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Shopping: Men’s Bright Colored Blazers & Printed Blazers

Men’s Statement Blazers

This season, liven up your wardrobe by adding something BOLD to the mix. A bright colored, eye-catching blazer is just the piece you need to kick start your spring style transformation. The cold has finally left us so let’s embrace the warmth with something a little brighter. Whether its a full suit in a vibrant shade of red or blue or a #manimal print blazer, my personal picks have you covered. AND they’re all pretty easy on the wallet too!

For more inspiration on how to pull off the “statement” blazer look, check out yesterday’s post HERE.

From Top to Bottom, Left to Right

  1. Shades of Grey By Micah Cohen Notch Lapel Blazer
  2. ASOS Slim Fit Cotton Suit Jacket
  3. ASOS Slim Fit Blazer in Ditsy Floral
  4. Tripp NYC Leopard Blazer
  5. Club Monaco Printed Suit Jacket
  6. M151 Turquoise 2-Button Blazer
  7. ASOS Slim Fit Blazer with Embroidery
  8. Topman Red Skinny Cotton Suit Jacket