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Meet Samouen. Our new BrightStart Staff Member, and even more exciting, our new BrightStart MUSIC TEACHER!

They key to any form of international development, or really any time you start anything new, is sustainability. 

And when Aaron and I were given the opportunity to come launch a music program through BrightStart Learning in Battambang, Cambodia - once we got here and got our heads on straight - sustainability was one of the first issues that plagued our minds.

The whole endeavor was a bit of an experiment. No one knew how successful or valued the music program would end up being once it got up and running. 

But we are beyond grateful to have been given the opportunity over the past few months to begin identifying and implementing a replacement music teacher to carry on the program once we return back to the States in August. 

Having not expected finding a replacement to be a part of our journey here, there is no way we could have known how truly amazing this process would be, and how excited it makes us about the rest of our time here. 

It has reminded us how limited our perspective is, and how we can only see “our side” of God’s story. You see, it has been Samouen’s dream to be able to work with music, and his opportunity to work with BrightStart is both a dream come true and an answer to prayer for him. 

We have already begun implementing him into the program, and already begun setting up our strategy of pulling out. 

We never imagined that this music program would be able to outlast us, and even better than that, that it would be the opportunity this Khmer musician - who we feel is much more musically talented than we are - has been waiting for.