Good Deeds (Steve Harrington x Reader)

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Summary: After a minor altercation with Billy at a holiday party, you ask Steve to drive you home. 

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Word Count: 1934

Author’s Note: So, this is Part 1 of a 3 part mini-series I have in my head. Also, I’m thinking about releasing an angsty version of this same fic as a part of a separate mini-series. I know it’s cheating, but  I had two different ideas on how each could go, so we’ll see what happens. I’m ALSO going to have a tag list, if you’d like to be tagged in this series, the angst series, or any future Steve fics, just let me know.

Warnings: Language. Short incident of sexual harassment at the beginning.

Chris Winters had the winter break party.

Maybe it was in the name. Maybe it was in the fact that his parents were in a bidding war against each other over who got to be the cool parent. Maybe it was simply because he was really the only person to bother to hold a “holiday party.” Whatever the case, you knew that if you were at Winters’ party then you were officially in.

At the moment, however, all you wanted to do was get out.

Tiffany had ditched you long ago for Jeff which truly was only a matter of time, and Darlene was too busy babysitting a wasted Becky to be a proper party companion. So, while you had arrived with three friends, somehow you managed to find yourself alone, and you were only half way through the night. And while you had enjoyed some spiked hot chocolate and many more cups of “Holiday Cheer” (whatever that red concoction was), even in your lifted spirits, you felt as if it was time to bounce.

“Hey,” a low voice came up behind you, and your eyebrows furrowed in confusion as you turned to face whoever it could possibly be.

Billy Hargrove. Great.

It wasn’t so much that you were nervous, angry, upset, annoyed, or any other type of emotion that he was there. Billy was a bit of an asshole, sure. And maybe a bit of a play boy, yeah. And he was obviously a reckless driver, but other than that, he was just like any other boy in Hawkins. Except for maybe being  slightly more openly aggressive and attractive than the rest.

Still, despite your four or so cups of Cheer, you weren’t in the mood at the moment to make out with Billy.

But he was smiling and licking his lips. “Come here alone?” he raised an eyebrow. Your eyes fell down to his bare chest. His deep red shirt was unbuttoned almost half way. It was December. In Indiana.

You snorted, scoffing. “No.”

“Where’s your boyfriend then?” he asked, taking a step closer to you. You stopped yourself from rolling your eyes. 

“I’m here with friends,” you clarified, looking up at him, unamused. “Have you seen Tiffany?” Billy’s eyes glanced over to his left, and you followed his gaze towards the corner of the room. You could make out Tiffany’s tight, bright green sweater and a flurry of dark hair which had large hands running through it. Her face was attached to someone else’s, and if you kept looking, you were going to throw up.

“Great,” you said, flatly.

“Looks like they’ve found the mistletoe. Maybe we should find our own,” Billy suggested, raising an eyebrow with a slight smirk.

“I’m good,” you shook your head, turning away and attempting to make your way through the crowd. A pair of hands snaked their way around your waist, pulling you back. Your stomach dropped.

“Are you sure?” Billy’s voice rumbled from behind you.

“Hands off, Billy,” you groaned, attempting to push his hands off  your waist.

“Come on,” Billy protested, pulling you into him so your back was flush against his front. He leaned over your shoulder, whispering in your ear, “I can show you a good time.”

“Yeah, not interested.” This time, you couldn’t stop the eye roll. You finally pulled away and started off towards the crowd. Billy’s hand wrapped around your forearm as he tugged you back.

“Don’t play games,” he warned.

You stepped forward, teeth gritted. “Get your hands off of me,” you ground out. 

Billy leaned forward, and fearing that his face was too close to get a good punch in, you brought up your knee, connecting it with his groin. He  jerked away, allowing you to rip your arm out of his grip. You took off into the crowd, searching for the front door.

“Hey!” another hand shot out, grabbing your arm, and learning from your mistakes, this time you turned with your fist raised, sinking a good punch into your Steve Harrington’s face.

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The Lost Boys! A gang of outlaws! most of my inspiration came from Young Guns, Priest and 3:10 To Yuma. those are just first sketches. I might change a few things about their outfits and make up proper backstories. right now only Dwayne and Marko have a bit of a past.

David was very much inspired by Doc Scurlock and Russell Crowe’s Ben Wade. it’s not visible in the sketches but he should be carrying two guns. I totally copied Dwayne’s knife from Chavez. Marko’s heavily inspired by the 1957 version of Charlie Prince, just a whole lot dirtier and wilder. Paul’s the fanciest of them all. caring too much about his looks. kept his bright white tight pants ✨

Cardiovascular Palpitations Pt. 2 (ft. Jeongguk) [M]

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→ fluff, smut, angst, really fuckign fluffy smut 10k
→ friends with benefits au, doctors au ft Taehyung
part 1 | part 2 | story talk

Yay! This was super cute but I’m seriously so glad its over lol I didn’t edit so its not my best work but it’s officially the longest thing I’ve ever written so I hope you like it! Let me know what you think, and I’ll be uploading a story talk and drabbles about this au soon! 

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Father Christmas' knee

Pairings: Billy Hargrove x Reader
Words: 789
Warnings: Swearing, teasing
Request: Hiya :) am I okay to submit a request for Christmas? 🎄 It would have to be Billy Hargrove and I’ll go with number 20? I think it was. “Aren’t you the cutest elf I’ve ever seen”. Reader works at selling Christmas trees around the holidays to help her parents and they force her to wear a elf costume. Billy is dating reader maybe? All I can picture is reader saying “don’t even think of opening your mouth right now" 
A/N: I read this request on my way home and already imagined the whole thing while in the bus. It was fun to write and I hope it will be fun to read as well. I tweaked the prompt a little bit, I actually liked your version better. Thank you for the request!  

Summary: You were forced to take up a job as a Christmas elf and to your displeasure, Billy decides to visit you at work. 


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[”You’re the cutest elf I’ve ever seen”] 

Adjusting your clothing, you thought that things could have gone much worse for you. Your father had just lost his job and your mother’s paycheck left your family struggling to pay the bills and buy food so if you wanted to celebrate Christmas this year, you had to find yourself a job without the privilege of being picky with it.

You settled for a well-paying, short time work at a local shopping mall. It was relatively easy, too. All you had to do was help with selling the trees, smile, hand out candy and help the Santa Claus with all the kids swarming at your stand. The downside? Well, you had to be wearing this ridiculous oversized elf costume, consisting of green dress with white faux fur on the collar, hem and cuffs, wide red belt, bright tights with red and green stripes and a hat with a tiny golden bell. Thankfully, one of the other girls working at the booth had successfully talked your boss out of the idea of you wearing the huge fake ears along with the costume.

The workday was going fine, you met some of your neighbours who were nice and complimented your hard work as well as some people from school. The latter was not as kind, giggling and pointing their fingers at you, letting you know that everyone else would find out sooner or later. You didn’t care that much. This precise mall was one for snobs as your friend would point out and those kids were giving you headaches regardless of the clothes you were wearing. You shook your head with a fake smile plastered on your lips and waved at them, discouraging from the further drama.

When it was almost the time that you would go home and you were handing out the remaining candies and small gifts, you could hear your colleague calling your name.

"Hey, Y/N!” she waved at you from the other end of the booth. “Someone’s asking for you!”

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Best of Me

Requested: Yes.
Pairing: Bill x Reader
Prompt: Bill gets caught up in rumors of you cheating on him and later comes to regret breaking up with you.
Warnings: Attempted rape

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You and Bill had been dating for over a year now and things couldn’t have been better for the two of you. That is.. until a couple of weeks ago while the two of you had been on vacation in Los Angeles, where Bill liked to spend most of his time whenever not shooting any projects.

 Recently, Bill had been going about his secret social media accounts and exploring articles of what people had to say on his life as if they knew him personally. Normally, Bill avoided social media at all costs- being a very private person- but ever since he found an article of yours and his relationship, which he would soon realize was a bad idea to go snooping, and the author of the article was going on about you being unfaithful. 

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Heartbeat (Tadashi Hamada X Reader)

Fandom: Big Hero 6
Pairing: Tadashi Hamada X Reader
Word Count: 2,279
Author’s Note: I recommend listening to this while reading:

Doing all I can do, just to be close to you.
Every time that we meet, I skip a heartbeat.

When Tadashi first met you at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, he had been rushing to his lab as he had an important project due the next day, and he had absolutely crashed into you.

His papers and folders went flying, as did your own, and you had some kind of drink in your hand that spilled all over your white shirt.

“I’m so sorry.” Tadashi said immediately, hands moving to your shirt before realizing that he didn’t know what exactly to do with said shirt.

Your drink, a passion tea lemonade from the university’s cafeteria, was bright pink, and it had spread all across your shirt, dying it a lighter shade of pink. Instead of yelling at Tadashi or even getting mad, you just looked down at your shirt appraisingly, before a huge smile spread across your face.

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Sexy, Dirty Love|T.Holland

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Series:Tell Me You Love Me
Song(s):Sexy Dirty Love by Demi Lovato
Warning(s):mentions of sex, and awfully written smut
Summary:Where Tom and reader can’t seem to get enough of each other.

Last Part:Tell Me You Love Me

Sending pictures back and fourth, babe I’m craving your type.

He watched with a frown as his best friend turned lover waltzed around her spacious bedroom. Suitcases lined her room each filled with clothes, shoes, accessories and whatever else she’ll need on this trip. Tom had spent days on end trying to convince her to take it easy and spend a couple more days at home, or in this case with him. He had spent years pinning over her and now that he finally had her, he had to watch her pack most of her belongings. He let out a whine much like one that would come from a small child as she packed her last jacket. He frowned as she set out a simple outfit, dark jeans, a simple white crop top, and the black jacket he had gifted her when she had gone to visit him back when he was shooting Captain America:Civil War.

Are you sure you have to go?” He asked again wrapping his arms around her waist. Smiling softly she ran her fingers through his slightly shorter hair and nodded her head. The last thing she wanted to do was leave him at this time but she knew better, this was her job and she couldn’t crave simply because he wanted her here.

“I’ll be back before you know it spider-boy..” She winked as he sighed and leaned up pressing a soft kiss to her lips. With closed eyes he sighed, basking in the moment they had together, because he knew it’ll be a minute before he gets to feel her soft smooth skin against his like this again.

That was two months ago, things had been rough for them both, but she managed to get through as best as she could. Her schedule was enough between meet and greets, and his with filming that there was very little time to worry about missing the other. It wasn’t till Tom had a rare day off that it hit him, he missed her, in more ways then another.

The first picture sent was innocent, his soft smile was bright sending her heart into a mess. Before she could even answer the next one came. This one he was laying in bed, the covers pooled at his waist with his chest on full display. Sighing, she bit her lip as her heart swelled, she knew what he was trying to do as the pictures got naughtier and naughtier.

Tom gasped lightly as he felt his pants suddenly become to tight. The bright red lace worked a number on her, her skin seemed to be glowing as her hair was a mess on top of her head, and her breast looked fuller then ever before. His palms were sweaty and his breathe was labored as each picture she sent brought him closer and closer to the edge.

You’re my new obsession

She was finally back with him, and Tom couldn’t be more thrilled. He was so proud of all that she had done while she was away, and now she was standing besides Harrison as they watched him finish this scene. The moment the director had called ‘cut’ he had her in his arms. His lips were on hers as her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. Sighing, he placed her down on her two feet as he pull away from her. Her eyes were glossy as she watched a bright smile appear on his face.

“You’re here..” He breathed as she nodded her head running a hand through his hair as she pulled him closer. At least those lonely nights were gonna be gone for a while, that void was filled. His girl was back him and that was all that mattered. He knew it was a long way before he’d finally get the alone time he was craving.

Smiling, he wrapped a ran tightly around her waist as he gave her a tour of the set. His hands were always touching her at one point. If it wasn’t his lips lightly pressed to her lips, it was his hands wrapped around her own, or his arm wrapped around her. His love for her had seemed to increase in the short time they spent away.

“You have an unhealthy obsession with her mate..” Sam stated as she let out a soft chuckle. Tom had refused to let her out of sight. Always making sure she was seated where she had the perfect view of him, if he had to get changed she was there. No matter how many time she had insisted it was fine, Tom would argue and say she needed to stay with him.

“No, I just missed my sunshine is all…” He muttered into her hair smelling the sweet smell of her shampoo had learned to love. They were now eating dinner and Tom ad refused to allow het to sit anywhere else, which how she ended up sitting on his lap as they eat dinner with this brothers and best friend.

Pull me closer into you and watch our bodies intertwine

He slammed her body against the door to his bedroom as their mouths morphed together. The sweets taste of her covered her senses as his arms were wrapped tightly around her. Her lips moved feverishly against his, as he gripped her leg wrapping it around his waist as he pushed himself closer to her. He smirked as he pulled back, a moan escaping her pink lips as his trailed to her neck.

“Fuck babygirl…” He breathed out as he quickly stripped her of the clothes she was wearing. Her breathe was labored as her laid her down on the bed before him. Her hair was a wild mess, as he smiled up at her, her eyes closing as his hands spread her legs open. Her body was overwhelmed by the amount of attention he was suddenly giving her. She watched as he gripped her ankles placing them over his shoulders, as his big hands rubbed on her soft skin. He didn’t even give her a chance to recover from the shock as she felt the drag of his tongue down the inside of her thigh. He chuckled as her hips bucked up towards his face, gripping her legs tighter to hold her in place he gave her a wink, before he dropped a chaste kiss onto her throbbing clit.

She let out a gasp closeting her eyes as he squeeze her thighs loving the taste of her one his tongue. His mouth did wonders as his pink tongue dived between her folds and swirled around her clit pushing her closer and closer to the edge. Her breathes coming out in short shallow pants, he couldn’t help but chuckling making his hot breathe hit her dripping center. He had hardly touched her and she already felt herself coming apart. She let out a whine has he pulled his face away from her, only to bring two of his this fingers up to his lips, before pushing them slowly inside of her. He felt her instantly clench around them, as he dropped his forehead on her thigh watching them disappear deep inside her.

“So wet for me babygirl, been dreaming about this since that picture..” He moaned out as she arched her back feeling his thumb rub tight circles around her clit. He watched as her end flew out towards his and her pretty lips mumble his name.

“I-I’m not gonna last much longer…” She breathed as a deep chuckle escape his lips. Her eyes where wide as he pulled his fingers away from her. She watched as in the dim light of the room, he licked them clean of her juices. Her heart beating at an abnormal rate.

She watched as he quickly ridded himself of his sweatpants and boxers, the site of his cock making her mouth water. He watched with desire as her dark eyes drank in his body making a sense of pride wash over him, he was her’s, and she was his. Smiling she reached over taken him in his hands as he let out a loud moan at the sudden contact.

“Fuck baby girl..” He breathed throwing his head back as her lips placed a soft kiss onto his tip. Puling her face back to his he hissed as she took him in her hands allow a small amount of pressure. Pushing her back on the bed, their lips collided as he softly pushed himself inside of her. Her walls stretching  and opening welcoming him in. Foreheads pressed tightly together they moved in sync as he worked her body in away she’s never been worked before. His lips leaving soft kisses from her neck up to her lips.

It wasn’t long after that the two where coming undone as he whispered sweet nothings in her ear. She was finally here and they were closer then every before, the moment was so sweet and raw that it set her on fire with every brush of his hands on her. Smiling he pressed a soft kiss onto her shoulder as he pulled away from her, her head now rested on his chest as they laid there in each others embraces.

“It’s so good to have you back..”

“It’s good to be back..”

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So I’m working on a new post about Earthsea covers (and on some asks) and i found the best cover of all time. look at this majesty. look at it. I responded to some ask the other day that I couldn’t possibly do a five favorite covers post, well here it is, 1-5. like, look at that shit. that is a HUMAN-SIZED FALCON with SHAPELY DUDE LEGS in BRIGHT GREEN TIGHTS facing down A MAN DRESSED LIKE A VALENTINES DAY-THEMED JESTER while his friend walks in on the situation and decides that what he’s going to put up with today is Not This. THIS IS A REAL COVER. MULTIPLE PROFESSIONAL SOMEONES HAD TO BE LIKE ‘YEAH. THIS IS THE SCENE THAT’LL SELL THIS BOOK.’ I’M IN LOVE.

We need to talk about 1) the heart detailing on the pants 2) whatever the FUCK is happening with blue man’s pants which……. turn into gladiator sandals?? and he’s wearing light blue knee high socks under then???? 3) the bird has better legs than i do 4) the raven casually watching all of this:

TFW you’ve been catfished and ur online boyfriend w shapely calves is actually a huge falcon:

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Careless Whisper (Steve Harrington x OC)

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Summary: After a minor altercation with Billy at a holiday party, you ask your ex-boyfriend Steve to drive you home. Your act of desperation dredges up some memories of your past relationship.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x OC

Word Count: 3113

Author’s Note: As promised, this is the angsty-version of my “Good Deeds” imagine and the beginning of a separate mini-series. This one features an OC for story purpose that become clear, but feel free to treat it like a reader insert (just with Lucy instead of Y/N). I hope you enjoy it, especially the tiny moment of fluff I put in to break up the moodiness!

Warnings: Language. Short incident of sexual harassment at the beginning. Some slut-shaming. 

If her friends ever got her to go to another party, it would be a miracle.

After a week–a week–of being pestered and begged and berated and all around harassed, they had finally convinced her to come to Chris Winters’ holiday party.

“It will be fun,” they said.

“Chris’ parties always have the best drinks,” they said.

“We can all dance away this college bullshit,” they said.

“You’ll be so glad you didn’t miss it.”

All of it was lies. Except for maybe the part about Chris having the best drinks. If there was one thing this party had going for it—besides the music—it was the “Holiday Cheer” concoction that was being served up on the counter. There was a shitload of Peppermint Schnapps in it, and it was absolutely delicious.

But her friends. They were dead to her.

Becky had decided to take three shots within the first half hour and proceeded to get completely wasted from there. Darlene had gone full mom and made herself Becky’s official babysitter to prevent Becky from killing herself. Tiffany had stuck by Lucy for a while until she noticed that Jeff was at the party. It had only been a matter of time for that to happen, so when Tiffany ditched Lucy for Jeff, it was hardly surprising.

Lucy had known this was going to happen, and yet she still managed to feel disappointed.

At least she had her cup of “Holiday Cheer” to somewhat lift her spirits.

She wandered through the crowd, attempting to find any of the people she had come with, pushing her way past couples tangled together and large groups of friends who were dancing like maniacs and seemingly enjoying themselves. She stopped, standing up on her tiptoes to try to scan over the crowd.

“Hey,” a low voice greeted her from behind, and she turned quickly to face whoever it could be, slightly sloshing her drink in her haste.

Billy Hargrove. Great.

It wasn’t that she had anything personal against Billy Hargrove, it was more the fact that he was the newly anointed “King of Hawkins High”. Lucy hated, truly detested, the office of the “King.” Because in order to be king, you had to be part asshole and part womanizer complete with heartbreaking looks and an aggressive streak. And while, Billy was definitely heartbreak material, he was also more openly aggressive on all fronts than any of the previous kings of Hawkins. And to be honest, Lucy just didn’t have the time to deal with that. She had college applications due.

Billy smiled, licking his lips. “Looking for someone?” he raised an eyebrow. Despite herself, Lucy’s eyes wandered down to his bare chest. The boy had unbuttoned his dark red shirt almost halfway in December.

Bold move, Hargrove, she acknowledged silently before returning her eyes to his face.

She didn’t want to ask him for anything. He didn’t seem the type to offer up information for free, but there was hardly a choice if she wanted to get out of here. “Have you seen Tiffany?”

Billy’s eyes glanced to his left as he pointed towards the doorway a couple of yards away. A couple leaned against the doorway, and Lucy recognized Tiffany’s tight, bright green sweater and flurry of her dark, curly hair. Two hands were firmly holding onto Tiffany’s ass as another face attacked hers. If Lucy kept looking, she was going to throw up.

“Great,” Lucy commented, flatly.

“Must have found some mistletoe.” Billy took a step closer to her, smirking even as Lucy stood her ground. She wasn’t the type to let herself be intimidated by a boy making some moves. “Maybe we should find our own,” he suggested, reaching up and tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, letting his hand rest against her neck.

“I’m good,” Lucy shrugged away from his touch, turning to continue making her way through the crowd. Maybe Darlene would be tired of taking care of Becky and–

Arms snaked around her waist, pulling her back. Her stomach dropped. This party was really starting to suck.

“You sure?” Billy’s voice rumbled from behind her. “I can show you a real good time.”

“Hands off, Billy,” Lucy groaned, attempting to push his hands off her waist, but unwilling to lose her drink in the process. Priorities, you know?

“Come on,” Billy pushed, pulling her closer into him so her back was flush against his front. He leaned over her shoulder, whispering in her ear, “Where’s your giving spirit, Loosey?”

She froze. There it was. It was in the way he said her name that she knew exactly what he meant. It was thatnickname. The reason she had stopped going to parties. The reason she stopped going by Louise. She had tried to take her name back, but it didn’t matter. Loosey Mitchell still followed her.

“Fuck you,” she spat, pulling away angrily, and starting off towards the crowd. Billy’s hand wrapped around her forearm, tugging her back once more and sending her drink flying out of her grasp and across the floor.

“Don’t play games,” he warned. His smile was more menacing than charming now. “I don’t do well with competition.”

Lucy stepped forward, teeth gritted. “Get your fucking hands off of me,” she ground out.

Billy leaned forward, and fearing that his face was too close, Lucy brought up her knee, connecting it with his groin. He jerked away, allowing her to rip her arm out of his grip. Her heart pounded against her chest as she took off into the crowd, searching for the front door. She was done trying to find her dumb friends and making the best out of this dumb party. She was leaving.

“Hey!” Lucy felt another hand grab at her, and learning from her mistakes, she whirled on the person with her fist raised, landing a good punch on her ex-boyfriend’s face.

“What the fuck?” Steve Harrington swore, lifting a hand to his cheekbone.

“Shit, I’m sorry,” Lucy sputtered. “I thought you were–” She stopped, noticing the crowd parting over his shoulder. She could only guess who was working his way in her direction. “Sorry, gotta bounce.” She turned again, pushing people out of her way. A wake of cursing and one fingered salutes followed her, but she didn’t care. Just another dumb boy trying to get into her pants because of the stupidest rumors.

Lucy reached the front door, deciding to figure out her way home once she was outside and could think straight. Maybe somebody would be leaving at the same time and she could hitch a ride or at least get dropped off in the general vicinity of her house. She pulled open the door and ran out, stopping dead in her tracks at the disappointing scene in front of her.

Nobody was outside.

The cars parked along the street were all dark and still, and snow was lightly coming down from the sky. She could feel her chest growing tight as the panic truly began to set in.

She could walk. No, she couldn’t walk. Her house was at least forty-five minutes away by foot, and her coat was in Tiffany’s car. She’d freeze to death before she even got to her neighborhood.

She could go back inside to the party and try to steal the keys from Tiffany under the guise of getting her coat. Then she could swing back by every hour or so to see if her friends were finally ready to leave.

Deciding it was worth potentially running into Billy again if only to get the hell out of there, Lucy turned around and ran straight into someone. Both stumbled back a bit, and Steve reached out, steadying her.

“Steve!” she exclaimed, a new and desperate thought racing through her. “Did you drive here?”

He nodded, looking both confused and concerned at the same time. He opened his mouth to speak, but she cut him off.

“Take me home.”

“Why? What’s wrong?” Steve asked.

“Take. Me. Home,” Lucy repeated, firmly. Steve nodded again, taking off across the yard to his car. They had almost reached it when a voice rang out.


“Let’s go,” Lucy whispered, already reaching for the car door’s handle. “Ignore him. Let’s go.”

“Back for sloppy seconds?” Billy shouted out with a short laugh.

Lucy tensed, and Steve went rigid, his hand curling into a fist. He shook his head and started to turn. Lucy lunged at him, grabbing his arm, her fingernails digging into his skin.

“If we don’t leave right fucking now, I will put you in the ground!” she hissed.

Steve looked down at his ex-girlfriend’s face as she released him, his eyes glancing back to Billy Hargrove who was making his way down to them. Fast.

“Ok,” he nodded, and the two climbed into the car.

Neither was buckled when Steve whipped out of there. Lucy was thrown against the door, hitting it hard.

“Sorry,” Steve quickly apologized, making several turns around the neighborhood as if attempting to lose a tail. She waved him off, reaching up and buckling. It wasn’t until they were out of Chris’ development that Steve’s driving slowed.

“So, uh, you want to talk about it?” Steve asked, finally remembering to turn on his headlights.

“No,” Lucy slumped against the door, looking out the window. The adrenaline had seemingly drained from her, leaving her exhausted and wanting to make this car ride with her ex as quick and painless as possible.

“Ok,” Steve nodded and looked back at the road. The two listened to the sounds of the wheels against the pavement, winter winds rustling around the car. She shivered slightly, wishing for her coat.

“Are you sure?” Steve asked.

Lucy side-eyed him before reaching over and turning on his radio, “Careless Whisper” playing out over the radio. While she was at it, she turned on the heat.

Lucy didn’t hate Steve. She wouldn’t have pressured him into driving her home if she had. She had made her peace with him a year and a half ago and had finally decided that she was open to being friends after he’d had his ass kicked by Jonathan Byers. After seeing him drop Tommy H. and Carol as friends, she’d even decided she’d make the first move and had started sitting next to him in their math class. She still sat next to him in math class. They even hung out sometimes. They were friendly enough that this car ride really should have been no big deal.

But Billy’s words echoed in her head. “Where’s your giving spirit, Loosey?”

She couldn’t stop repeating it to herself, and she couldn’t stop thinking about how that nickname had been thrust upon her in the worst moment of her life.

And it was all Steve’s fault.

They reached the chorus of George Michael’s song before Steve spoke again.

“So, who did you think I was?”

“Oh my g–can you just drive?” Lucy snapped, gesturing the road, frustrated.

“I just want to know why I got punched in the face,” Steve sounded equally frustrated, and he even broke his concentration from the road to briefly look at her. “And you know, maybe why I’m giving you a ride home?”

Lucy shook her head to herself, looking up at the car’s roof. “You know, sometimes I forget that even though you have a head, there’s nothing inside it,” she bit.

Steve went quiet. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see him staring down the road, his hands tightly gripping the steering wheel. She had gone back to staring out the window, slumped against the car door, when he finally connected the dots. “What did Billy do?”

“Nothing. I left,” Lucy rolled her eyes.

He didn’t respond. Instead, they sat through “Maneater,” “Tainted Love,” and “Working for the Weekend.” Apparently Steve had found the one radio station not playing Christmas carols. It wasn’t until “Dancing in the Dark” that Steve spoke up again.

“The things he said outside—”

“I don’t want to talk about it, Steve,” Lucy cut him off.

“He didn’t try to—”

“I don’t want to talk about it, Steve,” Lucy repeated, harshly.


“Good,” she sighed, biting the inside of her lip as she watched house after house of Christmas lights pass by.

Her mind drifted back to when she and Steve were sixteen, in the early days of their relationship when they had only been together for a few weeks. Steve had wanted to go around Hawkins to look at the different Christmas lights with her, and feeling as if it were the most romantic date in the world, she had agreed. Of course, when she had agreed, it had been under the presumption that they would be driving around in the warmth of the new car he got for his birthday and listening to Christmas songs. Instead, he had insisted that they both bundle up and actually walk around the town, taking their time to see the lights.

“Steve, it’s so cold!” she whined, leaning into him as the pair walked down Dearborn. They had only been outside for half an hour, but she was already freezing and ready to give in. Her mother had offered to make the two of them hot chocolate when Steve brought her back home.

“It’s not that bad,” Steve shook his head, laughing at her even as he squeezed her hand reassuringly.

“Yes, it is. I can’t feel my face it’s so cold,” she protested, only exaggerating a tiny bit.

“Well, that’s fixable,” Steve remarked, stopping short and turning towards her. Her heart sped up, almost beating out of her chest as she realized he was leaning down, and this was really happening, and what was she supposed to do, and his lips were on hers.

Whether she was frozen because of the cold or the shock of her first kiss, it took a moment before her eyes closed, and she kissed him back, reveling in the warmth of being wrapped in Steve’s arms.

“He didn’t do anything,” she admitted, quietly. “He just…called me Loosey.”

Steve’s brow furrowed in confusion.

“And he asked where my giving spirit was,” she continued. She could tell he understood because his grip on the steering wheel tightened until his knuckles were white.

“God, I mean, when will people let that go,” she sank back against the window, leaning her head against it and closing her eyes to block out the Christmas lights. She could feel her throat tightening and her chest constricting. She was not going to cry. Not in front of Steve. She had already done that once in her life, and that was enough.

“Lou,” he started, and she just shook her head.

He drove the rest of the way in silence.

Steve pulled up next to the curb by her house, and Lucy flung the door open, getting out before the car was even parked. “Thanks for the ride,” she threw over her shoulder.

“Wait, hey! ” The car door closed, cutting him off.

She hurried around the back of her house, on her way to the tree that led to her bedroom window. A tree she remembered Steve learning how to scale with ease. She bit her lip again, willing the tears to just go away.

This was why she didn’t want to tell him. Because now it’d bring everything back up. Everything she’d pushed down when he started dating all of those other girls. Everything she’d covered up by taking the nickname Lucy as if it didn’t matter where it originally came from. She could hear Steve’s thundering footsteps behind her. “Lucy, look–”

“Can you just leave me alone, and let me get into my house?” Lucy whirled on him. “If I had known you’d be on my shit, I wouldn’t have asked you to drive me.”

“What? Somehow giving a shit makes me the bad guy?” Steve snapped.

“No, you’re the bad guy because you’re the reason any of this happened tonight,” Lucy shot back. She didn’t care if it was slightly unfair. She wanted him to go. Back to the party. Back to his home. She didn’t care where as long he was not here. She never should have asked him for a ride after what happened with Billy. Fuck, she was so stupid. “And it’s sure as hell convenient that you give a shit now, and not back then when it would have mattered. You know? When you were the reason I was running out of a party.”

“I was sixteen!” Steve argued.

“So was I. And I was the one who was groped by some drunk senior because my boyfriend was telling everybody about how good I was in bed.”

“I was drunk.”

“So that’s why you told everyone that if they ever wanted to have a little fun, I was the person to come to because, let me see if I remember it right: ‘All you have to do is ask, and she practically gives it away,’” Lucy snapped, tears stinging her eyes. She had held onto those words for a while. “You practically announced to everyone that I was a huge slutand then laughed about it with everyone else when Carol started calling me Loosey.”

And shit, she was crying.

“Lou,” Steve sounded so broken.

“And I still don’t know why you did it, Steve. I don’t get why you couldn’t have just told me you didn’t love me anymore like a normal person.” He flinched.

“I wasn’t trying to break up with you,” Steve mumbled quietly.

“What, were you bragging about how your girlfriend was a slut?” Her voice cracked on the word.

“I don’t know. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I was an idiot. I am an idiot.”

“It’s because of you that people like Billy feel like they have the right to put their hands all over me,” and she was no longer just crying, but almost choking on sobs. She was going to wake up her parents. But she didn’t care. She had held onto this for too long. She had pushed it down and down and apparently one stupid car ride home was all it took for everything that was left unresolved to come back up. “I loved you,” she heaved. “And I didn’t expect us to last forever, but I thought that at least you wouldn’t treat me like trash. Like I didn’t have feelings.”

Steve’s face was tight with pain, and selfishly she hoped he understood. She hoped that whatever that shit was that had gone down with Nancy had taught him exactly what he did to her. He looked away from her, down at the ground.

“You deserved better than me,” he spoke.

She sniffled and then looked at him with shining eyes, tear tracks streaking her face.

“Yeah,” she whispered. “I did.”

And then she turned away, to go back to her tree.

And like an asshole, he let her go.

She hated parties.

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GeekGirl and FanBoy

A/N: Drabble request for @marvelatbarnes. Imagine where the reader and Juice are geeking out in front of the other club members. Thanks for the request, lovely! Hope you like x

You ran down the hall of the clubhouse, screeching out to your best friend, laptop in hand.
“Y/N, what’s wrong??” Juice asked you, his voice muffled.
He’d been working on club stuff when you came out, and was so in the zone that when he heard you yelling, he looked you over for injuries, missing the smile on your face.
“THOR IS COMING TO COMICCON!!” You turned your screen to face Juice, pointing at the announcement post made on the ComicCon website.
“OH MY GOD, NO WAY!!” Juice’s eyes were wide and bright, fists clenched tight in excitement.
“What on Earth is going on with you two?” Chibs asked, turning in his barstool to face you. His voice was also muffled.
“ONLY THE GREA-” You started before Chibs stopped you, hopping down from his stool and walking over to you, removing your headphones from your head.
“Only the greatest thing to ever happen to us! Thor is coming to ComicCon! He got added to the lineup last minute, was able to make it!”
You and Juice danced around, the rest of the club watching you with concern.
You both stopped, looking back, slightly blushing.
“Neeeeeeeeeeeeerds!!!” Tig yelled out, to the amusement of the others.
“Yeah, yeah.” You said, Juice rolling his eyes.
You’d both had heard it so many times, but you didn’t care.
Meeting Juice at the gaming store you worked at, you’d quickly become best friends. When Juice wasn’t out doing club business and you weren’t working, you were joined at the hip, geeking out over all your favourite movies, games, comics, everything.
The other club members always teased you guys, but were glad that Juice had found someone to freak out about all that stuff with, even if it was so they didn’t have to fake interest.
“Do you reckon Clay would let you take time off from club stuff to go?”
“I hope so, I really wanna go!” Juice replied. “We’ll ask him when he gets back.”


“You wanna go away to a nerd convention?” Clay asked, looking disapprovingly at you guys like you were his children.
Both you and Juice had ambushed Clay as he’d rode into TM’s parking lot, having waited all day for him.
“Please, Clay, it’s only in San Diego. I haven’t asked for any time off in months and we’d really love to go.” Juice said, asking Clay.
“You are literally the greatest man alive, even greater than a Norse god. If you tried to lift his hammer, you would be worthy and possess the power of Thor.” You said, trying to sway the old man.
“Hardly anything you ever say to me makes sense, Geek Girl.” Clay replied.
“Pretty endearing, huh? Endearing enough to let my best buddy here come with me to San Diego in a month?” You raised your eyebrows, biting your lip and nodding your head slowly, watching for any indication on Clay’s face of a positive answer.
He sighed, rubbing his eyes.
“Yeah, you can go. But,” He added, before you started getting overly excited.
“Juice, you gotta be reachable if we need you. Phone on at all times. You too, Y/N, in case we can’t reach Juice.”
Both you and Juice nodded and started dancing around again.
”Save the dancing for the party tonight.” Clay said, walking into the clubhouse, the pair of you following him.

”Okay, tickets are purchased, and we have our passes to meet Hemsworth and get pictures.” You said to Juice as he walked into the room, the confirmation email having been sent through to your phone.
”I’m gonna start looking up hotels tomorrow.” Juice replied. He’d been helping make sure everything was set for the evening.
”Juice, Y/N, come out and party!” Jax came knocking on the door of Juice’s dorm room.
”We should go out there.” Juice said, and you nodded.
The party hadn’t been going on for long, but it was going off when they got out there. They hung out, chatting and drinking with everyone.
After a while, Juice went and sat on one of the couches, and you went to get beers. As you brought them over to your friend, you stopped dead, appearing to be staring into space.
“Costumes!” You blurted out.
“But it’s less than a month out!” Juice replied.
“So we’ll just do one really good one each. We only have to wear it for one day if we want, but you can’t go to ComicCon without dressing up!”
Juice took a beer from you and you crawled into his lap, pulling out your phone.
Putting his arm around you and his head on your shoulder, he watched as you pulled up the Pinterest app, checking out other people’s cosplays.
“Who should we go as?”
“You should go as Shades from Luke Cage!” You responded, seeing a picture of him as you looked through the pictures.
“No way, I couldn’t pull that off!” Juice said, scrolling further through the feed.
“Well, we could just go as Thor and Loki, I mean, that’s kinda the reason we’re going, right?”
“Yeah! Let’s do it!”
“You know, Juice, there’s croweaters that’ll sit on your lap and give you a better time.” Tig said, seated a short way over from them, a crow giving him a lap dance.
Juice waved him off, not even bothering to look at him.
“You know what we should do.” Juice said.
“Marvel marathon.”
“Right now?” You asked.
Juice shifted under you and you stood, letting Juice up. He took your hand and lead you to his dorm.
Taking off his kutte and sinking into his bed, you grabbed more drinks from the bar fridge in his room.
Sitting next to him against the headboard, Juice scrolled through the movies on Netflix, finding the first Thor.
As the movie played, you got to the scene where Jane gave Thor mortal clothes to change into.
“Maybe I could go as Jane for one of the days.” You mentioned offhandedly.
Juice turned to you, and before you knew it, he had kissed you.
When he pulled back, you had the same face that Jane had when she saw Thor without his shirt on.
“Whoa.” You said, not sure what else to say, or if you possessed the vocabulary to say it.
“Wanted to do that for a while.” Juice said, blushing, looking down at his lap.
“If I’m going as Jane, you should go as Thor.” You replied. “Would look a bit weird if Loki was kissing Jane.”
You both chuckled, and Juice cupped your cheek with his hand, pulling you in for another kiss.

Attack of the Dodgeballs - Archie Andrews Imagine

Paring: Archie Andrews x Fem!Reader

Word count: 2k

Warnings: Bullying, death threats, swearing

Requested: Yes by @hazeofeleven -                                                                    Archie Andrews x reader where they’re dating and in gym and they’re playing dodgeball or something and reader gets nailed in the cheek by her enemy and she cries because that’s what normally happens so she sits out for the rest of the game but comes back, fiery look in her eyes and nails the girl back and Archie is so proud and brags all day about his gf. Thanks so much!!

A/ N - I hope you like this! I’m so sorry for the long wait, but here you go :)

Friday. Third period. The one hour a week you dreaded more than anything. The one hour that made you want to run in the opposite direction. The one hour which makes your life a living hell.

That one hour was gym class.

Now normally, under any circumstances you would love gym class; you enjoyed exercise, you were getting straight A’s in all classes including PE, and you were with the whole “squad”. And by “squad” it was Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Kevin Keller, Jughead Jones and the love of your life, Archie Andrews.

You used to love it all, but one day, that changed. You had never spoken about it to anyone, but over the summer, your happy feelings had been abused into insecure imperfections. What you used to love about yourself, had been completely changed. Not by yourself, but by the school “mean girls”.

The group of evil girls were known for being nasty, but you never knew how much it would hurt until you felt it first hand. Lead by their bitch of a girl Chanel Jackson, they had ruined every thing you once loved.

It started with small comments, little things that would annoy the heck out of you. But those words turned into venom, and they cut deep. They told you to kill yourself, they told you you weren’t worth anything, they even tried to jeopardise your relationship with Archie. But even though the latter failed, they made your life a living hell.

And gym class was the worst; all your flaws were on show and they knew it. They made you think that, maybe, you deserved everything they said.

As you walked into the changing rooms and opened your locker, your heard a voice that chilled your bones.

“Oh look who we have here! The local town whore!” A shrill voice came from behind you.

You turned around slowly, dreading the eyes you were about to meet.

“And how can I help you today, Chanel?” You asked, attempting to be brave, but your worried tone seeped through every word.

“Honey, you can help us all by downing a bottle of bleach!” She cheerful threatened.

The words stung your brain and heart, and you fought hard to push back the tears that began to bring your eyes.

But in the spilt second that followed, your saviours walked into the changing room; Veronica and Betty.

“Y/N,”Veronica started, shooting you a concerned look as she took in the situation, “Are they bothering you?”

“Oh no, we’re just chatting, aren’t we Y/N?” Chanel death-stared you to agree, and as much as you wanted to fight your case, you couldn’t.

Instead, you gave a wry smile to Veronica, “All good, V.”

And finally, they left, releasing the pressure of the world off your shoulders. As you turned to face your locker and began to change, Betty touched your shoulder comfortingly.

“Are you sure you’re ok?”

“Yes I’m fine, B. Promise,” you tried to convince her and yourself. But she saw right through you.

“Y/N, you can tell us anything,” she pestered.

“I said I’m fine, Betty!” You snapped all too quickly. With the just right amount of defensiveness made Veronica and Betty realise, there was definitely more to the story.

After quickly getting changed, the three of you walked into the gymnasium and headed towards your usual spot, where the boys were already waiting for you. You smiled to yourself as you saw Archie; with his bright eyes and tight fitting shirt, all your worries faded away at once.

When they saw you approach, Archie smiled at you and put his muscular arm around your shoulders, bringing you closer into his side as if he never wanted to be apart.

“Hey you,” he said, giving you a wide grin that made your heart melt.

“Hi Arch,” you said, returning the smile.

That was the power of Archie Andrews; in a bad time, he made you forget about the sadness. He made you feel safe, at home and loved. The truth was, you loved him more than life itself.

And little did you know, Archie felt the exact same way.

After a few minutes of catchup with your friends, you made and effort to blend in. You wanted to remain on the down-low for just a little while longer.

“Ok class,” Coach Clayton announced from the middle of the room. You could see Chanel and her minions from the corner of your eyes, shooting you daggers at the sight of Archie’s arm still hung loosely around your shoulders.

“Today,” he continued, we’re bringing back an old favourite…DODGEBALL!”

Everyone cheered.

Everyone…except you. If this didn’t give the bitches a chance to put you down both literally and metaphorically, then nothing would.

So you braved yourself for what was yet to come. And secretly, you wondered how much you could endure.

Sorting the teams took no time, and the first match went perfectly with your friends and yourself taking the crown.

But eventually the competition was ruled out, and the last two teams standing were yours, versus Chanels.

Archie pulled the group around him and proceeded to give a much-too-serious pep talk about tactics and positions. But you couldn’t focus on your boyfriends words, only the slight whispers that travelled from the other end of the gymnasium and the eyes that were burning into the back of your head.

“Destroy her-




“Y/N? Y/N, you there?” Archie interrupted your thoughts and eavesdropping.


He rolled his eyes, “I was saying how were going to put you girls at the back and us guys will be at the front, catching them out ok?”

You gave him a nod and supportive smile, attempting to recover your brave face.

“Alright, lets crush them!” Archie encouraged, taking his eyes off you and starting to make his way to the position at the front and centre.

Or they’ll crush me” you whispered to yourself.

Coach Clayton reset the scoreboard and the rest of the class sat on the benches, eager to watch the match unfold.

You looked down to see your legs shaking slightly and your palms became hot and sticky. Their words rang like alarms in your head and you tried to block them, only for the volume to be turned up to max. You were too focused on controlling your breathing to notice Coach blowing his whistle to start the match, and far too distracted to catch the ball that was hurtling towards you.

Luckily, Jughead caught it just in time and returned it to the other side with force, and then proceeded to take in your petrified face.

“Are you ok?” He asked, fully concerned to why one of his best friend looked so pale and frightened all of a sudden.

But before you could reply, another voice screamed your name.

“Have this, slut!” Chanel sneered and launched a ball in your direction, only for it to miss and be picked up by Kevin.

“No foul language on the court!” Coach Clayton announced, fuming at Chanel.

“Her fault for being a whore!” She chimed back, speaking like an angel, truthfully being a devil in disguise.

“Excuse me?” Veronica accused, getting defensive and attacking her right hand minion with a ball.

“Don’t talk to her like that!” Archie defended you, walking right up to the line and facing Chanel directly.

Chanel laughed, “And once again, Archie Andrews is here to save his pathetic excuse of a girlfriend.”

“I said,” Archie gritted his teeth, don’t talk to her like that.”

“Why not?” Chanel yelled to the whole class, “Y/N Y/L/N is a first class skank and we all know it. She should easily enough slit her wrists and save us from seeing her disgusting face ever again! In fact,” she turned to you, “I can happily provide the knife if you need it!” She gleefully threatened you.

And that’s when a ball flew right into your stomach, making your already churned insides feel even worse. Tears were flooding down your face as the whole class stopped what they were doing. It went completely and deadly silent as everyone took in every single second of it, and they grew horrified at what had been spoken.

Straightening your back, you felt all eyes on you.

Betty and Veronica looked horrified, whilst Kevin and Jughead looked like they were ready to rip Chanels head off.

And Archie?

Archie looked destroyed. He couldn’t bear it when someone was mean to you, and right now, seeing you hurt, it felt like his whole world had come crashing down. He felt helpless as he saw your confidence, self-esteem and happiness crumble around you, leaving you vulnerable and defenceless.

You took the silence as a sign for you to leave, and ran out of the gym back into the changing room, and broke down immediately.

What did you do to deserve this? Obviously she was just jealous, but did she need to attack you so viciously?

The doors swung open again and you were engulfed in both Veronica’s and Betty’s arms, causing you to break down even more. You remained like that for a few moments; nothing needed to be said, you just needed to know you were loved. And they proved it.

You pulled away, wiped your eyes and gave them a smile.

“Archie’s fuming, Veronica told you honestly.

“He said, and I quote ‘I will end that bitch’,” Betty informed you.

And that was the moment you realised, you didn’t have to feel this way. You had so many people who loved you and were willing to fight for you. Willing to prove their love for you. And willing to make sure you are ok. Those jealous girls lead by a sad wannabe  didn’t mean anything to you anymore, not when you had the whole of Riverdale’s finest watching your back. And you couldn’t be more grateful.

For the first time in weeks, you gave B and V genuine smiles, “Then let’s end her.”

Walking out the changing rooms for the second time around, you held your head high. Everyone fell silent from their chatter and you saw the boys looking anxiously in your direction, slightly holding Archie back from any trouble he may feel like causing.

But it wasn’t Archie they needed to worry about.

“Hey Chanel!” You called to the girl, and she turned back around to face you with a shocked look.

You gave a smirk, “ready for round two?”

“I CANT BELIVE IT!” Archie cheered for the millionth time. You were sat in the common room on your usual couches, and the whole year was congratulating you on beating the evil Chanel in your successful game of dodgeball, proving her wrong and proceeding to get her suspended for bullying.

You laughed and playfully hit his chest, “So you’ve mentioned Arch.”

He just pulled you closer in his arms and gave you a sorry look, “It’s not right what they did to you Y/N/N.”

You looked down at your blue, chipped nail polish, but your chin was lifted back up to meet Archie’s Meaningful eyes.

“I promise you Y/N Y/L/N, I am never going to let anyone hurt you ever again,” he whispered to you, letting you know that he truly meant it.

You smiled at him and kissed him lightly on the lips, “I love you, Arch.”

He returned the gesture and replied simply, “I love you too.”

And a generic reply it may be, but deep down you knew it was more than just love.

It was belonging to one another for the rest of your lives.

Fashion and the Signs

Aries - Being bold is part of what makes you vibrant and loving. You’re not one to hold back when you need to state your opinions, which can either work in your favor or make you look hot headed. This is how the fashion sense of the Aries is defined, daring styles with dark reds or light pinks would work in your favor. The dark red will show your strong and commanding presence, while the light pink will show the naive and childlike personality that makes you endearing.

Taurus - You lust for life, just like the Lana Del Rey song. Everything about you is sensual, warm and fun. A food connoisseur and a natural artist, the Taurean style is one to match. Patterns, warm colors and futuristic aesthetics click with these people. When they are in relaxed mode, they will opt for the simple things, loose fitting clothing, but always with a daring flare that will make anyone stop and look at them as they pass by.

Gemini - Duality and the cool intellectual with the big mouth. Leather, sunglasses and a cool rocker style will work when you’re in the mood to make your presence known but you also prefer the avant garde style. The Gemini is an artistic trendsetter and is not afraid to show it. Water and fire influenced Gemini’s will have a creative dreamy style that may irritate some and influence others. Earth dominant Gemini’s will look like they have just left the runway. Their style transcends our reality.

Cancer - The water nymph prefers to adorn itself with bright colors. Playful baby blues, light pinks and neon greens would fit with the Cancer style. During the colder times of the year, they might opt for patterns or basic solids. Although they may dress in darker colors, trust them to add a touch of bright palettes to catch your eye. These fashionistas will have the trendiest handbags and the men usually have the best sunglasses and shoes.

Leo - Dramatic and in charge, the Leo wants to be the showstopper and they usually succeed. The first thing you may notice from these sun signs (and Leo ascendants) is personality and the second thing is their jaw dropping sense of fashion. At parties, these people will be bedazzled with tasteful jewelry and their hair will be high to the heavens. Bright red lipstick, skin tight dresses and shoes that define their opulence. Air dominant and water dominant Leo’s are more low key with their fashion sense. Opting for simpler and comforting garbs, loose dresses, capri pants, maxi dresses and so on. Earth dominant Leo’s will prefer more conservative styles, suits, conservative skirts, and neutral colors. Their style may resemble that of a Virgo’s but with the touch of the Leo’s fiery personality. Only the finer things for Leo.

Virgo - The demure Virgo opts for the conservative and comfortable. Always in style, but with a touch of class and an air of royalty. As a Virgo you may seek to be in more business casual attire, however, if your chart veers more on the creative side, you will be defined by a very dreamy style that could resemble that of a Cancer or a strong rebellious fire influence like that of the Leo and Aries. But overall, Virgo prefers to not cause too much attention because they are practical. Neutral colors work in your favor as well as patterns that don’t call for too much scrutiny.

Libra - The fashionistas of the Zodiac. These are the people you want to seek advice from if you want to to be daring and in the know of the fashion world. Because they are chameleons (like Pisceans), they can imitate a style and do it better than the originator. Everything somehow works well with the Libra, whether it be their bohemian chic fashion or their glammed up party bodycon dress, they know how to make everything work and make it look effortless. For the Libras that have yet to tap into their creative side, they should just try everything until they find a style that they can stick to. You’re ruled by Venus and you’re bound to make something that suits you and makes you look beautiful.

Scorpio - Another sign that is in the know when it comes to fashion. Already alluring, charming and captivating so it would make sense that they would have an interesting style. Backless dresses, six inch heels, red lipstick, miniskirts, etc. The list goes on and on for the Scorpio. If the Scorpio has other dominant signs, their style will also change as well. A water dominant Scorpio is not afraid to embrace their sexuality, always comfortable being edgy and risque. Air sign dominant Scorpios will prefer the bohemian styles and Fire dominant will like the lace and leather while the Earth dominant Scorpio may opt for the conservative and fun style.

Sagittarius - The hipster that hates fashion. Comfort is top priority for a Sagittarius dominant person. They will opt for sneakers, gym attire and no makeup. They are very low maintenance and will rarely go out of their way to look their best unless they are pressured to do so. Sagittariuses with other dominant signs will produce very interesting fashion styles. Earth dominant Sag’s will be fashion trendsetters, they will be at the top of their game and will always look good in social settings (especially the social climbing Capricorn doms). Water and air  dominant Sagittariuses will be the cool hipsters that pretend not to care but do.

Capricorn - With great power comes great responsibility with style. Capricorns do not play and when they are at the top of their game, they want to look the best because they are the best. Earth signs generally opt for conservative looks and trust the Capricorn to come out with the best power suits. Their shoes will always be in style and they will have matching briefcases or handbags that define their status. Dark colors work for the Capricorn, but during those warm summer months, they will opt for very light colors. In their down time, Capricorns will most likely be the ones you spot wearing relaxed fit khakis with polo shirts or if they have fire dominance, they will shamelessly rock a plaid shirts with loose fitting pants.

Aquarius - You love being an individual, your style is original and you enjoy taking fashion risks. Always the rebel, you will find a way to challenge the norm by doing the exact opposite. Never tell an Aquarius what they should or should not wear because they will appear to a function dressed in sweats just to piss you off. These creative folks will have piercings or tattoos. For those that do not want to commit to tats, they will bleach their hair or dye it twenty different colors. This also applies to the fire dominant Aquarian, they do not fear taking risks with their looks. Their style is hipster chic and everyone will be trying to imitate them at some point in their lives. Earth dominant and water dominant Aquarian will have more conservative styles, but they will still be at the top of their game.

Pisces - The artists try their best to be in style. Very much like Libras, the Pisces will try their best to emulate the style of someone they admire. This mutable sign may go through different phases at different points in their lives. Within a ten year span, you might not recognize the Pisces’ fashion sense anymore because they have moved on to their next target. Pisces fashion also shifts with their moods, if they are in cheerful, expect light colors, playful styles. The fire dominant Pisces is leaving their mark in the world. They are out wearing the finest fashions, relishing in their style and setting trends. The earth dominant Pisces sinks into her own world, not seeking much attention. The chameleon Pisces’ fashion is tough to spot because they are always evolving. My advice would be to keep changing styles until you’re in tune with the one that brings out your true persona.