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There are a few things in life so beautiful they hurt. An empty train station at night is one of them. I enjoy the atmosphere of solitude while being suspended between two places. For this moment, I know where I am going.

Platform 6 Brighton, England


Thanks Matthew for these faces // Brighton 11.26.15

Walked up tonight, said “are you sick of me yet?” and matty goes “ohhh Julia you’re back!” then I showed him my tattoo and he said “I know I’ve already seen it on the Internet” and I said well how would I know that! And he said “oh did I not like it on instagram?” then “I like it, it’s quite intense” and i said “I know it’s so emo, like death” and we laughed then Ross complimented my coat then matty said “ok see you tomorrow love” then I left and my friends behind me said after I walked off matty said to George and Ross like imitating me “I’m back!” Then said “I like her!” What a night