Small But Bright Apartment | Stockholm, Sweden


What the signs remind me of
  • Aries: sparkling fireworks, childhood at the playground, concerts, planning future schemes
  • Taurus: light shining through threes, black lacy bras, brown leather boots, walking barefoot on the warm ground
  • Gemini: freckles, sharp intellectual debates, laughs that make your stomach ache, bright sunlight in apartments
  • Cancer: soft bass from an indie pop song, freshly baked cookies, rainy days inside, marathoning your fave TV show with someone you love
  • Leo: big, old castles/mansions, golden glitter, the sound of poping champagne bottles, sunflowers
  • Virgo: plaid skirts, ambitious dreams, silly inside jokes with your friends, the feeling like everything will be okay
  • Libra: dried flowers, cooking with someone you love, big house parties at the end of the school year, Polaroid pictures
  • Scorpio: your mysterious crush in leather jackets, dark lipstick, taking a day off to pamper yourself, record collections
  • Sagittarius: driving at night with the music up, having scratched knees from climbing trees, soap bubbles, city lights
  • Capricorn: coffee, purple stained fingers from blackberries, finding a new song you love that no one knows, journals full of writing and plans
  • Aquarius: art galleries, lavender sweatshirts, helium ballons floating away, seeing a million stars in the night sky
  • Pisces: shy smiles, receiving a postcard from a beautiful place, fuzzy blankets, pencils scratching against paper creating a brilliant idea
Exclusive book excerpt: 'Courage to Soar' by Simone Biles
"Courage to Soar" intimately recalls her journey to become an Olympic medalist.

Thursday morning, the day of the Olympic all-around competition, dawned bright and clear. The apartment was silent when I opened my eyes. The rest of the girls except for Aly had already gone to breakfast. From there they would head to the training hall. Later, they would be in the gymnastics arena to see Aly and me battle it out with the best in the world for the coveted all-around title.

I went to find Aly. She was in her room and still in bed. “I feel so good about today,” I told her.
“Me too,” she said, holding up one hand for a fist bump.
“We’re so prepared. I have a really good feeling.”

[…] I was already feeling incredibly happy to be sharing this day with Aly, who was such a rock-solid competitor and friend. As we walked to the bus that would take us to the arena, we held hands like schoolgirls and bobbed our heads to the music coming through our headphones. Every so often we’d hug each other and say, “You’re good. You’ve worked so hard. You deserve to be here. You’ve got this.” And then we’d say, “I love you so much. I love you, no matter what. Today will be a good day.

[Before the AA Final]

A few moments later, Aly walked out and sat down beside me. When she leaned her head back against the wall, I noticed she looked really pale.

“Are you okay?” I said.

She shook her head from left to right.

“Are you okay?” she asked me.

“No,” I said. “I feel like I’m going to throw up.”

The two of us sat there for several minutes, breathing slowly and trying to settle ourselves down.

“We’re okay,” I said after a while.

“We’ve got this,” Aly said.

“We can do this.”

“We’ve done this so many times.”

“I love you, Aly.”

“I love you, Simone.”

“Let’s go.”

We did another fist bump and walked out onto the arena floor.

(more inside)

do u ever just remember that victor and yuuri are living together in happy gay love and victor probably decorates their apartment with bright and beautiful flowers just because that’s how yuuri makes him feel, and also what do you think of these flowers for our wedding yuuri, and yuuri’s laughing because they haven’t picked a date yet but he definitely likes this bouquet and victor looks so lovely and happy standing among a room full of bloom