i can’t focus on things for long. my brain doesn’t let me. if i need to focus, i need to move. my leg has to bounce, i need to fidget.

i can never finish what i started. tasks I start off excited about quickly get left behind in favour of new, more stimulating things.

i need to have a million things going on to feel satisfied. music and a book, a game and a movie, i have to have constant stimuli of every kind.

everything is a distraction. noise, lights, etc. even without physical distractions, my brain wanders off. i have to re-tune in to things, often after several minutes.

i never know when to shut up. i try, but it’s hard. and i always interrupt people. i hate waiting for turns, i need to be engaged constantly. listening to other’s is a struggle.

organizing is impossible. my room is always a mess, no matter how much i want to clean it. i lose everything constantly: my phone, my keys, my wallet, the remote, my pen. everything.

if i don’t like it, i can’t do it. even if i have to. if i like it, focusing is easier, but my attention still waivers.

some days are worse. some days, my brain is jumping from activity to activity. staying on tasks i usually enjoy wont happen. sitting still is impossible. when i can’t move or i feel bored, i get extremely frustrated and angry. everything in me wants to scream.

i always forget to do things i need to. notes and reminders don’t help. i have needed to pay my brighthouse bill for 2 months and i still haven’t.

i got so frustrated in class when i couldnt focus that i had to leave and i cried in the hallway. this isnt a first.

in elementary school, id read instead of paying attention in class because my books could hold my attention and didnt make me restless.

in middle school, i doodled instead of paying attention. i almost failed algebra because i couldn’t focus on the content. somehow i got a 5/5 on the exam.

i cried in the shower tonight because my brain doesn’t work.
this sucks.

House Marbrand, Lords of Ashemark, Burning Bright

House Marbrand is one of the main noble houses from the Westerlands. Their seat of Ashemark is located in the hilly area near where the Tumblestone begins. They blazon their arms with a burning tree, orange on smoke. Damon Marbrand is the current Lord of Ashemark, Ser Addam Marbrand his son was a page at Casterly Rock and a childhood friend of Jaime Lannister


Lavenham Vintage Volkswagen Meet by Mike
Via Flickr:
A great weekend in the heart of Suffolk, despite the wet weather on Saturday. We camped at Brighthouse Farm, a few miles from Lavenham.

House Ashford, Lords of Ashford, Our Sun Shines Bright

House Ashford is a noble house from Ashford in the Reach sworn to the Tyrells. They blazon their arms with a white sun and white chevron on orange.

In ‘the Hedge Knight’ Lord Ashford held a tourney at Ashford Meadow. During the tourney an altercation occurred between Ser Duncan the Tall and Prince Aerion Targaryen. This resulted in Duncan striking the prince, claiming that he was only following the knight’s vows to defend the weak. Aerion demanded a trial of seven to clear his name. Thus the tourney entered history by becoming the theater of the first trial of seven in more than a hundred years. During the trial King Daeron II Targaryen’s son and heir, Prince Baelor, was slain by his own brother, Prince Maekar.

anonymous asked:

Do you remember when brighthouse first started doing the hello friend thing? It was just a creepy vague commercial with a smiley face and no one knew what the fuck was happening.

honestly I thought it was Scientology for a minute