bright before sunrise

Maybe loneliness is an acquired taste, or maybe it’s like plunging your hand in ice water—it hurts like hell in the beginning, and then you go numb.
—  Tiffany Schmidt, Bright Before Sunrise

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The ferocity with which I want her scares the hell out of me. I want to know her favourite candies. And colors, if she’s a good driver, a reality TV watcher, and as horrible with sports equipment as she says. I want to know more stories about her dad. And her favourite cereal, how she really likes her pizza, and the type of music she can’t help but sing along with. I want to her a scary movie with her and see proof that she’s not afraid. I want to find out what she is scared of, if she doesn’t know the answers to these questions, then I want to be there when she figures it all out.

I want.


—  Bright Before Sunrise by Timmy Schmidt