send ø for a late night text:

[Meredith > Caleb]: Does Bonnie go out a lot? Who does she hang out with? It’s late but I wanna know everything.

send ⁇ for a drunk text:

[Meredith > Caleb]: pfffffffffffffffffffffffft you lookso stupid when ur tipsyy hehehehehe

send for an excited text:

[Meredith > Caleb]: I wanna take Bonnie shopping!

[Meredith > Caleb]: Can we do that PLEASE PLEASE



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Noah enjoys teasing his kids sometimes.  He went to the playground to tell Catherine it was time to come home for lunch.

Noah: Hello, little girl.  You seem awfully familiar.

Catherine: You’re so silly, Daddy! I’m Catherine!

Noah: I have a daughter named Catherine.  You know, you look just like her.

Catherine: *laughing* I am her!

Noah:  Oh!  Well that explains a lot!

Where Did the Rock Go?
  • Where Did the Rock Go?
  • Sierra Boggess (final show)
  • 8/8/16

i was lucky enough to catch school of rock for sierra’s last show.  overall a fun show.  really not my thing in a lot of ways - i think the music is on the generic side; the “emotional” moments are more manipulative than earned or genuine; it’s really aimed more at kids than adults.  but i had a good time.  the rock numbers with alex brightman and the kids are a ton of fun - if you’re looking for a reason to see the show, they’re it - and the one thing that does make me happy about this show is that with matilda closing, we’re still going to have a show that tells kids that they deserve respect, love and to be heard. 

My, oh my, San Francisco’s Giraffage truly takes me to music heaven with his new song, Bring Me Your Love. It’s no holds barred as Charlie Yin douses us with wave after wave of ethereal sublime, orchestral lush, and ambient intoxicating future bass. Bring Me Your Love features THEA’s silken entrancing voice, and the range she displays on the song is impressively operatic, like a merging of FKA Twigs with Sarah Brightman. Bring Me Your Love shifts seamlessly and whirs smoothly, a luscious pool of misty, dreamy future R&B euphoria. Bring Me Your Love is out now on Fool’s Gold. Purchase from iTunes.