Several of you checked this out the other day, but check out a film I created for two friends after I filmed their proposal. It’s seriously adorable. If you love love, you will love this. 

Also, if you know of anyone in Texas who needs weddings/proposals/parties/precious moments/promotional content/or anything else filmed, send them my way! They can contact me here or at I have some cool new projects coming up and would love to have more! And please, if you like it, share!


This is probably self-serving, but I just wanted to say how happy I’ve been in the past few weeks because I’ve been waking up and going to sunrise yoga at least a few days a week. I feel healthier and fitter and I have more muscle and balance and my stomach is flatter and my skin is firmer. I’m just pleased, overall, and I hope I can keep this up. If any of you ever want an easy way to feel happier and healthier, yoga is the way to do it. Just in time for swimsuit season!