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You know what’s funny?

I used to be a shit student. I wouldn’t do my homework, I wouldn’t pay attention, I failed nearly all of my classes in middle school. Then 8th grade happened, and I realized I didn’t like the way I looked anymore. Yeah my weight bothered me before but I never really did anything that lasted. So I started starving myself. And because of that, I became a better student. I immersed myself into my school work and payed attention just so I could ignore my stomach and the cravings.

It’s funny, both ways I destroy myself, but I prefer to destroy myself to be skinny than have bad grades and fail out of college.

Delphic Maxim #24

Speak well of the beautiful good

Also translated to “Praise the Good”.

It’s easy to be cynical and only see the negative of the world. That can cause your mood, attitude and view of the day to just bog down and make things worse than they are. It’s like the “control your anger” Maxim. Be slow to anger and recognise the good things in the day. If you make an effort to do that, you’ll feel better.

And this also goes to how you treat others too. If you see someone do something good, speak up and recognise them for it. And strive to be the person that people want to recognise.

Glory to the Gods