i. he visits girls like buildings, brick-burning, wood-lighting, kissing them to ashes. he set me on fire and i might still be burning.

ii. what do you do when your hair’s like smoke and your smile’s like sparks? he made me bright, he made me blinding, he made me dangerous. i’m so beautiful, but now he won’t touch me.

iii. i saw him yesterday. there were flames at his fingertips and embers hidden in his skin. our hands almost touched like catching fire and i tried to smile at him like gasoline but he wouldn’t even look at me.

iv. his eyes tell me it will burn out. the set of his jaw tells me it will simmer down. i’m not sure he knows he’s a match and i’m a woodpile.

v. here’s to burning.

—  some were made to burn // abby, day 176


I just hope for a life with unbelievable stories. Not cars, fur coats, or houses, or diamonds that shine so bright they blind pedestrians in direct sunlight. I want stories. Give me twenty-four hours broke in Paris. Give me soccer with the Roma in Slovakia. Give me tea with nomads and kings. Give me the mountains of Kabul. Tell everyone who wonders why, there is more to life than the thrill of glory.
—   Hannah Sofia Ghani, Give Me Stories
—  Give me stories (Hannah Sofia Ghani)

#look at him #smiling like the angel that he is #i bet he’s thinking about bacon at that moment #thats why his smile is so bright #that its literally blinding me

Hey Ya

Title: Hey Ya

Summary: Dean and Donna have a fight. The Trickster takes advantage of it.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters: Dean Winchester x Donna Hanscum

Word Count:  4474 (includes song lyrics)

Warnings: Canon typical violence, mentions of blood

Author’s Notes:  This was written for @melbelle45 Dirty Pop Challenge. My song was Hey Ya by Outkast. This is partially based on a question Richard Speight, Jr. was asked at the Phx Con 2016. Who would his character (Gabriel/Trickster) take to the Supernatural prom? His answer was Sheriff Donna. Also, Speight said at ATL Con 2016 that Gabriel kicked the Trickster out of that body - head canon accepted.

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reminder to all my MLM boys out there being polyamorus or liking/being in an open relationship doesn’t make you dirty or unfaithful or predatory or gross.

Polyamorus boys are good and pure. Boys in open relationships are good and pure.

Y’all shine so bright you’re blinding me, rude. Come kiss me better.