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Grammys: Josh Dun imagine

Y/N: Sorry this one’s kinda short, I just did a little drabble (but it’s longer than a series chapter) let me know if you want a part two maybe and I’ll whip something up ok love you guys!!! And btw some of these requests I’ve been getting lately are super amazing I love em I love you xoxo

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Hi! Can I request a josh dun x reader where they’re at the Grammys and Josh goes with her and he is very happy to show her girlfriend to the world? Please 😁

*female reader

Staring at yourself in the mirror, you examined your dress, your makeup, your hair, everything about you. You had to look perfect. There would be millions of people watching you, eyes fixed on you, giving you the title of the girlfriend belonging to the one and only Joshua William Dun of Twenty One Pilots. And completely honest, you were not ready at all. Josh was handsome and hot and talented and famous and you were, well, you. Your smile faded away as you looked at yourself in the mirror, trying to take a deep breath and search for that lost self-confidence, closing your eyes and beginning to tell yourself you looked just fine when you felt two arms wrap around you, pressing a soft kiss to the back of your neck before resting on your shoulder and whispering in your ear. “You look absolutely gorgeous, y/n,” Josh murmured quietly before placing a quick kiss on your cheek. “Damn I don’t think I’m going to let you leave the house looking like that.”

“Whatever,” you giggled, turning around and looking up at him, both of you sharing a rather passionate kiss. When you pulled away, you stared into your eyes. “Really? I look okay?”

“Okay?” he raised his eyebrows. “You look absolutely stunning.”

“You sure?” you insisted.

“I swear,” he chuckled. “Gosh, I have to give it to Jenna, you do look really amazing in yellow.” It had been Tyler’s idea for the two of you to wear bright yellow dresses to match Josh’s new hair. While you seemed a little skeptical at first, Jenna insisted, saying it complimented your eyes, and even dragged you out to a shop for the day to go searching for the perfect one for you.

“The dress looks like Belle’s from Beauty and the Beast,” you nodded, twirling around in it once, the fabric flowing around your legs and Josh’s smile grew even wider.

“Exactly,” he grinned. “You’re a princess.”

“More like the beast,” you teased.

“Oh shut up,” he rolled his eyes, pulling you into a huge hug. “I’m not lying when I say you look like the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“You’re too kind,” you smirked. “Now come on. Let’s hurry over there and kick butt! I bet you’re going to win more than one!”

“We’re lucky if we win one,” he laughed. “But I agree, we should head over.”

When you were both driving to the venue, you could feel something was off. Josh kept biting his lower lip, knuckles turning white because he was clenching the steering wheel too hard, or constantly darting his eyes around nervously. “You okay, babe?” you raised an eyebrow, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Huh?” he whipped his head around to look at you when he reached a stop light. “I’m okay.”

“You look nervous as hell,” you softened your eyes.

“I am,” he admitted. “I’m scared to death.”

“Don’t worry,” you soothed. “You look amazing, your music sounds amazing, and you guys are amazing. I know you’ll win.”

“Yeah, but everyone will be staring at me,” he mumbled. “A million eyes all watching me if I go up on that stage. Even if I don’t. I have this bright yellow hair and these gages and-”

“And they’re all tiny reasons that add up to why I love you,” you reminded.

“I feel like I’m going to look like a fool,” Josh whispered. “I mean, I already do in this tuxedo and bowtie.”

“Don’t say that,” you argued. “You look like Prince Charming. Perfect for a princess like me, right?”

“Right,” he smiled. “I just don’t want to mess up.”

“Sometimes I wish I could just punch your anxiety in the face,” you frowned.

“Yeah,” he sighed. “Me too.”

“Look sweetie, you’re going to do absolutely amazing,” you reassured. “And besides, I’ll be right there beside you. Got it?”

“Definitely,” he nodded, turning into a parking spot. “I don’t know what I’d do without you. Gosh, I can’t even believe we got this far.”

“I’m so proud of you guys,” you beamed.

“We’re just two guys from Columbus, Ohio. We were literally just playing in front of handfuls of people in a basement and now we’re selling out Madison Square Garden, being televised nationally, and now we have a chance at winning a Grammy. That’s absolutely insane,” he sighed, parking the car and staring at you. “I don’t even know how it happened.”

“I’m so happy for you,” you kissed him on the lips. “Ready to add another accomplishment to that long list?”

“You bet,” he agreed.

When you arrived, there was already plenty of people there. Luckily, you hadn’t spotted anyone else wearing such a bold shade of yellow, and it made you excited and happy. It wasn’t long before a teenage boy was running up to Josh, huge smile plastered on his face. “Hey, uh, I was wondering if maybe I could get an autograph, please?” he wondered, grinning up at Josh. “I’ve been listening to your music for years. I’m a huge fan.”

“Absolutely,” Josh nodded, receiving the marker and piece of paper he handed him.

“So who’s this lucky lady?” the boy asked.

“Oh, y/n?” Josh laughed, tugging you right at his side and wrapping an arm around your waist. “This is my lovely girlfriend.”

“Sweet,” the boy grinned. “She’s very pretty.”

“Isn’t she?” Josh beamed. “You know, before we came here she was being all flustered acting like she didn’t look good in this dress. Can you believe that?”

“Josh,” you turned red, stifling a chuckle.

“You guys are the perfect couple,” the boy laughed. “Thanks so much for the autograph, Josh.”

“No problem,” he reassured. He ran away happily and you slapped Josh on the arm.

“Why’d you say that?” you joked.

“What? Say that you’re beautiful?” he raised an eyebrow. “Because you are.”

“Flirt,” you smirked. “Come on, let’s go look for Jenna and Tyler.”

“Wait! Joshua Dun!” an interviewer raced up to the two of you, microphone in hand, a camera crew following close behind. “My name is Stacey. I’m a reporter here tonight, I was wondering if you would be open to sharing about the lovely lady you brought with you tonight possibly? She isn’t a familiar face, but she definitely will be remembered after tonight. That’s a lovely dress dear.”

“Thanks,” you blushed.

“This is y/n, she’s my girlfriend,” Josh presented you and thrust out his hands, waving them up and down as if he was selling a product or showing a prize on a gameshow. “She’s the only award I need tonight.”

“How sweet,” Stacey gushed. She shook Josh and your hand and then grinned back at the camera. “Look at these two love birds.”

“Love birds indeed,” he chuckled, giving you a kiss on the cheek. “But I think it’s time for us to fly away now.”

“Oh yes, you two run along. I think Tyler and Jenna are over by the red carpet,” she informed. “Good luck tonight!”

“Thanks so much,” Josh responded, linking his arm with yours and plastering on a smile. “Come on my little chickadee, we’ve got a lot more stuff to do before we win that Grammy.”

“Chickadee?” you giggled. “You’re awfully cheerful now.”

“I’ve got good vibes,” he shrugged. “Oh look! There’s Tyler and Jenna!”

“Where?” your eyes instantly darted around in search of the matching bright yellow, and when you saw her, your face lit up. “Goddammit she looks like a Queen.”

“You look better,” he whispered in your ear with a sly smile as you approached them both. You were about to protest but Josh was already unlinking his arm from yours, engulfing Tyler in a huge hug, and Jenna approached you with a huge grin.

“Oh my goodness gracious, y/n!” Jenna exclaimed. “You look like you just stepped out of a fairy tale, sweetheart.”

“Me?” you laughed. “Look at you!”

“She looks smoking,” you could hear Tyler whisper to Josh. “I could barely breathe when she walked out of the bedroom.”

“I know, same here,” Josh agreed in a low murmur. “She didn’t even notice me staring at her from the doorway. Dude, I was floored.”

“I don’t know but I think we should start doing more of these Grammy things if they’re going to look as hot as this,” Tyler teased.

“Hey!” Jenna snapped, giving him a playful tug on the ear. “You boys should work on your whispering skills. We can hear everything.”

“Then that just means you’ll know how much we think you look so freaking sexy tonight,” Tyler smirked, grabbing her by the hips and pulling her closer. “Right, babe?”

“Sure,” she rolled her eyes, planting her lips on his for a kiss. A couple flashes went off and Josh chuckled.

“Come on guys,” he laughed. “Let’s keep the PDA to a minimum.”

“Shut up,” Tyler narrowed his eyes when he pulled away from the kiss, squeezing Jenna’s hand before letting go. “I bet you guys are going to be all over each other by the time we sit down.”

“It’s the Grammys,” Josh argued. “We have to be well behaved.”

“Well behaved,” Tyler scoffed. “Like that’s something we know how to do.”

“You’re being so silly,” Jenna sighed.

“Just wait until we take our pants off,” Tyler winked. “Then it will get real.”

“What?” you and Jenna both exclaimed at the same time.

“Nothing,” Tyler reassured. “Just a joke.”

“It better be,” Jenna warned.

“Sure…” Josh smirked, leaving both of you curious of what the hell that meant.

About a Girl [1]

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Namjoon: dad!au & CEO!au

Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 /Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Final / Epilogue 

Meet the new nanny.

You stared up from the slip of paper that you held in your hand, an address scribbled on it. This was it. This was the building that your newest employer resided in. You took a deep breath before pushing into the buildings revolving door. 

Upon entering you noticed a security guard at a desk a few feet away. Whoever had hired you sure lived in a nice place to warrant security in the building. The man gave you a slight smile, “Can I help you ma’am?”

You nodded, “Yes please. I’m here for Kim Namjoon. He lives in apartment 441.”

The man grabbed a clipboard, flipping through a couple pages. “Could you tell me your name?”


“Ah, yes. Miss Y/LN.” He put down the clipboard as his smile became a little more sincere. “You’re the new nanny to little miss Jangmi I hear. She’s a good girl, I can’t imagine she will give you much trouble. It’s her father you’ll wanna watch out for.”

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Second Love (pt. 01)

Pairing: Yoongi | Reader.
Genre: Angst, SummerLove AU, Fluff & (future) Smut
Word Count: 9k

A/N: This is the first part of this “short story”. I’ll upload the second part next week. Enjoy! <3

Pt. 01  |  Pt. 02  |  Pt. 03

Winter, 2016

You hate Sundays.

You have always hated them. There’s something about them you can’t quite decipher… 

Is it because you know the weekend has come to an end and a new boring week is going to start? Is it monotony? Loneliness? Sadness? Nostalgia?
You hate Sundays, but this specific Sunday, today, you can feel a heavy feeling in the back of your head.

Is it because of the cloudy sky? Or is it just you? Is it the cold weather of Seoul’s Winter? Or is it just you?

You sigh and rub your temples as you place your head in the window, the only thing separating you from the freezing glass is your grey beanie.

It has been a rough day at the hospital. Running up and down and not even stopping to have a cup of coffee. The snow has blocked some of the main roads and it has caused a few accidents. Blood, bones, people crying, more blood…

You hate Sundays. No, you hate winter Sundays.

All you want to do is arrive to your small apartment, call your mom, call your sister, have a nice bath and eat some pizza while cuddling in the sofa with your American Stanford: Pongo.

As the bus makes its way through the crowded streets of the city you moved in when you were ten, you look at the skyscrapers, the lights, the snow that covers the pavement, the people (hating Sundays as much as you do for what you can see in their faces) the cars, the streets… You would usually read a book as you always spend forty five minutes in the bus, but you finished the one Mei lend you last week and you have already read all the books you own, which are a few to say the least. 

It seems like another boring ride home on another boring Sunday evening. Or at least it seems so until the bus stops. 

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Enchantress (Beast/Adam Imagines)

Request : May I request that the reader is the enchantress that lays the curse on the Beast but instead of Belle breaking he spell, its the Enchantress that stays with him? - @lewaotic

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You were the enchantress, also known as (y/n). Your job was to fix people for the better. Which is how you got in this situation.

 "Please, may I come in I’m really cold and sick.“ You coughed into your hand as the rain hit your back. "I can give you this.” You raised your hand to show Prince Adam a single rose.

 He laughed in your face. “Only beautiful people are aloud in here so I’m afraid you are going to have to leave.” Adam looked you up and down and looked away in disgust.

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Byun Baekhyun x Reader - Angst

Words: 4K

Summary: Childhood friends before you moved away and took his heart along with you, Baekhyun soon debuted as EXO’s singer in hopes of finding you again. So why were you standing in front of him as an EXO fan with no memories of your childhood?

Part 1 | 2

He didn’t know when he gave his heart to you. Maybe it was when you pushed some bullies off of him. Or maybe it was the time you came over to help him with his math homework. He wasn’t sure how it happened, all he knew was that it did happen. He entrusted his feelings when you stepped inside your car, tears staining your face and your small hands wiping the tears away.

The vivid scene of your tied up (h/c) hair and swollen red eyes as you gripped your teddy bear was ingrained his mind. He remembered your little bunny backpack that complemented your bright yellow dress. He remembered the tears peeking from his mother’s eyes as she said her goodbyes to your mother. And he remembered the bracelet of the moon hanging from your wrist, his bracelet matched with the sun.

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Yellow is a Happy Colour

“Come to the wedding” Harry asked.

You hesitated, this was the love of your life asking you to go to a wedding that would ruin your life. It’s not like Harry didn’t love you, you were the love of his life as well, he’d just made some bad decisions, and being who he was he was trying to do the right thing.


You’d waited forever for him to come home, he’d texted you just hours before that he was on his way home and he needed to talk to you. Your heart pounded with anxiety over what he could possibly need to talk to you about.

The look on his face was grim as he entered the house. You drew up a breath, not wanting to start the conversation. Harry ran his hand through his hair and motioned for you to join him on the love seat. Sighing, you sat beside him, crossing your legs so that you wouldn’t be touching him.

“What did I do?”

The question surprised him, it even surprised you. You had not expected yourself to speak until he had spoken, but the anxiety was killing you and when you were dating someone like Harry there was a lot of anxiety when it came to talks.

“You didn’t do anything” He says grabbing your hand. He is trying to reassure you, but he looks so worried and so uncomfortable that you can’t help to think that maybe you did do something.

“You know that a few weekends ago was Kendall’s birthday” he starts.

You nod, you couldn’t attend her party because she didn’t like you and because you had an art convention for your university that day. Kendall’s party, more or less, was the reason why Harry hadn’t come home that weekend, but it did not explain why he hadn’t come home this weekend.

“I tried everything I could, I made sure it was true and it is” he begins.

Your eyes widen, you don’t know what he’s talking about, but Harry is beginning to cry.

“Harru, what are you talking about?” You ask. You only called him Harru when he needed a good laugh, it had started out as a typo, but now it was comedic with endearing undertones.

“She is pregnant” He says and at this point he gets up and runs upstairs.

You let him go, you need time to understand how this could have happened. Harry was the most kind, generous guy and you couldn’t see him cheating on purpose. As much as Kendall disliked you, you couldn’t really see her convincing Harry to cheat either.

You get up from the love seat and join Harry upstairs. You sit beside him and rub his back, just as you had any other time when he wasn’t feel quite himself.

“How did it happen?” you ask.

You whispered this, but he hears you and he pulls his head up from the pillow.

“I’ve been so tired from work lately, ya know?” Harry starts, sitting his head in your lap,“I thought, maybe if I had a few drinks before the party that I’d be able to stay awake through the whole thing, but there was more drinking than I thought”.

You nod, trying to imagine the story in your mind.

“We were having fun, playing childish games, you know, suck and blow, all that” he says softly, as if he doesn’t want the words to have quite the impact that they had.

“When she kissed me, I swear, for a second I imagined it was you” Harry’s hands are now gripping yours, his thumbs circling the backs of them again and again.

“It was too late, I was feeling it in that moment, I needed to feel something, I was so numb from the drinking and everything was a blur” Harry says kissing your hands. This was something he usually did after he told you that he loved you.

“She called me today, and told me when I was at the airport getting ready to come home to you” He continues, you’ve been silent until now.

“I went to see her, to find out if it was true, and she says it really is and I don’t know why she would lie.”

“You’re leaving?” You say, interrupting for the first time since he started recalling the situation.

He nods, and your eyes start to tear up.

“Come to the wedding” Harry asked.

You hesitated, this was the love of your life asking you to go to a wedding that would ruin your life. It’s not like Harry didn’t love you, you were the love of his life as well, he’d just made some bad decisions, and being who he was he was trying to do the right thing.

You nod, you love and support him and if he wants you there then you’d be there.


You wear a bright yellow checkered-print dress. Yellow is a happy colour, and you think that maybe if you wear it, you might not cry.

Harry looks good, a single curl falls over his forehead, and he has a slight beard and moustache growing in. He’s wearing a suit of pale pink to match Kendall’s pale pink dress.

You heard she didn’t want to be traditional and this was certainly untraditional. You take a seat next to Anne, who pats your hand gently. If anyone had been rooting for you guys, it had been Anne. You had cried to her after Harry had left, and had made you a strong cup of tea and let you cry on her shoulder.

Harry catches your eye and smiles, you shake your head and look away, you can’t deal with how he makes you feels, you’re supposed to be there to support him wholeheartedly.

The music plays and Kendall walks down the aisle. You cannot help to think that maybe she and Harry were a better match than you and him were. Her hair shines in the pale light, and she smiles a red-lipped smile.

Before she’s even on the stage, Anne starts to cry. You understand, her baby boy is getting married, no matter what the circumstances are. You pat her shoulder and hold her hand. You want to cry, you really want to cry.

Nobody objects to the marriage, Kendall’s family whoops and hollers though, like they’ve just won a prize of some sort.

There is dancing, music, and food afterwards, but you stay in your seat anyway. You’re not here to have fun, you’re here to be a good friend. After you watch Harry and Anne dance you decide you’ve been a good enough friend for one day.

You grab your bag and start to leave. You turn to take one last look at Harry to find him standing behind you.

“Dance with me” He says.

You shake your head and turn around, how could he be that cruel? When you get home you cry in your car, you tell yourself that you hope he is happy and that they will have a long, happy marriage, but this makes you cry harder.

You take a breath and pull your phone out. Harry has texted you numerous times, and you have no plans on answering them. You instead block him, noting that you’ll unblock him when you don’t feel like crying at the mere mention of his name.

You get out the car and walk into the house ready to forget about him, and treat yourself. You close the door behind you knowing that Harry will never again walk into this home, and for once you are okay with that.

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Hey! Sorry to bother but I was wondering if you could write an imagine where Josh is with his nice but then she gets lost and y/n is a stranger who helps him find her and it's just really cute? Thanks so much I love your writing btw


It’s a regular Tuesday as you step off the bus at your usual stop. The sun is still clinging high in the sky although looming clouds appear to have begun creeping in since you took your lunch break. Maybe it’ll rain later.

Just like every day, you make your way to the town park, sidestepping two young bikers as you head down a path. The sun’s rays feel heavenly as they lick at your skin, and the light breeze that tickles your cheek and seeps into your pores is a blessing after a day stuck inside the office. 

You pause on your way down the path to watch a group of young boys kicking around a soccer ball, your mind stirring up memories of playing with your own friends back in the day. You can’t help but wince sympathetically when one boy goes down in a harsh tackle, but scraped knees don’t stop his ruddy smile or bright laughter. As the boy runs back into the fray of the game, you continue your way down the path. You’re almost nearing the far exit when a piercing cry reaches your ears and stops you dead in your tracks. When you snap your head in the direction of the sound, your eyes find a small girl sitting in the grass crying. Her hair is plaited into two braids; although, a few springy curls have broken free. A bright yellow dress hangs from her small frame, the fabric covered in grass stains, and her flushed cheeks are damp from the tears flowing from her eyes. She can’t be more than four, and your heart instantly goes out to her, it wrenching and twisting painfully between your ribs. Before you can even hesitate, your legs are carrying you towards the girl, your eyes darting around for any sign of a frantic parent.

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so i was watching 2x19 (again) and noticed for the first time that everyone in IT except for Winn wears the DEO catsuit uniform so...

It starts with a joke.

One of the things Maggie comes to learn about Alex is that she’s obsessed with Halloween. She’s big on holidays in general, sure, Valentine’s Day and birthdays and, hell, even Arbor Day get more recognition than in any relationship Maggie’s ever had before. But Halloween puts the others to shame. Alex loves Halloween so much it makes it look like she’d barely noticed Valentine’s Day.

Around midsummer, Alex starts talk about costumes. Whenever she thinks of a pun or they see a new movie with a distinctive character, or they encounter a cool looking alien, Maggie learns that Alex’s first reaction is, “that would be a good Halloween costume.” Like the way some people say, that would be a good band name, Alex defaults to Halloween.

And, of course, because it’s Alex and Alex is deep, there’s a deep reason for it. Getting to pretend to be someone else, stepping out of the shadow of her brilliant parents and alien sister, shucking off expectations and just getting to be Alex, just getting to highlight her brains and her wit and her crafty skills (which, where are those the rest of the year, Maggie wonders, flipping through old photos of past Halloweens), it makes sense. In retrospect, it’s so totally Alex.

It’s nerdy and wonderful and quirky and unexpected and Maggie loves her for it.

And so Maggie gets sucked into it too. She finds herself saying, “oh yeah, that’s my Halloween costume,” but to the most random things, just to make Alex laugh. About a toddler they see in the park wearing rainbow leggings, a tutu, and no shirt (“you’d look great in that,” Alex had murmured into her ear). About a new bottle of scotch. About a weird blob they spend a month investigating and never figure out if it was a body part or an excrement from an alien.

So when James brings wings and mashed potatoes to game night, just for him and Maggie cause they both love pizza but like, they have it a lot, Maggie pays him the highest compliment she can think of. “You’re the best thing I’ve ever seen, James Olson. I should be you for Halloween.”

And Kara and Winn and Lena and James and J’onn and Alex all laugh, and Maggie looks around at them, dumbly, not understanding the joke.

And Alex knows that Maggie has some…issues…with being laughed at when she doesn’t get the joke, so she quickly walks over to her and slips an arm low around her waist and pulls her into her body and drops a kiss on her head. “Babe,” she says, a fond smile pulling her lips, her eyes both laughing and loving, “you can’t be James for Halloween. No one would be able to tell you were wearing a costume.” Maggie looks at her, eyebrows furrowed, she still doesn’t get it.

Kara tries to help, but she’s still so close to laughing. “Like, what would you want to wear, Maggie?”

“Um, I don’t know, like a tight grey long-sleeved henley, too-tight jeans, and maybe a black jacket?” Maggie offers, hesitantly, still not getting the joke.

Alex just waves a hand up and down, indicating Maggie’s body. Maggie follows the motion with her eyes, and starts to laugh too.

She’s wearing a tight grey long-sleeved Henley, too tight dark jeans, and her favorite black leather jacket.

Maggie laughs long and hard, and they all join her.

“Jimmy,” she says, when she has her breath back, still leaning into the warmth and comfort of Alex’s body. “I had no idea we were twinsies all this time.”

“And you call yourself a detective,” Winn mutters.

They have a Halloween pre-party at Kara’s. There’s a big CatCo party they’re all going to later, but they meet up at Kara’s for dinner and drinks beforehand to give Kara and James a fun Halloween before they have to network and be professional at the party.

Since that night, they’d all joked about it incessantly. Would Winn look funnier in a Supergirl costume or a Martian Manhunter suit? If they dressed as each other, would this Halloween prove for once and for all that Maggie and Alex really don’t have separate wardrobes anymore? Would a bowtie of Winn’s even fit around James’ neck? Alex and Maggie furtively text each other under the table when it comes up: will Lena declare her feelings by coming as Supergirl? Or as Kara? Or maybe, Maggie suggests, she’ll do a vertical split half-Kara-half-Supergirl costume to prove she’s known the truth forever.

It’s not like they’ve made a plan or anything, but, on October 31st, they all show up at Kara’s, and they’ve all done it.

It’s James who ends up dressed as Supergirl. He went all in – he’s got a long blonde wig (a very cheap, very terrible one) and the full suit, including the thigh-high boots and the skirt and the tights, which he complains about incessantly. “How do women wear these,” he whines for the third time in as many minutes, “they rip when you touch them! And this skirt is short, like, one good gust of wind and my junk is everywhere.”

Maggie just claps him on the shoulder. “Welcome to the patriarchy, my friend,” she says, taking his beer from his hand and drinking from it herself. “Gender norms are a bitch.”

Alex comes dressed as Winn, with a plaid shirt buttoned all the way up and a clashing patterned bowtie and her hair heavily gelled so it’s slicked back but also puffed up in the front like his. She manages to maintain an endearing but nervous energy all night, pressing her palms to her forehead and running her hands through her hair and saying things like “next level” “jiggery-pokey” and it’s just so Winn. And it’s not her best look aesthetically – Maggie’s into her no matter what she wears, obviously, but she’s ready to see what’s underneath the clothes more than she usually is, but Alex is having so much fun and Maggie loves it.

Maggie herself is dressed as Kara. She’s got a blindingly pink cardigan over a bright yellow work dress with a thin little belt around her waist, and cute black mary jane heels. Her hair is up in bun with little braids threaded through it, and she keeps offering everyone hot lattes and asking about layouts. She refuses to tell anyone where she got the clothes, even Alex. She looks good, objectively, but no one can stop gawking or laughing at her.

J’onn just keeps popping in as other people. First as Cat Grant, nearly giving Kara a heart attack, then as Maxwell Lord, nearly earning himself a punch to the face from Alex, then as Lucy Lane, then as Vasquez, then Eliza. He finally settles into just wearing his own face – J’onn, not Hank – and everyone whines that shapeshifters really shouldn’t be invited to costume parties.

Lena comes as James, wearing, of course, a tight grey henley unbuttoned one button too many, dark jeans (which definitely came from the men’s department, Maggie’s gay brain notes), black suit shoes, and an expensive camera slung across her chest. She’s got her hair pulled back into a low bun on the nape of her neck and she’s not wearing her usual bold makeup. She looks good. And gay. Alex and Maggie exchange a series of eyebrows.

Kara is dressed as Maggie. Skintight high-waisted jeans with a thin black belt through them, a flannel shirt tucked in, black boots, leather jacket. Her hair is down, parted in the middle, and mostly straight, with a few un-Supergirl-like curls in it, and it keeps falling down into her face. She’s got a prop gun tucked into her waistband, and she walks around asking everyone if they’ve seen her girlfriend who is so cool and wonderful and smart and pretty, has anyone seen her, she’s so great? It’s, honestly, pretty spot-on.

And Kara and Maggie have had their issues, so it makes everyone’s heart grow a couple sizes to see that they picked each other for this. It’s cute, and Maggie gets even more why Alex loves this holiday so much.

But the real prize is Winn. He’s dressed as Alex, in full DEO tactical gear. All black catsuit uniform, complete with thigh holster and tactical vest. He stands with his legs set wide, hands on his hips (in a pose most would associate with Supergirl but everyone in the room knows Kara stole from Alex), and threatens to injure everyone with his index finger. He’s parted his hair on the side, and he looks completely ridiculous. The black DEO uniform makes him look skinny and silly and gawky and gangly and young. Of all of them, even Maggie in a pink cardigan, he looks the most like he’s playing dress up. The most like a kid trying on their dad’s suit jacket with their mom’s high heels while still wearing their own footsie pajamas.

And it isn’t until later in the night that Alex looks over at him, squints, and says, “Wait a second, Schott. Hold up. You’re a DEO agent too.”

And one by one, everyone slowly gets it, and they all start to laugh.

“Oh my god,” Maggie says, holding onto Lena so she doesn’t fall over. “Schott, I cannot wait to see you wear that every day to work.”

And it seems like this never occurred to Winn, because he opens his mouth and gapes, and then blushes, and then stammers and stutters, and then squeaks, and takes him about five minutes to be able to mumble, “Shut up.”

And it was the best Halloween ever, but everyone feels a little bad, so, without discussing it, each and every one of them comes to Thanksgiving dressed as Lena.

i’ll drop anchor in your heart (1/?)

summary: Single father Captain Hook and his daughter are whisked into a new kind of adventure when land calls to them in the form of the Princess of Misthaven and her son Henry.

word count: ~4700

also found on:, ao3

a/n: I wrote this originally thinking it was going to be a oneshot, but then I completely latched onto the idea and decided that it needed and deserved more. It’s all I’ve been able to write lately, and I just today passed 35k words on it, so I’ve decided to start posting it. 

Please be understanding about my other mcs not being updated! It’s hard enough struggling to write one while being harassed about two others. 

This is dedicated to @swans-and-pirates, my enabler and #1 beta <3


There are days that he regrets this.

The decks of the Jolly Roger are covered in salt water, blood, and gunpowder. His men are weary, quiet, and in need of solace on land- hopefully including a good bath for each and every one.

Captain Hook is what he insists upon being called. It helps keep curious sailors away from the flag of the Jolly and it’s as gruesome a name as it is a story. But in truth, he’s just a man seeking justice and when he gets it, he’ll find rest once more.

Killian Jones is who he really is at his heart. Killian Jones- a lost boy. A broken man.

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For some reason, I really like looking at colors in movies and analyzing what they’re supposed to stand for. So for kicks and giggles, I thought I’d do it for Tiana in The Princess and the Frog (an underrated movie in my opinion, but we won’t get into that today). I thought if I did this, it would also help to better understand her character development within the movie.

The main colors we see Tiana wearing throughout the movie are green and yellow (when she’s not in frog form). Green is quite obviously the color for nature, but it can also represent balance and wealth (being the color of money and all). And yes, she wears a couple of other colors, like her blue uniform and the blue dress when she first kisses Naveen, but I’m focusing on green and yellow because those are the colors she wears the most.

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Madonna: Queen of Purim

Madonna may be better known as the Queen of Pop, but her Purim game has become incredibly strong over the years. Over the last decade, the singing superstar has been photographed celebrating the joyous Jewish holiday — which is known to include costume parties — on several occasions, and she pulls out all the stops when it comes to her disguises.

Madonna celebrating Purim in 2017

Timed with the release of Emma Watson’s Beauty and the Beast flick, Madonna, who started studying Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism, in the ’90s — dressed as both Beauty (Belle!) and the Beast over the weekend. The 58-year-old superstar shared a photo of her bright yellow dress and furry-faced mask on Instagram. She completed the look with fabulous shoes. (Photo: Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Celebrity

“Elegant and Lady Like. Confident yet Loving. That’s what matters!” Madonna captioned this photo in which she holds one gloved hand held to her chest — and is completely unrecognizable. She added, “Happy Purim,” which marks the day Queen Esther saved the Jewish people in ancient Persia from annihilation. (Photo: Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Celebrity

At one point during the party, Madonna’s mask came off while she chatted up artist JR, who was outfitted as clergy. She had a rose in her mouth (we’re not sure if it was an enchanted one or not!) in this photo. (Photo: Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Celebrity

Shopping [Cheryl Blossom]

Request: Hi could you do a Cheryl or Betty with just pure fluff like either first date or shopping together okay thank you 😊

Word Count: 200+

Status: unedited

Cheryl squealed as she grabbed hold of her girlfriend’s hand to pull her into the mall. [Y/n] had promised Cheryl that she’d let her choose both of their dresses for the upcoming prom, so they had drove four towns over to do just that.

“Okay, so if I remember correctly, they have a dress shop to the right, a Charlotte Russe upstairs, and three or four shoe stores around here. Do you wanna look at the dresses first?“


“Perfect.” Cheryl led [Y/n] through the mall toward ‘Rachel’s Boutique’ where a cashier greeted them with a warm smile.

Cheryl glanced at dresses hanging on the wall, her finger tapped against her chin as she though. She reached out in front of her to feel the jewels on an overly-bedazzled, bright yellow dress.

Cheryl turned to face her girlfriend. “So I think we should definitely have coordinating colors. Nothing too dramatic, maybe a navy blue and then black?” [Y/n] nodded.

“How about a light pink and dark purple?”

Cheryl wore a shocked looked which quickly turned into a smile after hearing her suggestion. Cheryl was the shopaholic in the relationship, and whenever she dragged [Y/n] along to find a new pair of shoes or a new blouse for school, the girl was usually found fiddling with a loose string on her shirt or playing games on her phone. “O-okay.” She grinned.

After an hour of searching and looking for the perfect dresses, they headed to two separate dressing rooms.

“Are you almost done?” [Y/n] called as Cheryl shuffled around in her dressing room a bit more.

“Yeah,” she replied. “On the count of three.”


Both girls stepped out of their dressing rooms, their eyes locked on each other.

“You look amazing.”

“I could say the same to you, Gorgeous.” Cheryl spoke. She looked down at the floor, pulling her pink dress up enough to show her shins. “What kind of shoes do you think would go with this?”

“How about those nude pumps we passed by on the way here?”

“You know, you’re being awful helpful today,” Cheryl smirked. “Any particular reason?”

“You said so yourself,” [Y/n] smiled softly, “You want to be the best looking couple at prom, so I figured I’d be a little more helpful today.”

Cheryl couldn’t help but let the smile on her lips grow as she muttered. “I love you.”

[Y/n] smiled as she leaned in to press her lips to Cheryl. “I love you too.”

Beast!Rey and Beauty!Kylo Reylo AU Ficlet: "The Quiet Hour"

Dedicated to @hsmt-blog and @cheesytriangle because Beast!Rey is best Rey. (Sorry about the formatting! I wrote this on mobile.)

The picture that inspired this 

Kylo Ren was not having a good day. In the short span of a day, he’d been chased by wolves, trapped in an enchanted, abandoned castle, and harassed by the sentient furniture into shoving himself into a bright yellow dress (which wasn’t even his color). 

 All he had wanted to do was read. It was the only reason he went into the forest–to find a quiet place to settle down with his book. Now that he was trapped in this castle, he seemed to have inadvertently gotten his wish. At least the place had a good library–even if it was largely disorganized. 

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