Get to Know Me

I wasn’t tagged but @wenchofthescullery said they’d like to get to know those they follow so here goes - just for you wench ;-)

Nicknames: Kimmy, Ralph (only my Dad calls me that), Mom, Mother, Madre, Mama, Angel.
Gender: female
Star sign:  Capricorn
Height: 5′ 4″

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff (then Ravenclaw, then Slytherine, then Gryffindor).
Favorite Color: So many, green is probably my top favorite but I just really love bright, bold colors and jewel tones and earth tones.
Time right now: 7:30 PM
Average hours of sleep: between 7 and 9.
Lucky Number: My favorite number is 3, I don’t really have a lucky number.
Last thing I googled: The book How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents by Julia Alvarez (for youngest daughter’s English class project)
# of blankets I sleep with: Always at least 2 but in the winter sometimes as many as 4.
Favorite bands/artists:  Too many to list - I love so many genres of music and I have favorites in all of them.
Dream Trip: Lately I’ve been wanting to go back to Paris or Malta.
Dream Job: At one time it was a radio DJ or a wedding gown model or an actress.  Right now it’s probably still an actress - I sometimes think I missed my calling there.

What I’m wearing right now:  A long, striped, tank top sleeved maxi dress that is so damn comfy and sexy.

When I made this blog: Exactly 4 years ago today. We were living in London and I was at an all time low mentally. 
How many Blogs I follow: 434 aka too damn many.
Posts: 20,468
What I post about: Mostly reblogs, nature art, humor, social, political, fashion, royals, Star Trek, books, movies I like, some personal stuff.  Random stuff - just like the blog title says.
Do I receive asks daily: LOL No, I wish I did though. 
Why I chose my URL: My initials and words - not very creative.

I tag anyone who would like to do this.

Here’s another fun one from yesterday on @shiffilis ! Thanks Sophie and see ya next time!

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