was wrong, and saw a little demoness and her wolf captured by demon hunters.

“Go away you meanies! I warn you my daddy will come and destroy you!” Akumi was cornered, her giant wolf wounded and mostly paralyzed. When he tried to move, Akumi instantly turned to look at her companion. “No don’t move. You’re hurt.” When the hunters came closer Akumi screamed out loud with at least 90 decibel, causing them to flinch for a while before they continued to harass her. “U-Ummmmp.” The little demon girl pressed her lips together and puffed her cheeks, trying not to cry.

“Awww is the little hellspawn going to cry now?” “What? Are you expecting us to have mercy on you just because you’re a little girl? You demons are all the same no matter the age.”

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🎙 from Fenrir of the Ragnarok Unit.

🎙starter from Mailys’ mother, Ester

Ester smoothed down her dress before leaving her dressing room as she made her way out on stage. While she missed her children every day, she had to leave the place that held so many memories. Taking a deep breath, she pushed back the curtains as she stepped on stage, microphone in hand as she started to sing.

“Chemistry was crazy from the get-go. Neither one of us knew why…
We didn’t build nothing overnight, cuz a love like this takes some time…”

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“Oh, that goody two shoes Minu? Well, She’s in a deep sleep and I don’t plan on having her awaken anytime soon.” she looked into his crestfallen eyes she can sense that he feels helpless and she liked what she was doing to him she doesn’t want her fun to stop abruptly anytime “Aw, you’re sad” she pretended to sound sympathetic “You’ll do anything for this woman huh? She doesn’t know how good she have it. If I were her I would manipulate you” she caressed his cheek then turned around to walk back inside her underground lair