Woozi would be the cutest/awesomest boyfriend there is. I see him making you playlists and inviting you to the studio to watch him work. he’d be the type of boyfriend to write little songs to you and serenade you. He may not be the tallest boy there is but he’ll be sure to keep you safe such as driving you home after a late night drive or insisting on you taking a cab/paying for the cab or having you text him every minute if you walked back home late. he’d bright up your life with that smile and life of his. I can see him wanted to have couple items and wouldn’t hesitate to wear them in public if your relationship was public. overall he’d be a sweetheart and there would definitively be more songs about love for seventeen 

-admin annie

Song of my life of the moment:

I Woke Up With This Song In My Head” - Bright Eyes

Don’t listen to the critics, don’t listen to the condemnation or the shame. Train your ear to the voice of those witnesses, to the heart of God that tells you to get up, keep going, run with all you’ve got. Because your life is worth living.

The more I look deeper into your eyes,
the more I find you so mysterious and full of secrets, disappointments and the feeling of unhappiness in the darkest moments. I wanna give light to that darkness, bright up your life.
All of this time I just wanted to disappear, now I think I finally have been found, what I needed. We need each other. It’s all very strange but at the same time something so strong.
And the more secrets and mysteries I find out,
The more I look deeper into your eyes.

anonymous asked:

Why don't you start dating someone? maybe would bright up your life a bit??

“I highly doubt on that one you know…!”