sober ( T )

summary: “you say you know the things that you're supposed to
                        but you don’t know how to love me when you’re sober”

genre: school au / bad girl!reader au / angst

pairing: yoo kihyun x reader

word count: 7.1k goOD LORD

a/n: i’ve been working on this random idea for like two weeks now and it is finally presentable so here is my first ever monsta x scenario! tbh the song (sober by selena gomez) only loosely fits this part, buuuuuut it may have more relevance later on. ;D

 please let me know if you enjoyed it, or if you would be interested in a sequel!

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Blanche by Elicia Donze. Drawn in PS. Please do not remove captions.

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of Blanche from The Golden Girls. Portrait is from the chest up. Blanche is wearing a bright yellow blazer over a yellow blouse and a chunky aquamarine bead necklace with brassy earrings and red lipstick. The background is soft blue.]

LOVE & MISADVENTURE || 5. wallflower

◦ pairing: reader x jimin

◦ rating: pg [angst]

◦ word count: ~970 

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love & misadventure || m a s t e r l i s t

“shrinking in a corner, / pressed into the wall; / do they know i’m present, / am i here at all?”

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It isn’t until his lips are on mine that I register what’s happening– we’re kissing. We’re really, seriously, standing here, kissing. It was so sudden. One second Jimin was asking how I was with that annoyingly cute smirk of his. His bleached, platinum hair fell lazily around his thin-slitted eyes, and I was reteaching myself how to breathe. Then, his whole body was folded around mine. I could feel him against nearly every inch of my body. If he wasn’t holding me like he was, I think I may have fainted.

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7 September 2017 - Day 22/100

Skipped yesterday because I had two tests, a hand in assignment and needed to prep for the role play assignment for Alternate Dispute Resolution today. Now I’m lugging around a bright red blazer with shoulder pads and I can get started on the report for ADR due in two weeks!

I am still so grateful it’s mid sem break next week!
Karlie Kloss goes shirtless under a red blazer at Paris Fashion Week
The 25-year-old supermodel showed peeks of her svelte figure as she opted to go shirtless for her night out on the town in Paris, France on Tuesday night.

Missing something? Karlie Kloss goes shirtless under a red blazer as she shows off her toned tummy during Paris Fashion Week

By Tracy Wright For
PUBLISHED:   26 September 2017

She’s stormed the runways in New York, London and Milan during their respective fashion weeks.

And Karlie Kloss looked better than ever between catwalks on Tuesday night as she attended the Rimowa dinner at 1728 restaurant in Paris, France.

The 25-year-old supermodel showed peeks of her svelte figure as she opted to go shirtless for her night out on the town.

Lady in red! Karlie Kloss looked better than ever between catwalks on Tuesday night as she attended the Rimowa dinner at 1728 restaurant in Paris, France

Her ample assets were seen popping out of a tiny black leather bralette as she walked through the cobblestone streets.

She covered her bare shoulders in a small bright red tweed blazer which featured pockets and cuffs around her wrists.

Her long and slender legs were hidden underneath black billowy trousers that were tailored to perfectly hug her svelte waistline. 

Peek-a-boo: The 25-year-old supermodel showed peeks of her svelte figure as she opted to go shirtless for her night out on the town

Sexy! Her ample assets were seen popping out of a tiny black leather bralette as she walked through the cobblestone streets

The 6ft2in stunner opted to wear comfortable black flat ballet slippers with a bright white button fastened to the top.

Her platinum blonde hair was elegantly tied back into a bun and Kloss kept her ends tamed with a thick black headband.

She carried a super chic black velour handbag which featured gold chain details along the handles.

Model behavior: The 6ft2in stunner opted to wear comfortable black flat ballet slippers with a bright white button fastened to the top

Karlie stole the limelight in a semi-sheer navy tulle skirt that flashed her white undergarments at the Alberta Ferretti SS18 catwalk show during Milan Fashion Week on Monday night.

She showed off her trim tummy in the small top, which she covered with an unzipped black jacket.

The Chicago native is also known off the runway for her Kode with Klossy program - a career scholarship which helps provide learning facilities and communities for young women working in tech.

Model mayhem: Karlie stole the limelight in a semi-sheer navy tulle skirt that flashed her white undergarments at the Alberta Ferretti SS18 catwalk show during Milan Fashion Week on Monday night

Daily Mail

  • coordinators: the boy rookie 2016 stage is going to be dark and mysterious
  • coordinators: yes! so wear something mysterious?
  • astro: *shoot finger guns* u got it
  • /inside astro's dressing room/
  • mj: so.. what is mysterious?
  • sanha: it's like
  • sanha: /waves his limbs around trying to cover half of his face/
  • sanha: /whispers/ mysterious
  • mj: /smacks sanha/ i know but like what is mysterious for us
  • everyone: /look at mj/
  • /day of the concert/
  • astro: /show up with black turtlenecks/
  • coordinators: wow you guys look m-
  • astro: /put on bright pink blazers/
  • sanha: /waves his limbs around again/
  • sanha: /whispers/ mysterious?

anonymous asked:

enjolras knew that she was attractive. attractive enough to distract many, make some question themselves, and cause a hell of a lot of insecurities all the way around. and she was ruthless about it. for high school debates, she would purposefully leave her blouse unbuttoned just a little too low, leave her golden waves flowing loosely around her shoulders, and brush a little shimmer on her eyes just to distract the opponents. if that contributed to her undefeated record? she wasn't complaining

i don’t know what prompted this but fem!enjolras using her body to distract and conquer yes gosh yes

enjolras who struts down the hallway flanked by short and curvy courfeyrac and tall and thin combeferre and once broke a boy’s nose in homeroom because he grabbed her ass as she walked by

who promotes body positivity and feminism and same-sex marriage and can’t go through a single class without calling the teacher out on his sexist bullshit and has been sent to the office so much the receptionist doesn’t even care anymore (‘what’d you do this time, mrs. enjolras?’ ‘i called professor smith a sexist fucknugget and said his entire class was a pitiful excuse for him to project his insecurities that revolve around some outdated ideal of masculinity and the fact that his wife obviously hates him’ ‘mm-hmm, have a seat dear’)

who dresses in bright red blazers and pencil skirts and six-inch heels, and wears blood-red lipstick and perfectly winged eyeliner simply because she can (and in college she gets the most attractive undercut in all of human history and dies the tips of her blonde hair red)

who, every time a girl says ‘god, you’re lucky you’re pretty’ or ‘i wish i looked like you’ gives them at least three honest compliments and maybe gives them a makeup tip or hair advice if they ask for it and will not put up with any of this patriarchal ‘women-putting-down-other-women-to-feel-beautiful’ bullshit (god help the poor soul who tries to use the the compliment ‘you’re not like other girls’ on enjolras)

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Time: 11:23 AM
Based on: Red by Hyuna Hyerin
Characters: Minjun + Taemin

Despite being in front of cameras for quite literally his entire life, Minjun still got uncomfortable during photoshoots. He’d been doing them for years, but they still made him feel awkward. There was just something about being in front of a camera and having all the focus being on you that was really odd to him, although it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been. Thankfully, he wasn’t there alone. He didn’t have to suffer being the center of attention by himself. Taemin, who coincidentally just so happened to be one of his best friends, had been selected to be one of the participants of the photoshoot as well. He tugged at the bright red blazer they had placed him in, a frown tugging at the corners of his mouth. “I don’t think this is a good look on me,” he mumbled to his best friend, although that wasn’t saying much. He didn’t think any look was a good look on him.

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hello! I love your writing so much and I was wondering if I could request the reader taking care of a sick Tadashi please? Hope you have a great day/evening!

Sure thing! I’ve also got another sick request that I’m working on.  I guess that just means it’s cold and flu season.  I started this before my trip, but didn’t manage to get it finished.  I’ve found a little bit of time to work on it, since my friends are still asleep and I’m an early riser.  I hope you’re having a great day/evening too!


You wince when you hear the loud sneeze, even from out in the hallway.  You sigh and shake your head, knowing exactly where it was coming from. “You told me you wouldn’t come in to lab,” you say as you walk into Tadashi’s private lab space.

His hat is off, showcasing ruffled black hair, which is messier than you’ve ever seen it.  His eyes are red and there are bags under them. He looks a little paler than normal, except his nose is bright red.  His blazer is wrinkled and he’s still wearing his pajama bottoms.  Needless to say, he looks like a complete mess.

He glances at you for a moment, before looking back down at the circuit board in front of him.  “I need to get this done,” his voice comes out strange due to his congested nose.

You roll your eyes at him and take the board out of his shaking hands.  “You’re sick Tadashi, the only thing you need to do is rest, so you can get better.”  You place your hand on his shoulder and can feel the heat of his body leaking through the layers of clothing.  You place a hand to his forehead and gasp at how hot he is, “Tadashi, you have a fever!  Are you crazy?!”

He sighs and rubs his tired eyes, “I wouldn’t say crazy, per say, but I might be hallucinating, I thought I saw Mochi running around earlier.”

“And you didn’t think, I don’t know, maybe that you should go home?!”

He winces at the loudness of your voice, “Shouting really isn’t helping, you know,” he says softly, rubbing his forehead.

You sigh, “Baymax might not be finished yet, but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t agree to you being here. Please let me take you home.”

Tadashi knows you won’t leave until he agrees, and he can’t really focus enough to get any good work done, so he nods and lets you help pull him up out of his chair.  He goes to take a step and nearly collapses, because his knees are so shaky.  You manage to catch him in time, but grunt under his full weight.

“You okay?” you ask, concerned.

He’s quiet for a moment, looking down at his feet in a daze, “I think my legs turned to jelly…” he replies, completely out of it.

You let out a huff and move his arm around your shoulders so you can help him walk.  “Change in plans, we’re going to my dorm.  It’s closer.”

It’s a bit of a struggle, but you manage to get Tadashi across campus and up into your dorm room. You try to set him gently on your bed, but it doesn’t quite go as planned when he just collapses onto it. You let out a tired huff, glad to have his weight off of you.  You run a hand through his damp hair; it’s gotten sweaty because his body is trying to fight off the fever.

You step away to get a glass of water and a wet wash cloth.  When you come back, you set them down and kneel on the ground next to the bed, “Tadashi, I need you to sit up, so I can get your blazer and sweater off, and so you can drink some water.”

He groans in protest, but pushes himself up with your help.  He sits on the edge of the bed and leans forward until his forehead rests against your stomach.  You push his dark green blazer off his shoulders, then toss it over to your desk chair.  You bend down to reach for the bottom of his sweater and have to laugh, “Do you realize that you put your sweater on inside out?”

Tadashi grunts and shrugs a shoulder.

It’s a little awkward to get unbuttoned, because they’re facing the inside, but you manage to do it and get it off of him as well.  “Do you want to keep your shirt on?”

He shakes his head, which is still leaning against you, “It’s too hot,” he complains softly.

“That’s because you have a fever, knucklehead,” you say softly.  “Arms up,” you tell him as you pull on his shirt.

He does as he’s told and you manage to get it off, too.   You reach over to grab the glass of water and hand it over to him, “Drink.  You need to stay hydrated.”

He gulps it down eagerly. When he’s done, you take the glass and hand him the wash cloth to put on his forehead.  “Let me get you another glass of water, then you can go to sleep.”

You fill the glass as well as a bowl with water, then go back.  You take the now warm wash cloth from him as you give him the glass. After he drinks, you take the glass back and instruct him to lay down on his stomach.  Dipping the wash cloth into the bowl, you swish it around before pulling it out and wringing the water out.  You then start to run the damp cloth over Tadashi’s back.  He sighs in content, and relaxes even further onto your bed.

“That feels good.” You glance at his face to see that his eyes are closed and he looks relaxed.  You focus back on the wash cloth, trying to keep his skin cool and damp. “You know…” he speaks up again. When you look over at him, you see that he has one eye open as he looks back, a lazy grin on his face.  “They say that it’s good to use body heat as a way to help a person break their fever.”

You feel a slow smile start to grow on your face.  “Oh really?”

“Mhm…” he replies closing his eye again.

You bend forward to kiss his shoulder, before pushing up off the bed and going over to your dresser. You pull out a pair of pajama shorts and change into them.  You then make your way back to the bed and crawl over to Tadashi.  Settling yourself next to him, you rest your top half against his back.  “You better not get me sick,” you warn him, pressing your cheek to his heated skin.

You feel yourself bob up and down as he takes in a deep breath.  “I’ll try not to,” he mumbles back.

You laugh lightly and tilt your head to kiss his back once more, “Get some sleep, Tadashi.  You’ll feel better when you wake up.”

He hums in agreement, already beginning to fall asleep.

As you lay comfortably on his back, you feel your own eyes droop and you soon join him.

i mean honestly i can’t even tell you how happy i am about astro in the gayo daejun

like they were so unrepentantly still themselves, and they were AMAZING.  everyone was in all these super dark colors, mostly black, and then they came out in BRIGHT PINK BLAZERS and they were so happy to be there, you can see them all smiling.  and all the songs that the other rookies did were good, i’m not dismissing that, but confession really stood out because it was so DIFFERENT and their choreography is so impressive and just ugh.  UGH.  astro is so incredible, SO. INCREDIBLE.  they’re going to rock the world i stg.

phenioxgirl  asked:

Olicity + trapped in a room for *reasons* BUT it's while they're fighting (a la 2x10)

Thanks for the prompt! 

I definitely didn’t intend for this to be as angsty and it turned out, but I guess that’s just the mood I was in while I was writing.

And thanks, again, to everyone who’s been reading and reviewing and enjoying my prompts collection! It’s been so much fun to write!

Felicity descended upon Oliver the second she heard his footsteps on the foundry stairs. They were heavy, which usually meant he’d be tired and grumpy, but she didn’t care because they had a few things to discuss.

As soon as he reached the bottom she had him by the arm and was pulling him across the lair, past Diggle and Roy, who stared after them in bewilderment. She shoved him into a utility closet and shut the door behind them.

Just as confused as his partners on the other side of the door, Oliver blinked a few times and turned around to face Felicity, allowing his eyes to adjust to the darkness. He could make out a very distinct scowl on her face.

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