One day after visiting the rundown ballpark of the Blue Jays, I traveled to Bright House Field, the spring home of the Philadelphia Phillies. Wow, what a huge difference between stadiums. Because these stadiums are so close to each other, when the Phillies and Blue Jays play each other, the opposing team just take batting practice at their home stadium. However, if I was a Phillie I would want to spend as much time at my own park and as little time in Dunedin. This is a beautifully modern stadium with a boardwalk (technically, it’s called a berm) around the outfield and a bar in the back. (It’s similar to the Rays park in Port Charlotte.) I love how you could watch both bullpens at the same time from the berm because they are right beside each other. And Brighthouse Stadium’s cheap seats are actually cheap! The one negative was that I didn’t see any players from either team signing autographs. It might have happened, but I just didn’t see it happening. I enjoyed Bradenton and Port Charlotte (a little bit) more, but Clearwater was a close third.

Oh, and I have to say that the Phillies attract the best looking women to their home games. And that totally makes me want to go to more Phillies games. Even the ball girls were Hooters girls. That’ll do, Clearwater, that’ll do. 

ticket: $13
parking: $10
coke: $3.50
miles (round trip from St. Pete): 37