Inspired by this meme, I worked out a “shorter version” that focuses on ONE female character at a time.

  • 1 Character
  • 2 Outfits and/or Hairstyles
  • 3 Relationships (romantic/platonic)
  • 4 Colours and/or Objects
  • 5 Quotes and/or Moments

Can be used for male characters as well [if you must]. Feel free to re-order the categories to your liking.

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Say the vampire count didn’t venture from his Carpathian roots in the Victorian age of budding science and the dawning of psychotherapy, but in an age of jazz and gin and flapper fringe. Say it wasn’t ancient and regal London that caught his burning eye, but loud and jovial New York. Not the refined parlors of great houses, but the speakeasies and dance halls, where the bright young things glittered most brilliantly in smoky darkness.

Here, Jonathan Harker is no quiet man of money, but a brazen bootlegger. Gone is the smooth English accent; in its place the harsh snap and crackle of Harlem. This Harker wears loose ties, chews toothpicks, has a hot song in his soul and plays a mean horn. He’s a self-made man with a family legacy that stretches back into chains and an eye on wooing Mina Murray, the prettiest songbird to ever warble on a stage.

But here comes the wealthy Count and his luminous brides, draped in pearls and veiled in silk. To tempt Harker away from his Mina, to distract him while the Count seduces the young flapper with the silver pipes.

But the Count has made an enemy he cannot afford, for no amount of green will keep Harker from staining his dark hands red with undead blood. He will tear apart the sinister brides with his own hands, save his Mina with a gun in one hand and his loyal boys at his back.

New York is a younger beast than London, and it doesn’t hesitate to bare its teeth.

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lol the whole "doctor/rose is abusive" thing bothers me on three levels. 1) it's inaccurate and ridiculous; 2) it's offensive and misrepresents what abuse actually is; 3) the doctor makes river break her own wrist instead of hurting a weeping angel because of ~timey wimey reasons~ and marries her to get her to shut up which is pretty much textbook manipulation and abuse but lol nah it's doctor/rose that is abusive because the doctor sometimes acts like a douche to her.

well I don’t think Doctor/River really has anything to do with it, Doctor/River existing wouldn’t prevent Doctor/Rose from hypothetically being abusive and I dunno that “Doctor/Rose is abusive” is something that’s coming from Doctor/River shippers or anything – it seems to come from a weird collection of all kinds of fans including (most bafflingly of all) sometimes Doctor/Rose shippers themselves

but yeah the whole thing just

lol meanwhile hannibal fandom does semantic backflips to come up with a definition of “love” that covers forcefeeding someone an ear and framing them for murder

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what, sexualizing a dinosaur doesn’t do it for you?

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reassuring me i made the right call not watching tbh lol

no. it’s so bad. I had to turn it off. in the first ten minutes there were so many jokes/comments about women i wanted to throw up. 

I feel so terrible because sometimes i think about how great this show used to be and i makes me really fucking sad. Ugh

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I mean, I actually do not understand how Twelve's characterization is supposed to make sense. Eleven was a dick, but he *grumble grumble* did save the Time Lords and sort of ended his life on a high (I guess lol) so I mean, why is Twelve a huge douchecanoe (which lol Eleven was already a huge douchecanoe so this should be interesting, and by interesting, I mean cringeworthy)? It's almost as if Moffat is a monkey throwing darts and seeing where they land.

yeah like — i mean just looking at it logically, you’d think eleven would have been the dark broody “am i a good person blah blah black like my SOUL” type because he came off the back of the shitty end to ten’s shitty life and regenerated alone and miserable, whereas eleven regenerated after having saved the stupid maypole kiddies AND the christmastown kiddies AND clara was with him AND his good friends the time lords gave him new regenerations, twelve should be the one wearing hats and doing little else

there is legit no reason for twelve to be daaaaaark and brooody and not understand humans and rude to clara and all this stuff beyond “because i said so”

and i think the way age is getting talked about in all these discussions is kinda gross? like on one hand you’ve got the dismissal of ten and eleven (/david and matt) as “haha young pretty boys, ~boyfriends~ for the companions haha lol that’s not the doctor!” AND then you’ve got “well peter capaldi is OLD AS THE HILLS so obviously he’s going to be dark and mature and no flirting at all and he doesn’t even know clara’s a girl”

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4, 17, 23, 32

4. What’s your current NOTP?


UGGGGGGGHHHH. I’m never going be over the clusterfuck that was the HIMYM finale.

(sorry if you ship Ted/Robin, anybody, but I really, really don’t).

5. Talk about a pairing you’ve stopped shipping romantically

Buffy/Angel. tbh I never really shipped them hardcore, but post-BTVS and post-Angel I really don’t ship them at all. That ship (pun absolutely intended) has sailed.

23. Which of your ships deserve better writing?

All of my ships deserve THE BEST writing, of course, but I generally think that they all get it (the ones I ship in earnest right now do, anyways). :3 The GOT fandom could um, use some help not writing creepy shit like Sansa/Sandor, though. Just, uh, my opinion.

32. Share five must-read fics.

I present to you a grab bag of must-read shippy fics, featuring some of my very favorite ships (and one that just got in there because…my hand slipped, okay?)

Cusp by valueturtle (Ten/Rose, adult)

Second Time Around by cookie2697 (Ten/Rose)

Wreckage and Recovery by Evidence (FemShep/Garrus, adult)

Laddie, Lie Near Me by abadplanwellexecuted (Tentoo/Rose)

Life During Wartime by Aramley (Malcolm Tucker/C.J. Cregg, adult, but only for language. whAT DON’T JUDGE ME it’s one of the most hilarious and tone-perfect crossovers I’ve ever read).

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LOGIC YEAH! #whataboutwhitehistorymonth #affirmativeactionisunfair #illtrademillionsofmyancestorsgetslaughteredforasweetdentalplan

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whatever pairing comes to mind + glow worms

“So what’s this about glow worms?” Rose asks, examining the jungle surrounding them.

He crouches, moving some of the jungle underbrush at his feet and picking up a thick worm.

“It’s not glowing,” she comments.

“Not yet,” he says, placing it on her bare arm. She gasps as the worm suddenly illuminates, light spreading across her skin, blooming in her veins. It swirls within her, visible under her skin. It spreads to her heart, which glows an unmistakable golden.

His grin spreads wider. “I can see your heart, Rose Tyler.”

And when she kisses him, they glow. She illuminates him. 

Send me a pairing and a prompt and I’ll write you a 100 word drabble!

SIX RANDOM FACTS ABOUT MYSELF tagged by cate, so here goes!
  • i’m flexible! splits, backbends, reaching past my toes without bending my knees, all that stuff has always come really easy to me, and the ONE GYMNASTICS CLASS I ATTENDED, where i learned to do a back handspring which i have promptly completely forgotten, affirmed that i’m great at the floor stuff, even when the balance beam scared me so bad i couldn’t even walk it without crying about it true story. i got a burger and a trip to the mall after, though, to make me feel better, SO WHO’S THE REAL WINNER HERE, BALANCE BEAM? 
  • I HAVE REAL TROUBLE ROLLING MY R’S??? or maybe, i dont know i can do it but like, only accidentally. when i actually try i can only do it with my uvula or else its a no go. which is okay because i take french, so uvula stuff is my jam, but annoying too because my dad’s spanish and even though i don’t speak a lick i should at least be able to do the r thing more than half the world can too jeez
  • my favorite book in the entire world is kushiel’s dart by jacqueline carey, but my favorite AUTHOR in the entire world is patricia a. mckillip
  • i have this stunning robin’s egg blue coach clutch that i…have never used
  • i just havent yet
  • shut up
  • i’ve never had a cavity! and every time i say that out loud i worry i’ve jinxed myself so now i’ve got to find some salt to throw or wood to knock on 
  • i am always in the mood to watch a horror movie; ESPECIALLY if it was made in the 90s, and involves a bunch of teenagers idk bro its just my type

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lol it’s funny because moffat once said that the night the doctor dances with reinette is the best night of his life lol

omg omg i had totally forgotten about that!!!! hahahahahaha i am dying of laughter right now oh god

i wonder if somewhere in my mind i remembered and wrote that line as a fuck you to moffat’s bullshit, idek askkf;lsdkg 

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okay angie i'm on a bit of a the mummy kick. do you know of any good books that have that sort of atmosphere? i've read crocodile on the sandbank and i really liked it, and i want moarrr

you know, i have been wracking my brain since last night trying to think of some good adventure yarns that have the mummy feel and i am totes drawing a huge blank.

i’ve been reading so many historical murder mysteries and romances for the past year that i’m having a hard time recalling anything set in egypt/africa/etc.

in terms of the adventure and somewhat-mythic qualities (if not the setting and historical value), i do rec the pendergast series by douglas preston & lincoln child – the first book is relic, which features a scaly creature loose in the museum of natural history. i always describe the pendergast books as indiana jones meets james bond meets frankenstein: there’s almost supernatural shit, a lot of action and derring do, some mysteries to unravel, and a lot of science and research thrown in.

and for the time period and strong ladies dealing with supernatural creepiness, i rec the simone st. james novels. there are three thus far: the haunting of maddy clare, an inquiry into love and death, and silence for the dead. all are set in the 1910s in the wake of wwi, are told from the pov of an english lady struggling in some way and thrown into paranormal madness, and feature a lot of romance and mystery and creepy atmosphere. wonderfully well written and each novel is a total stand alone, so you can pick one up at random and enjoy it without any background.

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this debate might be the most horrifying thing i've ever seen.

ikr what is even happening

if someone has started following me in the last 2 weeks of olympics madness it might not be clear so allow me to clarify for everyone now that i think steven moffat is a terrible writer and that series 6 of doctor who was a terribly-written offensive pile of embarassment

so, uh, unfollow at will