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can u talk about your love for Sweeran this site needs more positivity today


Sweeran is all we need to talk about. 

I mean look at them.

i mean they respect and love each other so much it is such friendship goals

When you have Sweeran, why talk about anything else? 

and they are each others biggest cheerleaders: 

plus they are just cute: 

and they have a lot in common: 

and there is just a pure love there 

“He is the James Taylor to my Carole King and I can’t imagine a time when he wouldn’t be.”

i mean he has a tattoo from the Red tour. That’s just how special that time was to him.

Taylor was so happy for him  I CANNOT. 

this is just iconic 

Me too, taylor. Me too

When the world feels wrong, sweeran always feels right.

plus they both love cats.


If you’re having a bad day

just look at sweeran pictures / gifs / video. 

it fixes everything

have a nice day.

Imagine - Protective Tony x reader

Originally posted by alberto-rozende

@vivi-ccw Request: “Tony and the reader are close friends and during the situation with the tapes the relationship grows into love? and that Tony is always really protective when someone tries to flirt  with her or yeah I don’t know something like that maybe 🙈🙃”

You and Tony had been best friends since you two were only children, which is understandable considering that the two of you were neighbours. Your parents would always bring you over to Mr. and Mrs. Padilla’s house for play dates with their son. Which is how Tony and you became inseparable. You told Tony everything, he was your shoulder to cry, your light in a dark room. Tony was your sun, he brightened up your life and made everything seem more bearable. As long as you had Tony beside you, you could conquer anything.

And right now you really needed Tony, and Tony really needed you. Because Hannah Baker, your friend, one of the sweetest girls that you have ever had the pleasure of meeting, had just killed herself… And you had no idea how to cope with that. You’re not really sure if Tony knew either, but he seemed strong on the outside. He was always so cool and collected that it was hard to depict what he was feeling.

The night Hannah killed herself, you were at Tony’s. The two of you were cuddled up on the couch, watching a horror film. The two of you saw Hannah walk up Tony’s drive way and leave something at his door. But at the time, you thought nothing of it, ‘if it was important, she would’ve knocked, right?’ How wrong you were…

Tony opened the door to pick up the box that Hannah left on his door step, a couple minutes after she left, and the two of you read the note that she left.

Hannah was going to commit suicide.

The minute that you read that, you and Tony rushed outside to his car and sped to the Bakers household. But you were already too late… You saw them drag Hannah’s body out, saw the devastated and heartbroken looks on Mr. and Mrs. Baker’s faces. You felt sick. Knowing that you could have somehow prevent all of this from happening. If you would’ve  opened the door when Hannah came to drop of the tapes… She could’ve still been alive right now…

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svt as spring things
  • s.coups: the gradually rising temperature :^)
  • jeonghan: sweet smelling flowers that bloom everywhere
  • joshua: pINK fluFFY MARSHMALLOW PEEPS !!
  • jun: all the couples that start appearing and holding hands and making googly eyes at each other
  • hoshi: the brilliant rainbows that show up after a long rain
  • wonwoo: fresh green grass and the budding leaves on trees
  • woozi: busy bees that defy the laws of aviation and work tirelessly pollinating flowers
  • dk: the sun rising a few hours earlier to brighten your life
  • mingyu: newly sprouting plants ready to grow big n tol
  • the8: peaceful rainshowers with occassional thunder and lightning
  • seungkwan: birds chirping their melodious songs all day long
  • vernon: excited puppies!! finally able to go on warmer walks
  • dino: gentle pastel colors that make ur heart all fuzzy

Fluffy boyfriends going to see the cherry trees together :’)

(still love that Atsushi’s kimono its purple 💜)

Edit: tysm to @freezingdreamer for the precious fic Linked Hands! ;-;

mess (park jimin + bts)

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Pairing: Father! Jimin + Reader + BTS

Genre: Fluff/Angst + parent au + Our Little Family au (a couple years later)

Word Count: 1.4k

Request: @addictedjimin​ could you do a scenerio where jimin is left to take care of his daughter so his gf/ wife can have a day off. But to her luck when she returns she find the rest of bts at the house, the house a complete mess and your daughter high on sugar unable to sleep. Thank you !!

Author’s Note: SO this is a little something to commemorate for Father’s Day, AND for all my Our Little Family fans WHILE also completing a request that was long time waiting in my inbox hahaha :) Hope you guys enjoy this cuteness!

Reader’s POV

Your eyes slowly made their way to each figure standing in front of you, all of them smiling widely as your daughter stood in front of them, the biggest smile of all on hers. Sighing inwardly you hesitantly made your way to the front door, but not before looking back once again. You really didn’t want to leave your daughter home alone, but today was Father’s Day, and it had been so long since you had met up with your own dad, the last time being the wedding as you could still remember the tears in his eyes along with the proud smile on his face as he saw you get married to the love of your life. 

“Babe, it’ll be fine. We’ll be fine, I promise.” Jimin whispered, walking up to you as he squeezed your hand in his reassuringly, giving you a smile that made your heart skip a beat, the very smile that had you falling for him. 

“Yup! We’ll take great care of Jieunnie! Don’t you worry Y/N.” Taehyung grinned, flashing you a mischievous smile that had you feeling anxious all over again. 

“You’re the one I’m most worried about, Kim Taehyung.” you remarked, to which Taehyung gasped in shock, “Me? I’m the most innocent one here.” 

“Hyung. You’re not fooling anyone.” Jungkook grinned as Taehyung shot a glare in the younger boy’s direction, the rest of the boys laughing. 

“Ok, Jimin make sure Jieun is in bed by her bedtime, Jin and Hoseok, please don’t feed her too much sugary foods, Namjoon don’t break anything,” you said, all in one breath before glaring at the two youngest, “And you two, don’t do crazy things.”

“Wha- What about Yoongi hyung?” Jungkook asked in disbelief as the man behind him smirked. 

“Now, Yoongi is the only one I trust.” you retorted, to which all the boys groaned, disapprovals and comments being thrown around the living room in a fuss. 

Feeling a light tug on your dress, you looked down and smile widely as your daughter smiled up at you, “Mommy, are you going somewhere?” 

Pinching her nose, you cooed, “Yes baby, I’m going to visit Grandpa L/N but I’ll be back before you know it. Now be a good girl to Daddy and all your Uncles okay?” 

Giggling, she nodded and gave you a quick hug before running off to Taehyung, someone you had noticed she had grown on greatly. 

“Go. You know you wanna see your dad, it’s been a while.” Jimin said, grabbing your attention back to him. 

You gave him a small smile, “Yea, and I have to give him the good news too, don’t I?” 

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okay so I found this today and I think everyone should watch it because harris oh my damn god

like a tiger, my friend, like a tiger.

                        a soulmate is like a MIRROR.

                    they show you things about yourself,
                   that you never knew, that are flaws,
               and help you either fix them or accept them.

                 they brighten your days, better your life
           all while making your soul feel light and happy.

                 that’s what makes them a soulmate.

Thinking about Louis is so comforting. It’s like that feeling when you get out of the shower and put clothes on that are still warm from the dryer, and you snuggle in your bed. Content, relaxed, peaceful. Feeling like nothing could ruin your mood. Louis just makes a wave of calm crash down on you, so you instantly feel better just thinking about how wonderful he is, and I think it’s amazing that one tiny person can do so much to brighten your life, even if he’s not physically there with you.

what your BTS bias says about you
  • jungkook: perseverance and humility are your favorite traits. this bunny is always giving his best but never forgets he has much to learn.
  • taehyung: the mundane and superficial are what you hate most. this quirky fun-loving pup will always surprise you with his great capacity.
  • j-hope: even though life is hectic, he still shines with positivity that brightens your life every time. he's the angel you always needed.
  • yoongi: you like authenticity and unwavering commitment to what you love. suga does whatever the fuck he wants and does it well every time.
  • namjoon: you appeal to depths that are beyond surface value. he's absolutely charming and adorable but his mind is what you admire.
  • jin: you desire effort and self love, all of which are what he embodies the most. jin will never waver and will continue to improve greatly.
  • jimin: u a thirsty hoe

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Gabriel or Jack with a super bubbly kindergarten teacher s/o pleaase?

I feel like it’s more startling post fall, so doing that.


  • Everyone is so surprised when you arrive at the watchpoint, Reaper having rejoined Overwatch reluctantly. You were just so happy and radiated joy in comparison to Reaper who didn’t
  • You actually got Reaper to say ‘bye-bye’ when the drop ship left, neither of you thinking about it that much.
  • You were so good with children, happy and perky as you knelt down, it just reminded Reaper why he fell in love with you.
  • You just brightened his life, your joy infecting him.

Soldier 76

  • He had saved you from gang members, you quickly rebounding and cheerfully fixing his jack. He couldn’t help but to fall for you, gently easing himself into your life.
  • You wanted a family, just never having the option, so it made sense that you’d be a kindergarten teacher. Jack needing someone to take care of him so it was an easy relationship to fall into.
  • Everyone was shocked when you arrived, you tenderly caring for the stoic vigilante. They also felt happy for him, knowing that his life must have been hard so far.
Botanical Gardens (Pamela Isley x Reader)

Request: “Pamela and Reader first meeting.”- Anon

Prompt: Female Reader moves to Gotham and just so happens to run into the one and only Poison Ivy.

Y/N- Your Name
Y/F/F- Your Favorite Flower

Warnings: Mentions of physical and mental abuse.


Moving to a new city was never easy.. especially when it was a city like Gotham. You had heard the stories.. though you tried not to listen to too much of the gossip people spoke about your new home. You didn’t want anything to ruin this experience for you.. you needed a fresh start, a new beginning. 6 months ago you left your abusive ex boyfriend. The relationship was never perfect but you never would’ve classified it as toxic, until you decided to come out and tell him you were bisexual. After you revealed your secret it was as if a switch flipped in him.. he got jealous and possessive. He stopped letting you go out with your female friends in fear that you’d leave him for one of them even after you had explained that your relationships with them were strictly platonic.

Eventually you couldn’t take it anymore. You got tired of not being able to see your friends and decided you needed to put your foot down. You were gonna go out and see them whether he liked it or not. Little did you know that that was the beginning of the end. The mental abuse soon turned physical and you knew you had to get out. It took months before you finally were able to leave the relationship and that’s how you ended up here in Gotham. Of course your friends and family were sad that you left but they understood that you needed to do this for you. It had been a few days since you’d moved into your new apartment and you decided to take a break from unpacking and head to the Gotham Botanical Gardens.

You loved flowers, they brought you peace and they were your only source of happiness when you were with your ex. You had taken up gardening when the relationship went sour, desperately needing something to brighten up your crappy life. You walked up the steps to the gardens, payed your admissions fee, and made your way in. It was stunning, there were flowers everywhere, it was easily the biggest and prettiest Botanical Garden you’d ever seen. You made you way through the building taking in the sights when you saw her. Of course it was only fitting that the most beautiful woman you’d ever seen be standing in front of your favorite flowers.

Her thick red hair was pulled up into a messy bun on the top of her head and she was dressed in faded blue jeans and a green button up top. As you got closer to her you you could hear that she was talking softly but it didn’t sound like she was speaking to herself.. in fact if you hadn’t known any better you would’ve said that she was talking to the plants. But of course that made no sense. You stopped walking when you were finally standing next to her. She glanced at you, her green eyes watching you warily. You gave her a polite smile before turning your attention to the flowers in front of you.

You wanted to say something to her, anything really, but preferably something witty and clever. But all that ended up coming out was..
“So, do you come here often?”
She turned to look at you, looking less than impressed. You mentally face palmed yourself. Of course you move to a new city to start your life over and you’re still just as big of an awkward doofus as you were before. You were about to turn around and leave when she finally spoke.
“Yes, actually.. and I have to say I’ve never seen you here before.” She says.
You could tell she was only talking to you cause she took pity on you. You’d blown your chance at a good first impression because of your inability to form an intelligent sentence around a pretty girl.. but hey, you’d take what you could get.

“Uhm.. yeah. I’m new here actually. I just moved to the city a few days ago. I heard you guys had the best Botanical Garden on the east coast and so obviously I had to stop by and see if the rumors were true.”
She seemed pleased with that answer.
“What’s the verdict?” She asks.
“Oh, they were definitely telling the truth. It’s beautiful here. You can tell whoever owns the building really loves plant life.”
“She does..” she says.
“You know her?” You ask, surprised.
“Very well, actually… So what’s your favorite part so far?” She seems genuinely curious about your answer.
“That would have to be these.” You say pointing down the the flowers in front of the two of you. “I just got out of a really bad situation with my ex boyfriend.. I ended up taking up gardening as a form of stress relief. And Y/F/F were the first ones I planted and so they soon became my favorite.”
Her brows furrowed at this.
“Oh god. I’m sorry.. I have a tendency to overshare.” You say, a little ashamed of yourself. She shakes her head.
“No.. that’s okay. It’s not that. You just deserve better.. I can tell.” She says softly.
“You think?”
She nods.
“Well, thank you. I really appreciate that.”

You decide you want to take the conversation into a lighter direction.
“So what brings you here?”
She chuckles.
“Actually.. I own these gardens.” She says.
You whip your head back up to look at her.
“You do?!” You ask almost a little too loudly. “Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said you knew the owner well.” You joke.
She looks back at the flowers again and reaches down to touch them. You could’ve sworn you saw the plants lean into her touch too.. but you convinced yourself it was just a trick of the eye.
“The plants are my babies.. they’re all I have.” She whispers.
“I get that.” You say, smiling at her.
She looks up at you and smiles back for the first time. You felt your breathing hitch in your throat as she did. You didn’t think she could get any prettier.. and then she smiled. Your face immediately starts to warm up and you just knew you were blushing hardcore.

“I actually have to get back to work though..” she says, standing back up straight. You frown at her words, but you don’t want to keep her from her job.
“But I would really love to see you again.. if that’s okay with you.” She says pulling out her phone. You definitely did not expect those words to come out of her mouth, so when she hands you her phone so that you can put your number in it, you don’t hesitate. You quickly enter in all your information and hand the phone back to her. She looks down at the screen, your name and number now a permanent edition to her contacts.
“Y/N.. I like that. It’s pretty.” She says.
You were almost positive that your day couldn’t get any better than this when you remembered that you actually didn’t even know her name.
“OH.. I’m such a loser. I didn’t even ask you yours.”
She laughs.
“My name is Pamela.. but you can call me Ivy.”


I hope you guys like this one! I’m super fucking proud of it as it’s my first queer girl imagine! I can’t wait to do more! :)


Hey today is good and I love my friends so much i hope that I can brighten your life even a tenth of the amount that you brighten mine every single day

Lost in a World of Color (1)

Summary: In a world where everyone only sees in black, life can be dull. That’s how Y/N Y/LN sees her life. She knows the only way she’ll see color is if she touches her soulmate. In a world with six billion people it’s near impossible. But all thoughts doubts leave when three men walk into her diner.

 Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel Novak, Reader 

Pairing: Sam x Reader 

 Word Count: 1,995

 Warning: A stalker like situation, a smudge of angst,  nothing to serious 

Part Two

 A/N: Thank @impala-dreamer for beta reading this! This is a short Sam soulmate!au series!

Originally posted by dxrkncss

Ever since you were a little girl, adults were constantly complimenting you on your eyes. They would always say how they were such a pretty shade of Y/E/C. You would always react by hiding behind your parents, your cheeks burning as continued to converse in conversation. Even to this day, people would stare directly into your eyes as you talked to one another. While they seemed to lose themselves in your eyes, you found yourself staring into gray dull eyes.

That’s all that you and anyone else who has yet to meet their soulmate saw. The whole world was black and white; not a damn color to be seen. It would remain like this until you and your soulmate touched, and seeing there were more than six billion people in the world, the odds were not in your favor. Everyone else you knew had no problem finding their other half. You however, were in your late twenties and have yet to find them. You often found yourself wondering if you were ever going to meet the person to brighten your dull life. Until then you’d just continue to live your life, taking one step at a time through this grey and monotone world.

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Elemental (Calum imagine)

Summary: You decide it’s time to return a few of Calum’s things

Warnings: Mentions of cheating, heartbreak, a touch of swearing, sadness

Word Count: 1.1k

A/N: There’s a breathtaking piece of dialogue that I took parts from (x) because it inspired me to write this. I also took inspiration from a Justin Bieber fanfic (which I managed to forget the name of) and certain areas of that inspired some of the weather-related metaphors. I was in a sad mood, hence the angst. This is how I imagine it’d be in the months that follow Calum cheating.

Originally posted by muketastic

“Y-You need to take this.”

Tears prick at your eyes but you bite back the urge to rub them, knowing that the moment your fingers touch your leaking slits you entire demeanour will begin to crack, slowly releasing the tsunami of emotions held behind them.


Calum stands in the doorway of his apartment, bleary eyed and static. His wavering glance lands on the box held between your fingers.

“I can’t have all your shit hanging around anymore,” You reply, thrusting the cardboard into his unprepared hands, only to be greeted with the noisy clatter as the array of objects plummet to the ground. 

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