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[Image description: two photos of a woman standing outdoors in front of a tall, leafy hedge, one a full-length shot and the other three-quarters. She is white and has dark brown hair, short on the sides and worn curly off to one side on top. She wears gold-framed cats-eye sunglasses and large, dangling earrings with teal, grey ,and purple segments. She wears a teal camisole, a draped black and white striped skirt, and pink sandals.]

When you get a new pair of brightly colored earrings (that kind of look like the ace pride flag!), you gotta wear a brightly colored outfit and some purple lipstick to match.

Top: Old Navy | Skirt: Nordstrom Rack | Shoes: Target | Earrings: Anthropologie

“Wanna Be Close To You” (A Taehyung,80′s Fluff)

 Anon Asked:  Hi I really love the way you write :) can I request a V scenario of you and him meeting at a party and he is a nerdy kid but you are a the most popular girl? Twist is can you make the era in the 80’s:)? Iwant it as cliche as it could be!!! and add some music too so i can read it with music,make it come to life! Thank you!!!!!!!!😚😚

Holy Moly ~ i loved this request ! Hope you liked it ! And I picked my most favorite and cliche songs for this scenario too~

AND* I also added the music as links in the story

Taehyung + Reader

Era: 80′s

Genre: Fluff/Angst

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  “Hey ! You aren’t ready yet?” Jimin’s voice rang through Taehyung’s room, making him jump from his desk where he sat.

  “What are you talking about?” Taehyung looked up at him curiously, through his large, thin rimmed spectacles. 

  “Uhh..Hello? Missy Bank’s party (Sorry I honestly couldn’t think of a good name).” He said as he checked himself out in the tall mirror that stood behind the door. 

  “Yeah, right.” Taehyung scoffed at his bestfriend who now looked at him with an annoyed expression. “Like we are going to get into that.”

  “I have my ways.” He turned back towards the mirror with a smirk, then blew his own reflection a kiss. “Besides there is going to be a ton of hot babes there.” He smoothed over his eyebrows as he spoke. “And I promise you by tonight, this boy will be no longer a virgin.”

  Taehyung’s eyes went wide,as if to sarcastically say, “Of course,” as he turned back over in his chair and went back to studying.

   “And I heard that (Your first and last name) will be there too.” 

   The sound of your name alone made Taehyung swivel around so fast in his chair that he flew out of it and landed onto the floor with a thud, sending his glasses flying towards where Jimin stood.

   He chuckled softly and picked them up, wiping the lenses with the end of his shirt, before handing them back over to him. “Still wanna go?”


  The tall house shone like a nightclub that sat on the Vegas strip. Music blared through the windows, making the night a melodious one. 

   Taehyung tugged at his black leather jacket,pulling it closer around his white and red striped sweater. The tall grass tickled his ankles that were accentuated by his high-water denims just above his black, fading converse. He pushed his glasses higher above his face just below his golden long and flowing locks that swayed in the wind. 

   He looked over at Jimin, who was dressed quite differently than usual. He wore a dark denim jacket, that matched his dark jeans. The black and tattered shirt signified that he was a bad boy at heart and had hoped the ladies would too catch on. His dark bangs loomed over his smiling and curious eyes that darted around as he tried to find someone that he could make a move on first.

   Taehyung could feel his chest slightly tighten as, he and Jimin walked up the creaky steps to the porch and stood at the gaping doorway where the meanest and biggest jock in school stood, blocking their entrance. He stood howling at a every joke his friend made, but as soon as they both walked up to him he became serious.

   “Can I help you dorks? This is not a study session. I think you have the wrong house” He laughed again as his friend next to him laughed in tune with him, giving him a hard high-five.

   “Actually no, we are in the right place,” Jimin spoke as confident as he felt right then and there. “This is Missy’s house party isn’t it?”

   “I don’t know who you think you are nerd, but you better scram.” This time he towered over the two boys who stood still on the porch. 

   “Maybe we should just listen to him and go.” Taehyung grabbed his arm and whispered and he tugged him along.

  “No we are staying,” Jimin stared intensly at the jock who stood before them with a terrible snarl upon his face. “I have a right to be here too, we both do”

   “You better listen to your friend before I-” Right then ,before he could grab ahold of Jimin’s shirt a taller and thinner boy walked beside the jock and popped his head out. “Oh heyyy! It’s the J-Man!” He laughed as he pushed the man out of the way and gestured for them to come inside, “Don’t worry, these guys are with me.”

   The two jocks shook their heads as they went back to what they were doing before, as all three walked off into the party scene.

   “Thanks man.” Jimin neatly re-centered his jacket upon his shoulders and smiled.

   “You’re welcome, but you own me one.” He nodded them off as he walked away and disappeared into the crowd. “Enjoy yourselves, Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

  “Who was that guy?” Taehyung raised an eyebrow.

   “That’s bobby! He knows everyone, everyone knows him.” Jimin shrugged.

   “Clearly, not.” Taehyung shook his head.

   “Come on,” Jimin threw his arm around him and smiled, pulling him close and giving him a knuckle sandwich, “Let’s go have some fun.”


   “She’s not here,” Taehyung flopped back onto the old couch. “Everyone else from school is but her.” He sighed.

  “Hey T, look!” Jimin shook him,pulling his roughly by his jacket, shaking him from his daze and pointed over towards the doorway, and it’s as if in that cue you walked in once the song“Love will lead you back” by Taylor Dayne played in tune with the way you walked in.

   Your wavy locks cascaded over one side of your face, falling down your smiling face. Your eyes shined as you waved to other people that you knew at the party. Your pastel geometric patterned dress sat just above your knees, while your white platforms gave you a slight push. Your brightly colored earrings dangled just above your shoulders, decorating your neck’s silhouette. 

  Taehyung watched closely as you walked in. Everything seemed to stop around him and the only thing in his vision was you.

   To him, you seemed to move ever so sweet, ever so slow as you looked around and your smile became bigger with every  word spoken towards you.

   He could feel his own heart stop when you glanced his way and smiled. Though he knew it was a gesture of politeness towards him he couldn’t help, but fall more in love with you at that moment.

   Yes, you were the most popular girl there, the teen idol, and he was the nerd, the one that had the name that no one cared much to remember, but none of that mattered when he looked at you. All he knew was he wanted you, no, he had to have you. 

   “Hey T?!”

   Jimin’s voice once again broke through his thoughts, making him glance over to him wide-eyed and mouth agape. “Y-Yeah?”

  “You’re drooling.” He laughed as he held onto his stomach and clenched his eyes shut.

   “What? Really?!” At that moment, his face turned red as he jumped up off from the couch and he wiped his mouth quickly. He didn’t know what to do at that moment. He felt beyond embarrassed, hoping that you didn’t notice but still felt the urge to get away from you because he didn’t want you to see him like that. “I need..I need- to go to- the bathroom!” He ran out of there still covering his mouth and made his way quickly towards the stairs,leaving Jimin sitting there now stunned.


   In the bathroom,Taehyung sighed heavily and leaned against the wall then walked back over towards the sink where he splashed his face with the cool water, then looked at himself through the mirror. He frowned and grabbed the bridge of his glasses with his fingertips and pulled them away from his face, squinting hard at his own reflection, just to shake his head and put them back on over his eyes making everything become clear once again.

   “Who am I kidding? She only sees me as the biggest dork just like everyone else does.” He clenched his fist that sat atop of the sink’s rim. “She would never go for a zero like me.”

   After he was done gathering himself once again, he opened the door and walked out into the long hallway where he spotted the jock from earlier. Quickly, he ducked down feeling the fear rise up in him as he watched him lean against the wall, but he soon felt his heart sink when he turned only to see you standing there in front of him, his hands tugging at your own, as if to pull you close to him.

  His fear was replaced with anger as he watched the scene play out in front of him. When he saw your smile becoming bigger with every moment that’s when he stormed off. He just couldn’t watch anymore.

  “I knew that I would never have a chance with her, They deserve eachother”

Your POV:

   “Come on,” He inched closer to you, a mischievous grin plastered upon his face. “Let’s get out of here yeah?”

   “No Tony!” You yanked your hands away from him. At first it was nice having a heart to heart conversation with your ex boyfriend, hoping that you could resolve things and stay friends and nothing more, but when he didn’t get the hint you became angry. 

   “I’m not going anywhere with you, we are done. That’s all there is to it.” You shook your head taking a step back.

   “Really? You have to be kidding right now.” He said.

   “I’m not.”

   He scoffed and shook his head and he pointed at you before walking back down to the party. “You’ll regret this baby.”

   After he left you walked into the small bedroom that was the closest to you, as you wanted to get as far away as you could from the party, and everyone else. You were over all of it.

  You sat on the frilly, rose colored bed as you listened to the music downstairs. You swayed side to side as the song, “Waiting For A Girl Like You” by Foreigner played softy from downstairs. You then stood up feeling dizzy and flustered by the heat index of the room. Walking over to the window, you opened it and stuck your head out,leaning your hands on the windowsill closing your eyes to the feel of the cool wind against your warm cheeks. You giggled from the lose strands of hair that tickled you as they brushed up against your lips.

   Suddenly, you heard a sound like a small choke coming from beside you. You blinked your eyes open  and turned you head to stare at the man who you met eyes with when you first walked in. He sat on the roof, staring at you with wide eyes and an open mouth. You couldn’t help but feel confused only to slightly cringe and turn a bright red, realizing that you probably had scared him by getting lost right in front of him.

   “Oh! I’m sorry.” You finally breathed out and slowly pulled your hands up from the sill. “I’ll go.” You gave a small smile as you pulled away from the window.

   “N- no stay !” He lunged forward and grabbed your wrist quickly yet held onto them softly.

  You turned wide-eyed yourself as you turned to face him, your blush deepening as your eyes slowly crept from his face to his hand that kept on your wrist. 

   “S-sorry ! I shouldn’t have done that.” As soon as he noticed that he still held onto you he quickly moved backwards and recoiled his hand back towards himself.

   You couldn’t help but giggle at how cute he seemed right then and there. It was a refreshing feeling, being around someone like him. You felt that you were being drawn to him.

   You crawled through the small window space, planting your hands on the cool roof, slowly inching the rest of your body out. You could feel his presence right on you, as if to make sure you had it. 

   You thought you did, until you felt your legs betray you and they rolled to the side when they popped out from the inside and you felt your body start to pull itself towards the ground.

   You felt yourself start to panic,and clenched your eyes shut feeling as though you were going to fall to your the most painful fall ever or worse, but before you could actually move any further you felt a pair of arms wrap tightly around your upper body, pulling you back upwards.

   When your eyes slowly fluttered open, your face was inches from him. A look of worry crossed his face as he stared at you. Although you had seen him a couple of times before, you never had been this close to him. You noticed how deep but warm his brown eyes shined as they stared at you, his plush but smooth lips, and his nose that accentuated his features much more. It made your heart flutter, he made your heart flutter in that moment. 

   “Thank you..” You said in almost a whisper as he sat you up next to him.

   “No problem,” He smiled to himself as he looked down and pushed his glasses back up onto his face.

   You couldn’t help but smile again. “Well, I’m Y/N.” 

    “I know,” He looked over at you quickly once he realized what he had said, “I-I mean everyone knows who you are. You’re talked about almost everyday by everyone.” He gave you a lop-sided smile and shrugged.

   “Oh?” You raised an eyebrow and peered over towards him, staring at him intensely making him blush. “And what does everyone say?”

   He shrugged,thinking to himself that maybe he should’ve kept him mouth shut. “T-that you’re popular and that you’re pretty wealthy too.”

   You blinked and chuckled looking from the sky back to him, “And what do you think?” 

   He paused for a moment as he turned a deeper shade of red. “Well, I think that you’re smart, and you seem funny and of course you’re beautiful, and really you are sweet and kind, and really I just think you’re more than ordinary, but you’re also more than what everyone says too. You’re I know this because I too have liked you for sometime” 

   His words made you smile, a genuine smile as it was your turn to blush and you turned to look up towards the stars. “Thank you for that Taehyung.”

   He quickly shifted where he sat and looked over at you, “You know my name?”

   You couldn’t help but giggle as you turned back over to him and inched closer to him, making him become stiff and red again. You slid next to him, as close as possible. “Can I tell you secret?” With those words he quickly nodded.

   Putting your lips up to his ear you softly whispered, “ I have always liked you too.”

   His face flushed, but he didn’t flinch, instead he turned his head and looked over at you. “But what about your boyfriend?” He suddenly asked.

   “Boyfriend?” You asked.

   “I didn’t mean to, but I saw you two in the hallway talking.”

   “Oh that,” You sighed. “He isn’t my boyfriend, once upon a time he was, but we broke up long time ago, ll he cared about was partying and football. That is something that I didn’t want in my life.” You shrugged averting your eyes from his,feeling that you were about to cry talking about all of this.

   “Uhm,”You heard him breath out, making you look back over at him, “C-Can I kiss you?” He blushed slightly pushing his glasses back up onto his nose.

   You slightly nodded. 

   He centered himself and leaned in. His lips pressed up against yours making your eyes flutter closed. The kiss was then deepened as he cupped his hands around your face and pressed his lips firmly onto yours. After moments of kissing he then puled away and blinked.

   “Oh my God, I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me!” He shook his head.

   “It’s okay, It was nice.” You gigged.


   “Yeah, you didn’t try to stick your tongue down my throat. It was a way that i’ve never been kissed” You blushed as your turned back towards the sky and smiled.

   “That was my first kiss,” He chuckled. “I’m glad it was you.” He then turned to `look at the same sky with you as the music continued playing from inside.


   “Wow.” You said as you both walked downstairs. “We stayed up there that long?” You both entered the giant living room that was now empty,besides a few people sprawled out in the floor or standing around still talking. 

   You carefully stepped over someone who was asleep on the floor only to lose your balance, but Taehyung grabbed you by holding onto your hand.

  “You okay?” He breathed.

   “Yeah,” You smiled gripping his hand, “Thank you.”

   As you both walked together through the party, you both jumped at the sound of rustling coming from the closet under the stairs. 

   “Hey!” It was Jimin. There he sat with a girl slung around him, lipstick kisses decorating his neck and face as soon as Taehyung opened the door. “Guess what? I’m now a man!” He laughed throwing his hands in the air. “Oh, well hello Y/N.” He smiled your way and then back towards Taehyung, giving him a thumbs up as his eyes landed on your hands that were still locked together before pulling the door back closed as the song, “I will be right here waiting for you” By Richard Marx played softly in the background.

   You blushed when you noticed that your hands where still locked together and you pulled away but he held onto them firmly.

   “Wha-” You started but his smile stopped you.

   “Well I guess this is it. Come Monday, the illusion will be shattered and we will go back to how things were. Going back to our own lives.” He blinked and looked down at your hands that held onto eachother and rubbed your hand,softly with his thumb. 

   “Mr. Taehyung Kim!” You huffed. “How could you think for one second that I am not going to talk to you anymore just beca-” 

   Before you could finish your sentence you were cut off by his lips against yours once again,taking you by surprise.

   When he pulled away he smiled at you, and chuckled at your taken aback expression.  

   “So you do want to see again then?” It was his turn to raise an eyebrow. You couldn’t help but smile at the aura that surrounded him now. He seemed different, more confident.

   You closed your eyes for a brief moment and smiled to yourself as your slowly slipped your hands from his.

   “I’ll see you next week,” You slowly walked off towards the door and stopped at the door way and turned to smile at him one last time before walking down the porch, leaving him,standing there breathless, with a smile upon his face.

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