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I’m so lucky to have had played with some of my favourite artists.

It’s one of those slow days when you look at back at things you’ve done and realise how lucky you are and how…you’ve done alright ya know?

I’m terrible at that.

In no particular order this is possibly my top 10 of people i have enjoyed the most playing with… It was hard though, so many wonderful artists.

(numbered by the order of photos only…)

1. Chet Faker
2. Rachel Sermanni
3. Amber Run
4. James Bay
5. James Blunt
6. Moddi
7. Flo Morrissey
8. Thomas Dybdahl
9. Dylan LeBlanc
10. Roo Panes


Reckoning Song - Cover

One day baby we’ll be old, and think of all the stories that we could have told…

Bath is Black
  • Bath is Black
  • Marika Hackman
  • Here I Lie- EP

Marika Hackman- Bath is Black

Gentle is she who roams the mountains, searching for a wild and kindred spirit.

Marika Hackman is a 19-year-old painfully talented songwriter. Her voice soars over her odd combinations of electronic and classic folky harmonies and sounds without ever sounding strained. It trickles delicately like a stream down a rocky and magnificent complex circuitry of smooth boulders and crevices that cut their way through the Blue Ridge Mountains. Currently based in Brighton, she is set for a bright future, already receiving favorable reviews and loyal followers. Expect her debut EP, Here I Lie, to be released sometime this June.