Notes From The Field

 Most Monday mornings start with a flurry of activity; 2 of our clients leave early for class, others have planning, job searches and household chores. Each day we try to find different ways to teach our clients about time management, about scheduling, and personal responsibility. But we have to role model these traits ourselves. At some point I’ll talk to the rest of the staff, we’ll go over our daily check list, and the plans for the day. We want to make sure every one is getting their needs met, and getting closer to their goals today.  We want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to grow every day.

But in all the hub-bub I have to pause for a moment. I remind myself that the day is only going to bring as much stress as I allow it to. I take a deep breath, I drink some coffee and say a little affirmation to myself, “The Sun is warn, and the grass is green.” This little mantra gets me through my day. As staff we are constantly checking in with ourselves to make sure we are using our own coping skills, so we can find teachable moments to help our clients do the same. I take another sip of coffee and I remind myself that it’s okay to not know everything. I remind myself that no one really has all the answers and that all of us go through each day doing the best we can. 

I watch our clients this morning get themselves up and ready for the day. We talk a little in the morning, we’re all busy and some of them are nervous. All of them are going to do the best they can today, and I remember that their best is pretty good.


Caleb Moore


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Found Ornifex, completed the Shaded Woods, and slew Scorpioness Najka. Seemingly easy area now, especially since there seem to be fewer enemies, most notably the Giant Basilisk in the center of the main area. Found the first Bonfire in Doors of Pharros and I’m getting ready to go hit that area and move on to Brightstone Cave Tseldora and my final great soul. Things are moving at a nice clip now.

Also, using the Dragon Tooth is a lot of fun.