bright yellow uniform

Into You - Jim Kirk

Summary: jim’s so into you, he can barely breathe. very loosely based off into you by ariana grande (listen and watch here, pals. it’s one of my favorite music videos).

Warnings: language, a lot of sexual tension (not smutty)

A/N: what the fuck even is this fic? 

The commissary lighting was always harsh. It highlighted the smallest of pores and made them seem like canyons, it took the most even skin and made it look splotchy, it ruined the smoothest outfit and made the minuscule wrinkles take center stage.

Yet, somehow, Jim managed to make it work. His blue irises would take the unforgiving light and reflect it back as if the home of thousands of stars and, though the tiny creases on his skin were visible, you thought you’d never seen something so smooth, so soft, so velvety. Even the bright mustard yellow of his uniform looked appealing under the white glow.

Your chin sat atop your hand, your elbow on the table as your gaze found it difficult to waver even a little. You traced his every feature even though he sat tables away, your head tilted and a small smile pulling at your lips.

There was a moment of terror when his eyes found yours. Your breath hitched, your stomach sank and flipped. You cleared your throat as you tried to focus on Uhura once again, watching as her mouth shut. “I’m sorry. What?”

“Oh, nothing,” she said with a dismissive wave of her hand, wearing a frown of consideration that quickly began to look like a smirk. “I was just telling you a story about a stupid, stupid engineer that daydreamed about their commanding officer they’ve only gone on a few casual dates with. You know, on the Farragut before Nero destroyed it.”

“Very subtle,” you laughed, stabbing a piece of pasta with your fork. You stared at the tubular noodle and tilted your head once more. “Is it not too soon to just nonchalantly mention the Farragut that way?”

“It’s how I grieve,” she replied, reaching over to take some of your pasta for herself. 

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an attic romance [jugxreader] 1/2

a/n; i had an epiphany. decided to write. for anyone who knows of good jughead fics/writes them, please send them my way. tag me. kidnap me and make me look at them. i think im in love

words; 1894

warnings; just teens being teens

summary; you and jug had been biffles for LIFE. only except all this time he has been madly in love with you. only when he’s homeless and you decide to help out he has the courage to confess

part two.


“Where will you stay now?” He looked up at you from his laptop with a tired look before he returned to stare at the blank monitor and the open notepad in it. At Pop’s it was slow today. The occasional bright laugh from a few booths back seemed ill fitting in the situation you found yourself in at this very moment. The plastic table was cold on your palms, your brows burrowed together in worry as you tried to catch his gaze again but to no avail. You leaned in ever so slightly, the bright yellow uniform shifting just so that it let your bra strap slip into view, “I mean…” you trailed off, trying to find the correct words. Biting your lower lip you glanced at Ronnie’s mom – she was very obviously following this conversation with a knowing look, standing all the way behind the counter and wiping a few glasses – and you actively missed Jughead throwing a look at your exposed shoulder. “Since Twilight Drive-In is…” His jaw tensed. You halted, “I’m sorry, Juggie, I know it’s a touchy subject, but you gotta give me an answer.”

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Coffee and Shakespeare

Tom Hiddleston Drabble

Word Count: 790

A Tom Hiddleston drabble for @whiskeyandwashitape based on the above gif because…. Ugh… the bunny bit and wouldn’t let go.

Tom was sitting at the counter in the small diner waiting patiently like he had every morning for the past week for the door to chime behind him. Every time it did, he would glance over his shoulder to see if it was her, Emme, the reason he returned to the hard seat at the counter again and again.

She was the pretty waitress who had the sweetest smile he’d ever seen. It was as bright as the yellow dress uniform and white apron she wore. The color like sunshine seemed to just lighten the entire room when she came in, and the blush which formed when she gave him that sweet, soft smile was like the kiss of a rose to her cheeks.

He was, quite simply, smitten.

Emme worked the early shifts, her afternoons taken up with school, her training that of a theater major, the worn copy of a Hamlet, dog-eared and ratty round the edges, had drawn his notice the first time he’d stopped to catch a bite to eat when he’d had a free morning.

He’d commented on it, the clearly well-loved book, only to watch her eyes light up, her face coming alive when she’d tugged it from her pocket.

She’d gushed, her love for the play clear in every word and action as she’d related how excited she was to be studying the masterpiece, and understudying for Ophelia.

Unable to help himself, Tom had murmured, “The fair Ophelia! Nymph, in thy orisons. Be all my sins remember’d.”

With eyes gleaming bright, she’d whispered back, “Good my lord. How does your honour for this many a day?”

They’d flirted via Hamlet and he’d never been more enticed. Every day since he’d returned to spend a portion of her morning with her, even if she was often called away to deal with other customers, she returned to refill his coffee with far more regularity than she needed.

Today, though, as he waited for her to arrive, Tom adjusted his tie, sliding a hand down it with care. He was finally going to do it, ask her to dinner, at her convenience of course. He had dressed in his favorite brown jacket, hoping she would like it, dark shirt and tie looking quite sharp.

If his knee bounced a touch, he ignored the nerves. The worst which could happen was she would say no. He didn’t think she would, but there was always the chance.

When the door chimed he set his cup back on the counter and glanced over his shoulder, a smile pulling up the corners of his mouth.

There she was.

This time, though, there was no bright yellow dress or white apron, but a cherry red sweater, dark jeans, and a panicked look on her face when she started swiftly toward him.

“Tom!” she breathed, darting forward, nearly falling to the stool at his side. “I’m so glad you’re here!”

“Emme, dear? What is it?” Turning to face her, he took her hand between his, worried at her disheveled appearance.

“Michelle is out. She’s out! Fell down the stairs at the theatre and broke her leg. I’m it! I’m Ophelia!” she said, hands shaking.

“Darling! That’s wonderful! Well, not so much for Michelle, but you shall be a brilliant Ophelia,” he said, smiling though now he knew he would likely see even less of her, sadly. It appeared he’d missed his chance.

She shook her head, eyes wide. “I’m not ready! I can’t do this. I’ll be so terrible!” she practically wailed, chin falling to her chest. “I know it’s a lot to ask, and really, if you say no I’ll completely understand, you’re Tom Hiddleston after all and helping out a University student is likely low on your list of priorities, but I really need to run lines and our Hamlet is down with the flu, and my roommates are all terrible at getting the inflections right and I don’t know what to do!” she cried.

“Emme,” he called softly, cupping her cheek and smiling gently. “I would be delighted to run lines with you.”

“Really?” she sighed, her relief palpable when she looked up.


Her hands slipped from his to wrap around his lapels. “Thank you,” she breathed. “I’m freaking out!”

Chuckling, he reached for his wallet, tossed the standard bills upon the counter and stood to offer his arm. “Shall we?”

“Yes. I have a fitting in an hour. Do you mind doing this at the theater?” she asked, quietly.

“Lead the way, darling,” he murmured, smiling down at her. It may not have been exactly how he’d planned to spend time with Emme, but it involved Shakespeare and the woman he found exceedingly delightful and attractive.

Perhaps it was better.

-The End -


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opposites attract || chani

He was the north end of the magnet and you were the south.

Genre : Fluff

Chanhee always, always had this mature, cool aura around him where people thought he hated affection of any kind. He never showed it much either; whenever one of his friends would try to hug him or kiss on him, he’d push them away with a look of disgust. People thought he was a bit unusual due to that, but that only made him cooler in everyone’s eyes.  

He and his friends had the title of the “bad boys”, even though they weren’t really bad, they just looked like it, acted like it. Chanhee with his deep voice and the air around him was no exception. Which is why you, a goody two shoes who never had a relationship in her life, had no chance with Kang Chanhee.

“You two would look together, though,” one of your best friends spoke up, shaking her head as she looked at the male’s group from across the lunchroom. “Plus, has he even had a girlfriend in this school?”

You slumped. She did have a point. Still, it would just never work. Yes, opposites attract, but that’s not always a good thing.

Meanwhile, while his friends were nudging him about something random on their phones, his eyes were glancing at you from across the noisy cafeteria. He had liked you for the longest time, and if he could, he could just ask you out and he’d know you say yes. But he couldn’t do that.

Girls like affection, or most girls in his school did. He knew he was deemed as a weirdo because he didn’t like that type of stuff, while all of his friends; heck, the whole school liked that stuff. He would pass by you in the halls and see you hugging your friends, or watch them call you adorable and sling their arms around your neck. Though he hated skinskip with… everyone, you had this vibe to you that just made people want to hug you and tease you. You were delightful in every way he could imagine and he wanted you to be in his arms, but his shyness and lack of romantic knowledge were two obstacles that were standing in the way of you he just couldn’t jump over.

“Yo, dude,” Hwiyoung nudged him, the raven haired raising an eyebrow at his best friend. He then looked towards your direction, “are you staring at y/n again?”

Chanhee flushed, furrowing his brows at the male and shoving his side. “Don’t look. She’ll see.”

Hwiyoung rolled his eyes. “You’re in love with her, dude. Please just ask her out. I’m sick of you staring at her and getting lost because you create little scenes in your head with you two kissinggg-”

“Shut the hell up, Hwiyoung.” Chanhee grumbled, cheeks even darker because it was true. If he couldn’t kiss you in real life, he could kiss you in his head.

“Seriously. Are you scared she’s not gonna say yes because you don’t kiss her every five seconds?”


Letting out a long sigh, Hwiyoung shook his head at him. “You’re pitiful, dude.”

Chanhee slumped, looking away from you and down at his juicebox, picking it up sadly. “I know.”


“He’s coming. He’s coming over here. Oh my god, y/n, fix your hair, and your skirt- oh my god, he’s coming-”

“Would you please shut your mouth?” you widened your eyes at your friend who was running her hands all over you, heart beating fast as you looked to see the familiar male clearly walking over to your direction.

“Hey, y/n.” Chanhee smiled at you, making your knees buckle. “Um. I need your help- with something.”

You blinked at him. He sounded unsure of what he saying, but if he needed your help and your help specifically, who were you to say no?

“Sure,” you smiled back, trying to be as casual as possible. “What is it?”

“Um- the new math homework is kind of kicking my butt and we have to turn it in by tomorrow. Can you come over and help me with it? I’ll pay you.”

If you could scream at this very moment, you would.

“Y-Yeah, I’ll help you,” your friend dug her elbow into your side for stuttering. “No payment needed! You can repay me some other way.”

“Okay, perfect,” he tore a piece of paper from his notebook and wrote his address on it. “Just come here after school. I’ll be there.” he smiled at you once more before walking off.

“Oh my god-”

“Don’t start. Shut up.”


You looked down at the address and then up to the door to make sure you were at the right place. You didn’t bring much; just your bag, phone, pencils and a calculator, not wanting to look like the nerd you really were in front of your crush. Sucking in a breath, you knocked on the front door three times, waiting patiently for it to open.

Chanhee appeared, looking like nighttime embodied in a human; he was wearing black from head to toe while you were still wearing your bright yellow uniform. Of course, of fucking course you had to wear your bright yellow uniform.

“Hey,” he said smoothly, moving to the side for you to walk in. “Come inside.”

You bit your lip as you stepped inside the empty house, the only sign of life being the grey cat that walked across the room, seeming to not be bothered at all by the unknown visitor. “Pretty place.”

“It’s not much.” he said in amusement at you, and suddenly he was taking your hand, leading you towards the stairs. Your cheeks were red and your eyes widened, trying not to trip over your own feet as you quickly hurried after him.

He felt his palm get sweaty by the time he took your hand. It was slightly forced, but it felt comfortable to have skinship with you in some sort of way, and of course, you only wrapped your hand back around his like you were used to this. Which you were. He wasn’t.

He led you into his room where the first thing you saw were papers scattered across his desk, messy writing all over them. You raised an eyebrow at him and he just blushed, moving all the papers out of the way.

“S-sorry. I’ll get my stuff.” you laughed at how cute he was seeming to be. You sat down, getting out your stuff, him sitting down next to you while you did so. When you looked up, he was staring, quickly looking down at his papers with a flush on his cheeks. You felt yourself become nervous, clearing your throat as you started to talk.

Just ten minutes in, he was barely paying attention, too busy staring at your lips or the side of your face or how pretty your handwriting was when you wrote down an equation. It was evident, by the way he was getting every equation wrong, and only paid attention to your words if you nudged him.

You sighed. Yes, you liked Chanhee a lot, but you were irritated. If there was anything that irritated you the most, it was people who didn’t want to put in the work, lazy people, and he seemed to be one of them.

“Look, Chanhee, I don’t think this is working. Is something distracting you? Because we could do this later.”

“Yes, something is distracting me.”

“What is it?”


You blinked up at him and again, he was staring, eyes unreadable but showing you all types of feelings at the same time. “Me?”

“Yes, you,” he confessed, gulping down a lump in his throat. “Look, y/n, I, I… can I kiss you?”

You blushed bright red, looking up at him questionably, but he looked certain in his words. “…okay.”

He let out a sigh of relief before he grabbed your face, pressing his lips to yours in the best way possible. Your hands hung in the air awkwardly before resting on his shoulders, then to his pitch black hair, bringing him as close as possible.

He tasted like vanilla to you and you tasted like chocolate to him, making the kiss ten times better as he pressed his lips into yours just a little deeper before pulling away. His lips were bright pink and yours were bright red, a pink flush on your cheeks while a red flush bloomed on it.

Opposites do attract. And you decided, that doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.

82 and 86 with Yondu

82: Just breathe, okay?
86: Don’t be scared I’m right here

You’d lived on Xandar for years now. After being taken from Earth as a teenager by Kree traffickers you’d been saved by Nova Corp officials. You’d lived on Xandar ever since.

Even though you never left your planet you’d somehow gotten involved with Ravagers. You ran a ship repair shop in the worst part of Xandar. Most of your customers were Ravagers or mercenaries. Your favorite customer was Yondu Udonta. He paid well and whenever he and his crew were at your shop they brought you new things and Yondu would stay at your house. Over time you’d sort of fallen for the rough Ravager captain.

He’d convinced you to go with him on a small job. You weren’t leaving Xandar and it’d be quick in and out. You rarely said no to Yondu and this wasn’t one of the times where you would. So you decided to go with him.

His little in and out job was far from being that. You’d gotten caught by the owner of whatever it was you were stealing. Before you could make it out the Nova Corp had showed up. Yondu had his chance to run and make it but he stayed right next to you. You were both picked up and taken to processing. As they scanned you you felt your heart race at the idea of being sent back to the Kree. They shoved you into a transport and you felt relief at the sight of Yondu. You were sat down next to him and he glanced over at you checking to see if you were okay. When you gave him a slight nod his own face relaxed.

“Welcome to the Kyln.” A guard laughed at the two of you as he pushed you into a room.

You changed into the bright yellow prison uniform keeping your back to the guard. When you finished you were pushed into the open space of the prison. Your heart was pounding in your chest as you looked around the crowded area. There were men watching you from every angle and you shook a little. You almost screamed when a hand touched your shoulder. You turned quickly pulling your hands up to fight off whoever it was. You eyes connected with a pair of red eyes and you calmed down.

Yondu stared down at you seeing you shaking where you stood. He hated himself for doing this to you. He knew you’d both get out the moment his crew heard about what had happened. It didn’t make watching you terrified out of your mind any easier. He glanced around the prison making sure no one had the nerve to make their way over to the both of you. He looked down at you again putting a large hand on your cheek.

“Just breathe, okay?” He stared into your eyes keeping you focused on him.

You took in deep breaths your eyes never leaving his face. You knew if you looked around you would start to panic again. When you seemed calm enough to reason with he leaned down to whisper in your ear.

“We’re gonna get outta here. Don’t worry. My crew’ll break us out. And I ain’t gonna let a single one of them touch ya.” He assured you glaring at the men around you.

You nodded unable to control yourself as you threw your arms around him and buried your face in his chest. He gently patted your back not letting his guard down.

As the day went on you seemed to grow more accustomed to the atmosphere around you. No one dared to try and get near you. Yondu’s reputation outweighed any curiosity the other inmates had. When night fell Yondu followed you to the cell you’d been assigned. He was grateful you were assigned your own cell as he laid down. He’d done stints in prison before but never with someone he cared about so much. He held you close to him trying to comfort and protect you despite the hard bed and the cold cell. He could feel you sobbing into his chest and he held you firmly on top of him trying to make sure you were at least comfortable.

“Don’t be scared, I’m right here. I ain’t gonna let nothin happen to ya.” He assured you trying to calm you down enough to sleep.

He stroked your hair gently as your sobs slowed and become muffled sniffs. He kissed the top of your head trying to keep you calm. He’d make sure nothing happened to you. He’d take down anyone. It was what he owed you after all. He got you here and he would get you out.

The Scenic Route

Hwiyoung scenario | Fluff | 1641 words

Requested by @witches-of-supernatural-end

   'Im late!’ You thought to yourself as you ran out the school gates, avoiding pedestrians as you zoomed by. It was a normal, boring day, as was everyday. You went to school, paid as much attention as your patience let you, met with your friends and decided to call it a day. If only your classmate hadn’t held you back for that long after class, since you had somewhere to be.
    You turned and ran towards the bus stop, coming to a halt before you clashed into the handfull of people waiting. There were never many people in this stop, even though there are two schools to either side. Taking this bus was a waste of time, the bus on the other side of your school had an at least 30 minutes faster route towards your home and most residential areas. But after one day you missed your normal bus, you decided not to wait for it and walk to this one, you embraced the thought of the change of route, sort of like an adventure. Only when you were sitting there waiting for the bus, you found a reason to permanently change buses.
    You were still catchig your breath. The bus was still 10 minutes from arriving so the people of the stop eyed you strangely since you had sprinted as if you were going to miss it. You ignored their stares, fixing your hair calmly and looking around on-the-sly. Your heart seemed to stop as you found your “target”, still gently walking towards the bus stop from the opposite side that you came from. He was immersed in his mobile phone, headphones on. He pushed a strand of bleached-blonde hair away from his eyes. Its been three weeks since you’ve been seeing him, and he still took your breath away as if it was the first time.
    ‘His friend didnt come with him this time.’ You thought, since he always went home with his friend, they must be neighbors or something. He laid his head back on the wall, looking up at the sky mouthing something you couldn’t understand. He was deeply invested in the song, and you couldn’t help but smile at the thought that he looks like he’s modeling for a magazine, which you wouldn’t doubt for one second. His bright yellow uniform was clean and pristine, fitting him perfectly; you blushed realizing how awkward it was for you to think of that.
    The bus made its way to the stop, its doors creaking open. You all piled your way into an almost full bus, finding a seat near the back. You took the window seat. You put your bag at your feet, bending over to look inside it for your headphones, noticing in the corner of your eye as two long legs slid onto your row and sat next to you. You looked up out of curiosity, and were greeted by no other than blondie himself. He smile awkwardly, probably surprised about your reaction, which you hadn’t noticed had been a little too surprised.
    “There were no other seats…” he said shyly. You nodded without saying anything and decided to give up on your search for your headphones. The bus started moving, slowly boucing with each bump on the road.
    “You’re from (your school)?” His voice broke the silence. You looked a at him, his headphones were no longer in his ears and you seemed to have his full attention.  You tried not to blush and nodded gently.  "Is this the only way to your home? Doesn’t the other bus go directly to the residential areas?“
You smiled at his attempt at smalltalk “I like this route more.” You said getly, only afterwards noticing that that sounded a bit suspicious.
    He tilted his head in confusion and laughed gently “Why’s that?”
    ‘You.’ The thought popped in your mind but you shook it off. “Better scenery.” Well, you didnt lie, but you knew you werent the type to like looking out the windows.
    “Ah so you prefer the city, too?” He laughed again, you were beginning to find comfort in it. “I’m Hwiyoung, by the way. I go to (his school). ”
    You introduced yourself, hapiness emerging from you since now you didn’t have to refer to him as “the blonde from the bus stop.”
    “You usually sit with someone here though, is he sick?” You blurted out, only then realizing it might be a little rude of you to ask about somebody else.
    “Oh,” He looked at his hands sitting on his lap, smiling a little awkwardly. “That’s Chani, he’s my roommate. He had, um, some business to attend to. Sorry, I hadn’t notice you had seen us before.” He laughed again.
    You felt your cheeks grow hot, but played it off “How can you not notice two tall guys in bright yellow clothing?” His head flung back as he laughed.
    “Yeah I guess it’s kinda hard to miss. Chani said you had most likely seen us but I thought he was just joking around.”
    His words seemed to linger for a second until the flutter in your stomach pushed you to ask. “You’ve seen me before?”
    He turned to you, flustered with sudden realization of what he just said. “Ah, that was a bit creepy, sorry…” Hwiyoung covered his mouth with his hand. He suddenly seemed nervous, his foot tapped on the floor as if he was ready to run away.
    A moment passed by and the only thing you could hear was the low roar of the bus engine and a few passengers chatting quietly. The awkward air made you nervous as well, and you feared that your first conversation with the Blondie from the bus would be the last.
    “I don’t have to take this bus.” Hwiyoung broke the silence. He was looking down at his hands shyly. “We have a driver that can pick us up, but Chani is making me go on the bus to force me to talk to you. We had to use the bus once, and I noticed you sitting in the back. Chani won’t let it go, he forced me to come back the day after to see if you’d be on it again. He’s pretty persistent, so he said if I didn’t talk to you today when he wasn’t here then he would force it tomorrow. I didn’t want to embarrass you… ”
    His words swam through your head as your cheeks turned bright red. The blonde boy on the bus, the reason you were always late to get home, the reason you decided to spend an extra 30 minutes on an uncomfortable, hot bus… Turns out he was doing the same to see you?
    “I was late for my bus. ” you blurted out. “So I decided to walk to this bus for once. I noticed you in the bus stop, and next thing I new I was back the next day, and it’s been that way since then…”
    He turned to you as you spoke, as shocked as you were with his sudden confession. Hwiyoung looked down, scratching the back of his head and laughing shyly. “If both of us hadn’t been on that bus we wouldn’t be on it right now.” You giggled, thinking of how silly all this was.
    The bus stopped, and with a look out the window you realized this was the end of your conversation with Hwiyoung. “This is your stop.” you said and he seemed to jump back into reality, grabbing his bag and standing up, letting people behind him pass first.
    “It was nice talking to you.” he said, a slight sad tone to his words. Seems he didn’t want the conversation to end either. He waved and began to walk towards the bus doors. Hwiyoung stopped in his tracks, turning around to face you. “Y/N,” he called out.
    It was the first time he had said your name, somehow you thought it sounded so much better coming from his lips.
    He looked at you straight on, cheeks slightly flushed.  "Can I sit with you again tomorrow?“
    You couldn’t help but smile. "I’ll be waiting.” you said in response.
    His face lit up and he said goodbye again, then walked out the bus. You looked out the window in curiosity. He seemed to jump off the last step, grabbed his head with both hands and shook it slightly, face pure of excitement. You laughed, but found yourself doing the same on the rest of the ride home.

    You stood at the bus stop. People were chatting quietly. The weather was perfect. But you looked around and noticed that the Blondie from the bus was nowhere to be seen. You were starting to believe that he wouldn’t show. The bus roared to a stop in front of you, and you lost all hope of seeing him. You weren’t mad, you just hoped that nothing bad had happened to him. Everybody started piling up to enter the bus and the doors.
    “Y/N!” You heard the fast stomping of feet and turned to see Hwiyoung running up to you, just like you had the day before. He stopped next to you, taking a moment to catch his breath. “Sorry, I’m late.” he puffed, slightly embarrassed.
    “That’s okay, I was thinking about waiting for the next bus. ” you laughed as he suddenly became flustered.
    Everybody had entered the bus. You noticed that he wasn’t using his school uniform. Does that mean he hadn’t gone to school? Had he run all the way here just to get on the bus with you?
    Hwiyoung shyly put his hand on your back to guide you onto the steps. “Let’s go. ” he smiled down at you, pushing you gently. You were so glad you had missed the bus that day.

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(when you find a gif that fits your scenario perfectly)

Sorry I took such a long hiatus guys!! I had a horrible case of writers block (and a newfound obsession with GOT7 and BTS) But just like SF9 Im back with a boom!! C: make sure to check out my masterlist, link in my bio! 

I still don’t have a computer so its a  bit hard to write scenarios but I’m gonna do my best!!


Down In The Dirt


Hotaru had happened to be out that night and sensed the release of the energy. There had been something big going on. While it might attract the attention of Yuko or Nanami, she felt that it was important to check this scene out. 

However, by the time she was within sight of ground zero, there was little left to show of anything. The buildings were slightly scorched and the ground around it had collapsed. Willie and the Jester had long since left. The police in the city would just blame it on a pipe line exploding or something more rational than a warring faction of magical girls and witches.

Hotaru had been wandering the streets and came across a broken down fence. There seemed to be a trail of blood that want away from the scene. She found a woman crouched near the side of the building. 

Unsure of what to do next, Hotaru kept her distance. The other seemed to be breathing, but very banged up. Hotaru was not a healer, that had been the role of the founder of the Aries. All she could do was attempt to get this woman to the hospital. 

So in order to ‘blend in’, Hotaru changed her normal outfit to a local aid worker. They were a common sight in the city ever since the curfews had been put into place. Their bright yellow uniforms were easy to spot out. 

“Excuse me.” Hotaru said. “You’re pretty injured. I’m going to try and help you. I don’t know what happened here, but I can’t leave you here like this. I’m going to try and do some very basic first aid. I’ll get you to a hospital as soon as I can.”

Hotaru normally kept bandages and other such items for herself in case of a Yuko attack; however, she couldn’t in good conscious leave this woman behind. They had been hurt in a magical incident. She just hoped that she was a better actor than Riku was. 

“Don’t move, please. Can you tell where you hurt the most?”

Jeon Jungkook x Reader - Second Year (1)

Genre: Fluff, Angst (later on)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Summary: Despite already debuting as a K-Pop star, Jin convinced their maknae, Jungkook, to go to highschool that specializes in training K-Pop stars. There he gets unwanted attention from people who simply want him for his popularity. That is, until You appeared in his life as an aloof, smiling girl who immediately brightened his high school life. Little did he know, though, how involved you were going to be in his life.

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Sam Winchester X Reader - Things Just Got Less Boring

Originally posted by samgirlsclub

Imagine you and Sam working together as lifeguards at your local pool, and you always end up working at the same time.
Word Count:1,114
Warnings: almost drowning

This is my entry for @teamfreewill-imagine @latinenglishfandomblog ‘s writing challenge! I hope you like it!

You hear your radio from your belt, and you pick it up to hear your best friend Sam’s voice ring through it.

 “Okay, Y/N. It’s your shift. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to reach your chair before the previous lifeguard leaves the room. But remember you’re a lifeguard. No running,” He challenges.

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Prompt: Some women prefer chocolates and flowers, but Root knows that the way to Shaw's heart is guns and deli sandwiches.

A knock on Shaw’s apartment door woke her up. She grabbed the nearest weapons to her, a nine millimeter handgun that was tucked between the mattress andbedframe. She sleepily trudged her way to the door and opened it, gun in hand. The man in the bright yellow and blue uniform smiled brightly at her. He offered her a bouquet of roses and a stuffed teddy bear, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Shaw stared blankly at the man for a moment before accepting the gifts and closing the door. She dropped the gifts on the table and started looking through the roses for a card trying to figure out what kind of lunatic would send her these kinds of things. She tore off the red tissue paper around the stems of the roses and found something completely unexpected. A Mac 10 was hidden in the stems, disassembled so it wouldn’t look too suspicious in the rose stems. Shaw took it out and put it together, finding a fully functioning, mint condition automatic weapon.

She looked at the teddy bear on the table and poked it. It definitely didn’t feel like a teddy bear should. She grabbed a knife off of her nightstand and flipped it open. She cut into the teddy bear and ripped it open finding that there was only a thin layer of stuffing. She turned the bear over and bullets started falling out. There had to be at least two hundred inside of the bear.

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