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RFA High School HCs Favorite Classes

The 3rd installment in the series is here! (1st, 2nd 4th 4th(cont) 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th ) Feel free to request high school scenarios if you enjoy these. You guys are probably better brainstormers than I am. XD 


  • For some reason REALLY loves his home ec class.
  • Cooking, sewing, cleaning… he finds it so fascinating.
  • He especially loves making pancakes (Jumin’s route, am I right?)
  • The first time he… uh… used baking soda instead of baking powder…
  • And anyone with basic cooking knowledge knows how that turned out
  • When his food turns out bad he looks absolutely devastated.
  • The teacher meets his dead eyes and just flips.
  • “Jumin, Jumin! Don’t worry, I’ll let you try again. You can redo it! You can redo it! Just… Just don’t-”
  • And that’s how Jumin learned to make pancakes and nothing else
  • But, omg, he loves taking care of the robot baby the most. 
  • I mean, he just secretly switches it out with Elizabeth the 3rd and then…
  • “I can see her all day. … … THIS IS THE BEST.”
  • The thing is, the robot baby has stuff programmed into it that calculate your grade based off of how well you did
  • And since Jumin didn’t do anything
  • He completely fails his home ec class. Poor Juju


  • This poor baby doesn’t do well at any of his core classes… 
  • Even in animal science, all he does is coo over all the animals
  • That makes the teacher very mad because he specifically said not to touch
  • Yoosung would be best at pottery.
  • At first all his cups would turn out lopsided
  • but over time he got so pro at it
  • Now he can beat the teacher.
  • And, you know it, they have competitions every day
  • Maybe Seven would be in class with him narrating the whole process
  • “And there he goes! What material is he choosing today… The great pottery master YOOSUNG! Boom boom, shaaaaaaaa”
  • And Yoosung wins every frickin time probably because his classmates don’t want to see him cry
  • The teacher is really salty but still gives him a passing grade
  • Yoosung is ecstatic because this is the first time he’s actually had fun passing a class if only he was this good at math or English


  • Jaehee’s the best at Chemistry.
  • She loves learning the details of things.
  • She doesn’t have as good a memory as Seven, but it’s pretty good regardless.
  • so she knows all the elements by the first week, plus their oxidation numbers, plus their most common compounds, plus… you get the point?
  • To her, chemistry is the only place where she can truly let go
  • so, in the labs, she’s the one with her hair frazzled and face blackened due to some “experiment” she was performing after completing the assigned work
  • Chem labs are supposed to have eye-washers, and she’s used it more than once 
  • Jae-chan your eyes are already bad (not really, her glasses are fake)
  • Her fav class lab is the one where you dip cotton balls into different liquids and light them on fire.
  • All the different colors are just so pretty
  • Her classmates are all happy that she’s showing some positive emotions for once
  • until she starts chasing them with flaming cotton balls


  • Everyone knows his favorite class is theater, but for sake of making it interesting, let’s say it wasn’t.
  • Zen loves English.
  • Due to him reading so many scripts, his vocabulary is huge
  • Because of it, his essays are so fabulous
  • His teacher love it and thus strokes Zen’s ego a hella ton more than he should
  • “Your diction is spectacular, Zen! Absolutely sensational!”
  • “I have to say, I am a sensation.”
  • Despite this, Zen fails all his vocab quizzes because he only knows adjectives
  • “What the hell is ‘largess…?’ ” *sighs*
  • Nobody likes it when students do live performances for projects because it’s just awkward
  • But when Zen performs…
  • “Mic check… one, two…”
  • Everyone is just speechless.
  • He captivates. And just like that: “Ah, I get it now.”
  • The meaning behind the passage that the teacher spent two full days trying to show was revealed instantly by Zen’s performance.


  • Physics. The genius is a genius.
  • It’s all math-based, so Seven knows everything from day 1.
  • He probably taught himself calculus in elementary school the smarty-pants
  • His favorite topic is projectiles. 
  • Why? Projectile labs, of course.
  • He knows exactly where everything is going to land
  • And eventually the teacher finds out, though it takes them a while.
  • “Oops, why did the egg hit your face? I was aiming for the target…”
  • “Luciel…” 
  • He is therefore banned from all projectile labs restraining order requested
  • Do not ask him for Physics homework help because he assumes everything
  • “Hey, Luciel, can you help me with this?”
  • “Okay, so you solve for time using y-velocity and use that to find your x-displacement.”
  • “Wait… where did you get that value for ‘a’?”
  • “Are you an idiot? That’s acceleration due to gravity. -9.8m/s.”
  • Yeah. He’s a terrible teacher. unlike fabulous Zen
  • What he is good at, however, is double checking answers. He’ll tell you straight out whether you’ve got the right answer or not.
  • “Hey, Luciel, is this right?”
  • “How the hell did you get that?”
  • Go easy on me God Seven ;;


  • This fuzzball loves animal science.
  • I’m sure you’re already imagining it
  • Allllllllll the smol cute photos
  • Fluffy chicks and ducks, kittens, puppies
  • Saeran holds them in his smol hands right next to his face and everything around him just brightens
  • He’s not wearing black anymore, it’s shining midnight blue
  • His black hair highlights aren’t creepy anymore, they’re shadows that add depth to this beautiful moment
  • Other classmates try to find ways to take photos with him and the animals
  • He’s so good at handling them that the teacher puts him in charge of them
  • He takes it so seriously
  • He’s there every day after school
  • He’ll often find himself with company as people want to see him with the animals
  • Feeding them… brushing them… cuddling…. *fangirl squeals*
  • doesn’t know how to act around so many people???
  • If there are too many visitors, though, he’ll chase them out with his death glare
  • If you come any closer I’ll… I’ll accept anything from you my smol emo child>~

rebigulator  asked:

Hey! I am obsessed with how you color your art / use color. Would you ever consider doing a video tutorial or anything of that nature?

Definitely! I’ll give you a quick explanation here, and make something up later when I have the chance.

So to start out, I just want to make it clear that I DO use a lot of inefficient guesswork, that I’m really trying to get better about, so take this explanation with a grain of salt.

Anyway, I start with the sketch that I decide to go with, and clean up all of the lines with one of Kyle Webster’s inking brushes, using black as the main color, just for clarity. Then, I make a selection around the drawing using the cleaned up lines, and fill the selection (on a separate layer) with the base color of the pokemon I’m working with. Then I lock the layer into a mask and continue filling out flat colors on the drawing. I try to keep my flat colors as simple as possible, because I don’t want to muddy the image with too many details when I add the light and shadow layers later on. Again, this isnt something I’m perfect at, and still have a problem with from time to time. Once I have all of my flat colors put down to my liking, I move onto my shadow layer. I add a layer and set it to multiply, and then create a clipping mask that’s attached to the flat color layer underneath. I’ll do this for each subsequent layer from here on out so that I don’t leak any color outside of the drawing. The colors I choose for my shadow layer is USUALLY a warm color, at about 10-20% darkness, and about 20% saturation. It’ll become much darker when you use it on a multiply layer, and much richer without over saturating the image too much. This is just personal taste, however, because I just really prefer rich shadows. Now, instead of drawing in all of the shadows, I fill the entire multiply layer with the color I chose, and use a large eraser to erase the parts that AREN’T in shadow. This helps me work large, and keep me from getting too detail oriented too quickly. After that, on the same layer, I’ll choose a darker, richer color of the same hue to paint in my deeper shadows, but I try to use this color very sparingly–only where there’s a very obvious drop shadow.

Once I’m done with the shadows, I add another layer, again clipped to my flat colors, and set it to color dodge. This is for highlights, and to sparingly brighten up some colors here and there– generally at a very low opacity so that I don’t over blow the image with too much highlight. The color I often choose is generally a dark, highly saturated warm color. If you go too light (higher than 60% darkness) you get white too soon, and I try to only add white highlights on surfaces that are highly reflective, like the Magneton drawing. Using color dodge can be tricky, and I’m not saying it’s necessarily the right way to do things, but it can give the drawing a look like it’s been slightly bleach-stained, and I think that’s cool, so I choose to use it.

Then finally, I lock the layer of my line art, and fill it with a dark, saturated color that’s close to black, but not quite, because too dark can flatten the image even more than I want.

Anyway, I hope this helps! Again, I play a lot by ear in the spur of the moment, so nothing is a complete science, nor do am I trying to imply that this is the correct way of doing things, but this is the process I’ve found works for this specific project, and I’m always trying to learn other ways of doing things because I KNOW that this approach can be limiting and fickle. It just happens to be the most pleasing way for me to work. Thanks for your interest! I’ll work on making a video tutorial made when I have the software and means to do so.

Ulta 💄

Loreal Brow Definer $10
Becca Peach Brightener $30
NYX Matte Lipstick $6
Buxom Gloss $20
UD Naked Loose Powder x2 $68
Naked Smokey Palette $54
Smashbox Primer Water $36
Loreal Pro-matte Foundation $15
Smashbox 24hr Shadow Primer $20
NYX Soft Matte Lips x2 $12
Juicy Couture Noir $74
Mally Highlighter & Blush $45
NYX Micro Brow $10
Stila Liquid Lipstick $24
Dr. Brandt Pores No More $48
Too Faced Born This Way $40
IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye $24
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer $6
Rimmel Lip Liner $5
NYX Glitter $6
NYX Lip Liner x3 $10.50
OPI Hello Kitty $10
Zoya Polish $10

Savings = $583.50 😊😊


[TRANS] Sunny Interview in SURE Magazine, May 2016 - “SUNNY DAYS”

Summer, Sunny and Bali. SNSD Sunny’s exotic makeup looks that contains the season ahead.

“It’s okay to film in the water. I’m pretty good at swimming.” Even before the shoot started, Sunny showed the easy-going personality she is well known for. Truthfully, this is our second time shooting with her. Two makeup editorials were both conducted with the editor, so it’s a surprising connection. She set the atmosphere even before the shoot began, and she didn’t show any strain at all shooting under direct sunlight and in water, so even the sweaty staff (weather in Bali was a windless 30⁰C) forgot about the heat during behind-the-scenes of the shoot.  

It was top secret, but she was not alone for the Bali editorial shoot. Best friend Hyoyeon joined on the trip, and they each shot an editorial (Hyoyeon’s fashion editorial will be unveiled in the July issue of <SURE>). Thanks to ‘SunHyo’ (shortened name for Sunny and Hyoyeon, created by fans), staff made fun memories at this editorial shoot. Short interview shared with Sunny in Bali regarding beauty.

Hasn’t it been a while since you’ve spent free time, not worried about schedules?

Yes, other than than the editorial shoot, I don’t have a busy schedule so I have freedom in several ways. Normally, I tend to sleep a lot but there aren’t a lot of opportunities to do that. After the shoot, as soon as I received a massage at the resort, I fell asleep. Now that I’ve come to Bali, my body and mind must both be comfortable.

Normally, do you tend to wear makeup?

I go around barefaced, not even wearing “barefaced” makeup. People around me even tell me to go out wearing some makeup. Even then, I do a simple coverage, with cushion pact or BB cream. If an embarrassing situation arises, I usually wear sunglasses.

At last night’s adieu party (last day, when we came back) with the staff, you were like a different person.

On a special day, I do a different hairstyle. For example, I do a 1:9 part and tie it, like I am today. If you do that, even without special makeup, you can show a differently coloured feel. Ah, I wear more eyeliner. A thin, pointy line, like cat’s eye.

What is beauty according to Sunny?

Natural self, that is not adorned. Yourself!


If you’re planning to enjoy a full day of tanning, natural skin is recommended. Lightly cover your skin with a BB cream and then, apply coloured eyeshadow to your eyelids and as eyeliner. After that, use a waterproof mascara emphasize curled eyelashes. With a two-toned lipstick, you can show a natural, moist lip with your own lip colour showing through.

Sunny’s Picks:

  1. HeyNature Moist Tightening BB Cream
  2. HeyNature All-in-One 8 Colour Shadow Palette in Office Girl – 1.2 g x 8 – 36,000 won
  3. HeyNature Dual Lipstick #1 Passion White – 0.8 g – 15,000 won
  4. HeyNature HeyPop Waterproof Liner #1 Natural Black – 0.5 g – 7,200 won


“On a special day, I tend to emphasize the eye line. I don’t draw in the whole thing, but by creating a slight wing, it gives a differently coloured feel.”

For beach makeup, if you use a lot of colour, it can easily become overwhelming. Times like this, the easiest method is to use a colour liner. Of those, attempt a navy colour liner that best suits with the blue reflected in swimming pools. If you apply a stick type pearl shadow on the eyelid line, you can have light on your eyes every time you blink. Don’t forget the final touch with a coral colour blush, which gives you a glow as if you’ve been slightly touched by the sunlight.

Sunny’s Picks:

  1. HeyNature Nude Brightening Powder Pact – 9.5 g – 20,000 won
  2. HeyNature Glam Brightening Blusher – 10.5 g – 22,000 won
  3. HeyNature HeyPop Waterproof Gel Eyeliner #3 Navy Blue – 0.5 g – 7,200 won
  4. HeyNature Crayon Shadow #2 White Angel – 1.4 g – 7,800 won


“Natural makeup suits me the best. If I wear a lot of makeup for stage, it’s awkward as if it’s not me. Even though it has been a long time since debut! Of the various looks, the makeup I like the most is this look.”

Way to use the exotic sunlight 200%. After evening out the skin tone softly with powder, bring the colour out of both cheeks with a pink blush. After that, apply highlighter to forehead, nose bridge, cupid’s bow and chin, where light touches you first, and then shade your face line to create the effect of a smaller face. This is the tip to take confident selfies, even under the shining sun of the vacation destination.

Sunny’s Picks:

  1. HeyNature Brightening Rouge Powder – 8 g – 32,000 won
  2. HeyNature Nude Brightening Blusher – 10.5 g – 22,000 won
  3. HeyNature Illuminate Highlight and Shading #1 Ivory/Tan – 5.5 g – 11,000 won


“Normally, I tend to go around barefaced. I just apply sunscreen with a sun BB. But at the beach, you need to take selfies so some kind of makeup is necessary. But I don’t wear a lot of makeup. Lip point is enough.”

At the pool, where light reflection is amplified, you need to frequently apply sunscreen. A cushion pact with coverage is perfect. To this, emphasize eye makeup with a brown colour eyeliner, as if it was drawn on by sunlight. Finish off with a natural two-tone lipstick to bring colour to your lips.

  1. HeyNature Dual Lipstick #2 Red Velvet – 0.8 g – 15,000 won
  2. HeyNature HeyPop Cooling Cushion SunBB – 13 g – 22,000 won
  3. HeyNature HeyPop Waterproof Gel Eyeliner #2 Natural Brown – 0.5 g – 7,200
  4. HeyNature All-in-One 8 Shadow Palette #308 Urban Lady – 1.2 g x 8 – 36,000 won

Scans by DiamondKyu515


Haul Pictures (Finally!) Part 1

This is part 1, which is the beauty, hair and jewelry products. Part 2 is mainly clothes, bras and underwear, which I’ll post tomorrow. It’s a decent haul but don’t be fooled. We all know that beauty and hair products add up $$$… Especially these paraben-free hair products. So I am a bit hype about this part of the haul :D


  • Oyin Juices & Berries Hair Tonic + Hair Dew Leave In Conditioner
  • Curls Blueberry Bliss Gelle + Blueberry Curl Control Paste + Passionfruit Control Paste
  • DevaCurl No Poo, [A bit upset that I couldn’t get the conditioner because Target was out of it :(]
  • Taliah Waajid Curl Sealer
  • As I Am Coconut Cleansing CoWash
  • L’Oreal Infalliable ProMatte Makeup Finishing Spray
  • NYX Illuminator Highlight in Sunbeam + Matte Lip Cream (x3) in Stockholm, Istabul & Antwarp + Butter Gloss in Tiramasu
  • Broadway Impress Press Ons
  • Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Gloss (x3) + Lip Balm (not pictured)
  • Maybelline Color Sensations Eye Shadow in Purple
  • Wet N Wild Makeup Removing Wipes
  • Target Travel Lint Roller

And some freebies on top of freebies from the Beauty Concierge, who was stalking a sista’s life all throughout the beauty department and noticed my big basket of beauty goodies: John Freida 7 Day Volume treatment (although, it surely isn’t enough for all this hair), Rimmel WonderLash Lift Me Up Mascara, Acure Brightening Facial Scrub and Laneige Water Sleeping Mask


  • Lipstick Love Makeup Bag Set + Extra Makeup Travel Bag
  • 1 Necklace Set
  • 2 Necklaces
  • 2 Ring Sets
  • 2 Hand Jewelry (other isn’t pictured)
  • 1 Bracelet

And courtesy of Best Buy’s bathroom, hella Tampons from the dispenser. Judge me.