What the signs remind me of
  • Aries:sparkling fireworks, childhood at the playground, concerts, planning future schemes
  • Taurus:light shining through threes, black lacy bras, brown leather boots, walking barefoot on the warm ground
  • Gemini:freckles, sharp intellectual debates, laughs that make your stomach ache, bright sunlight in apartments
  • Cancer:soft bass from an indie pop song, freshly baked cookies, rainy days inside, marathoning your fave TV show with someone you love
  • Leo:big, old castles/mansions, golden glitter, the sound of poping champagne bottles, sunflowers
  • Virgo:plaid skirts, ambitious dreams, silly inside jokes with your friends, the feeling like everything will be okay
  • Libra:dried flowers, cooking with someone you love, big house parties at the end of the school year, Polaroid pictures
  • Scorpio:your mysterious crush in leather jackets, dark lipstick, taking a day off to pamper yourself, record collections
  • Sagittarius:driving at night with the music up, having scratched knees from climbing trees, soap bubbles, city lights
  • Capricorn:coffee, purple stained fingers from blackberries, finding a new song you love that no one knows, journals full of writing and plans
  • Aquarius:art galleries, lavender sweatshirts, helium ballons floating away, seeing a million stars in the night sky
  • Pisces:shy smiles, receiving a postcard from a beautiful place, fuzzy blankets, pencils scratching against paper creating a brilliant idea