Cardiovascular Palpitations Pt. 2 (ft. Jeongguk) [M]

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→ fluff, smut, angst, really fuckign fluffy smut 10k
→ friends with benefits au, doctors au ft Taehyung
part 1 | part 2 | story talk

Yay! This was super cute but I’m seriously so glad its over lol I didn’t edit so its not my best work but it’s officially the longest thing I’ve ever written so I hope you like it! Let me know what you think, and I’ll be uploading a story talk and drabbles about this au soon! 

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So I’m working on a new post about Earthsea covers (and on some asks) and i found the best cover of all time. look at this majesty. look at it. I responded to some ask the other day that I couldn’t possibly do a five favorite covers post, well here it is, 1-5. like, look at that shit. that is a HUMAN-SIZED FALCON with SHAPELY DUDE LEGS in BRIGHT GREEN TIGHTS facing down A MAN DRESSED LIKE A VALENTINES DAY-THEMED JESTER while his friend walks in on the situation and decides that what he’s going to put up with today is Not This. THIS IS A REAL COVER. MULTIPLE PROFESSIONAL SOMEONES HAD TO BE LIKE ‘YEAH. THIS IS THE SCENE THAT’LL SELL THIS BOOK.’ I’M IN LOVE.

We need to talk about 1) the heart detailing on the pants 2) whatever the FUCK is happening with blue man’s pants which……. turn into gladiator sandals?? and he’s wearing light blue knee high socks under then???? 3) the bird has better legs than i do 4) the raven casually watching all of this:

TFW you’ve been catfished and ur online boyfriend w shapely calves is actually a huge falcon:

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GeekGirl and FanBoy

A/N: Drabble request for @marvelatbarnes. Imagine where the reader and Juice are geeking out in front of the other club members. Thanks for the request, lovely! Hope you like x

You ran down the hall of the clubhouse, screeching out to your best friend, laptop in hand.
“Y/N, what’s wrong??” Juice asked you, his voice muffled.
He’d been working on club stuff when you came out, and was so in the zone that when he heard you yelling, he looked you over for injuries, missing the smile on your face.
“THOR IS COMING TO COMICCON!!” You turned your screen to face Juice, pointing at the announcement post made on the ComicCon website.
“OH MY GOD, NO WAY!!” Juice’s eyes were wide and bright, fists clenched tight in excitement.
“What on Earth is going on with you two?” Chibs asked, turning in his barstool to face you. His voice was also muffled.
“ONLY THE GREA-” You started before Chibs stopped you, hopping down from his stool and walking over to you, removing your headphones from your head.
“Only the greatest thing to ever happen to us! Thor is coming to ComicCon! He got added to the lineup last minute, was able to make it!”
You and Juice danced around, the rest of the club watching you with concern.
You both stopped, looking back, slightly blushing.
“Neeeeeeeeeeeeerds!!!” Tig yelled out, to the amusement of the others.
“Yeah, yeah.” You said, Juice rolling his eyes.
You’d both had heard it so many times, but you didn’t care.
Meeting Juice at the gaming store you worked at, you’d quickly become best friends. When Juice wasn’t out doing club business and you weren’t working, you were joined at the hip, geeking out over all your favourite movies, games, comics, everything.
The other club members always teased you guys, but were glad that Juice had found someone to freak out about all that stuff with, even if it was so they didn’t have to fake interest.
“Do you reckon Clay would let you take time off from club stuff to go?”
“I hope so, I really wanna go!” Juice replied. “We’ll ask him when he gets back.”


“You wanna go away to a nerd convention?” Clay asked, looking disapprovingly at you guys like you were his children.
Both you and Juice had ambushed Clay as he’d rode into TM’s parking lot, having waited all day for him.
“Please, Clay, it’s only in San Diego. I haven’t asked for any time off in months and we’d really love to go.” Juice said, asking Clay.
“You are literally the greatest man alive, even greater than a Norse god. If you tried to lift his hammer, you would be worthy and possess the power of Thor.” You said, trying to sway the old man.
“Hardly anything you ever say to me makes sense, Geek Girl.” Clay replied.
“Pretty endearing, huh? Endearing enough to let my best buddy here come with me to San Diego in a month?” You raised your eyebrows, biting your lip and nodding your head slowly, watching for any indication on Clay’s face of a positive answer.
He sighed, rubbing his eyes.
“Yeah, you can go. But,” He added, before you started getting overly excited.
“Juice, you gotta be reachable if we need you. Phone on at all times. You too, Y/N, in case we can’t reach Juice.”
Both you and Juice nodded and started dancing around again.
”Save the dancing for the party tonight.” Clay said, walking into the clubhouse, the pair of you following him.

”Okay, tickets are purchased, and we have our passes to meet Hemsworth and get pictures.” You said to Juice as he walked into the room, the confirmation email having been sent through to your phone.
”I’m gonna start looking up hotels tomorrow.” Juice replied. He’d been helping make sure everything was set for the evening.
”Juice, Y/N, come out and party!” Jax came knocking on the door of Juice’s dorm room.
”We should go out there.” Juice said, and you nodded.
The party hadn’t been going on for long, but it was going off when they got out there. They hung out, chatting and drinking with everyone.
After a while, Juice went and sat on one of the couches, and you went to get beers. As you brought them over to your friend, you stopped dead, appearing to be staring into space.
“Costumes!” You blurted out.
“But it’s less than a month out!” Juice replied.
“So we’ll just do one really good one each. We only have to wear it for one day if we want, but you can’t go to ComicCon without dressing up!”
Juice took a beer from you and you crawled into his lap, pulling out your phone.
Putting his arm around you and his head on your shoulder, he watched as you pulled up the Pinterest app, checking out other people’s cosplays.
“Who should we go as?”
“You should go as Shades from Luke Cage!” You responded, seeing a picture of him as you looked through the pictures.
“No way, I couldn’t pull that off!” Juice said, scrolling further through the feed.
“Well, we could just go as Thor and Loki, I mean, that’s kinda the reason we’re going, right?”
“Yeah! Let’s do it!”
“You know, Juice, there’s croweaters that’ll sit on your lap and give you a better time.” Tig said, seated a short way over from them, a crow giving him a lap dance.
Juice waved him off, not even bothering to look at him.
“You know what we should do.” Juice said.
“Marvel marathon.”
“Right now?” You asked.
Juice shifted under you and you stood, letting Juice up. He took your hand and lead you to his dorm.
Taking off his kutte and sinking into his bed, you grabbed more drinks from the bar fridge in his room.
Sitting next to him against the headboard, Juice scrolled through the movies on Netflix, finding the first Thor.
As the movie played, you got to the scene where Jane gave Thor mortal clothes to change into.
“Maybe I could go as Jane for one of the days.” You mentioned offhandedly.
Juice turned to you, and before you knew it, he had kissed you.
When he pulled back, you had the same face that Jane had when she saw Thor without his shirt on.
“Whoa.” You said, not sure what else to say, or if you possessed the vocabulary to say it.
“Wanted to do that for a while.” Juice said, blushing, looking down at his lap.
“If I’m going as Jane, you should go as Thor.” You replied. “Would look a bit weird if Loki was kissing Jane.”
You both chuckled, and Juice cupped your cheek with his hand, pulling you in for another kiss.

For Ms. Gotham’s We Live For Love (bc we honestly want more of it):

“Pat and Neil met exactly the same way as Jamie and Claire did - and ended up touring the world together, marrying in 1982 and raising two daughters”

Wee Frasers on tour perhaps, with their parents?

We Live For Love 

“Can you help me with the countdown?”

Five-year-old Faith Fraser – a spitting image of her mother, from her tight brown curls to her purple leotard, bright blue tights, and mini red Converse high-tops – almost bounced with excitement.

“One – two – three – four!” she exclaimed.

Jamie – perched on a stool right beside Claire in the dressing room – strummed the opening chords. Claire held a sleepy two-year-old Brianna close, gently swaying, counting the bars until she came in:

Many times I tried to tell you // Many times I cried alone…

It had been a lot harder than they had expected – returning to touring after almost six years away. From the moment Claire’s belly had started to show with Faith, they had stayed in the studio, focusing on Jamie’s songwriting and giving Claire the space she needed to focus on being a mom.

For they had secretly lost two other babies – which Jamie was convinced was due to their grueling schedule. So with this one, with Faith – everything had changed. Not that Jamie or Claire minded – four years on the road was a long time to be away from home. And even though they had their sanctuary in each other, had toured the world and had so many amazing experiences together – it was time for a break.

Always I’m surprised how well you cut my feelings to the bone…

The record label hadn’t been happy, of course. The suits had had a hard enough time knowing that Claire – their female star, who they (unsuccessfully) tried time and time again to market as a wanton sexpot – was (very happily) married, and once she and Jamie told them of the pregnancy they were afraid of losing all the respect they’d worked so hard to gain.

But they had held firm – and Jamie had gripped her hand, a strong, silent support during that terrible meeting where all parties decided to take a break from each other.

Except the Frasers, of course.

Fortunately Jamie had already built their home studio – so that is where they worked.

Don’t want to leave you really // I’ve invested too much time to give you up that easy…

Faith had arrived a month early – surprising everyone. If Claire relished her role as a mother, then Jamie absolutely delighted in his role as a father, bringing Faith with him into the studio, watching her sleep safely snuggled in her basket as he recorded song after song that he had written for her.

Between Jamie and Claire and their small circle of trusted friends – Ian Murray, Jamie’s ex-roommate and their drummer; Murtagh FitzGibbons, the club owner who had introduced them; Fergus St. Germain, a French-Canadian bassist Jamie had met one night in Montreal and who quickly became one of their closest confidants; and Marsali MacKimmie, Fergus’ bubbly American wife who also happened to be very talented on the autoharp – their lives were full. And they recorded and recorded and recorded, away from the judgment and prying eyes of record executives.

And when Brianna had arrived three years later, they had even contemplated retiring from touring altogether.

To the doubts that complicate your mind…

But then one night, Jamie invited someone over to the house for dinner. Joe Abernathy – the A&R guy at Chrysalis who had helped them so much with “Outlander,” the album that put them on the map and sold over fifteen million copies around the world.

Joe had parted ways with Chrysalis right after “Outlander”’s release – creative differences, naturally. And now he was starting up his own label – and he was looking for big talent.

He didn’t make his offer until Jamie had gone upstairs to put the girls to bed. But he was very blunt.

“You’re a star, Claire. Your records are still selling, even though you haven’t put anything out in five years. People love you.”

Claire sipped her whisky soda, pursing her lips. Thinking.

“But I’d have to tour. And I can’t leave the girls, Joe. *We* can’t leave them.”

“You won’t have to, Claire.” Joe settled back in his chair, admiring the bright night spring sky. “You’ll do it all on your terms. I’ll let you do whatever you want – however many dates you’re up to. You’re in the driver’s seat.”

She settled back in her chair, watching the light go out in the girls’ room. “You’d do that?”

“I would.”

Claire waited for Jamie to come back outside and take his seat right beside her.

“Joe wants me to sign with him,” she said softly, turning to face her husband – her muse – her rock. “He says we can tour, with the girls. On our terms.”

“As long as you have something I can sell,” Joe interjected. “Rumor has it you’ve never stopped writing or recording. Play something for me, and you have a deal.”

Jamie smirked. Claire knew – relished – that look. For he – and she – knew they would have a deal. A very, very good deal.

“Let’s go to the studio, Joe. I may have a thing or two to share.”

That night, Jamie played Joe a demo of the song that would become Claire Fraser’s comeback straight-to-number-one hit. The song they used to close out all their shows on this tour. The song he had written for his wife and daughters. The song she had started – and for which his rough voice now joined in:

We belong to the light, we belong to the thunder

We belong to the sound of the words we’ve both fallen under

Whatever we deny or embrace, for worse or for better

Brianna slept against Claire’s shoulder. Faith clapped her hands and swayed, so delighted that not only did her costume match Mommy’s tonight, but that Marsali – who along with Fergus, was a mainstay of their touring crew – had helped paint her nails with sparkles, to show that she was a star.

Claire continued her warm-up for the concert, heart bursting.

Jamie looked at her with hearts in his eyes – and switched to harmony as the chorus ended –

We belong – we belong – we belong together…


Pat Benatar - We Belong

Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo - We Belong (live, 2014)

Opening Scene of the TV Show

A close up of Doc Marten clad feet walking over wet grass. Slowly panning out to reveal a girl in bright coloured tights and what looks like a home made dress, and a hoodie with thumb holes in the sleeves.

Shes carrying a bouquet of flowers. We can see now she is weaving in and out of headstones, shes in a graveyard. 

She stops in front a grave, we only see it from the back, her looking sadly at the words the audience cannot see.

She kneels down and places the flowers in front of the grave. She wipes tears from her eyes and smiles sadly.

“I miss you all the time you know” She looks at her watch revealing the date April 25th. “I can’t believe its only been a year since this all began….and now its over”


Blue Sargeant wakes up in bed and the series begins….

Basically its like a shout out, all the fans of the books know who the grave belongs to, but the non-readers will be like wtffff who died?? Setting the tone for the series that SHIT IS GONNA GET REAL.

The show runs for 4 seasons, one for each book. The end of the last episode we end up back at the graveyard. The grave is revealed to be Noahs, Blue is joined by Gansey, Ronan, Adam and Henry. Adam and Ronan are holding hands. Gansey throws an arm around Blue and asks “Ninos?” And the five of them walk away together. There is a shadow of a character walking beside them…is it Noah?? Maybe! END CREDITS

By then Maggie will have published her new trilogy. The series is renewed for another 3 seasons. And its amazing. Thank you and Good night.

Call Tony Stark Part Two - Peter Parker Imagine

A/N: Some of you wanted a part 2 so this is for all of you :) I hope you like it, I’m not sure how well I did on the fluffy parts but I’m happy with the outcome. 
I also want to add that if you want to request something I’d be more than happy to write something for you :)
Also a couple of people wanted to be tagged so @negasonicteenagemess​, @143amberrose​ and @andyl394​ this is for you <3

Summary: Beginning right where we left off, you are faced with the dilemma of a) not knowing Tony Stark’s number and b) how the hell you’re going to get an unconscious Spiderman away from the police and to safety.
Words: 1860 (almost double the length of the last one oops)

Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

“You’ve seriously got to be kidding me.”
Here’s the situation we’re in. Spiderman was currently unconscious in the middle of the street, the sound of police sirens meant that there was going to cops here any minute, you were supposed to get hold of Tony freaking Stark AND to top it all off SPIDERMAN was your god damn soul mate. You tried to steady your breathing, now was not the time to have a panic attack. “Think Y/N”. Think.” You didn’t have much time. People were starting to show up around the fight scene.

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Heartbeat (Tadashi Hamada X Reader)

Fandom: Big Hero 6
Pairing: Tadashi Hamada X Reader
Word Count: 2,279
Author’s Note: I recommend listening to this while reading:

Doing all I can do, just to be close to you.
Every time that we meet, I skip a heartbeat.

When Tadashi first met you at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, he had been rushing to his lab as he had an important project due the next day, and he had absolutely crashed into you.

His papers and folders went flying, as did your own, and you had some kind of drink in your hand that spilled all over your white shirt.

“I’m so sorry.” Tadashi said immediately, hands moving to your shirt before realizing that he didn’t know what exactly to do with said shirt.

Your drink, a passion tea lemonade from the university’s cafeteria, was bright pink, and it had spread all across your shirt, dying it a lighter shade of pink. Instead of yelling at Tadashi or even getting mad, you just looked down at your shirt appraisingly, before a huge smile spread across your face.

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different kinds of affection:

- passionate as the sun; pupils dilated, lips seeking kisses, emotions without boundaries.

- soft as a breeze; butterflies every time you see them, quiet admiration, gentle kisses against a warm forehead.

- tranquil as the moon; listening intently, fingers intertwining, sleepy declarations of love.

- bright as a star; tight embraces, flustered cheeks, conversations lasting for hours on end.

Fame, Flashlight

BTS Yoongi / Model AU / Words: 6232
Anonymous requested:  If you’re taking requests I was wondering if you could do one between a model and photographer yoongi? Where he’s usually famous for slightly racy pictures but he starts falling for her and tries to cover her up more lol.
A/N: i hope u like it omg i apoligize if there are mistakes im v tired rn

You pulled your car into your temporary spot, significantly earlier than your actual call time. Your own paranoia had put you on edge and made you cut your workout ten minutes short to allow sufficient time for you to get home, shower, then make it to the studio. Your hair was still damp, and it clung to the back of your neck. You reached over to the passenger seat, where you had carelessly flung your towel when you had rushed from the door of your condo, swallowing the remainder of your supplements. You roughly shook it over your head in an attempt to dry it more, and you smoothed out the end result with your fingers. You didn’t quite care what it looked like when you walked in the doors. You knew that anything you did to your hair or face would be wiped clean by the stylists the second they got their hands on you. You were so used to being dressed and made up in ridiculous ways, and you took advantage of the times you could leave your face bare, hair down and lounge in comfy sweats with faded logos.

Out of boredom and sheer habit, you checked your phone, scrolling through Instagram and mindlessly liking everyone’s pictures. You only paused when you came across a familiar username. You stared at the picture of wispy clouds etched into the sky, bathed in the pale yellow and pink light of the rising sun. Telephone lines and skyscrapers littered the horizon, but didn’t take away from the beauty of the morning sunrise. The caption simply read “My view this morning”, and yet there were hundreds of thousands of likes. You let your thumb linger just above your screen before you double tapped it, and a quick heart appeared on the picture. You took that as your cue to get out of your car and head towards the glass double doors of the tall building, still ten minutes ahead of schedule.

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What color is your sadness?

Today it is yellow
Odd color for sadness, I believe
It is round and smooth, bright yellow and stretched tight
It starts behind my cheeks, embedded in the sphenoid
Did you know that the sphenoid touches or articulates with every other cranial bone?
It was my favorite bone to study
It’s shaped sort of like a butterfly
Does your face ever hurt?
Mine does.
I used to believe my sadness was a disease of the blood, so I bled.
I would have been one of those lost souls who sought out leeches as a remedy in older days
But now I know it’s more solid
Deep in my bones
I ache. I feel heavy. I can’t exactly relieve myself of bones
I was so happy for a few days, but never wanted to say it out loud. Like a superstition. I mustn’t speak the happiness or it will leave me, but I couldn’t help but tell Kervin how beautiful the purple flowers were on the side of the freeway. How I never noticed those things when I was sad. Colors always seemed much more muted and unexceptional. But the happiness let me see the tiny purple petals peeking out and my heart swelled with joy. And I had that thought that anyone with depression dreads. That maybe the depression was gone for good this time. Maybe this was the moment. But as soon as I thought it, the fear returned. And I knew the sadness would follow.
And it did
The lightness left my face
Replaced by this taut yellow orb
As big as this room, but leeching into me
Making my cheeks ache
Making me write in bizarre and disconnected sentences that I think only I can understand
Like maybe by making it sound poetic I won’t sound so crazy, but simply self-indulgent

Lost and Found (Part 6)

Prompt: Imagine finding a lost dog, but it’s not just anyone’s lost dog. Who will show up at your door to claim the pup?

Warnings: maybe language, lost dog…Sexual innuendos/adult content

Word Count: 2319

Note: My precious doggie went missing on 6/10 and no one has spotted her or turned her in to the local shelters or anything. I miss her so much, but it inspired this fic. Texts are in italics. Thanks to my darling beta @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

Tags: @amarvelouswritings @blackwidow-romanoff @cocosierra94 @firstgal34 @harleyquinnandscarletwitch @sebstan01 @camigt1999 @elleatrixlestrange @bittersweetunicorm


The next day at work, you were greeted with more flowers and a mug that said, “This is holding my super power.”

You laughed hysterically when you saw it and sent him a text thanking him for it. He’d already been texting you all morning. You two seemed to really be hitting it off and it was an amazing feeling for you. You weren’t sure what to do or how to take it. But you just went with it, not wanting to make the first move and ruin everything.

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goodbyeomelas  asked:

YOI Headcanon: Victor owns (at least) one pair of sexy underwear with PROPERTY OF KATSUKI YUURI printed across the ass.

Victor doesn’t know Phichit well. They’ve met, of course, they’ve drunk together, eaten together, stood next to each other, even talked over video call with Yuuri. But most of what he knows about the Thai skater is from the stories Yuuri has told him. 

Which is why he’s surprised when Yuuri hands over a package to him a week after his birthday. It’s wrapped half in christmas paper, half in birthday paper. It looks sloppy, but endearing. “It’s from Phichit,” Yuuri says, sounding just as surprised as Victor feels. 

“Why?” Victor asks, but grabs the present quickly, excited that someone cares enough to send him even just something small. 

The tag reads ‘To Vic for your Birthmas, Love, Phichit

“I was going to call him tonight, so you should probably open it before he asks about it.” Yuuri tells him, settling onto the couch next to Victor, one leg tucked under him. 

“It’s a little belated,” Victor says, turning the soft package over in his hands, trying to guess what might be inside. 

“It was in with that ‘care package’ he sent me for the new year,” Yuuri says. “It was mostly just Thai candy, but that was tucked in there too.”

Victor smiles, knowing that Yuuri’s actually really appreciative of Phichit sending him little things like that. Yuuri has quite a sweet tooth sometimes, and there’s certain sweets that Phichit introduced him to that he can’t get in local supermarkets that he craves. He’s probably upset Phichit took up precious candy-space in his package for Victor’s gift. 

“Just open it,” Yuuri says, watching the way Victor picks at the tape.

Victor dives in with a smile, tearing the eclectic wrapping paper off. He blinks when he pulls out what’s inside. It’s a pair of underwear. What looks to be a tight, bright-red briefs. 

“Uuuuuh,” he says, holding them up. 

Yuuri’s frozen beside him, body tense, staring wide-eyed at the red fabric. It’s an odd choice for a present, but Phichit’s always been a little wild, Victor’s thought, so he’s not terribly surprised. Not like Yuuri is. 

“I, ah-” Yuuri stutters, his whole face beginning to turn the same shade as the underwear. 

Victor turns the briefs over in his hand, confused as to why Yuuri’s so flustered. It’s not like it’s terribly embarrassing- oh. There, printed on the back, right over the ass portion, in bright white letters, it reads ‘Property of Yuuri Katsuki’. 

Victor starts blushing too. To think Phichit would send something like this to him when they don’t know each other well enough. To think he spent money getting a pair of underwear custom-made. “I, ah, I don’t think I’ll be able to wear these outside the house,” Victor says, thinking about how if he anyone at the rink caught glimpse of them in the change room, he’d never hear the end of it. Not that what’s printed on the ass isn’t noticeable to everyone anyway. “I’ll have to say thank you, I guess, but I hope he doesn’t expect me to model them.”

Victor looks over at Yuuri just as he’s licking his bottom lip. “Put them on,” Yuuri says in a dark voice.

“Hmmm?” Victor blinks.

“Not really a present for you, it seems,” Yuuri says quietly, his face still red, but his eyes are focused, “put them on. Now.”

Victor scrambles to take his pants off. 

Apparently, even though they need to get to know each other better, Phichit knows Yuuri all too well. Victor will have to thank him later. 


((I would give anything to see a drawing of Victor wearing this underwear.))

  • Be fierce as a flame 
    • To be difficult to tame 
      • None shall defeat you
        • A cold icy stare 
          • Sees quite beyond what is there 
            • Absorb everything 
              • Hi bye I’m so fly 
                •  o right it’s cuz I’m so bright 
                  • And that’s hella tight
The Way You Look (Wearing My Color)

Trimberly ficlet

Prompt:  Kimberly shows up wearing yellow and Trini…well Trini notices

When half of your superpowers are drawn from the bond between teammates, it’s quite obvious when one member is absent. Four Rangers and one talking robot train in the pit, fighting their best despite the bothersome gap.

Jason and Billy are practicing a new combo move Alpha 5 taught them, but Trini couldn’t tell you anything about that. No, she is much too busy trying to wipe the smirk off Zack’s stupid face. They’re in the middle of an intense sparring session and she’s flailing, continuously coming up short every time she tries to gain the upper hand. Kimberly’s absence seems to be effecting her the most.

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