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could you write some boyf riends from be more chill? maybe with jeremy and michael's first kiss?

i saw this ask earlier and was like. true and canon but also I Need To Write This


“Jeremy, dude, no offense, but you’re making way too big a deal outta this.”

Michael’s controller follows Jeremy’s onto the floor, and with a look cross between amused and fondly annoyed he watches as Jeremy, in the most dramatic way possible, flops off of the beanbag chair and splays out haphazardly on the floor.

Michael,” he whines, looking forlornly towards his best friend, and it takes everything within Michael to stifle a laugh, “this is totally a reasonable response.”

“You just screwed our chance for a high score because you’ve never been kissed.”

Jeremy stills for a moment before launching back into his tirade. “We’re sophomores, man! I’m sixteen and not so much as a peck! You know some dudes have been getting laid for, like, years now!”

“Some dudes have also been abusing drugs – don’t look at me like that, it’s not like I shoot heroin – and racketing up criminal records for years. Look at me; I’m sixteen, same as you, never been kissed, same as you, and I’m fine. You’re just being a baby.”

Jeremy squeaks indignantly, crossing his arms. “You’re just a weirdo. My reaction to this is perfectly normal.”

Michael lays a hand over his heart in mock-offense. “This is ridiculous, your crazy kiss-horny hormones are making you turn on your bestest buddy. This ends now.” Pulling himself onto his knees, Michael makes his way over to Jeremy and stops in front of him. Jeremy peers up at him curiously.

“You’re makin’ such a big deal outta your first kiss? Just kiss me, man, get it the hell over with.” He takes Jeremy’s lack of jumping away as a good sign.

“W-Wh – I – Michael?”

Michael, feigning disinterest, shrugs and sits back on his knees. “I’ll never get a second of peace if you don’t get your stupid kiss soon. Just get it over with, y’know?”

Jeremy props himself up on an elbow, staring down his friend quizzically. “You want me to kiss you.” He pauses. “That’s kinda gay.”

A dude kissing another dude, no shit it’s gay! Michael doesn’t say that. He just flashes Jeremy a reassuring smile and shrugs again.

“If it’s just for practice, and no one knows, is it really?” The angle is awkward, up on his knees, but Michael digs his hands into his pockets. “It’s not like I’m asking you to marry me, dude, but I’m kinda sick of listening to you whine about this and messing with our game.”

Jeremy seems to consider for a moment, and Michael has to suppress his smile as his friend flushes bright red and looks shyly up. “You’re serious? This isn’t just a joke?”

“Super serious, man.” He lets the smile onto his face anyway, and at least hopes it’s reassuring. “So?”

Squirming under Michael’s look, Jeremy mutters, “so how do we wanna do this?” and it takes everything in Michael not to pump his fist into the air and whoop in delight.

Figuring he should take the lead, Michael sits a few inches from Jeremy and half turns so he’s facing him. “Just sit? Like this? And…” He waits for Jeremy to sit up and mirror his stance before cautiously laying his hand over Jeremy’s.

“People who kiss sometimes do this, right?”

“How the hell would I know?”

They both laugh a little awkwardly, but neither pulls away. Michael hopes his hand isn’t too sweaty. 

“What should I do with my other hand?” Jeremy blurts, flapping the extremity uncomfortably. Michael shrugs.

“Just, like…whatever feels right, I guess?” Jeremy nods his assent and inches his head forwards slightly.

“You ready?” Michael asks, moving forwards so his forehead touches Jeremy’s. His friend nods, Adam’s apple bobbing, and before the knot in his stomach can tighten anymore he surges the rest of the way forward and catches Jeremy’s lips with his.

And it’s…warm. And wet. Michael thinks, distantly, that a kiss shouldn’t be so spitty, especially when they aren’t using tongue, but Jeremy cups a hand around Michael’s neck and makes a tiny little noise and who cares if it’s a little gross I’m kissing Jeremy.

Michael’s free hand finds Jeremy’s hip and angles him closer, just as Jeremy’s thumb softly swipes across his pulse point and fuck, it’s gross but it’s good, and Michael can’t help but linger when Jeremy begins to pull away.

Realizing what he’s doing, he pulls back abruptly, grimacing at the spit trail that connects his and Jeremy’s mouths even when they’re half a foot apart. Flushing bright red, he removes his hand from Jeremy’s hip and swipes under his lips, breaking the string of spit.

That was kind of incredible. “That was kind of gross,” he says with a laugh as Jeremy pulls his hand away from Michael’s neck. Neither of them move to pull their interlocked hands away.

“We can never tell anyone about that,” Jeremy agrees quickly, face brighter red than Michael has ever seen. He can’t help but swell with pride at the fact that he did that.

“I’m kinda glad I didn’t do that with a girl,” Jeremy continues, finally pulling his hand away. “I’m kinda awful at it.”

Michael sends a cartoonish wink in his best friend’s direction.

“Hey, you can practice with me anytime!”

The punch in the arm he receives is worth the noise of affirmation Jeremy makes.

Cabin || Jughead Jones

Prompt: Omg pls do 2,3,7 with jug oleasssse

Jughead and the reader decide to spend their anniversary in the reader’s aunt’s cabin but don’t realize she’s there as well. She’s keeping the two of you apart because she’s worried about what the two of you would do if you’re alone. The two of you get frustrated one cold night after no contact and Jughead sneaks into your room.

A/N: This is not smut! Just FYI. 

2.) “Please, put some pants on, you’re embarrassing me.”
3.) “Oh, love, I don’t think you understand the meaning of sarcasm.”
7.) “Honestly, if you wanted sex this bad you could’ve just told me!”


Maybe spending time in your aunt’s cabin in Vermont right in the middle of winter wasn’t  a good idea after all. You were there with your boyfriend, Jughead Jones III, for your two year anniversary. Jughead didn’t like the cold, so you nearly had to beg him to go north with you. You thought you and Jughead would have the cabin to yourselves. At least that’s what your parents said. Oh, were you wrong. Unbeknownst to you, your aunt had also decided to spend that weekend up in the cabin as well. Why she wanted to get away from her comfy, cozy mansion in New York to go to a shabby cabin in December was beyond anyone’s understanding. Imagine your surprise, and Jughead’s deep displeasure, when you saw your aunt standing in the doorway of the cabin waving at the two of you. She had separated you and Jughead into bedrooms across the hall from each other and had situated herself smack in the middle of the two of you. Her message was clear. No hanky-panky.

The first morning and afternoon in the cabin was the worst. Your aunt had made poor Jughead chop firewood (despite having more than enough in the house to last for three days and nights) and had made you wander the woods around the cabin looking for sticks and branches. Worst of all, whenever you tried to approach Jughead or vice versa, your aunt would always tell you to get back to work. As if the two of you would bang right there and then in the snow (who did your aunt think she was? Seriously.)

It was now nighttime on the first day and it was even worse than that morning and afternoon. The heater had broke, leaving the cabin feeling like the North Pole and the four blankets on top of you weren’t helping you whatsoever. The electrician said he could come in first thing tomorrow so for tonight, everyone in the cabin had to try to fend off hypothermia. Your teeth chattered as you looked at the clock. 2:43. You groaned in frustration. This was ridiculous. You threw off the covers, ready to sneak into Jughead’s room and snuggle with him. You’d deal with your aunt later. Just as you reached your door, you heard a tentative knock on the door.

“Y/N? You awake?” Jughead asked from the other side.

You opened the door immediately and were greeted with the sight of Jughead with messy hair and a blanket around him. You snorted at what you saw and he glared at you.

“What? I’m cold.” he mumbled.

You rolled your eyes at him and let him into your room, closing the door behind you.

“Couldn’t sleep, huh?” you asked.

Jughead scoffed.

“Obviously. I’m freezing. Can we make a fire or something? In the living room?” he asked.

You shook your head.

“Not without my aunt knowing.” you said.

He growled.

“How do you suggest we get warm, huh? Take our clothes off and do that skin-to-skin contact?” Jughead asked, pulling his blanket closer.

Deciding to humor the whiny baby that is your boyfriend, you began to take your clothes off with a straight face. Jughead’s eyes widened as your quickly dropped your pants and took off your shirt, now only wearing your underpants. You crossed your arms and looked at him.

Honestly, if you wanted sex this bad you could’ve just told me!” you said.

Jughead swallowed at he took in your appearance and you could tell he was trying very hard not to get aroused. He dropped his blanket and cleared his throat.

“Is this supposed to make me feel something?” he dead-panned.

You rose your eyebrows at him before you began to put your shirt back on, knowing he would object.

Jughead quickly held his hand out, effectively stopping your actions.

Oh, love, I don’t think you understand the meaning of sarcasm.” he said, crossing the room.

You giggled as Jughead reached you and claimed your lips. The both of you were so involved in your making out that you didn’t notice the door opening.

“What’s going on in here?!” Your aunt nearly screamed.

You and Jughead sprung apart, cheeks bright red.

“Oh, my—“ Your aunt looked away and did the Holy Trinity sign. Jughead stifled a snicker and you bit your lip to stop from bursting out into laughter.

Y/N, put some pants on, you’re embarrassing me.” Your aunt said as she shook her head almost like she was trying to remove the image from her brain.

Jughead looked at you in disbelief. Seriously? he mouthed. You shrugged as you began to pull your pajama pants back on. At least the two of you weren’t cold anymore. You looked up at Jughead who was smirking at you and you couldn’t help but smile back. It was going to be a long weekend, but with Jughead by your side, maybe, just maybe, it wouldn’t be as bad as you thought.


A/N: Let me know what you thought!

Eat out/punishment smut

Delays with this I’m sorry I need to get my shit together requests will be open soon but I’m sorry I won’t be posting as much as I want to I’m near exam time and that’s priority, still looking for co-writer if anyone’s interested please message me!!💓 anyway hope you enjoy, thanksss!!x

There’s no doubting Ashley isn’t one to hold back on things and sex is no different, there’s also no doubting she loves to sing and there’s certainly no doubting between the two of you at least that she love eating you out, throw them all together and that’s one hell of a kink and not surprisingly Ashley was completely mesmerised by it.
You had been out with a couple of girl friends and since you and ash had outed as a couple there has been countless accusations and threats against your relationship especially on the loyalty side of things. You had got into your shared apartment with the blue haired wonder laying across the distressed leather couch engulfed in a magazine, you stood at the end up the couch “hey babe” you smiled she pulled down her magazine a little so all you saw were her big bright eyes, apart from this time they didn’t look so bright more dull her brows knitted “hi” she mumbled, completely different to your normal greeting of her. “Are you okay?” She ignored you, huffing and shuffling as you sat beside her, “Ash” you said a little more stern she looked over and suddenly snapped, pushing you up against the couch she was previously snuggled into, her sudden movements taking you by surprise, you were left wondering why she was acting like this but not for long when she smashed her lips onto yours trailing her wet kisses down to your neck, lifting your shirt from the hem at the bottom and over your head she kissed along the top of your boobs nudging you as a signal to arch your back so she could unclasp your bra, once she did she massaged your boob while sucking harshly on the other making you moan and mumble sweet nothings to her, she trailed her wet mouth down your soft stomach stopping at the rim of your panties looking down at the pink lace wrapped around your lower parts and looked back up to you, her eyes captured yours “now, sweetheart we are going to have a little fun” she purred, you looked at her in confusion, “I’m going to eat you out” you nodded in response muttering “please do” under your breathe, “and you are going to sing for me like nothing is happening” a huge smirk was plastered across her face, you taken back a little and nervous to sing for her, as comfortable as you where with her, singing In front of her was a little intimidating but never the less intriguing, so in reply you nodded letting her no you where going to.
Hooking her fingers round the hem of your panties she slowly pulled them down revealing your naked self to her, her hot breath making you shiver and squirm a little, she put her hands on your thighs holding you down “ready?” She hummed, giving you a huge grin, she like one stripe up your wet clit making you muffle a moan as you quietly started to sing “your little brother never told you but he loved you so” she carried on covering every inch of your wetness making you moan louder and stop singing, and then she stopped. You squirmed and thrusted your hips wanting the friction back, needy for her touch. “You stop, I stop” she said smugly, you groaned knowing this wasn’t going to be easy but you carried on “you said your mother only smiled on her TV show” the words leaving your mouth in stutters the pleasure she was giving you was hard to ignore but if you stopped she stopped and that was the last thing you wanted.
“You’re only happy when your sorry head is filled with-” you couldn’t help it your last words where cut off with a loud moan leaving your mouth the build up of pleasure was just begging to hit you but her words ran through your head “if you stop I stop” and of course she did, you couldn’t stop anymore the amount of pleasure she gave me made you want need more, you shuffled a little looking down to her eyes “I hope you make it to the day you’re 28 years old” she once again picked up the pace, adding a in a finger at a time pumping slowly while her tongue was flicking fast over your swollen clit, you sang louder and she picked up the pace giving you more and more pleasure your words where stuttered as your climax was building up, a knotted feeling in your stomach grew bigger and your legs began to shake “everything is blue, his pills, his hands, his jeans” your moans becoming clearer and harder to muffle but thankfully for once she wasn’t stopping, you let yourself go not being able to hold back any longer, your loud moans filled the room as she licked you clean, you lay breathless on the couch, your skin sticking to it from the sweat and heat from what just happened.

i honestly cannot wait to live in a big bright apartment with the love of my life and our own little family. there will be art prints on the walls and lots of plants in colorful pots. we’ll say goodnight to the kids after talking to them for too long and turn off all the lights except for a couple of lamps. we’ll slow dance to a slow folk song from years ago with bare feet on a old persian rug. i’ll sleep well, and i’ll be happy.

Glitter Dystopia

So everyone talks about the genocide route and the pacifist route and then after that King Papyrus ending gets some very deserving attention but you know what ending really needs more attention? The ending that, I would argue, is the coolest playground for a sequel story?


I already think Mettaton gets shafted a lot when it comes to the fandom, coming across as more of the glam side character than the recurrent villainous role he actually plays. I could get into that a bit if I let myself, but instead, I just want to focus on this:

The King is dead, and he’s been replaced by a celebrity. A showman with a manipulative streak, ruthless ambition, and no actual management skills. A newly crowned king with a history of hiding his problems behind a sparkly hot pink facade. Everything’s a show. Everything’s a facsimile of what he thinks the surface might be like. 

Big changes come to the Underground, and with it, unrest.

Rumors of “brainwashing” and “disappearances” of discontents spread as the underground is only being held together by sequins, ribbon and glitter glue. It’s all falling apart into a classic dystopia, cyberpunk with old school Hollywood low-budget glam. Pink sparkle filters over literal garbage. Growing problems covered up by bigger, prettier things. Cake and circuses and plenty of statues.

Everything’s big, bright and falling apart. 

As far as anyone knows, the Underground is being run by a robot, an AI, who gained sentience and a soul. His creator is long gone, through mysterious circumstances. In an Underground with a varied level of technology (mostly cobbled together from garbage from the surface, how much more cyberpunk can you get) computers and robots and the like can almost seem like magic, but at least magic they understand. What is he actually capable of? Does it even matter, if he manages to entertain and distract them?

The king’s will is carried out by two brothers, his “agents,” who have no past or history. They seem friendly and cheerful enough… but skeletons always smile, don’t they? It’s hard to not be unsettled once you realize that.

Seriously I will take any of this you give me. Send me recommendations if you have any. I need this. 

Stay Professional! Part 6

Work AU! Fluff, Angst and Suggestive smut: Jungkook x Reader

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Summary: Your boss Jungkook asks if you’d like to accompany him to his cousin’s wedding in Greece, Santorini. Tonight was the supposedly the rehearsal dinner but it felt more like a business meeting. This was the largest rehearsal dinner you’d ever been to and quite possibly the longest, too. But the real question is why did he ask you? What’s up with the 180 degree change in personality? 

A/N: My computer’s been broken so I haven’t been updating at all- and these days I’m running really low on inspiration, please forgive me. Also some frickady frickle doodly doo might occur (take note of suggestive smut)!

The sunrise dawned over the sky in beautiful gradients of pinks and purples. “Are you ready? I’m outside your apartment right now.” Jungkook’s voice sounded slightly husky from being up so early. He unbuckled the seatbelt that hugged his toned muscles with a simple ‘click’ and swiftly closed his car door with a silent ‘thud’. 

He looked up to see you waving down at him from your apartment, a bright and cheerful smile that made him almost lose his composure. You were beyond grateful that he’d ask you to accompany him to his cousin’s wedding- but even more grateful that he had personally come to pick you up for the special occasion. 

You’d noticed that Jungkook had changed drastically over the time you’d gotten to know him- first getting the impression that he was a typical cocky rich kid that then later developed to be a complete gentleman, you couldn’t resist no matter what. At first, Jungkook had no plans of getting attached- he found you interesting since the first interaction and didn’t plan on associating his feelings whatsoever but as it turned out- he couldn’t resist either. His original plan of just toying with you was burned to crisp after spending time with you and developing a sense of satisfaction from being next to you. You made him feel companionship, love and warmth that he’d never experienced before as you gave it your all as his personal assistant. 

“Thank you so much for this, sir.” He instinctively cringed at the formalities, being reminded of the gap in social status between you and him- A beam painted over his gentle features as he attempted to take the suitcase that was tight under your grip. 

“No please. At least let me carry my own luggage.” You brushed off his hand gently and showed him a smile that overflowed with charms. You had pulled on his once stern heartstrings and at that time, he struggled to hide his indefinite attraction towards you as he continued to stare into your eyes for what seemed like an uncomfortably long amount of time. 

“Are you okay?” You waved a hand over his face to check of his presence. He snapped out of the trance you had put him in previously and let out a quick puff of air from his cheeks. “Yes I’m great, let’s get going then.” He swiftly turned around, leaving you confused at his weird behaviour. He took quick and long strides in-front of you, completely forgetting that you were carrying heavy luggage. His mind was in no state to think about about chivalry after your smile had rudely “attacked” him. 

“I hope you don’t mind first class, Y/N. It appears that mother had taken the family jet before I could.” He let out a smug chuckle. He knew that you’d be astounded from having the chance to fly first class and that fuelled his ego to continue his taunts and teases. 

Before you could open your mouth to reply to his bewildering question, he continued to further blow your mind with his humour that you didn’t want to put to the test.

“I can buy a jet right now if you don’t want to fly first class. Would that be better, Y/N?” He laughed, his loveable eyes crinkled due to his wide smile. 

“Are you crazy? I’d have been fine with budget tickets. You didn’t have to get first class tickets, sir.” You stared at him with your jaw slack, almost hitting the floor.

“I couldn’t possibly do that. I’m thankful enough that you’re coming all the way to Santorini with me so I have to make sure you’re comfortable for the entire trip.” The two of you checked in within a flash due to Jungkook’s superior status. You noticed that when the two of you walked past, people had politely bowed their heads to show their respect towards Jungkook despite his young age. He politely returned the bows with a small smile. 

The two of you arrived on the plane, the luxurious atmosphere was hard to take in as you weren’t used to it at all. You were lost for words at the way everything was set out, each ‘seat’ was more of a room with personal TVs and fluffy beds. Jungkook analysed your shocked expression and a smile naturally spread across his face. He loved watching the way your eyes twinkled in amazement and the way your mouth stayed opened due to shock. 

“This way please, Sir and Madam.” The gorgeous stewardess lead you to your seats which were directly next to each other. You smiled at him, grateful and unable to express your thanks. 

Jungkook glanced over in your direction half way through the flight and found you sleeping soundly, snug comfortably on the seat that stretched out to be a bed. He found it impossible to look away from your sleeping face and he chuckled to himself, completely aware that he certainly developed a soft spot for you. He closely examined the way your chest would rise and fall with each inhale and exhale of your breath. Oh, if only you knew how much he fantasised about your warm breath against his raw neck and you whispering profanities into his ear. The fire in the pit of his stomach was hard to tame but as always, Jungkook managed to stay professional. He got a grip of himself and slept off his burning desire to plant kisses all over your body.

Infatuation was something Jungkook had never experienced before… and all these foreign feelings had his stomach flamed with butterflies and head spinning with countless fantasies. 

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Rain - Mark (Day 1/100)

You can find my post explaining the 100 Day Drabble Challenge here

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Prompt: Rain
Member: Mark x Reader

“Hey, is it supposed to rain today?” you asked your roommate, as you bent down to put on your shoes. You heard her hum before she popped her head out of the kitchen.

“I don’t think so. The forecast said it was sunny all weekend!” she exclaimed cheerfully. You glanced out the window at the bright blue sky before nodding and before bidding her farewell.

Oh how wrong she had been.

You hissed slightly, running through the torrential downpour as you tried to get back to your apartment. Your clothes were almost completely soaked through, and you didn’t know if you would ever feel dry again. You thought back to that morning’s conversation and made a mental note to always check the weather before leaving instead of just asking your roommate. Today, you were grateful that she had gone home for the weekend, otherwise you might have been tempted to confront her in your sour mood.

Once you finally reached the door, you let out a sigh of relief and reached into your pocket to grab your keys. The rain was still pouring down on top of you as you fumbled around, unable to find them. Your heart began to pound as you tried to remain calm. You took your bag off your arm and unzipped everything, not caring whether the rain water ruined its contents. You looked incesentaly through your bag, but in your heart of hearts, you knew the truth.

You had forgotten to pick up your key that morning.

You felt the fury and rage that had been building up inside of you the whole walk home threaten to spill out as you sat down with your back against your door. The relality of the situation began to overtake you and you felt hopeless. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath as you felt the rain continue to drench you, cold and unforgiving.

“Okay, it’s okay, stay calm,” you said. You were frustrated and you felt hot tears in your eyes as you tried not to scream in anger, but in all honesty, it didn’t really matter. The tears quickly mixed with the rain and you felt as you were taking a shower.

You quickly pulled out your phone and checked the battery. Thankfully, you were responsible enough to charge it often and you dialed the maintenance for your apartment, asking them to come up and open your door for you. Unfortunately, the owner was working, and the lady on the other side of the phone politely told you that he wouldn’t be back until the next morning.

You bit your lip as you held back all of the curse words in your vocabulary, opting instead to tell her how ‘dissatisfied you were with the quality of service’ and quickly shutting off your phone. You groaned, banging the back of your head against the door and then immediately regretting the decision. You pulled your knees towards your chest and rested your forehead on them so that you were looking down at your phone.

You began debating what to do. You had very few friends here since you were relatively new to the area and it was already pretty late at night. Since it was Friday, most of them had gone home to their families and weren’t anywhere near your apartment. You debated calling your parents, but with your family in the situation it was in, you didn’t want to add anything else to their plate. You felt the tears threaten to burn once more as you closed your eyes.

Suddenly, you became very aware of a strange sensation.

You lifted up your head and glanced up, as you realized that something was blocking the rain from pounding down on you. As you looked around, you noticed you were no longer alone. A stranger was peering down at you, holding his umbrella over his head as well as yours.

“Hey, are you okay?” he asked, concern filling his voice. You let out a nervous noise and instinctively apologized as you began to stand up, slipping slightly before the man offered you his hand. You took it gratefully and hoisted yourself up, feeling the burn in your legs from sitting for so long.

“Yea, I’m alright, thanks” you answered once you were back on two feet. You stood awkwardly, not wanting to make eye contact with the man, but grateful that you were finally dry under an umbrella.

“Wait, I’ve seen you before,” the stranger said. At this, you raised your eyes up to his and were immediately struck by his beauty. His golden hair fell perfectly into his dark eyes as he looked at you intensely. You felt naked under his stare and then realized that, since your clothes were pretty much see-through at this point, you almost were naked. This just made you even more embarrassed and self-conscious as you crossed your arms tightly to shield from the cold of the night and, more importantly, his eyes.

“Um…have you?” you asked, immediately feeling the blood rush to your cheeks, wanting to bang your head back against the door because of your awkwardness. At this, he gave you a toothy smile that made your heart feel like it was about to melt into a puddle.

“Yea, you live here, right?” he asked, pointing to the door behind you. “I’ve seen you around the apartment complex,” he explained. You let out a small ‘oh, okay’ and nodded slowly. Once again, there was a small pause and when you faced him once again, his eyebrows were lifted in expectancy and he had a small smile on his lips. You coughed lightly and looked away quickly.

“I…uh…Yea, I forgot my key so I’m just waiting for maintenance to come,” you explained, waving your hand like it was no big deal. The boy looked down at his watch and then chuckled lightly.

“It’s past 10. I don’t think they’re going to come until tomorrow morning,” he stated knowingly, bringing his eyes back to you. You pulled out your phone and checked the time, cursing under your breath.

Once again, there was a small pause and when you faced him once again, his eyebrows were lifted in expectancy and he had a small smile on his lips. You coughed lightly and looked away quickly.

“It’s fine, I can wait,” you said, stupidly. The boy’s eyes grew wide as he furrowed his eyebrows.

“You’re gonna wait here until tomorrow morning?” he asked, making your words sound even more nonsensical as before. You mentally berated yourself as you took another breath, trying to calm yourself as the despair from the situation settled back in.

“I don’t…” you began to say, but your voice choked and you stopped yourself short. There was a moment of silence before the boy spoke again.

“Well, come on,” he said, motioning for you to follow him. “You can decide what you want to do when we get back to my place.” You opened your mouth to argue but he cut you off. “Besides, I don’t wanna be out here in the rain any longer than I have to,” he stated, smiling gently at you. You felt the heat rush back to your face, despite the cold air and you nodded slightly as you followed down the hall to his room. When you got to the door, he fiddled with the key before unlocking it.

“Oh,” he added, turning towards you holding the umbrella in one hand and holding out the other. “I’m Mark by the way. Mark Tuan,” he said, smiling once more at you. You gave him a small smile back and shyly took his hand.

“I’m F/N. F/N L/N,” you stated. You relished in the warmth of his hand for a moment before letting of and following close behind as you left the cold, wet outside and stepped into the warm, bright apartment.

Word Count: 1,304
'The Good Fight' Star Talks Relinquishing Control and a "Tougher" Maia in Season 2
Rose Leslie talks to THR about Maia's "destructive" family and how her personal relationships will be "chipped away" in season two.

Much like how viewers met Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) at her lowest point in the series premiere of The Good Wife, viewers were first introduced to Maia Rindell (Rose Leslie) just as her world was falling apart.
A bright law student who had just passed the bar and received a job offer at a large Chicago firm, Maia seemed to have the world at her fingertips, that is, until it came to light that her father (Paul Guilfoyle) had orchestrated an elaborate Ponzi scheme that robbed hundreds of thousands — including her godmother and mentor Diane (Christine Baranski) — of their life savings. Not exactly the best way to enter the working world.
However, Maia followed Diane to her new firm and slowly but surely built a solid reputation as a young but smart lawyer, even as she juggled the many stresses of her family’s scandal. At the end of the first season, Maia’s world appeared to come crashing down again when she was arrested for helping cover up the Ponzi scheme on the heels of her father skipping town.
After a turbulent first season for her alter-ego, THR jumped on the phone with Leslie to discuss how she channeled her own nerves for Maia’s big breakdown, how those flashbacks in the penultimate episode informed her portrayal and the « more resilient » Maia to come in season two.

Going back to the very beginning, how did you hear first hear about the role? How was the character of Maia first described to you?

It was a relatively quick turnaround from learning about a character and hopping onto a plane to New York a week later for the next five months. On the phone to [creators and showrunners Robert and Michelle King] and also Brooke Kennedy and some other producers, they were describing the role to me — obviously being a fan of The Good Wife — and very much assured me that we are within the same universe and now it’s with different characters and their own situations. As a result, they determined that Maia was somebody who was tarnished due to her father’s behavior with the revelation of her father’s scam. As a result, she would be forced to mentally and professionally struggle to stay afloat, as well as financially.
Learning more about Maia, and knowing what brilliant writers the Kings are, they fully delivered in terms of creating a rounded character with vulnerability in all the right ways. Often when playing a woman in a law firm, there is a temptation to be incredibly strong-willed and domineering and I thought that it was rather interesting to approach this new character as rather wounded and a real representation of someone… Because in my mind, with the character, what would you humanly do if this were to happen to you? You would put up all your barriers in every single aspect of your life and I feel there’s a lot of self-preservation with Maia and I felt that was true in their writing of her. She doesn’t scare easily, but the wind is knocked out of her after the current events with her father.

The pilot sees Maia at her absolute lowest, or so we think, when this Madoff scandal is unveiled. How did you get into that headspace in those darker scenes right off the bat?

Approaching any role for the first time is always going to be incredibly daunting for any actress or any actor, so that almost aided me in being able to tap into her nervous state of mind. Fortunately, we shot the pilot relatively chronologically. We kind of see Maia as we get introduced to her when life is incredibly blissful and being the daughter of millionaires. So with this massive fall from grace for herself professionally and from her peers as well, and then having to rebuild that respect and that self-worth for herself and the people around her, I really learned who she is and emotionally coming to terms with that. Reading some of the biographies on the Madoff scandal, I was doing my best to tap into the tragedy of events. And hopefully I was able to reflect that onscreen.

In the penultimate episode, we suddenly get to learn more about Maia through these flashbacks of her in high school and in college. How did these scenes inform you about the character and change your understanding of the character?
Interestingly enough, from a selfish perspective I rather enjoyed getting my hair curled into tight little ringlets and I thought I looked a hell of a lot younger. It kind of reminded me of when I was 16. By the time we were doing flashbacks on set, it informed me that actually denial is such a powerful feeling and I feel that she really allowed herself to fall into that only because she couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that her father might be lying to her and he no longer is the man that she always put on this pedestal. It informed me in terms of, by backpedaling, I realized how one managed to get to the point of, ‘Wait a minute, are you joking?’ This horrific revelation of my father scamming millions and ruining millions of lives can happen right under your nose because if you’re not willing to confront that, it’s easier to sweep that under the carpet and carry on living your glamorous, luxurious lifestyle. The laziness in not wanting to confront the truth was something that struck me, not something that I was prepared for in the role, but it related to me in the devastation of her realizing that she almost was a tiny cork in this ginormous wheel but she really felt the guilt of that because you can be truthful to yourself and you can realize that you turned your head the other way when something was off key and your father deliberately lied to your face.

During the first season, Maia’s relationship with her father seemed to be constantly changing. One minute she believes he’s been set-up and then later she realizes it was really his idea. How did you navigate that and find a through line during the first season?
I remember when we were shooting it that there was such a kind of fluidity with the destructive relationship that Maia has with her father, in terms of feeling that they’ve gained some trust back and then that’s completely taken away from her with feeling that he almost has duped her by releasing her name. Trying to grapple those feelings was something that I strongly felt should be organic particularly for the scenes. I realized that if I try and block it out too much in my head beforehand, then that wave of shock and paranoia wouldn’t necessarily register just because as Maia, you’re being pulled up and down and left and right like a ragdoll emotionally when she thinks about the way that her father has treated her.
I never really wanted to hone in too specifically to how Maia would feel, but particularly when Lucca Quinn [Cush Jumbo] comes in and informs me of the facts that my father has, once again, betrayed my trust, those tears just kind of came up entirely organically just because I felt, ‘Not again, I’m going through this again,’ and it was a real battering of emotions.

The penultimate episode is a great example of what the show does well in terms of mixing comedy and drama. Coming from mostly dramatic shows, how was it finding the balance between the dramatic and comedic moments?
Shooting with Jane Lynch, I relinquished all control in terms of absolutely allowing the genius that was sitting opposite me to dominate that comedic vein just because that is something that she is so hugely gifted at. I allowed her to go full throttle with it, and in those scenes, I was perfectly comfortable carrying on with the idea that I was backed into a corner and that I was trying to keep a cool head on my shoulders with my heart pounding underneath. I felt that, having watched it, that it was done so brilliantly by Jane and she didn’t even move a muscle when the bird hit the window. She just carried speaking in one of the takes and I just realized I was in the presence of such a brilliant actress.

Jumping to the finale, what was your initial reaction when you read that Maia was going to get arrested at the end of the season?
I felt with the lead-up to this final scene in the flat, there was an anger rising within Maia, particularly in court and having had that brief interview with Barbara and Adrian saying that they felt that I needed to dig deeper and find some real gravitas as it were, I got rather excited at the realization that, hopefully, this issue that I face particularly at the end of [episode] 10, this huge dilemma that Maia faces, this may be an opportunity for her to evolve and for her to develop stamina far more so than we’ve seen previously. And as a result, really, really begin to make headway with the women she admires within the law firm such as Diane and Barbara and Lucca Quinn. I felt that this was kind of a blank canvas on which Maia can now go into the second season as a more resilient, tougher woman.

How much have you talked with the Kings about season two? What can you say about what’s next for Maia in season two?
They told me a couple of things that I know would be incredibly spoiler-y so I’m not too sure on whether I can carry on in that vein. But it certainly gave me pure joy and excitement what they foresaw for Maia and also for season two. The Kings are incredibly bold and my God, do I admire them for being so current in the political landscape and holding up that mirror. Simply as a result, it allows the audience to reflect on what’s happening in the real world and gives politicians something to chew over and realize that there are consequences to behavior. I think the Kings are fantastic at representing both sides of the conversation.

Looking ahead to season two, who from the show would you like to have more scenes with or is there a specific relationship you’d like to explore more?
I would love to see the godmother-goddaughter relationship develop and see Maia lean on Diane. It’s rather fun when all the girls are in the room, with Sarah [Steele] and with Erica [Tazel] and with Cush and with Christine, but I can’t even say that, obviously we’re going to miss Delroy. So I think the cast has a lot of fun when we’re all together so as a result I wholeheartedly trust Robert and Michelle and where they feel the next couple of episodes have to go.

How much do you think the show will explore Maia’s relationship with her partner Amy (Helene Yorke) will be explored more in season two?
Helene is so much fun, so I love spending time with her and as a result, we very much enjoy working together. Within the first season, we focused on just how solid that relationship is. Obviously it is going to be chipped away by the stresses and the strains of Maia’s personal life along with everything that is going on at work. And so I would love to, when I do go back, really explore that relationship in terms of possibly seeing just how strong a partnership they are. For Maia, it is such a service for her to be able to come back and be with her girlfriend and have a loving world center her because work is so stressful and all different aspects of it. So I wholeheartedly hope that Maia and Amy are able to carry on strong.

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