Today I’ve reached 20.000 beautiful followers (wHATTTT) and I figured this the perfect time to make my first follow forever ever! This 1 year and a half I’ve been running this blog, all of you made my tumblr experience amazing and my dash beautiful so thank you all so much. :’))Fav blogs in bold.


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poeguesquadron2  asked:

1.) who is your favorite cate 2.) have you ever questioned your sexuality 3.) biggest pet peeves?

1.) You are! (that I don’t know any other Cates that spell it exactly that way is irrelevant) 

2.) I think I’ve kind of come more around on it as I’ve grown older. When I was in high school/college, etc. it seemed like, well, you like dudes, that’s it, that’s what you do, you’re heterosexual, and if sometimes I saw a woman I was attracted to, I would immediately rule it out mentally as being something sexual because that didn’t jive with I identified myself, like, no, you just think she’s pretty, it’s not a sexual thing, even though occasionally it was. And although I still identify myself as heterosexual, I’ve really loosened up on those occasions where I find myself attracted to a woman, in a way where now I can admit to myself that sometimes it’s in a way where I would sleep with her. 

3.) In sort of an umbrella way, my biggest pet peeve is not respecting other people’s boundaries. 

brighterthanroses replied to your post:But I think what always ruined [Donna] was the way…

um jfc what

yeah it’s the second time recently that i’ve seen it, that donna as a character ‘doesn’t make sense’ (or… is a hypocrite? lmao) because she is insecure but has a brash personality. because insecure people must be weeping in the corner at all times or something i guess?? i mean there is literally a line that says “shouting at the world 'cause no one’s listening” but y'know whatever

poeguesquadron2  asked:

What was your first fandom?

Welllll … I was super into musicals in high school (pretty much anything by andrew lloyd webber and/or tim rice), but that was generally more about the musicals themselves than about the people involved in them.

So officially, I’d have to say Queen!! I started getting really into Queen when I was in my early 20s, mainly bc one of my favorite musical theater lyricists (the aforementioned Tim Rice) had written lyrics for a song performed by Freddie Mercury. That introduced me to Freddie Mercury, the gorgeousness of Roger Taylor (damnnn … and plz explain how he’s like 65 years old now and still pretty as fuck??), and the sweeping harmonies of their music.

It’s really bc of Queen that to this day I’m still such a fan of Mika and Butch Walker, who were really clearly inspired by them =)

londowney’s follow forever 2014

it’s been almost a year since i first attempted to make a follow forever, and here i am again to give some well-deserved shoutouts to my favorite people and blogs! each and everyone one of you is amazing and i thoroughly enjoy seeing you on my dash. here’s to you! – xoxo mary

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Fic -- The World Moves Beneath Us -- TenToo/Rose -- Chapter 1/?

Chapters - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

A collaboration between kilodalton and brighterthanroses

Summary: He’d promised himself he’d never again be without her, that he wouldn’t ever have to be. But then he gets a glimpse of his future.

Rating: Teen

A/N: No warning, but the story deals with themes related to character death

Nu Who Fic Olympics (nwficolympics) Tags:

Country: USA

Team: TenToo/Rose

Event/Rating: Junior Ski Jump

He would have thought the moment might have called for a bit more ceremony, perhaps. Not literally a ceremony, of course—although to be fair, Time Lords were quite a ceremonial people, with an exacting tome of instructions on how to properly memorialize a myriad of occasions. Even so, he is well aware that he’s not completely Time Lord anymore and that even when he was, he still never would have expected the pomp and circumstance they so loved. But at the bare minimum, the moment might have been worthy of a bit more recognition, perhaps a joyful cheer to punctuate the event, or a hushed, whispered moment of reverence. Anything really, to mark the culmination of this long-fought effort. It’s been a whole year of waiting for the TARDIS to be fully grown, of scouring the Torchwood archives for the bits and bobs to make it all work. A whole year of dealing with Torchwood and UNIT and their regulations, of Vitex parties and Jackie Tyler and her regulations—and despite it all, despite all the odds and obstacles, the TARDIS is finally, finally complete. It’s freedom, and it’s home, and it’s beautiful, and within the next few moments, it will once again all be within his reach. He exhales as he twists the last screw of the power adapter into place with his fingers, the finishing touch taking no more effort than the flick of his wrist.



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Yes, that was my actual reaction… So, I decided to do something insane. A follow forever. These are hard, I never knew that before. Anyway, allons-y!

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fic - the world moves beneath us - tentoo/rose - chapter 2/?

A collaboration between kilodalton and brighterthanroses

Summary: He’d promised himself he’d never again be without her, that he wouldn’t ever have to be. But then he gets a glimpse of his future.

Rating: Teen

Previous Chapters: 1

A/N: No warning, but the story deals with themes related to character death

Nu Who Fic Olympics (nwficolympics) Tags:

Country: USA

Team: TenToo/Rose

Event/Rating: Junior Ski Jump


Rose has just finished arranging the chrysanthemums when she hears the all-too-familiar grinding of gears from across the room. Tiny, half-forgotten fears like daggers slice through her chest for the first time in months as she turns around. The TARDIS. With the Doctor. Gone.

He’d said–he’d promised! Told her again and again that he’d do this with her by his side, that they would be equals in this world, that the very thought of being without her was too much to bear.

This Doctor, for all of his faults, is no liar. Just as angry tears begin to bite at her cheeks, she sniffs back her grief and remembers that. Sure, he still chooses to withhold valuable information when they collaborate with Torchwood, but never from her. Okay, so it took him seven months to tell Jackie that they were growing a TARDIS of their own, but in all honesty, Rose hadn’t pushed him too hard on that one in the first place, so it really wasn’t his fault. And yes, there are years of secrets he holds, centuries of loved ones and enemies and heartbreak and joy, memories he’ll probably never share with her, but she has her secrets, too. Things she’s simply never had time to tell him.

She wonders if she’ll ever see him again.

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I decided to make a Follow Forever because yesterday was my blog’s 5th birthday! yaaaay! I love all these blogs and the people who run them. They have all made my dash and my experience on tumblr amazing.

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Haven’t ever done them so thought I might give this a go with my newest follower milestone, whoooo! I love all of my followers and as well as adore the people I follow too, even if we might not be mutual followers. The bolded ones will be those who whose edits or fics I adore and I interact more. So here it is y'all! 

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These are great guys and have fantastic blogs. So thanks for being amazing, fantastic blogs guys!

Fic -- The World Moves Beneath Us -- TenToo/Rose -- Chapter 6/?

Chapters - 1 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

A collaboration between kilodalton and brighterthanroses

Summary: He’d promised himself he’d never again be without her, that he wouldn’t ever have to be. But then he gets a glimpse of his future.

Rating: Teen

A/N: No warning, but the story deals with themes related to character death

The smell of smoke and rain wafts around her body, the mud cakes on to her trainers. It’s intoxicating, just being here, around these people with their simple love of music, kissing and making love under the gray sky. Out in the open.

It’s times like these that remind her of how much she’s changed since she was nineteen. Her very morality has changed–or at least, she has learned to accept other people’s moralities, like the Doctor told her to do, so very long ago in that dingy old Cardiff morgue.

She wonders, not for the first time, who she’d be if she hadn’t met the Doctor. Probably dead. Definitely not the Rose Tyler she was meant to be. Rose doesn’t much believe in destiny or fate, but after seeing Donna Noble in that world without the Doctor, she suspects she doesn’t know much at all about the ways of the universe. Maybe she was that guiding force, once upon a time when the golden gasps of time swelled in her veins. Maybe she’s always been.

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I reached 15k followers today :`))) and i wanted to thank you guys because you’re all amazing, special, beautiful ♥ etc. I decided to make a follow forever since i haven’t done it in a while. Also i’ll keep it pretty short.

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Fic — The World Moves Beneath Us — TenToo/Rose — Chapter 5/?

Chapters - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

A collaboration between kilodalton and brighterthanroses

Summary: He’d promised himself he’d never again be without her, that he wouldn’t ever have to be. But then he gets a glimpse of his future.

Rating: Teen

A/N: No warning, but the story deals with themes related to character death

The thrum of the morning rain on the window of the car that picks them up the next morning is echoed by the beat of his fingers drumming an impatient pattern on the armrest. It’s usually a ten minute ride, tops—and it’s already been almost twenty. What is taking so bloody long to get there? Get in, sign the papers, and get out—that’s the plan. It has to be the plan—he can’t risk anything else. Any more time than necessary spent in that bloody Torchwood building and the team leads would likely try to reel both Rose and him into an assignment—Torchwood has an unfortunate habit of sending Rose off to parts unknown, with or without him. Oh, he understands why—she’s one of their best agents, but their pattern of foisting dangerous assignment after dangerous assignment upon her had already started to worry him even before he’d found… what he’d found… in their flat. She’d already come back from helping out on previous assignments he hadn’t even been told about with her arms purple from bruises from where a Sontaran had grabbed her, or bandages wrapped around her hand from where an robot’s pincers had cut deeply into her soft flesh. And each time she’d say it didn’t hurt that badly, didn’t matter—she was defending the earth, fighting the kinds of monsters they’d always fought, just like they’d always done.

He’s been so blind. Her life has been in danger this whole time—every time she stepped foot into that building. He can’t let that happen again.


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Well, I reached the amazing, incredible mark of 2,000 followers (omg thank you all of you!) and I decided to finally make a follow forever to share with you some of the lovely people I follow that definitely deserve a look!

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fic — the world moves beneath us — tentoo/rose — chapter 4/?

Chapters - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

A collaboration between kilodalton and brighterthanroses

Summary: He’d promised himself he’d never again be without her, that he wouldn’t ever have to be. But then he gets a glimpse of his future.

Rating: Teen

A/N: No warning, but the story deals with themes related to character death

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