My CD collection. There are a few albums I used to own, but got lost. For the most part, here’s nearly every single CD I bought growing up.

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“The Modern Rome Burning” - Anti-Flag.

It’s been ages since I’ve listened to this album– it’s so different from their older stuff!

But shit, brah– Anti-Flag was the first thing to really make me feel– I don’t know, passionately political and optimistic about changing the world and what-have-you.

Tar And Sagebrush
  • Tar And Sagebrush
  • Anti-Flag
  • The Bright Lights Of America

Tar And Sagebrush - Anti-Flag

Oh I wish I, I could describe

the terror in the 20 mile ride.

Oh I wish I, I could describe

the terror in the beautiful California moonlight.

You won’t kiss the American flag?

Well by god we’ll make you,

we’ll ram it down your throat,

sing the Star Spangled Banner with feeling.


Daily Music Recommendation #28: Vices by Anti-Flag (The Bright Lights of America, 2008)

This band has a lot of really political music (no, really, bandname?) You can listen to this song and not actually relate it to its more political meaning until the quote at the end, but its almost more powerful that way.