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Welcome home

Summary: In which Bucky returns home to his mission to see you’ve baked brownies and are wearing his shirt

Word Count: 943

Warnings: Just some kissing and some fluff!

A/N: if you guys have any requests message me because my inspiration is low!

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Missions always weighed hard on Bucky’s shoulders, he always wanted to do the right thing and save as many as possible. He was trying to make up for all the people he didn’t save before, it was tad unrealistic yes but Bucky wanted to a hero for you. You were the only person that looked at him smiling softly from ear to ear, it was your brightness and wide smile that lightened up Bucky’s life. Steve had told him that love in this age wasn’t possible especially with all of the things going on in Bucky’s head but Bucky didn’t care. When he saw you standing in line at the coffe shop near the compound he just knew there was no going back but Bucky secertly loved that fact. He loved how deeply in love with you he was, he loved coming home to you and kissing you passionately. Nothing else mattered as long as he was with you.

Nobody knew about the two of you, you were his little secret, his safe haven. His oasis. Bucky had never felt so drawn to a person like he was with you, he would part oceans to be with you. There was nobody that could stop him from being so consumed with love for you.

Bucky groaned in slight pain as he hauled his duffel bag onto his bad shoulder, he had been shot in it a few missions back and it was still incredibly sore. You nearly killed him when you found out so Bucky just knew you would go crazy at him for his most recent injuries. Bucky took a deep sigh before pulling out the keys to your house, he quickly unlocked the door to find the sweet aroma of what seemed to be chocolate brownies in the air. He smiled knowing that when he went on missions you always baked to sweet treats for him to come home to.

Before he could call out your name you came running into his arms, he opened them instantly at the sight of you running forwards towards him with the biggest smile on your face. Bucky who wasn’t smiling before was now smiling widely as you wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed your lips to his. Bucky kissed back eagerly loving the taste of your lips like never before. When you pulled back Bucky felt like whining but he refrained from doing so as you pressed kisses to his neck, “I missed you.” You breathed flush against his neck, Bucky smiled exhaling in the scent of the strawberry shampoo you use.

“I missed you too doll so fucking much!” Bucky said making you chuckle against his neck, you placed a few more kisses to his neck before unattaching yourself from him. Bucky sighed wanting to have you as close as possible but as you jumped down off of him his eyes got to rake over your body. When they did he saw that you were wearing his infamous red henley, he smirked as his eyes travelled down to your bare thighs.

“Are you wearing my shirt doll?” Bucky asked with a sly grin, you looked at him wriggling your eyes as you lifted the shirt up to reveal the fact that you weren’t wearing shorts underneath and only his favourite pair of matching red lace panties. Bucky nearly choked as he saw this but he kept his composure.

“Yes.” You replied innocently.

“You look better in it than I do.” Bucky said as you came over to him, his metal arm instinctively wrapped around your waist pulling you flush against his chest.

“Clearly you haven’t seen yourself in this top because you look sexy.” You said with a giggle making Bucky chuckle his cheeks going pink with a blush.

“Not as sexy as you.” Bucky said and you shook your head ‘no’ with a large smirk.

“That’s where you’re wrong sarge.” You said as you looked up at him through your lashes a smirk still clear on your face. Bucky looked at you flashing you a smirk of his own before leaning down and pressing a kiss to your nose.

“Well I may be sexy but you Y/N are adorable.” Bucky said as he pressed another kiss to your nose making you squeal in surprise. He smiled against your face as he pressed to your face leaving no part untouched by his plump pink lips. You giggled in delight as his lips came into contact with your skin, Bucky didn’t stop smiling for a second as he heard your golorious giggles. He revelled in the sound only prompting him to kiss more of you. 

He kissed upon your nose once again as your eyes fluttered close momentarily and then he kissed you on your lips savouring your sweet taste. The taste he had been deprived of for so many weeks, he loved to kiss you he would kiss you until he had no oxygen left in his lungs it was that simple.

You pulled back smiling just as much as Bucky, “I love you James.” You said and Bucky felt like he had died and gone to heaven as his real name rolled off your tongue with ease and delight.

“I love you too Y/N.” Bucky replied before placing a tender kiss on your lips once more still holding you tightly in his arms.

“Let’s go we have brownies to eat!” You said and Bucky chuckled as you ran off ahead off him into the kitchen. He barely had to run to catch up with you, he promptly scooped you up in to his arms  carrying you off into the kitchen to have brownies and steal a thousand kisses from you.