1/28/2016- Pony acquisition post #296: G1 Baby-palooza!!!

Years released: 1983,1986,1988,1990

Generation: 1

An arena member is selling off her collection, so I bought from her a big group of G1 Babies! SO CUTE!!! Let’s go through them one by one…

First we have Baby Shaggy, released in 1988′s Newborn pony set. She is NOT a newborn twin, rather she was sold all by herself! I LOVE her cute pose and blue-and-pink color combo, but what’s with her silly name?

Next we have Baby Brightbow, from the Rainbow Baby ponies set in 1990! I’m trying to complete this set and this cutie is ADORABLE! I love her pose and color combo as well has her really cool symbol!

From the same set we also have Baby Sunribbon! She’s another little cutie in the set, and I love her almost green coloration. All I need is Baby Starbow to complete my set now!

Next we have Baby Lucky the stallion, released by mail order in 1986, who was the FIRST boy MLP!!! He’s surprisingly chubby and cute and larger than most other babies, something I was not expecting! It’s hard to tell I guess by pictures, but he’s a big, chubby boy! Love his cute pose and haircut!

Lastly, we have Baby Tiddley Winks, who was released with the Lullaby Nursery playset (which I unfortunately don’t have…). I LOVE her pose, just like Baby Cuddles, and she has lovely hair and cute freckles!

These little babies came to me desperate for a bath and styling, so I plopped them in a quick bath (not really submerging them for a long time, don’t worry!) as well as shampooing and conditioning their hair and removing small marks with a magic eraser. They came out fabulous and smelling fantastic!

Original Condition: Good

Flaws: Messy hair, in need of a spa day! Lucky has some age spots on his face and bum, Baby Brightbow has some head-body mismatch, Baby Tiddly winks has some discoloration near her symbol.

Restoration materials: shampoo, conditioner, soap, magic eraser

Current condition: Very good/good!