Camel Trophy by Slawek Staszczuk
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Night falls on Camelford Street in Brighton, East Sussex, England. 

The Beast of Bevendean is a panther-like animal spotted around Brighton and Hove, England. It was first seen in 2008 and has been since reported as attacking and killing dogs. It is possible that there is a small breeding population of panthers or other large cats in the area due to the popular act of having them as pets during the ‘60s and ‘70s. After the Dangerous Wild Animal Act, estimated hundreds of big cats were released into local woods. In 2011, a local filmmaker made a low budget movie called Young Hunters: The Beast of Bevendean about two young boys hunting for the creature.

It’s Charles Ginner’s birthday today, believe it or not.
Ginner was an influential member of the ‘Camden Town Group’, that was formed in 1911 and for a short period led the way in British painting.

Charles Ginner was born on 4 March 1878.

Charles Ginner, Leicester Square, 1912. Oil on canvas, 64,2 x 55,9 cm. Royal Pavilion and Museum, Brighton and Hove, UK