The Weekend Lip: NYX Cancun Pink Black Label Lipstick Intro and Swatch!

NYX Cancun Pink is a bright, blue-based pink that is creamy, pigmented, and (to me) extremely beautiful. While some love has been shown to Hot Pink from the same Black Label range as a creamy version of MAC Candy Yum Yum, Cancun Pink is more opaque.

The bonus is that it also does not stain the lips the way NYX Hot Pink and Candy Yum Yum do.

External image

L-to-R: NYX Paris, NYX Cancun Pink, MAC Pink Nouveau (with flash)

At just under $5 from, it’s definitely more expensive than the round lipsticks, but then this has been one of my favorite NYX purchases to date, and I think it would look wicked regardless of whether you have uber-pale or very deep skin tone. 

Whilst I’m a major red lipstick addict (ask anyone, my personality completely changes when I’ve got a beautiful red on my pout), bright pink lips are one of my favourite looks for the spring and summer time, and even in the cooler months for a pop of colour. Bright fuchsias and pinks are less daunting than a red, but they can actually be harder to pull off…

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My Bright Summer Pink Lip of the Moment: NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in 01 Dolly Girl

Last year, Soft Matte Lip Creams were all the rage in the NYX line. I do like matte finishes, but sometimes there’s nothing like a creamy texture to bring out all the ripe, glossy glory of a bright, hot, shade.

For me, NYX Xtreme Lip Creams go on thick and opaque like liquid lipsticks and are not sticky the way lip glosses are, but don’t expect them to be super long-wearing. The finish is good though (in my opinion); like a very creamy and opaque lipstick that you apply with a doe-foot applicator.

Since the Summer fashion season for me usually means a return to stronger, brighter lips, I feel a need to highlight the shade 01 Dolly Girl. It’s bright and very blue-based but deep enough to be flattering on many skin tones and to not look neon.

NYX Xtreme Lip Creams are cruelty-free and available for about $6 (or under) depending where you purchase them from.

Young Hearts: Colorful Lids and Sakura Lips

External image
Step 1: Apply a deep chocolate brown (The Body Shop Eye Shadow #32) to the outer corners in a V shape (one leg along the lash line and one along the socket line. If you have a mono-lid, do this with your eye half open and feel for the socket line. It should be on top of your lid fold, and just visible when your eyes are open.
Run along the outer halves of the lower lash line as well.

External image
Step 2: Apply a pale blue (The Body Shop Eye Shadow #17) from the gap in the brown outer V, inwards just past the center of the lids.

External image
Step 3: Fill in the inner portions of the lid with a pale gold pistachio green (The Body Shop #44)

External image
Step 4: Then use a pencil brush, run a slightly deeper blue purple like Lime Crime Twilight along the socket line from inner corner outwards in an arc until it reaches the brown at the outer corners.

External image

Step 5: Add a bit more chocolate brown if it has faded a bit from applying the pastel blue earlier.

External image
Step 6: Apply black mascara and a pale white/beige/yellow pencil along the water line.

External image

The finished eye should look colorful and fun, but still light and pretty. Note that there is very little blending done. You don’t want to muddy up the colors by sweeping a big brush all over the lids area. Just make sure the border of each color sort of blends into the next.

Now, for the crazy lips!

I wanted to do a stained lip, but not something that looked like the usual red/berry on nude combination. I figured I could do 2 cool-toned pinks instead.

External image

First begin by priming your lips with a light layer of concealer in the center of the lips, around the cupids bow.

External image

Then use a flat brush with a rounded head to pack on neon pink pigment and press it diagonally into the lip, so that you form a rough heart-shaped top. Repeat until the color builds up to a strong neon pink.

External image

You will end up with this at the end.

External image
The harder part: Use a lip brush to carefully paint in a pale milky pink (Lime Crime Great Pink Planet or MAC Saint Germain if you are in Europe) over the rest of your lips.

You can stop here if you want! But I gently topped the lips with gloss, and then smudged out the edges of the darker pink a little so it would look a little softer and more grown up.


Just replace the pigment used to create the neon pink heart with a lipstick like Barry M 52 Shocking Pink or Lime Crime Countessa Fluorescent.

Pink, Please!!! My Favorite Pink Products for Summer 2011

(Swatches and Tips)

Left: Shu Uemura PK359

Center: (Top to Bottom) Lime Crime Great Pink Planet, MAC Pink Nouveau, Sephora #11 Love Test, Rimmel Exaggerate Liner #005 Pure, Sephora Nano Liner #04 Candid Candy

Right: MAC Pink Opal pigment

I don’t care that coral has been the reining color for seasons and seasons. I’ve been really on a cool/bright pink kick lately, and I blame Lime Crime’s Great Pink Planet for starting the obsession.

Note: I take most of my photos with a white lamp, instead of flash, to get more accurate color tones. But do expect that colors will be a little deeper without bright lights.


Warm rose by Rimmel, and pale, cool pink by Sephora. These look fine as they are, or with gloss on top. As with most liners, these do not stain but may be a tad too dry to wear neat, for some people.


Sheer candy fuchsia by Shu Uemura. This gives you those perfect, juicy-pink lips. Stains a little.


I’ve been on a total cool-pink run recently. I’m addicted.

Great Pink Planet: Pale pastel baby pink with a creamy finish and a lot of white undertones. Great for the very pale. Harder to wear for the rest of us.

This is the mother of all staining lipsticks. That’s a con for me, as you lips can look patchy when the stain wears away in areas first. 

Pink Nouveau: PERFECT hot pink in a semi-matte finish. Not too deep or too light. Probably flattering on most skintones, unless you have a blotchy complexion that is prone to flushing. Even better? It is very rich and opaque, but does not stain, so if I want to wear a translucent nude gloss after a day of pink, I can.

I’ve been totally loving this and have to stop myself from the crazy urge to stockpile Pink Nouveaus. I keep thinking my backup needs a backup.

A dupe of MAC Girl About Town, I snapped this up during a Sephora sale. #11 Love Test is a gorgeous, deep, blue-based fuschia creme. I can imagine this looking good on almost everyone. If you are like me and like blue-pinks, get this. If you prefer warmer fuchsias, get Lime Crime’s Centrifuchsia.

Creamy and rich. Does not stain.

Favorite Summer-Pink Combo:

Sephora Love Test + MAC Pink Nouvea = MAC Candy Yum Yum dupe (see Kelly Osbourne in Candy Yum Yum below).

It actually sets satin/matte (which I prefer), but I had some balm on between swatches.

External image

MVP Pink: MAC Pink Opal Pigment. Wear this on eyes, on brow bones, on cheekbones, on the cupid’s bow, along the bridge of your nose… even brushed over lipsticks to intensify its candy-pink tones. You name it!


A saccharine-sweet bubblegum pink will go with just about everything. Try China Glaze Something Sweet!

Tips for Wearing Pink:

  • If you want to wear bright or strong pinks, make sure your skin tone is prepped and even. Any splotchiness will be more apparent.
  • If your lipsticks look patchy or uneven, apply straight from the tube to get a thicker coat, and then lightly kiss the back of your hand. This redistributes the color a little better.
  • Applying clear gloss over any lip color tends to create a bit more depth, so if something is too bright for your liking, a bit of sheen will deepen it a bit. But be careful as some lipsticks will start looking patchy and uneven as the gloss breaks them down.
  • If you really want to wear bright pink for work or school, choose matte textures over glossy. 
  • Keep your eye makeup very simple if you don’t want to go overboard. Black liner can be all you need. The brighter your lipstick, the less colorful your eye makeup should be, unless you’re going for the super-loud effect of course.
  • Don’t be afraid of cool pinks if you have yellow skin. You need to make sure you pair it with a matching toned blush so you balance out the color-distribution on your face. A lot of people make the mistake of just slapping on hot pink lips or cheeks alone. Having a pink flush on the cheeks will help your lips “fit in” better with the overall look, and will stop you from looking jaundiced.

MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick Dupes (Etude House and NYX Summer Breeze Matte Lipstick)

If you don’t have access, or don’t want to pay so much for MAC’s Pink Nouveau, but want a bright pink, here are 2 quick options.

In the picture above, Pink Nouveau is on the top, NYX Matte Lipstick in Summer Breeze second, and Etude House’s VIP Girl Lipstick PK-009 at the bottom.

Note they are not 100% dupes. I’d say they are about 90-95% similar. Both are a twinge less blue-toned than Pink Nouveau, so if you are attracted to true pinks, but find Pink Nouveau a tad too “cool”, try these other two.

Texture wise, NYX Summer Breeze is MUCH closer to the satin finish of the MAC but with a faint touch more peach in the base. The Etude House lipstick is a closer color match, but glossy in texture. If you have dry lips, or don’t like a matte finish, get this.

Cost wise, the Etude House lipstick is probably only cheaper than the NYX if you’re in South Korea. It’s a little marked up in other parts of the world. But if you are just buying ONE lipstick though, getting PK-009 from your local Etude might be cheaper than footing the shipping cost for NYX.