eight taurean moments on Turn on the Bright Lights (2002)
  1. sleep tight, grim rite
    we have 200 couches where you can sleep tonight

    – “PDA”

  2. each night, I bury my love around you
    – “Say Hello to the Angels”

  3. she puts the weights into my little heart
    and she gets in my room and she takes it apart
    – “Obstacle 1″

  4. I’m gonna hold your face and toast the snow that fell 
    – “Obstacle 2″

  5. I wish I could live free, I hope it’s not beyond me
    settling down, it takes time
    one day we’ll live together, and life will be better
    I have it here, yeah, in my mind
    baby, you know someday you’ll slow

    my heart’s been breaking
    I gave a lot to you
    I take a lot from you too
    you slave a lot for me
    I guess you could say
    I gave you my edge
     “The New”

  6. we can top the old times
    clay-making that nothing else will change

    – “Obstacle 1″

  7. I can’t pretend I don’t need to defend
    some part of me from you
    – “The New”

  8. you come here to me
    we’ll collect those lonely parts and set them down
    you come here to me 
    – “Leif Erikson”
Cardiovascular Palpitations Pt. 2 (ft. Jeongguk) [M]

→ fluff, smut, angst, really fuckign fluffy smut 10k
→ friends with benefits au, doctors au ft Taehyung
part 1 | part 2 | story talk

Yay! This was super cute but I’m seriously so glad its over lol I didn’t edit so its not my best work but it’s officially the longest thing I’ve ever written so I hope you like it! Let me know what you think, and I’ll be uploading a story talk and drabbles about this au soon! 

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So I’m working on a new post about Earthsea covers (and on some asks) and i found the best cover of all time. look at this majesty. look at it. I responded to some ask the other day that I couldn’t possibly do a five favorite covers post, well here it is, 1-5. like, look at that shit. that is a HUMAN-SIZED FALCON with SHAPELY DUDE LEGS in BRIGHT GREEN TIGHTS facing down A MAN DRESSED LIKE A VALENTINES DAY-THEMED JESTER while his friend walks in on the situation and decides that what he’s going to put up with today is Not This. THIS IS A REAL COVER. MULTIPLE PROFESSIONAL SOMEONES HAD TO BE LIKE ‘YEAH. THIS IS THE SCENE THAT’LL SELL THIS BOOK.’ I’M IN LOVE.

We need to talk about 1) the heart detailing on the pants 2) whatever the FUCK is happening with blue man’s pants which……. turn into gladiator sandals?? and he’s wearing light blue knee high socks under then???? 3) the bird has better legs than i do 4) the raven casually watching all of this:

TFW you’ve been catfished and ur online boyfriend w shapely calves is actually a huge falcon:

2017 Mood:

Opening Scene of the TV Show

A close up of Doc Marten clad feet walking over wet grass. Slowly panning out to reveal a girl in bright coloured tights and what looks like a home made dress, and a hoodie with thumb holes in the sleeves.

Shes carrying a bouquet of flowers. We can see now she is weaving in and out of headstones, shes in a graveyard. 

She stops in front a grave, we only see it from the back, her looking sadly at the words the audience cannot see.

She kneels down and places the flowers in front of the grave. She wipes tears from her eyes and smiles sadly.

“I miss you all the time you know” She looks at her watch revealing the date April 25th. “I can’t believe its only been a year since this all began….and now its over”


Blue Sargeant wakes up in bed and the series begins….

Basically its like a shout out, all the fans of the books know who the grave belongs to, but the non-readers will be like wtffff who died?? Setting the tone for the series that SHIT IS GONNA GET REAL.

The show runs for 4 seasons, one for each book. The end of the last episode we end up back at the graveyard. The grave is revealed to be Noahs, Blue is joined by Gansey, Ronan, Adam and Henry. Adam and Ronan are holding hands. Gansey throws an arm around Blue and asks “Ninos?” And the five of them walk away together. There is a shadow of a character walking beside them…is it Noah?? Maybe! END CREDITS

By then Maggie will have published her new trilogy. The series is renewed for another 3 seasons. And its amazing. Thank you and Good night.

Call Tony Stark Part Two - Peter Parker Imagine

A/N: Some of you wanted a part 2 so this is for all of you :) I hope you like it, I’m not sure how well I did on the fluffy parts but I’m happy with the outcome. 
I also want to add that if you want to request something I’d be more than happy to write something for you :)
Also a couple of people wanted to be tagged so @negasonicteenagemess​, @143amberrose​ and @andyl394​ this is for you <3

Summary: Beginning right where we left off, you are faced with the dilemma of a) not knowing Tony Stark’s number and b) how the hell you’re going to get an unconscious Spiderman away from the police and to safety.
Words: 1860 (almost double the length of the last one oops)

Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

“You’ve seriously got to be kidding me.”
Here’s the situation we’re in. Spiderman was currently unconscious in the middle of the street, the sound of police sirens meant that there was going to cops here any minute, you were supposed to get hold of Tony freaking Stark AND to top it all off SPIDERMAN was your god damn soul mate. You tried to steady your breathing, now was not the time to have a panic attack. “Think Y/N”. Think.” You didn’t have much time. People were starting to show up around the fight scene.

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Fame, Flashlight

BTS Yoongi / Model AU / Words: 6232
Anonymous requested:  If you’re taking requests I was wondering if you could do one between a model and photographer yoongi? Where he’s usually famous for slightly racy pictures but he starts falling for her and tries to cover her up more lol.
A/N: i hope u like it omg i apoligize if there are mistakes im v tired rn

You pulled your car into your temporary spot, significantly earlier than your actual call time. Your own paranoia had put you on edge and made you cut your workout ten minutes short to allow sufficient time for you to get home, shower, then make it to the studio. Your hair was still damp, and it clung to the back of your neck. You reached over to the passenger seat, where you had carelessly flung your towel when you had rushed from the door of your condo, swallowing the remainder of your supplements. You roughly shook it over your head in an attempt to dry it more, and you smoothed out the end result with your fingers. You didn’t quite care what it looked like when you walked in the doors. You knew that anything you did to your hair or face would be wiped clean by the stylists the second they got their hands on you. You were so used to being dressed and made up in ridiculous ways, and you took advantage of the times you could leave your face bare, hair down and lounge in comfy sweats with faded logos.

Out of boredom and sheer habit, you checked your phone, scrolling through Instagram and mindlessly liking everyone’s pictures. You only paused when you came across a familiar username. You stared at the picture of wispy clouds etched into the sky, bathed in the pale yellow and pink light of the rising sun. Telephone lines and skyscrapers littered the horizon, but didn’t take away from the beauty of the morning sunrise. The caption simply read “My view this morning”, and yet there were hundreds of thousands of likes. You let your thumb linger just above your screen before you double tapped it, and a quick heart appeared on the picture. You took that as your cue to get out of your car and head towards the glass double doors of the tall building, still ten minutes ahead of schedule.

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The Way You Look (Wearing My Color)

Trimberly ficlet

Prompt:  Kimberly shows up wearing yellow and Trini…well Trini notices

When half of your superpowers are drawn from the bond between teammates, it’s quite obvious when one member is absent. Four Rangers and one talking robot train in the pit, fighting their best despite the bothersome gap.

Jason and Billy are practicing a new combo move Alpha 5 taught them, but Trini couldn’t tell you anything about that. No, she is much too busy trying to wipe the smirk off Zack’s stupid face. They’re in the middle of an intense sparring session and she’s flailing, continuously coming up short every time she tries to gain the upper hand. Kimberly’s absence seems to be effecting her the most.

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Bang bang alley ~ Part two, series two

Originally posted by funkybug

A/N ~ I’m uploading this early to make up for teasing you, especially @sherlocks-doctor-john, I went too far but I love making you squirm. So anyway for the purpose of the story the parts that are in italics are when they are speaking English. I didn’t want to keep having to say ‘in english’ or 'in korean’

Theme ~ Mafia/Gangster AU

Pairing ~ Choi Seunghyun x Reader

Rating ~ Angst, Fluff

Warnings ~ Language and violence

Series one

Series two | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |

“No absolutely not” Seung hyun yelled as his fist came down with a loud bang on Jiyongs desk.

“I don’t see what the problem is, she did great last time, maybe we should recruit her” Seungri joked.

“That’s exactly the fucking problem. Last time you showed her some moves she thought it was ok to go back to that psycho just to help me and you guys fucking let her, even after you promised me that you wouldn’t let her get in harms way. There’s not a fucking chance in hell that I’m going to risk something like that happening again” he snarled back.

“I think it’s a good idea” Jiyong stated making Seung hyun look at him with a fire in his eyes.

“Her nightmares are getting worse, this could help stop them” Daesung told him, Seung hyun closed his eyes and ran his hand through his hair.

“No” he simply responded.

“Hyung, you didn’t see her last night, she was as white as a ghost and she looked terrified. It wasn’t like the other ones, something’s different, something scared the shit out of her” Daesung said, he noticed Jiyong and Taeyang exchange a look out of the corner of his eye.

“Isn’t it better to be prepared if something happens?” Seungri asked, Seung hyun let out a long sigh.

“Fine, but I don’t want a repeat of last time” he said sternly before walking out and slamming the door behind him.

“What is his problem? She’s a born killer” Seungri said with a small chuckle.

“Seungri I need you to go and help restock the bar for tonight” Jiyong told him making him laugh.

“Are you serious?” he asked raising his brow.

“Do I look like I’m joking?” he replied with a cold expression, Seungri shook his head and left muttering something under his breath.

“Alright, what’s going on?” Daesung asked and both men looked at him.

“What do you mean?” Jiyong asked cocking his head to the side.

“I mean the look you gave each other when I said something scared the shit out of _____, what do you know” he asked, Jiyong looked at Taeyang before giving him a nod.

“Someone was following us yesterday, I don’t know who he was, all I know is that he’s a foreigner like her and she freaked when she saw him” Taeyang said as he sat on Jiyongs desk.

“Is he an older guy?” Daesung asked, Taeyang narrowed his eyes at him.

“Yeah…..” he replied.

“I think it’s the same guy that’s been hanging around here, he appeared about a week ago and he was outside last night when I got back”

“Why didn’t you say anything earlier?” Jiyong asked with an almost angry tone.

“I wanted to see what he was up to first, do you think it could be someone from her past?”

“We don’t know, we can’t find anything about her before she moved to Korea” Jiyong said leaning back in his chair.

“Actually I found out this morning that she moved to the area with her grandparents when she was ten, just after that fire at the hospital a few towns over I mentioned. The people there say they lived out of town and kept to themselves and she was home schooled, they died just before her eighteenth birthday of natural causes and then she just disappeared” Taeyang said looking at Jiyong.

“That must have been when she moved here, look into that fire and see if anything else suspect happened in that town. Daesung I want you to try and probe her during training for anything you can get about her life before she came here that could explain this man hanging around. And nobody tell hyung about this yet, I don’t need him going on a warpath, we were lucky the cops didn’t get involved last time”

Seung hyun practically ran up the stairs, he was filled with anger at the memory of the guys putting you in danger when they used you to get to him, he told them that no matter what happened or what you said to never let that happen. He couldn’t let it happen again, Seungri was right, it was better to be prepared for the worst. All the anger he felt subsided when he found you asleep on the couch, you had been so exhausted lately due to the little amount of sleep you got each night and he was glad that you seemed to be sleeping peacefully for the moment.

He gently picked you up and carried you to the bedroom where he laid down with you, placing you on his chest. He watched you as you slept, his mind wandering back to when he woke up in hospital. As soon as his eyes opened they looked for you, he tried to get up but his head was groggy and his chest felt as if a weight were sitting on it, restricting him from moving. As soon as he called your name you appeared, your face was covered in yellow stains, old bruises that were soon to disappear.

“I thought he got you” he said with a strained voice as he began to cry, he grabbed your hand and pulled you into him.

“Oppa” you stirred bringing his mind back to the present.

“Hmmm” he hummed as he looked at you, your eyes were still closed.

“Oppa please” you said as you lightly pushed him.

'She’s still asleep’ he thought to himself.

“No don’t touch him” you yelled waking yourself up.

“I’m right here” he said as he ran his fingers through your hair, you didn’t say a word, you only nuzzled into him to hide your face, you didn’t want him to see the pain that you knew was written all over it. “I wish I could get inside your head and fight off these nightmares”

“You can’t protect me forever” you whispered back as you stared at the wall, the dream still playing over in your head.

“I know….. That’s why I’m going to let you train with Daesung, so you’ll have a fighting chance if something happens when I’m not there”

“Really?” you asked as you pushed yourself off his chest so you could look at him.

“Yes, I couldn’t bare it if anything happened to you just because I was too stubborn” his lip curled up on one side as he looked down at you, his heart raced as he noticed your eyes sparkling back at him.

“Are you ready yet?” Hyorin called through the door.

“I don’t think this dress is me” you called back as you looked yourself up and down in the mirror, Hyorin had picked out the dress for you. It was a tight bright blue strapless dress that ended mid thigh, you never wore them because you always felt as though you were forever pulling it back up in fear of exposing yourself.

“What are you taking about? It looks fantastic on you” Hyorin said, she had let herself in.

“But I don’t feel comfortable” you said as you pulled it up.

“Well you don’t have time to change, the guys are waiting down stairs” she said picking up your clutch and handing it to you.

The guys went all out, they dressed up in suits and took you to a Michelin star restaurant in the heart of Seoul where the waiters wore tuxedoes and the other diners dressed equally well.

“So how did you two meet?” you asked looking between Seung hyun and Jiyong.

“Well after we broke up, I dropped out of college just to spite my parents. It didn’t take long for me to run out of money so I decided to start my mandatory enlistment, where I met this punk” Seung hyun told you and Jiyong gasped.

“Me, the punk? I don’t think so. This guy was the punk, he was forever starting fights and I had to jump in and help him” he said as they both laughed. “He was so angry all the time and I never knew why, I guess now I do”

“What about you two?” Seung hyun asked changing the subject.

“She used to work for me but she was terrible with the customers, so I had to fire her” you said before taking a sip of your wine.

“I was not” Hyorin said with a pout.

“You told a customer she looked fat” you said bluntly and you heard the two men laugh.

“Well she did, that cut looked terrible on her” she said defensively.

“But I liked how obnoxiously direct she was, it was refreshing to have someone around that was so brutally honest, so I decided to become friends with her”

“Sweetie, lets not get this twisted, I let you be my friend”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night” you said and the table went quiet, your nightmares were no secret to any of them, Seung hyun placed his hand on your back.

“We should get back” he said softly as he gave it a rub.

As the hummer pulled up to the club Seung hyun noticed a man sitting in a car across the street, it was to dark to see his face clearly but he could tell the man was watching them, Seung hyun stopped the driver and got out.

“Take the girls inside” he said before closing the door.

As soon as you were inside the garage Seung hyun began to walk over to the car, the man’s face became a lot clearer. He was older, much older and he was a foreigner, like you.

Hey, what are you doing here?” Seung hyun called from half way across the road, he heard the car start up and the man sped away before Seung hyun could reach him.

Seung hyun stood in the street and watched as the tail lights disappeared before heading back to the garage.

“Is everything ok oppa?” you asked as you got out of the car.

“Yeah, he was just lost and wanted directions” he lied as he lead you inside looking back over his shoulder to make sure everything was clear.

“When you punch, you want to follow through, like this” Daesung instructed as he demonstrated what he was telling you.

“Ok I think I’ve got it” you said before throwing a punch at the punching bag. Seung hyun had organised one of the spare rooms to be decked out with equipment for your practice.

“No, keep your wrist straight, don’t let it go limp or you’ll break it if you hit hard enough” Daesung scolded, he was taking this more seriously then you thought he would.

“Is this ok?” you asked throwing another punch.

“It’s better, keep practising” he said, he noticed that you were concentrating hard on your movements which meant your defences were down, it was the perfect time to ask questions. “So tell me about your grandparents, what were they like?”

“Strict” you said between punches. “But they were good people, they were only strict because they wanted me to be strong, so I could take care of myself”

“That’s why they taught you how to shot?” Daesung asked as he stepped behind the bag to hold it in place so it was easier to hit.

“My Pop thought it was important to know the ins and outs of a gun so if anything were to happen…” you stopped the sentence before you could finish it, you had already said to much.

“What did he think could happen?” he asked trying to bait you to reveal more.

“I’m not sure” you said as you gave the bag an extra hard punch making Daesung take a couple of steps back as a result.

“What about your parents, what were they like?” he asked stepping back up to the bag.

“I don’t remember” you said as you furrowed your brow, why was he asking all these questions.

“You don’t remember them?” he asked trying to act surprised.

“I need a break” you said as you stopped punching.

“Keep going, you need to push yourself”

“Just give me a minute” you asked and he shook his head at you.

“If you get tired in a fight the other person won’t give you a break, that could be the difference between life and death” he scolded.

“You think I don’t fucking know that?” you snapped at him instantly regretting it, he was only trying to help but his incessant questions and the lack of sleep was making you cranky.

“I think that’s enough for today” he said as he picked up a towel and threw it to you, you sighed knowing you had pissed him off.

“M-my Mother was kind hearted, she always saw the best in people no matter who or what they were. She spoiled my brothers and I with whatever she could, she loved us all equally” you said not bothering to look at Daesung.

“You had brothers?” he asked as he approached you and you nodded.

“Two, they were twins. They were the cheekiest pair of kids, always getting into trouble” you smiled as you thought about them, you hadn’t allowed yourself to think about any of them in so long that you weren’t sure if you would even remember them. “They were so young when they died”

“How old?”

“Six, they were practically still babies” you said as a tear rolled down your cheek.

“How old were you?”

“Ten, I couldn’t save them. By the time I got to them he, the fire was already at their room” you closed your eyes as their screams rang through your head.

“What about your father?” Daesung asked trying to push his luck. Your eyes snapped open at his question and you glanced at him before grabbing your drink bottle.

“I don’t remember him, he died before the twins were born” you said before taking a sip of your drink.

“That would have made you about four? Surely you remember something about him?” he asked, instead of answering you just shook your head. “Come on you have to remember something, like what he looked like, what colour his eyes or his hair was, did he have a beard or was he clean shaven, his build, the sound of his laugh, something”

You stared off in a catatonic state as the sound of his laugh rang through your head.

“Hey, you ok?” Daesung asked as he placed his hand on your shoulder, the sudden contact frightened you out of your zombie like state and something inside your brain snapped making you punch Daesung in the face. You gasped as soon as you realised what you were doing, Daesung looked back at you in shock.

“I’m so sorry, I don’t even know why I did that” you apologised as you held your hands over your mouth, you were shocked at your reaction just as much as him.

“What’s going on with you?” he asked with genuine concern as he furrowed his brow.

“I’m sorry, I’m just tired” you replied rubbing your hand over your face.

“Go get some rest, we’ll try this again tomorrow” he said with a small smile but his brow was still furrowed.

You could see the van, you were almost there, just a few hundred metres and you were free. A shot echoed through the snow filled field and you felt as if your heart stopped when the noise rang out, something pulled you to the ground. You looked over to see Seung hyun laying beside you reaching out, he was yelling something but you couldn’t hear it, the only thing audible was the thudding of your heart beat. You caught sight of a dark figure behind him before another gun shot, Seung hyun went limp as blood trickled from his temple, his eyes still open but soulless as they stared at you. You screamed as you turned around to see who was standing behind him, you went silent as soon as you saw who it was. your body was frozen still as you looked back at yourself, a smirk was plastered on your face as you placed the gun against your lips.

“Shhhhhh he’s sleeping”

You woke up with a large gasp, as if someone had just deprived you of air, stopping just shy of successfully suffocating you. You looked next to you but Seung hyun wasn’t there, you jumped out of bed and headed to the lounge but stopped in front of the door when you heard a low murmur of voices from the other side.

“I’m telling you something doesn’t add up” Daesung said in a clearly frustrated tone.

“And I told you you’re being paranoid” Seung hyun chuckled.

“You didn’t see what we saw, what I saw. She shot him point blank and didn’t even bat an eyelash and then……”

“Fuck” Seung hyun shouted cutting the other man off.

“What is it?”

“That car is back again”

“Hyung I don’t know if you should go out…” Daesung’s voice trailed off before you heard a door closing.

You opened the bedroom door and looked around, no one was there, you walked over to the window and looked out on to the street below. A black car was sat a few buildings back, you could see someone in the drivers seat but it was too far away to make out who it was. You saw Seung hyun walk out of the building closely followed by Daesung, they were headed for the car.

Hey you” Seung hyun yelled as he approached the car. “Daesung stand in front of the car so he can’t drive off” Seung hyun ordered pointing to the front of the car. He walked up and tapped on the window, the man wound down the window and smiled at Seung hyun.

I’m sorry if I frightened you” the man said smiling.

What are you doing here, are you lost?” Seung hyun asked as he crouched beside the car.

No, I’m right where I should be” the man replied making Seung hyun furrow his brow.

Oh really? And where is that?” Seung hyun said with a scoff, the man just smiled back at him.

Where my daughter is, you see she was taken away from me a long time ago and I’ve finally found her”

Seung hyun paused from a moment, staring at the man. Could he be? He looked as if he were the right age but he couldn’t be.

What’s her name?”

I would hope you would know the name of your own girlfriend” the man replied with a chuckle. Seung hyun stared at the man shocked at his confession of being your father, why would your family lie to you and tell you he was dead?

Seung hyun’s head turned towards the building, you knew he saw you in the window watching what he was doing. He turned back and said a few words to the man in the car before getting up and heading back to the building, Daesung trailing closely behind again.

You waited, watching the car drive off as they made their way back upstairs.

“You’re up” Seung hyun said as he entered the room.

“Who was that?” you asked still looking out the window.

“Nobody” he lied as he wrapped his arms around you. “Now come to bed, you need your rest for your training with this hard ass tomorrow” Seung hyun chuckled as he lead you to the bedroom.

You looked at Daesung, something about the look in his eyes made you uneasy.

goodbyeomelas  asked:

YOI Headcanon: Victor owns (at least) one pair of sexy underwear with PROPERTY OF KATSUKI YUURI printed across the ass.

Victor doesn’t know Phichit well. They’ve met, of course, they’ve drunk together, eaten together, stood next to each other, even talked over video call with Yuuri. But most of what he knows about the Thai skater is from the stories Yuuri has told him. 

Which is why he’s surprised when Yuuri hands over a package to him a week after his birthday. It’s wrapped half in christmas paper, half in birthday paper. It looks sloppy, but endearing. “It’s from Phichit,” Yuuri says, sounding just as surprised as Victor feels. 

“Why?” Victor asks, but grabs the present quickly, excited that someone cares enough to send him even just something small. 

The tag reads ‘To Vic for your Birthmas, Love, Phichit

“I was going to call him tonight, so you should probably open it before he asks about it.” Yuuri tells him, settling onto the couch next to Victor, one leg tucked under him. 

“It’s a little belated,” Victor says, turning the soft package over in his hands, trying to guess what might be inside. 

“It was in with that ‘care package’ he sent me for the new year,” Yuuri says. “It was mostly just Thai candy, but that was tucked in there too.”

Victor smiles, knowing that Yuuri’s actually really appreciative of Phichit sending him little things like that. Yuuri has quite a sweet tooth sometimes, and there’s certain sweets that Phichit introduced him to that he can’t get in local supermarkets that he craves. He’s probably upset Phichit took up precious candy-space in his package for Victor’s gift. 

“Just open it,” Yuuri says, watching the way Victor picks at the tape.

Victor dives in with a smile, tearing the eclectic wrapping paper off. He blinks when he pulls out what’s inside. It’s a pair of underwear. What looks to be a tight, bright-red briefs. 

“Uuuuuh,” he says, holding them up. 

Yuuri’s frozen beside him, body tense, staring wide-eyed at the red fabric. It’s an odd choice for a present, but Phichit’s always been a little wild, Victor’s thought, so he’s not terribly surprised. Not like Yuuri is. 

“I, ah-” Yuuri stutters, his whole face beginning to turn the same shade as the underwear. 

Victor turns the briefs over in his hand, confused as to why Yuuri’s so flustered. It’s not like it’s terribly embarrassing- oh. There, printed on the back, right over the ass portion, in bright white letters, it reads ‘Property of Yuuri Katsuki’. 

Victor starts blushing too. To think Phichit would send something like this to him when they don’t know each other well enough. To think he spent money getting a pair of underwear custom-made. “I, ah, I don’t think I’ll be able to wear these outside the house,” Victor says, thinking about how if he anyone at the rink caught glimpse of them in the change room, he’d never hear the end of it. Not that what’s printed on the ass isn’t noticeable to everyone anyway. “I’ll have to say thank you, I guess, but I hope he doesn’t expect me to model them.”

Victor looks over at Yuuri just as he’s licking his bottom lip. “Put them on,” Yuuri says in a dark voice.

“Hmmm?” Victor blinks.

“Not really a present for you, it seems,” Yuuri says quietly, his face still red, but his eyes are focused, “put them on. Now.”

Victor scrambles to take his pants off. 

Apparently, even though they need to get to know each other better, Phichit knows Yuuri all too well. Victor will have to thank him later. 


((I would give anything to see a drawing of Victor wearing this underwear.))

  • Be fierce as a flame 
    • To be difficult to tame 
      • None shall defeat you
        • A cold icy stare 
          • Sees quite beyond what is there 
            • Absorb everything 
              • Hi bye I’m so fly 
                •  o right it’s cuz I’m so bright 
                  • And that’s hella tight
Requiem: Part Six


Days like this, it was an inconvenience being a Shadowsinger; picking up his mother’s guilt and sorrow or his father’s cold fury. It was smothering and he wanted out. 

Nate slid the window open, the cool wind against his skin. His hair fell into his eyes and he bit back a groan. He pulled one of his bracelets from his wrist and pulled his hair back. With a foot to the sill, Nate pushed off and flew into the sky.

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SuperCorp Prompt 1:

Prompt (from @sheishergirlfriend):  

Red K ! Kara is mean to everyone but getting soft and awkward around Lena

Author’s Note: I really hope this somewhat close to what you had in mind. This is rated K+ and hopefully everyone enjoys it. Lemme know what you think!


Kara checked herself out in front of the mirror: short, gray pencil skirt with a slit that went slightly more than halfway up her thigh; black blouse with one too many buttons undone, enough so one didn’t have to leave much up to the imagination; shiny, black stilettos that stretched out; loose hair teased to perfection, and–of course–her trademark glasses.

Yeah, she was good to go for another day at work.

It was weird though, ever since she saved those firefighters she’s felt more confident, and as she gave herself another once over in the mirror, she even felt a little bit sexy with her new look.

Either way she had to get going before she was going to be late. She grabbed her black purse, placed her phone inside, and got her keys; today was going to be interesting.

She was halfway through her work day, and she was absolutely dreading it. She was absolutely dying to get outside of this increasingly hot office so that she can fly around the city. She needed to feel the wind carry her and her stress away, she needed to be free for a little bit.


Kara rolled her eyes, stood up with a slouch, and didn’t even bother grabbing her notepad. Hell, she didn’t even grab a pen.


Kara sauntered her way to the front of Cat’s desk which was covered with prints, and strewn with copies at the edges of her desk.

“I heard you the first time, Ms. Grant.”

Cat, who was steadily focused on making the prints bleed, placed her pen down and looked up at Kara. Like, really looked at her.

She saw the way the women in front of her was standing: arms crossed in a way that allowed her right hand to be poised midair so that she can see her manicure, blood red nails trimmed to perfection. In Cat’s eyes, that one hand should have been poised on a notepad, ready to write down her every whims. However, it was at that instant that Cat realized that her usually docile and responsive assistant was posing an unusual defiant pose that was oozed with a wayward demeanor.

Cat pursed her lips.

“Would you like the day off, Kiera?”

Kara looked up at Cat, stared her straight in the eyes; unwavering. She moved her hands until they landed right on top of Cat’s desk, right on top of those prints that were in the process of being murdered merciless by Cat’s keen eyes, and arched her back. Angled her head up and looked down at Cat.

“Hmm, what makes you say that Ms. Grant?”

Cat looked up at her, the vein at her reddening neck straining against her smooth skin. She swallowed all while maintaining eye contact.

“Well, I don’t know.” Her eyes shifted across the room. “Maybe it’s the way that you so nonchalantly walked into my office as if you had nothing better to do.” She motioned her left hand pass Kara and towards the glass doorway. “Perhaps it’s the way that you have completely invaded my personal space by placing your germy hands on my desk.” Cat shifted her eyes down and stared down at each of Kara’s hands, trying to incinerate them away with just a look. “Or maybe–now, this may be a stretch–it’s the fact that I don’t like the attitude that you’re displaying, the same attitude you’re directing towards me, no less.” She lifted her eyes up from Kara’s hands and stared at her without faltering.

However, their intent staredown was interrupted by a knock against Cat’s glass door and a clearing of a throat.

“Um, I’m sorry to interrupt, Ms. Grant, but I need you to take a look at these photos before I send them down for printing.”

It wasn’t until Cat finally broke her gaze, picked up her glasses, and gave a slight nod that Jimmy even decided it was safe enough to approach either one of them. Kara took a deep breath, straightened up and recomposed herself until she reclaimed the same pose she had when she first walked into Cat’s office.

After handing Cat his photo layouts, Jimmy gave Kara a wary look while Kara seemed completely intent on ignoring him. Cat, unbeknownst to either of them, was observing this slight interaction. She sighed, gave Jimmy his adequate photos back (as usual) without even giving them another glance, and told him they were just fine.

That was his cue to leave.

“Kara, I don’t know what medications you’re on or if you finally decided to grow a pair over the weekend,” Cat took off her impeccable glasses. “But, I think that for the sake of maintaining your job for the next three months until you completed your first full year here at Catco, that you should take the rest of the day off.”

Kara scoffed.

“No questions asked, now go before I change my mind and decide to fire you here on the spot.”

She carelessly flailed her hands at Kara in a shooing motion–not even bothering to look at her–which spurred the woman in front of her to simply spin on her sharp stilettos, flip her hair and to sway her hips back to her desk. She collected her things: her bag, her keys, her espresso, and her phone. In fact, when she picked up her phone she saw that she had one missed call and two text messages from her sister Alex. She unlocked her phone with her thumbprint and read the two messages.

Hey, wanna catch lunch together?

I hear that JJ’s having a special today :)

Kara was ready to reply back, set on going since she didn’t have anything else to do, but decided better on it and left Alex on read. She had no intentions of spending her lunch at some dingy dinner, especially since she wasn’t even hungry and would rather spend it flying around.

So, she made her way to the nearest obscure window, and undid the rest of the blouse that was patiently waiting all morning to be ripped off.

The sun was almost setting; the sky painted with light pink and dark orange hues that swirled around a yellow core near the bottom of the skyline. At the very top of the atmosphere was an unlit figure who’s cape would flap back and forth, morphing to the strong currents of the brisk wind that high up: Kara Danvers.

She stared down at the illuminated city, the numerous yellow boxes on the tall buildings that would obstruct the view of the sunset, the blue and red lights from the police cars swirling around the perimeters of the city, and the honking from the cars caught in traffic. It was all so, so quaint.

She flew around a little bit more, bypassed the crime scene at the perimeters of the city, and landed on the small balcony of her apartment.

It was weird. She spent the last five hours just flying around the city, and she still wasn’t hungry. Either way, she quickly changed into a pair of some comfy sweatpants and a blue cotton t-shirt. After that, it didn’t take too long for her to throw herself on her couch and turn on the television. She flipped through a few channels until she landed on reruns of Friends.

She was about to rest her head on the arm of the couch when she heard her phone vibrate from the end table of her bedroom where it laid charging. At first she wasn’t considering picking it up, especially if it was just Alex worrying about her for no reason, but for some reason she decided to get up and see who needed her, like always.

Lena did, apparently.

I probably don’t know what the chances are that you might be available at the moment, but I decided to take a chance and ask.

I’m kinda lonely at the office and I really wish to have some company. Please?

I’ll have my assistant get us some take out. I swear, I will literally die if I have to spend another minute here alone.

God, I’m so clingy.

Kara laughed. She stared at her phone a bit longer, waiting to see if Lena would keep sending her messages. Yet, when she saw the message bubble forming again she decided to pull Lena out of her misery.

I guess it depends on where the take out will be from.

Kara sent the message and brought the side of her right thumb up to her mouth where her teeth were waiting to preen on the supple skin near her red nail.

JJ’s, of course! It’s your kryptonite ;p

Ha. If only she knew.

Well, I guess not all heroes wear capes, right?

This conversation has officially become the most ironic dialogue of the century–at least the one of the decade.


She put her phone down, and decided to change into something a little more lively than what she’s used to. That’s why when she opened her closet and saw the end of the rack, her face morphed a smug grin with her mouth.

Lena was finishing up a part of her budget plan when her assistant politely knocked on her door and walked in as quietly as possible.

“Miss Luthor, there is a Kara Danvers here who says that she has an appointment with you but she doesn’t–”

Of course, Kara was feeling a little bit angsty and decided to take matters into her own hands: she barged in without waiting for permission. The impulsive action caused Lena to raise her eyebrows until eventually she felt that it was more amusing than arrogant.

She looked at her assistant one last time, “don’t worry about it, and feel free to take the rest of the night off.”

Kara smirked and gave a condescending look at the flabbergasted assistant. Lena didn’t notice though because she was too busy looking at what Kara was wearing: a tight, strapless, bright red dress that seemed to fit Kara like a glove and made her blonde hair look like a yellow flame from the way it was teased by the breeze of the city. She was definitely a sight for sore eyes at this stage of the night.

“Wow, did you just come from somewhere important? I wasn’t expecting you to get all dressed up, but wow… you look stunning!”

Lena’s eyes were trying not to devour the image in front of her but she tried to maintain a modicum of decency, even though the brightness of the dress was demanding her eyes to rake them over Kara’s figure. When she finally saw Kara’s face, she noticed the slight pink tinge that was coloring the upper half of her cheeks and the way her blue eyes were looking at any point in the room but Lena.

“Would you like to take a seat? I already had my assistant order from JJ’s Diner so it should be here sometime soon–hopefully.”

Kara went over to the couch and sat down at the edge of the couch–back straight and legs crossed–all of her previous confidence almost gone. When she looked down at herself, the red dress and the unnecessary cleavage that stared back at her, she realized how dumb she must look.

“I should almost be done soon, and then I’ll–”

“I look ridiculous, don’t I?”

At those words, Lena snapped her jaw shut. She just sat there, processing what she just heard. Kara wasn’t even looking at her, she just kept on rambling.

“I look ridiculous, and I don’t what I was thinking when I picked out this dress, and–god, I’m cold–and, and… why are you looking at me like that?”

Lena was smiling, she placed her pen down, stood up and carefully walked her way over to Kara until she finally sat down right next to Kara, neglecting the rest of the long couch, and grabbed the fidgeting hands in her lap.

“I don’t know what you’re going on off about, but I think you look marvelous.” Kara looked up at Lena. “Sure, it was more than what I was expecting, but you’re still gorgeous.” Lena raised one of her hands and placed an untamed flame behind one of Kara’s ear. “Plus, now I have an excuse to officially call this meet up a date.” At that, Kara blushed and looked down at her lap again. Lena simply looked at her, dropped her hand to Kara’s cheek and felt Kara rest the weight of her head on the palm of her hand.

Then Lena’s phone rang.

She cleared her throat and hesitantly stood up, “that must be the take out.”


Lena picked up the phone, “yes… just have them come up… yes… yes… okay, thank you.” When she hung up, she looked over at Kara and noticed that she seemed more relaxed until she saw her hands rubbing at her arms–that must simply not do. She surveyed behind her and took the black blazer draped around the back of her impressive leather chair. When Kara heard Lena’s heels clicking against the stone of the floor, she looked up to see that Lena was carrying her blazer; the simple thought alone managed to warm her up already.

Lena sat down next to Kara, much in the same way she did earlier except this time she came prepared and wrapped the blazer around Kara’s arms taking the chance to wrap her arm around her shoulder in the process. Feeling content, Kara grabbed Lena’s hand hanging off the end of her shoulder and angled her face towards Lena.

“Delivery for Miss Luthor.”

Lena chuckled and Kara smiled. When the delivery girl didn’t receive a response she ended up knocking on the dark wood of the door. Lena stood up–again–grabbed the wallet on her desk and opened the door.

“Here is your delivery Miss Luthor: two milkshakes, cookies and cream, and chocolate, with curly fries and–”

“Yes, here’s your tip, now have a good night.”

The young girl gaped at the cash in her hand that she didn’t even realize the door gently pressing against the tip of her nose.

However, Lena didn’t notice that someone crept up behind her and when she turned around, take out bag in one hand and shakes in the other, she wasn’t expecting to be caught off guard by cherry lips against her lips. Now, if only she can actually use her hands apart from holding food.

Closing her eyes would have to do for now.

When Kara finally relented, Lena reluctantly opened her eyes to find stormy blue eyes staring at her intently, waiting.

“Well, aren’t you full of welcoming surprises tonight,” Lena grinned.

“I guess I just couldn’t take the chance to have this date end up with silly interruptions that would prevent me from doing what I’ve been dying to do since I met you.”

“Then, by all means…” Lena smirked.

Kara leaned on her toes, face angled towards Lena’s, but then slipped her hands on the take out, spun around and threw herself on the couch.

“…Let’s eat!”

Lena laughed, “tease!” But followed soon after, finally getting to see Kara so carefree… and hungry.

Heartbeat (Tadashi Hamada X Reader)

Fandom: Big Hero 6
Pairing: Tadashi Hamada X Reader
Word Count: 2,279
Author’s Note: I recommend listening to this while reading:

Doing all I can do, just to be close to you.
Every time that we meet, I skip a heartbeat.

When Tadashi first met you at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, he had been rushing to his lab as he had an important project due the next day, and he had absolutely crashed into you.

His papers and folders went flying, as did your own, and you had some kind of drink in your hand that spilled all over your white shirt.

“I’m so sorry.” Tadashi said immediately, hands moving to your shirt before realizing that he didn’t know what exactly to do with said shirt.

Your drink, a passion tea lemonade from the university’s cafeteria, was bright pink, and it had spread all across your shirt, dying it a lighter shade of pink. Instead of yelling at Tadashi or even getting mad, you just looked down at your shirt appraisingly, before a huge smile spread across your face.

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  • CUSTOMER: You're never gonna believe this, but there's a car outside with a skeleton in the passenger seat!
  • ME: Oh, I believe it.