destiel on purgatory (s8e2):

trow me a bone here, friend… just fuck him against a tree or something, be less obvious, give me a break, let me live, i can’t breathe any longer, can you tone it down, stop look at him like he’s the sun that can bright up your whole life with just one look, stop being so damn in love, what’s wrong with you… that can’t let him go, that fought monsters for months just to find him, that got depressed and serious messed up after his loss, that smiles at him like he holds the answers to all of your prayers… him, who has the embrace that makes you feel like home. i will even let you on a secret… he loves you too, he will fight for your safety, he will disappear with no explanation if that means that you are ok, he will look at you with stars in his eyes, with a soft plead on his lips, with itch hands to hold your own… after all, to much heart was always castiel’s problem.

so do something, anything, even the elephant, ops, vampire in the room can see it… c'mon.

ssslant  asked:

Can you please recommend some eyeshadow palettes that are under $55 and colorful? (Besides the electric palette) I have tons of neutrals but want some color in my life, I just prefer buying palettes rather than a single shadow although I do love nyx's single shadows

Hello :)

You might want to try making your own palette with Makeup Geek or Inglot! They are great quality shadows and they have some fun, colorful shades. Makeup Geek shadows are $5.99 a pan and Inglot shadows are $7 a pan. You can buy a palette and fill it up slowly buying more shadows down the road with colors you like instead of buying a pre made palette.

For Makeup Geek shadows you buy an empty palette and fill it up with Makeup Geek Pan shadows which you can do here.

For Inglot you can go to a store or make a palette with  5, 8, 10 or more shadows using their Freedom System here.

Check out some great, colorful pre made palettes like

Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life $24 at Ulta

Coastal Scents Creative Me Palette #1 $15. They make a few of these Creative Me palettes that come in a variety of colors!